Natasja Ch. 2


"It was not her fault. I was the one that refused to come down."

"It is her task to get you here on time. Your refusal means nothing. Stephanie, you know what is required."

Natasja looked at her as Stephanie began to undress. With a sinking feeling in her stomach Natasja once more spoke up.

"If anyone is to be punished, it should be me. Stephanie did as she was supposed to do. It isn't her fault."

"Stephanie, is that true?"

"Sir, I should have requested help to get her here if I was unable to accomplish it."

"You see Natasja, she knows her faults and what is expected. You, unfortunately do not."

"It isn't fair to Stephanie. She did nothing wrong."

"Oh, so you think Stephanie should not be punished for failing in her duties?"


"Fine, then you will be punished in her place. And because you were the cause you will be punished for your error also."

Natasja stared at him in shock at the immediate decision he made. Two of the men grabbed her and began to pull her to the rail fence bordering the yard. She began to struggle, kick and squeal as she was dragged across the yard. Realizing that she could not get away, Natasja let herself go limp and made the two men drag her across the grass. Fred took Stephanie's hand and dragged her behind him following Natasja. At the fence Natasja was forced to bend over it and one of the men tied her hands to the bottom rail. All you could see of her was her bare ass and cleft with her legs stretched below. Above her ass was the line of her back and the back of her head. She was on tiptoes in her socks and shoes. Natasja began to scream at all of them, not at all ladylike.

"Bastards! You bastards, let me up! God I hate you, I hate all of you!

She heard chuckling and laughing behind her and soon noticed Stephanie bent over the rail fence next to her. Her hands were tied on the bottom rail also.

"You said Stephanie was not going to be punished! Let her go!"

Natasja shrieked as the paddle came down hard on her bare ass. Her ass clenched and her knees bent. Fred observed her body twisting and clenching. Then he struck her again. Natasja shrieked once more and her knees bent and pushed inward.

"Oh my god, oh my god."

The paddle whipped down once more and she screamed. Her ass was slowly turning bright red except for the cleft between her cheeks. Three more times the paddle struck her making her howl and dance as much as she could from being bound over the railing of the fence.

"Do you still think Stephanie should not be punished?"

Natasja glanced at Stephanie through tear filled eyes, seeing her face also coated with tears and her eyes closed in fear.

"It was not her fault."

"Fine, the first six were for your obstinacy. The next six will be for Stephanie."


Before Natasja was struck again, Fred motioned to one of the men and he climbed over the fence. Her hair was pulled, lifting her head and she saw the man in front of her, holding his cock. He pushed it at her mouth and she twisted her head as much as she could, avoiding it. Her hair was pulled tighter and her nose was pinched, forcing her to eventually open her mouth. As she did, the cock was stuffed into it.

"Suck him and don't bite."

The first blow of Stephanie's punishment fell on her already hot and sore ass, making her squeal around the cock that was stuffed in her mouth. She sucked as she was beaten, grunting in pain and humiliation. As the first cock stiffened in her mouth, it was withdrawn, only to be replaced with another. She heard Stephanie gasp next to her and realized that the cock she had sucked to erection was now fucking Stephanie. Natasja sucked the second cock frantically, feeling it stiffen in her mouth. As that one was withdrawn, another took its place and she began to suck it also. As she did, she felt a prodding at her pussy and moaned as a hard, stiff cock was shoved into her. Stephanie was crying next to her as she was fucked and then moaned as she felt the spurting of the cock inside her. Natasja sucked the third cock frantically also; afraid of what would happen to her if she refused. She felt the cock inside her come, and the jets of sperm coated her pussy.

The third cock, stiff, withdrew and another slid into her mouth. Stephanie soon grunted as she was penetrated once more. Tears were dripping off Stephanie's chin and cheeks as she was fucked mercilessly. Natasja was whimpering as she was violated both in her mouth and pussy. The last cock withdrew from Natasja's mouth and she moaned, knowing what was coming. She felt the man prod at her pussy and penetrate her. The two girls hung over the fence, whimpering as they were fucked. Stephanie's man came in her. Natasja was now the only one being fucked and she moaned and whimpered, her sore ass was being battered by the man's rough clothes as her pussy was fucked. He soon grunted and Natasja felt him spurt inside her. She lowered her head and moaned softly as she felt the sperm splatter inside her. He withdrew from her tight channel and she felt sperm dribbling out of her. She was so ashamed and humiliated. It ran slowly down her legs making the humiliation even greater. Natasja sobbed silently as she felt her hands untied. Her hair was grabbed again and she was pulled back, then forced to her knees behind Stephanie.

