Natalie's Christmas


"Tell them to leave!" Ken barked then moaned.

"Mom?" Natalie said.

"The cheap bugger slept on a couch last night. He has a degenerated disc in his spine and he aggravated it. His back is out. Getting upset just makes it worse," she growled.

"Daddy's back is out again?" Zoe asked from the staircase. Abby was right behind her, watching with wide eyes.

Janet nodded as she frowned down at her husband who was almost pouting with his impotent hate for what he didn't understand. For better or worse. Those words were never so clear to her than at this moment.

She admitted to herself that she didn't understand her daughter's lifestyle either but after the lovely time they all had last night she realized it didn't matter. She didn't know what to do now, though.

"I think it might be best if we left," Sonja suggested and saw the guilty relief on Janet's face. She gave the woman a gentle smile.

Natalie looked to Sonja, then at the loathing in her father's eyes. She looked back to her girlfriend and nodded. She walked back to the bedroom, got their suitcases, and handed Sonja her bag. They stepped over the prone man and the five women met by the front door.

"Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! We had an amazing time and you were gracious hosts. I'm so glad I got to meet you!" Sonja said with a warm smile.

"Get out! Ohhhh!"

"STICK A SOCK IN IT, KEN!" Janet barked back at her husband in anger. Then she sighed and shook off the tension. "My apologies for my narrow minded husband." She turned to Natalie. "Know that we love you very much, even that jerk there on the floor does, way deep down inside."


Janet grinned at the sound of his pain and the twins burst into giggles.

"We didn't... do what he said we did," Natalie said awkwardly and her mother just gestured that it was nothing, but Natalie could see the guilty relief she was trying to hide.

They hugged again then Sonja and Natalie went out to the truck and climbed inside. The twins rushed outside in winter jackets and boots. They had brooms and brushed the snow off the rental then hopped into their father's truck which was behind it. Zoe drove it down the driveway. With a wave Sonja and Natalie pulled out as well and got on their way.

The day outside was bitterly cold with blue skies and shining white snow so they put their sunglasses on. It still looked very pretty but they were both very cold as they waited for the car to warm up.

"What now?" Natalie asked then she jolted as she recalled Sonja's promise. "Oh! I really messed up your plans for Christmas!"

Sonja grinned at her. "Not at all! I'll treasure these memories forever! It was the best present I could have hoped for! I loved meeting Jane, brief though our time together was, she amazed me with her strength and compassion! Your mother also surprised me with how she rose to the challenge Jane presented her with! Your sisters are also delightful!"

She looked to see the tears of joy pooling in her lover's eyelashes. "Besides, who said my plans are messed up? Next stop, the airport!"

Natalie blinked at her. Their plan was going home?


Sonja squinted behind her dark sunglasses. The sun was reflecting so brightly from the white surface before her, sunglasses weren't quite enough.

"I can't go outside wearing this!!!" Natalie wailed nervously from behind her.

Sonja sighed happily and turned her back on the gleaming white sand beach to face the wide open patio doors of their cabana style beach cottage. Peeking around the edge of the doorway Natalie glanced from side to side to see if the way was clear. Seeing no one else, she stepped fully into the doorway and chewed her bottom lip nervously.

Sonja grinned widely as she saw Natalie's large tits straining against the tropical print bikini she'd picked up for her curvy lover when they arrived in Fiji. Their carry-on suitcases were filled with clothes suitable for a frigid Iowa winter and held very little that could be worn on the tropical island. Sonja picked up a few casual wear items for each of them. She especially liked this new bikini.

"My boobs are barely covered!" Natalie pouted.

"Mmmm, you look delicious!" Sonja purred and a sexy little smile appeared on Natalie's lips. The brunette skipped forward across the raised deck and pressed herself against the blond to get a kiss.

"So this is where the action is!" a voice called out.

Natalie squeaked in surprise and nervously looked around Sonja's body to see two sleek and svelte models walking towards the deck of their cabana. Their bikinis were mere suggestions of swimwear and struggled to contain even the modest breasts they were showing off. She sighed. With bodies like theirs why would you want to cover them up? Sonja led Natalie closer to the far edge of the deck to have a better view of the two beauties.

The one who spoke had strawberry blonde hair in waves to her shoulders, freckles everywhere, and a toothy grin from a slight overbite. Her companion wore her hair short and tousled like Sonja only it was jet black. She had a crooked smile as she ogled Natalie's abundant cleavage.

"Who's this lovely creature, Sonja? More importantly, does she like to party?" the raven haired beauty said with a definite Australian accent, her eyes never leaving Natalie's breasts.

