tagInterracial LoveNatalie's Substitute

Natalie's Substitute

byAnson Macabre©

Unable to control her excitement, Natalie Junswick approached her friend in haste. The words were out of her mouth before Tonya could turn from the open locker.

"Guess who's driving me home?"

"I'm guessing it's no longer me," Tonya responded in a drab voice.

"That's a good guess."

"So, who's the lucky guy?"

Natalie's smile was flawless. The blush on her cheeks could've been mistaken for sunburn. In her entire romantic life, no man had ever made Natalie feel so vulnerable.

"Mr. Randle."

A chemistry book struck the floor between the locker and Tonya's feet. A short silence proceeded, then Tonya whispered in a controlled, but adamant voice.

"Are you serious?"

Natalie's smile widened, putting her perfect teeth on display. Since losing her virginity three years ago, she has often fantasized about having a sexual encounter with an older man. Mr. Randle represented the ideal older man. He was tall, sexy, cute, and Pleasant Point High School's best substitute teacher, which made him accessible.

"How'd you pull this off," Tonya asked in astonishment.

"It's raining outside. I embellished, told him I didn't have a ride home, and begged him not to make me walk in the rain. After a couple minutes, he agreed."

"Sounds too easy."

"I don't work alone," Natalie joked.

Natalie's breasts were squeezed violently against the thin material of the tight pink tee-shirt she wore. Her nipples were clearly imprinted against the fabric, which offered Mr. Randle not only a cheap thrill, but incentive for the fifteen minute drive to her house in Babylon Heights.

"What if he wants more than a peak?"

"Maybe I want to give him more than peak," Natalie said.

"You can't be serious? He's a teacher."

"But he's also a man. No man can refuse a pretty face and a nice pair of tits."

Behind them, Pleasant Point High School's population of students continued to empty. Lockers slammed shut, many different voices blended into an irritating clatter. Tonya picked up the chemistry book, and shut the locker.

"Would you actually have sex with a teacher?"

"Not any teacher. But I'd let Mr. Randle fuck me."


"Very serious. I'd suck his cock, lick his balls-"

"Thanks for the visual."

"I kind of like the visual. Can you imagine Mr. Randle's big black cock lodged between my pretty pink lips?"

"You're as disgusting as any boy in this school," Tonya commented.

The two girls headed out of the building. Tonya continued to question Natalie's motivations, but her words went unheard. Natalie was lost in her own world, pondering the possibilities, speculating whether she could turn fantasy into reality.


Tonya's dilapidated beige station wagon pulled out of its space between two expensive cars. The rapidly intensifying rain contorted Natalie's vision so badly, she barely noticed Tonya waving when observing her through the passenger side window. A moment later the station wagon was gone.

Natalie made a dash for the section of the parking lot reserved for teachers and other faculty members. Fathers and sons noticed her breasts bounce through the soaked material of the pink shirt. Although she didn't completely like giving every man in the parking lot a peak, the lust this exhibitionism inspired made Natalie more desperate for Mr. Randle's touch.

She found Mr. Randle's blue Corolla after a three minute search, and waited impatiently outside the passenger side door. The rain fell at a gentler pace, but Natalie was already soaked to the skin. Erect nipples poked through the wet shirt. She wondered how Mr. Randle would respond to her nearly exposed chest. She pondered whether he was willing to jeopardize his career to give her what she needed.

Before her nervous, overactive mind could plant seeds of doubt in her scheme, a familiar voice summoned her.

"I see you found my car without a problem," Mr. Randle said. "But it seems you got soaked anyway."

Mr. Randle held an umbrella in his right hand. He was wearing his white dress shirt and a pair of black pants. His brown eyes were warm and friendly, but his shaved head and goatee offered a more dangerous appearance. The clothes he wore didn't expose the body underneath, but Natalie imagined a body sculpted by daily exercise, and an active athletic life.

Once in the car, Mr. Randle apologized. "I meant to get out here sooner, but I got held up."

"No problem."

Natalie noticed Mr. Randle taking great strives not to glance in the general direction of her breasts.

"You teaching English tomorrow."

"Sorry. Mr. Phelps will be back."

Natalie attempted to draw attention to her chest by carefully prying the drenched fabric from her breasts. Several times, she caught Mr. Randle watching from the corner of his eye. She needed to grab his attention by any means necessary. This would be her last chance. Back at Tonya's locker, she hadn't been absolutely sure whether or not she would actually fuck Mr. Randle if the opportunity presented itself. After spending only a minute alone with him inside the car, her mind was made up.