"Lick her clean."

Natasja thought for a moment about refusing, but the pain in her battered ass told her not to be stupid. She lifted her face and slowly moved towards Stephanie's cunt. A swat hit her behind making her scream once more and she hurriedly pressed her mouth to Stephanie. She began to lick frantically at Stephanie, making the girl moan. Natasja was humiliated even more as she licked. She knew that all the men were watching her and she was ashamed of herself. That did not make her stop. The threat of the paddle made her lick. She tasted Stephanie and the sperm that was leaking out of her. Natasja's face was red and hot from shame. Stephanie began to wriggle against her face and Natasja could her moaning. She closed her eyes and licked with her nose pressed between Stephanie's ass cheeks. Tears leaked out of her eyes but she did not stop licking until her hair was grabbed once more and she was pulled back. Natasja had Stephanie's juices and sperm spread across her lips and chin. She winced as her sore ass pressed down on her heels.

"Lick the come off her legs."

This time Natasja did not delay, but bent forward quickly. She did not want the paddle again. She pressed her head between Stephanie's thighs and licked her all over, not caring if she licked up sperm or not. She licked and mouthed all over each thigh, not stopping until she was pulled back by hair once more. Stephanie had not come and was whimpering softly, tears still dripping off her face. Natasja covered her face with her hands and slumped over on her side. She was not allowed to stay in that position.

Fred pulled her to her feet and tied her wrists together, attaching the leash to them. Without saying a word to her he began to run down the path, jerking her to follow him. Natasja sobbed loudly as she began to run behind him, taking the same path as they had the last two days. She ran mechanically, not seeing the path or the trees, only following the tugs on her wrists. Her nose was running from her crying, adding more liquid to the mess already on her face and she could feel sperm trickling out of her pussy still. By the time she and Fred had reached the opening to the road, she was gasping and panting. Fred led her to the fence, lifted her over it easily and tied her to it. Her red, burning ass was facing the road, not more than 50 feet from the shoulder. As she stood on her trembling legs and panted to get her breath back, she heard a motor. Twisting her head both directions she saw a vehicle approaching on the road from her right. Natasja began to frantically pull on the rope tying her to the fence.

"Please, oh god please let me up, let me go, please sir, please."

"You should have thought of that this morning you stupid girl. I set the time for the run for a reason. Now, because of your stupidity in being late you can pay a penalty."

Natasja twisted her head to the right and couldn't help but watch as the vehicle approached. She began to cry pitifully as it came closer and closer. She still pulled and twisted against the rope binding her to the fence.

"Please sir, let me go, let me hide, I will be good I promise. I won't be late ever again. You will not have to punish me ever again. I will be so good, I promise."

She was almost hyperventilating and when she realized that nothing she said would change his mind, she hung her head between her arms and bawled uncontrollably. She pictured the sight she made from the road. A bare, newly beaten ass. A woman's naked body exposed to god knows whoever was coming. She couldn't stop crying and she couldn't hide. She had to stand and be seen. She tried to crouch down, but he had tied her well. She could not get down far enough. She heard the vehicle slow and moaned softly. The car stopped and doors opened and slammed shut. She knew that it had stopped behind her and she listened hard for the sounds of anyone approaching her from behind. There was a soft whistle and then laughter behind her, which made her cry even harder.

"Spread your legs open, you stupid girl."

Sniffling hard and gasping, she spread her feet further apart, knowing that when she did her pussy was fully exposed. She was so humiliated as she did and sobbed even harder. Her nose was running even more than before because of her continual crying. Her face was wet from tears. She heard movement behind coming closer. Stiffening she looked up at Fred begging with her eyes, but he did not even look at her. She squirmed and twisted the rope again, still unable to get loose. As she squirmed, her breasts swung back and forth, dangling under her chest. Her nipples had hardened once again when she knew that she was going to be exposed.