"Eyes only Lee. She's mine," Sonja said with a smile and steel beneath her words. A tingle shot through Natalie's body.

"But she has so much good stuff begging to be shared!" Lee whined.


The brunette threw her hands up in defeat. "Fine! Don't get your panties in a bunch! Greedy bitch," she grumbled but not with much heat.

"Natalie, this is Sam and Lee. I used to work with them during my modeling days," Sonja explained.

Natalie smiled timidly at them and waved. They seemed to enjoy how that movement jiggled her boobs.

"What are you two doing down here? I'd heard you quit modeling," Sonja asked.

"Yeah, we only come here for the holidays. Hey, in case we don't see you tomorrow, Merry Christmas!" Sonja and Natalie returned the greeting.

"Yeah, a few years back Sam here got hitched to a rich old buggah." Sam grimaced and wiggled the last knuckle of her pinky finger at them to indicate the old guy's minimal endowment. "He kicked off after only a year and left her his fortune. That fucked over all of his spoiled family members so we got a laugh out of that too. Now, we just travel," Lee finished with a wicked grin.

Sonja shook her head at the lifestyle of her old friends.

"What are you down here for, aside from the obvious," Sam said with a wicked smile of her own. She was admiring Natalie's curves, the tip of her tongue licking her lips.

Sonja gave her a stern look then draped her arm casually over Natalie's shoulder. "We're here on vacation too. There's a shoot for the magazine and we'll party with the crew but we're mainly here to enjoy ourselves. Privately."

Lee nodded as she touched Sam's back to indicate they should move on. "Well, it was great to see you again. If you ever change your mind about partying, you'll find us about ten cabanas further down the beach. Don't be strangers! We'd love to see more of you!" When Lee said the last part, she was looking directly at Natalie's tits.

Once they were gone Natalie looked up at Sonja's frown.

"My goodness they were aggressive! I thought they might eat me alive!" she said to the blonde.

"They'd certainly like to," Sonja muttered, still looking in the direction they'd gone.

"But I only want you," Natalie said quietly as she looked up at Sonja.

This finally broke through the blonde's faraway thoughts and she looked into wide eyes. Then her mouth was on Natalie's, her kiss, demanding.

Natalie moaned with need as her lover's tongue stroked across hers. Her tits were squeezed between their bodies and she felt that tingle right down to her toes. Sonja was kissing her so passionately!

Sonja pulled back from the kiss with effort and took in the plumped lips and dreamy look in the younger woman's eyes. "My god, you're beautiful!" she whispered.

Natalie made a little needful sound and Sonja led her by the hand across the deck into the privacy of the cabana. She needed to show Natalie how much she needed her as well. Then, they would go for their walk on the beach.


The crew and models who'd flown down for the shoot were thrilled to see Sonja and Natalie when they joined them for the Christmas Eve dinner in the main resort dining room that night. The fact that the boss picked up the tab on extra booze was not lost on anyone.

After an excellent dinner, more drinks, and dancing under the stars, they toasted the arrival of Christmas day with champagne bubbles instead of snow.

Sonja led a very tipsy Natalie back to their cottage and they immediately fell onto the bed to fall asleep in each other's arms.

When Natalie woke on Christmas morning, she felt just a little rough. Sonja greeted her gently with pain killers and a bottle of water. Natalie smiled up at the woman who looked disgustingly happy and pain free this morning.

"I'm just reading on the deck. Call out if you need anything," she said with a sympathetic smile.

"Before you go, could you bring me Grandma Jane's tablet? It's the red case in my suitcase," Natalie whispered.

Sonja brought it to her then left after kissing her forehead.

Natalie struggled to sit up and put some pillows behind her to prop herself up. She rested back for a bit and waited for her head to stop throbbing. Once more she wondered how Sonja managed to drink more than her, yet avoid all of the downside.

She lifted the case onto her lap and unzipped it. She hoped the tablet was charged as she didn't think she'd have the strength to go hunting for a plug. Tugging the AC adapter and cords out, two small, black ring boxes tumbled out onto the bed as well.

Natalie froze. What was this? With trembling hands she picked one up and carefully opened it.

She must have cried out as Sonja came running back to her side. She sat on the edge of the bed.

"What's wrong? What's that?" the blonde asked in concern.

Natalie's body was trembling as her grandmother's plea to 'take the case and everything in it' played in her memory. She was looking at Grandma Jane's engagement ring. A single, large round cut diamond flanked by triangles of smaller diamonds on a white gold band. The diamonds flashed even in the indirect sunlight in the bedroom. She'd admired it as a young woman and here it was... why?