Mr. Randle tossed his umbrella onto the back seat, and turned on the engine. Outside the rain had picked up its intensity.

"Buckle up," he said.

"Are you a reckless driver?"

"I guess you'll find out in a minute."

As a matter of fact, Mr. Randle was an excellent driver, but his focus was diverted between the road and Natalie.

Natalie was five feet five with red hair cut about shoulder length, captivating walnut shaped emerald green eyes, and an adorable, heart-shaped face. Her ass was bubbly, her lips were pink and full, but everything else about her was tiny: petite.

Her breasts had begun developing at an early age, so the boys have always been attracted to her. Boys, however, could only provide Natalie with entertainment at the movies, and free food at Burger King or White Castle, but none could provide for her what she wanted.

While disrupting her father's poker games, grabbing a snack from the refrigerator, she noticed her father's friends. The men were twenty to thirty years older than her, but each of their eyes, save for her own father, were locked on her breasts. At the time, she had worn clothing that had slightly concealed her greatest asset, but her breasts had been too large and full to hide, and the horny poker players had undressed her with their leering eyes. The experience had left Natalie with weak knees, and a yearning she could never quite satisfy.

Although she'd eventually tease her dad's friends: wearing more revealing outfits, accidentally rubbing her breasts against their backs, and bending over at the appropriate times, she never intended to actually do anything with those men. Natalie could've done to any of them what she pleased, but those guys weren't worthy. Mr. Randle, a respected substitute teacher, he was worthy.

"We'll be there in ten minutes," Natalie informed him. "Just don't forget to take a left on Archer Road."

"No problem."

Mr. Randle adjusted his sitting position. His eyes rarely left the road. Natalie could tell she was winning the battle, slowly breaking his resistance. She just needed to push aside his morals by executing one bold move. Out the corner of her eye, she saw why Mr. Randle continually adjusted his sitting position, and immediately knew what bold move she would have to make.

Stopped by a red light, Natalie sprung into action.


"Do you like my tits, Mr. Randle?"

Silence accompanied the question. She could tell Mr. Randle was searching for the perfect reply. The bewildered, caught-in-the-act, look on his face was slightly amusing. He resembled a teenager caught by his parents observing an issue of Hustler in the middle of the night.

"It's okay if you look," she assured him. "I like it when guys look."

"I'm not looking," he insisted.

"I can tell." Natalie pointed to the massive erection pitching a tent in his loosely fitted black pants. "Do you think they're nice?"

Once again, she could tell Mr. Randle was analyzing the situation. He'd gotten an erection staring at his own student's nearly exposed breasts, then he'd been caught, and worse still, his own penis had ratted him out. He wanted to find an escape from this situation with his job intact. Natalie needed to prove he could keep his job, and still act on his sexual desires.

"I've always had a big crush on you, Mr. Randle. I won't tell anybody about this. And if anything else happens, my lips will be sealed."

Mr. Randle studied her face, but remained silent.

Natalie pulled the shirt over her head. Her breasts were slightly withered by the wet fabric, but otherwise perfect. Creamy and full with pointy pink nipples, Natalie was offering Mr. Randle a rare delicacy; a natural set of eighteen year old, 34DD breasts.

The honk from a red mini-van behind them broke the silence. Mr. Randle's Corolla took off.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Feel them."

Natalie took his right hand from the steering wheel, and guided him to her breasts. At first his touch was hesitant, and she moved the open hand along, but more quickly than she had figured, Mr. Randle started working on his own.

He firmly squeezed her breast with his large hand, then pinched the nipple with expert fingers, causing Natalie's fragile body to shiver. He moved his attention to the other breast, squeezing and admiring with his hands and fingers while continuing to pay attention to the road.

"Don't forget the turn."

He didn't forget the turn, but neither did he forget her breasts.

"Do you like them, Mr. Randle?"

"They're very nice," he said.

Drivers and passengers in the next lane noticed Natalie. Their replies were silenced by the closed windows and the weather. Mr. Randle pulled his hand from her breasts, scared by the knowledge that he had been caught groping his half nude student's bare breasts.

"Girl, you're going to get me fired."

"Your jobs fine. None of them people know the situation."

"What if somebody from Pleasant Point recognized me?"