"Nice ass. Get it spanked darling? Look at her cunt. She's been well fucked, hasn't she? Are your tits as nice as your cunt, girly?"

Natasja sobbed softly as strangers stared at her. Even being naked at the house in front of the help was not as humiliating as this. She knew that her pussy had pulled open when she had spread her feet wider and she knew that sperm was leaking out of her pussy also. She was so ashamed. Her face was hot and she hid it as well as she could. Finally Fred untied her hands and she hurriedly climbed over the fence to laughter behind her. Her ass cheeks spread open showing her anus and her pussy spread open even more as she climbed over the fence. Sobbing uncontrollably, she crouched down in the grass, trying to make her body as small as she could. Her arms were around her breasts and she squatted as low as she could. Laughter still rang out behind her, shaming her even more.

Fred tugged on the leash fastened to her hands and with a choking sob, she stood up and as he started running again, she ran behind him, another burst of laughter exploding around her. Her tits slapped against her chest and her ass jiggled as she ran, hearing the voices but not the words chasing her across the field. She only wanted to get away and she ran as hard as she could until the voices disappeared. Natasja only wanted to get home as fast as she could.

They ran into the yard and she bent over panting. Sweat trickled down her body as she fought to get her breath back. Fred lifted her chin and looked at her with disgust. She had dried juices and sperm on her face, mixed with her tears and looked filthy. He dragged her to the side of the house and picked up the garden hose.

"Stand still."

Natasja whimpered as he turned it on and sprayed freezing cold water over her. He rinsed the sweat and sperm off her and then sprayed her face.

"Wash your face."

With the water still splashing over her face, Natasja rubbed it with her hands and scrubbed as much of the filth off as she could. She was cold and dripping water when he turned off the hose. Her hair was dripping water and it ran down her body. As she wiped her eyes and face with her hands, she noticed that Stephanie was still tied to the fence, naked. Natasja was still afraid, but had to say something.

"Sir, I took Stephanie's punishment. Why is she still tied to the fence?"

"Part of the punishment is to be tied to the fence for the rest of the day. Is that what you want?"

Natasja looked down and said nothing. Fred took her hand and led her to the exercise room, still dripping water. She sniffled but did her stretching exercise, then worked with the weights and did her sit-ups on the incline board. Dreading what she knew was next she slowly followed Fred out the exercise room. She began to sob softly as he walked to the platform with the dildo. Natasja followed him, trembling with shame. All of the men who worked for Fred were clustered around the platform. Natasja stepped up and closed her eyes once she held the dildo in her hand. Squatting over it, she placed it at her pussy and lowered herself until it penetrated her. She gasped and winced. Her pussy was sore from the fucking she had received earlier. Sobbing softly she did her squats, her legs shaking. She counted to 25 and with a moan, lifted off the dildo. Fred grabbed her hand and began walking to the fence, pulling her behind him.

"No, sir, no, please no, oh my god no."

He ignored her and dragged her resisting body next to Stephanie. One of the men vaulted over the fence and when Natasja was pushed against it, grabbed her hands and tied her to it once again. Then he untied Stephanie. Stephanie looked at Natasja and began to cry for her. Then she was pulled back and Natasja was left alone, bent over the fence uncomfortably. The sun beat down on her back and bruised ass. Her hair fell around her face and she began to sweat from the heat. She was trembling, knowing that by tying her to the fence, Fred had made her available to the help. She saw the man climb over the fence and she heard footsteps leaving her alone, tied in place. Natasja gulped and gasped for air, scared of what might happen to her. Not only was her ass sore and throbbing, but her pussy was tender also. She could feel heat from her pussy and knew it was rubbed raw in spots.

Thankfully she was left alone for a long time. Her mind closed down and she stood, bent over, without a thought in her mind, only waiting for her ordeal to be over. She heard footsteps behind her and began to shake again; thinking it was one of the men. Stephanie climbed the fence with a bottle in her hand. She held it to Natasja's mouth and Natasja drank greedily. She was so hot and thirsty. Stephanie bent down to her ear, whispering.