"It's a lovely ring!" Sonja said with a smile.

"It's... it's Grandma Jane's engagement ring," Natalie muttered handing the small box to Sonja. Then she quickly pulled out the tablet and pressed the power button. The device began its boot cycle so it had juice.

As the tablet booted, Natalie picked up the second ring box and opened it. She gasped.

"Oh my god! They're beautiful!" Sonja sighed as she looked at the two wedding bands in the small box. A man's and woman's ring sat side by side. Both appeared to be made of thin, hammered together layers of white and yellow gold giving then a rough hand tooled feeling. The main difference was the man's ring was at least three times wider, giving it a bold, chunky look. The woman's ring also had an indentation or offset which Natalie knew matched the shape of the engagement ring so both could be worn together comfortably.

Natalie handed her the box as she picked up the tablet and entered her grandmother's birth year as the password. The menu appeared and she saw a document on the desktop. She tapped on it and it opened.

As she read she could hear her grandmother's voice and her heart filled with love for the woman. The note was just a single page in length and it finished with Jane complaining that she'd been forced to write this way due to 'circumstances'. So she'd known about the illness and knew it would take her quicker than the delivery of a hand written letter allowed.

Natalie set the tablet down on her lap as tears slowly dripped down her cheeks. She looked to the sympathetic eyes of her lover. "It's in the will. She gave the rings to me. For the day I find someone... I want to share the rest of my life with." She looked longingly into Sonja's eyes and saw the strength of her love reflected in those beautiful blue eyes.

Sonja slipped off the bed to kneel beside it as Natalie's eyes grew wider. The blonde took the lovely engagement ring from the box and lifted Natalie's trembling left hand.

"I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone. I can't imagine my life without you in it. I want to share all of my days with you! Will you be my wife?" Sonja asked with just a little trembling in her voice.

Natalie's head was spinning and still thumping a little but she ignored the pain. She was obviously in heaven! She barely managed to squeak out a yes and nod as a huge smile flashed onto her face. Sonja slipped the ring onto Natalie's finger and they were both thrilled that it fit. Maybe, it was just a little snug. They could fix that.

Now her head was really spinning as she looked at the gorgeous ring flashing on her finger. Then Sonja's soft lips were pressed against hers and she was in heaven once more. The kiss went on and on until they had to stop to breathe.

Grinning like mad fools they hugged then looked at the wedding bands. "Do you like Grandpa Joe's ring? I have no memories of him wearing it as he passed away when I was really young."

Sonja nodded quickly. "It's so beautiful and elegant! He must have been quite the man to appreciate and wear such a lovely piece of art!"

Natalie's eyes twinkled happily. "Grandma Jane mentioned that in the letter on the tablet. He made the wedding bands himself. He was the artist but it's the only pieces he ever made."

"Beautiful and unique!" Sonja agreed with a nod. She looked in Natalie's eyes once more. "When do you want to get married?"

"Could we do it in the summer? I want to invite mom and my sisters. The twins will have graduated by then."

Sonja sighed wistfully as she closed the box with the wedding bands. "That's a long time to wait to get to wear such a gorgeous ring but it's worth it!" She moved the tablet and rings to the end table then tugged Natalie's legs to drag her down a little. Natalie squeaked in surprise. Sonja climbed onto the bed to lie next to her fiancé and kissed her tenderly.

She pushed herself up on her elbow to look down into Natalie's curious eyes. "We are going to announce our engagement immediately though. I want people to know we're promised to each other."

Natalie's heart did little flips hearing the need in the blonde's voice. "You know I'm yours completely. You can trust me."

Sonja smiled tenderly and nodded. "Of course, I trust you. It's predators like Sam and Lee who need to be put in their place."

Natalie giggled and pulled Sonja's face down to hers for another tender kiss. "I'm going to enjoy doing that for the rest of my days. Oh! Speaking of days... Merry Christmas!"

Sonja sighed and smiled blissfully at Natalie. "The best one ever!"

Natalie snorted, drawing a curious grin from her lover. "The best one yet!"

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Loved it even more the second time around!

While waiting for new stories to get posted, I like to go back and re-read some of my favorite stories. This two parter is certainly one of my favorite stories, and it gets better each time I read it.more...

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Amazing story, love how it encompasses the journey of their love and isn't a 'wam bam thank you mam' story. Feel like it needs a third story to wrap up the wedding and truly send the lovers on their waymore...

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next chapter please!

Can't wait to read " Natalie's Wedding".

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Very Romantic...

The lovers are wonderful characters; please write more and include SEX! You write Lesbian sex well... can you give them children too?

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