"They won't. Just relax."

"Where do you live?"

"1763 Briarwood Drive."

The Corolla turned off Archer Road, and strode down the more private streets offered by Babylon Heights. Natalie extended her arm, and gently squeezed Mr. Randle's erection.

"I think I found something I like."

A weak attempt at pushing the hand way was made, but he was too horny to turn down any treatment for his cock.

Natalie tugged down the zipper, and rubbed his cock with palm and fingers through the cheap material of his boxers. His thick cock pulsated in her hand. From tip to base, his cock felt about eight inches long, but the sheer thickness of the monster was shocking. She couldn't believe a teacher was strolling down the halls of Pleasant Point High School with a cock like that.

With some effort, she pushed the concealed cock through the slit in his pants. Still concealed by the boxers, Natalie explored the head of his cock with her thumb and forefinger. Mr. Randle groaned when she slowly teased the V-shaped ridge underneath the head with her small, delicate fingers.

Mr. Randle's hand rediscovered her breasts. He pinched her thick, sensitive pink nipples as Natalie executed a dry hand job without removing his cock from its cotton penitentiary.

Natalie made herself more comfortable on the seat, moving her head between his legs. She felt Mr. Randle adjust his position to accommodate her. Natalie's tongue stroked the cock. Feeling his hard cock pressed against her tongue nearly drove Natalie over the edge. She could hardly wait to remove the boxer shorts from his waist, and get an up close and personal feel for his monster cock.

Natalie felt the car come to a halt.

"Why'd you stop," she asked.

"1763 Briarwood Drive."

Natalie analyzed the next step to getting Mr. Randle in her pants. She was too horny to control herself while searching for a decent hotel, and checking into a hotel at 3:00 in the afternoon was the last thing she wanted to do. Driving around with her mouth wrapped around his massive cock presented many hazardous situations. Being a teacher at a suburban high school, she doubted Mr. Randle would want to take her back to his place. That left only one option.

"Wonna see my room?" she asked.

"Isn't that kind of risky?"

"Don't worry. My parents won't be home for hours."

"This can't be happening. I can't be this stupid."

"There's only one way to find out how stupid you are." Natalie put her shirt back on, and left the car.

Mr. Randle killed the Corolla's engine, stepped outside, and followed Natalie inside the house.


Natalie's bedroom was a testament to her father's wealth.

Her entertainment center featured Sharp 32 inch flat tube television set, DirecTV and TiVo access, a Progressive DVD/VCR combo, an X-Box, and the best speakers money could buy. Individual shelves separated the DVDs, the music CDs, and the video games. A brand new Dell computer equipped with a MP500 Photo Printer/Scanner/Copier, and Comcast High Speed internet access highlighted the other side of the room. Natalie's closet was overflowing with name brand clothes and shoes. Her father had invested thousands of hard earned dollars purchasing his daughter an ideal room, but save for the clothes, his money went squandered on a daily basis.

A legion of handsome, dedicated, motionless male celebrities watched from their positions on Natalie's wall.

From the edge of the bed, she watched Mr. Randle unbutton his shirt. His chest, abdomen, and arms were exactly how she had imagined. The muscles were well defined without many blemishes.

He approached her on the bed, and slipped her slightly damp shirt over her head.

"Is this how you imagined it would be?"

"Yes," she said. Her body was trembling.

He sat beside her on the bed. He pulled her tightly against his chest, and kissed her eagerly for the first time. While Mr. Randle's tongue danced in her mouth, she felt the smoothness of his dark, brawny body as her breasts skidded across his chest.

The tender kiss broke, and immediately his mouth explored her neck with passionate kisses and teasing bites. Down further, he applied the same loving fountain of kisses along her shoulders and chest. His head came to a rest at her breasts. Pushing his bald head between them, he rolled his tongue sloppily and recklessly. Stroking her mammoth breasts with big black hands, he licked around the nipples, teasing with his gifted tongue, causing Natalie to moan out in a combination of delight and frustration.

"Please don't tease me, Mr. Randle. Suck on my nipples."

"Don't get greedy, girl. Good things come to those who wait."

Natalie grabbed Mr. Randle by the back of the head, and steered his mouth over her nipples while pulling her leg over his body. Straddling him, Natalie experienced the greatest erotic thrill of her life as he bit, sucked, kissed and pinched her erect nipples. He lightly grazed his teeth across the enlarged nipples, causing her to squirm against him.