"Don't ever do that again, Natasja. He beat you harder than he would have beat me. The best would have been for you to keep silent, just as I did. Arguing will do nothing but cause more pain and humiliation. Be still and quiet. I have some lotion and cream that I am going to put on you."

Natasja sobbed softly as Stephanie climbed back over the fence. She felt lotion splattering on her back and Stephanie rubbed it in gently.

"Oh god, your bum. Oh god."

She felt cool liquid on her bruised ass and then winced as Stephanie very gently rubbed that into her skin. Tears fell from her eyes as Stephanie gently rubbed the cream into the bruises. It hurt so to be touched! Lotion was also rubbed into her legs. Stephanie whispered once more.

"Open your legs a little and don't panic. This cream will help the soreness on your pussy."

Natasja widened her stance and felt Stephanie's fingers on her sore pussy. The fingers were gentle and brought soothing cream to her tender lips. Even as gentle as Stephanie was she still winced as the cream was rubbed into her skin. When Stephanie had finished she bent forward once more.

"Just let your mind go blank, Natasja. Don't think of anything or of anyone. It will seem to take forever, but it will be over soon. I have to go before he sees me. Thank you for taking the punishment, but don't ever do it again. If he is angry with you it will go worse for you."

Stephanie's footsteps faded away and Natasja was left alone once more. She tried to follow Stephanie's advice but the exposure at the road would not leave her conscious mind. Over and over she heard the car approach, stop and the sounds of people coming up behind her. Then laughter as they stared at her rump and pussy. She cried softly and silently until she had no more tears to fall. The afternoon dragged on forever. No one approached her until very late in the afternoon. She was almost zoned out when she felt hands on her hips and then a stiff cock was shoved into her pussy. She gasped as she was penetrated and began to whimper. The cream made the entry easier and she was thankful for that, but she was humiliated that a man could walk up behind her and fuck her as if she was an animal. It was even worse that she did not know who it was. It could have been Fred, one of the help or even someone who had come to the house. She did not have any idea who it was fucking her.

He thrust steadily into her and she felt it each time his pants brushed her ass. She was so sore it was unbelievable. He lasted for a long time. Finally Natasja felt him stiffen a little more and she groaned. He clutched her hips tighter and then grunted, pushing deep inside her and came, spurting into her. Natasja sobbed softly as he came and withdrew. Sperm again trickled out of her pussy and down her thighs. She felt so dirty, used and ashamed. Natasja could only stand, bent over the fence and wait. She had no inkling of how much longer she had to remain here.

It seemed a long time, but it really wasn't, before she was released. Groaning as she straightened up, Natasja stretched her body. She had to get the tightness out before she was able to walk. She reached back to her ass, wincing as she touched it. It felt hot and swollen. Hobbling and moaning softly she made her way to the house. Inside, she climbed the stairs to her room, moaning softly as her muscles loosened more. She felt the pain in her ass as she climbed even more than when she walked. Entering her room, Natasja went to bathroom and looked over her shoulder at her ass in the mirror. She gasped as she saw it. It was still mostly red although patches of dark blue were beginning to show. She was going to have bruises showing before the day was over.

She started the shower and gingerly washed her body, paying special attention to her pussy. That part of her felt especially dirty. She was tender there and her ass was very sensitive to being touched. Natasja dried herself carefully, trying to avoid rubbing her ass and pussy. Then she went to her bed and lay down on her stomach. Stephanie came in shortly after she had lain down and rubbed more cream on her bruised ass. She also pushed Natasja's legs open and dabbed cream on the more inflamed parts of her pussy. Natasja did not resist, but let her, knowing that the cream would help with the soreness.

Stephanie softly kissed her cheek and left her. Natasja fell asleep with her subconscious full of the images of the day. She did not really rest because her mind went from each humiliating happening of the day. Her sleep was fitful at best but good for her.

Later in the evening Stephanie returned and woke her. Natasja had to be the maid again tonight. She moaned as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and winced as her ass touched the sheet and mattress. She stumbled into the bathroom and looked at her ass in the mirror once more. The few hours of rest had done nothing to change how her ass was turning. There were now purple patches of bruising over both cheeks and her ass felt hot to the touch. She stood with tears leaking from her eyes as Stephanie brushed her hair.

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