"Damn you white girls are easy to please."

Mr. Randle was finally starting to open up. The more removed he became from his professional world; the more Natalie got to know the real Mr. Randle.

He soothingly stroked her back, moving from her shoulders to her sides, touching her breasts with the tips of his fingers. Her nipples were completely soaked with saliva, harder and redder than she had ever seen or felt them. Adding a touch of intensity to the experience, Mr. Randle blew his hot breath across her oversensitive nipples.

"Mr. Randle," Natalie moaned. "This feels so good!"

Squeezing her breasts a little harder, he stroked Natalie's nipples with his tongue like an artist applying the final touches on a masterpiece.

"My nipples are so hard."

"You know what I want now?" he asked.

"What?" Natalie's smile was devilish.

"I want some of that teenage pussy."

Mr. Randle wrapped his arms around her back, and with little effort, tossed her petite body onto the bed. He unbuttoned the pants of her denim jeans and pulled down the zipper. Amazed by Mr. Randle's strength, Natalie watched as he jerked off both the denim pants and silky pink panties in one motion. The look in his eyes was borderline crazy, as though the lust she encouraged had driven him insane. As the old Mr. Randle exited before her eyes, a new version emerged.

He buried his face into her shaved pussy. Lifting her head slightly, she watched as Mr. Randle guided his fingers over her swollen labia. Mr. Randle's perfect body was already beginning to glisten with sweat. His eyes were locked between her legs. He guided his fingers along the outer lips, executing slow, deliberate movements. Natalie tensed up, releasing a small shudder as her volcanic body came nearer to eruption.

Using the forefinger and middle finger from each hand, he spread her pussy lips apart while swiftly stroking his tongue up and down. Natalie legs buckled, and her body shivered a little more viciously. Welcoming the oncoming orgasm, Natalie humped her pelvis into his face, sliding more clitoris into his mouth.

Gasping for breath, enthralled by lust, Natalie screamed. "Mr. Randle! Oh my God! I'm gonna cum."

Mr. Randle's locked eyes with Natalie. He spread her legs further apart as Natalie lifted her clitoral hood. Sucking and biting, he made the effort to give an experience she would never forget.

"I'm cuming!" Natalie screamed.

He forced her pussy lips further apart, and assaulted her clit with his tongue. Moments later, Natalie's body halted for a split second, then began to jerk forcefully. It felt as though her body was vibrating from head to toe.


Natalie's next words were stifled by a second, smaller orgasm. This was proceeded by a third and fourth orgasm. Her entire body felt depleted of energy. But she could tell by the look in Mr. Randle's eyes that the festivities hadn't come to a conclusion yet.

"Damn," she said.

"How many high school boys do it like that?"

Mr. Randle continued to push several fingers in and out of her pussy. His mouth glistened with Natalie's cum.

"I think it's your turn, Mr. Randle."

He checked his watch. "I think it's time you met my friend."

Resting against the head board of the king-size bed, Mr. Randle was watching intently as Natalie slithered between his legs like a cobra coming in for the kill. She pulled down the zipper, and fished his massive cock from the slit in his pants.

Natalie's mouth was agape. Her eyes defined her astonishment. The girth was more than her hand could handle. She grasped his cock with two hands, massaging with palm and fingers. Mr. Randle growled several times, watching carefully as the delicate, big breasted school girl fondled his cock. Keeping eye contact, she leveled her mouth with his cock, then licked her lips.

Never in her life had she seen a cock so big. Perplexed, Natalie wasn't quite sure how to handle the task. Leaning forward, she glided her tongue up and across his balls, along the base, up the length, and to the bulbous head. Opening wide, she slid her mouth over the dark chocolate cock-head, tongue moving back and forth between the urethra. Sliding her tongue underneath the head, Natalie felt the familiar tingle return between her legs.

Carefully, Natalie managed to take more of his cock inside her mouth, licking the underside of his shaft as each inch disappeared between her lips. Rubbing the base of his cock with an open hand while bobbing her head up and down between his legs at a decent pace, Natalie never averted eye contact.

Mr. Randle didn't shout a word of warning when he began to thrust his cock. He grabbed her by the back of the head with both hands, pulling hair in the process. Natalie desperately struggled to match the rhythm as his dick slid back and forth in her mouth, grotesquely distending her cheeks with its movement.

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