tagRomanceNathalie's Sister, Élise, Visits

Nathalie's Sister, Élise, Visits


In the first installment of this story, Nathalie, who I had only known for a week convinces me to make her pregnant. This is the continuation of "Nathalie My Crazy French Girlfriend".


Nathalie's parents had been shocked that she had gotten pregnant out of wedlock to some strange American guy. They had both flown out to size up the situation and me. What they discovered was a guy crazy about their daughter who was quite willing to tie the knot but that their daughter was stubbornly refusing to seal the deal. What's more she wanted the child born in America so it could for sure have American nationality - regardless of the father situation. I was at a loss.

Exasperated the parents returned to France. Next up at bat was Nathalie's older sister, Élise. She was much older in her mid-30s. Closer in age to me. By the time Élise arrived Nathalie was sporting the very start of a small baby bump. The two sisters hugged tightly and I was given the typical air kiss greeting. Élise was pretty much a copy of her sister but with green eyes and a bit more in the way of curves. But by this point in the pregnancy, Nathalie had caught up to Élise with a swelling bust and hips so they could have been twins. Nathalie had moved into my larger more comfortable apartment, so Élise was staying with us in my guest bedroom. While Élise took a shower and changed into something more comfortable, Nathalie whipped up a quick dinner.

Élise had no intention of talking her sister out of anything. She was thrilled to have a niece or nephew on the way. Perhaps a little sad that she wasn't the one bringing new life into the family - she was the oldest of the siblings after all. We all went to bed early - as Nathalie was starting to tire easily since she was getting into the real baby growing stage of pregnancy.

The next morning was the Saturday and we gave Élise a tour of the city. She'd been to the States only once before and was having a blast of a time. Being away from work and her over possessive boyfriend was clearly brightening her mood. That night we went out to a jazz bar and grill and ate heaping plates of gumbo. Stuffed we all crawled into our beds to digest the huge meal like snakes.

Nathalie had tried to explain to Élise why she'd make the decision to get pregnant. She'd shared the book she'd been reading which Élise read cover to cover. I think it was pretty obvious to anyone that met Nathalie that she wasn't the conventional type. Élise in comparison was far more restrained taking after her conservative parents. But Nathalie was working on bringing Élise out of the shadow of her family and her awful boyfriend.

Élise was enjoying herself so much that she decided to stay an extra three weeks. That meant also that her pill prescription ran out - something I overheard when the two sisters were talking and thought my French wasn't good enough to understand. But Élise didn't want to refill with an American substitute not knowing how it would react with her body.

It was about a week later after another night of dancing and drinking that we all collapsed in the den. Of course, Nathalie decided that it was high time we played truth or dare, something she had learned while in college in the States. Élise was game, probably because she had no idea what she was getting herself into. We drew playing cards to see who would start and I lost, so Nathalie gave Élise the honors.

"Truth or Dare?" Élise demanded.

"Truth" I replied.

"Tell us how you lost your virginity, and don't leave out any juicy details" Élise asked.

"I had just turned 18 and my mother's recently divorced best friend needed help with moving some boxes out of the garage into her storage unit. She was really hot for a forty year old, quite the cougar, and was really horny with the lack of sex. I guess I was the easiest substitute."

"She'd put on a revealing outfit with an open scalloped top and short skirt that showed off her breast and legs well. She had on a matching white lacey bra and pantie set which I would get peeks off as we moved around the boxes. Within a few minutes by cock was completely hard and I was doing my best to hide the bump in my shorts with the various boxes I handled."

"But there really was no point. After a bit my mother's best friend asked in she'd been the one to "do that" to me. Of course, I blurted out that I couldn't help it and I was so sorry. She told me not to worry and led me to the bedroom where she proceeded to undo my shorts and pull out my cock and suck me off. I came within a minute all over her face and lips. My mother's friend simply took off her clothes and in seconds I was hard again for the main event. She grabbed my cock and lowered herself on it. This time around it was a few minutes before I came again deep in her pussy."

"Over that summer we found numerous excuses to be together and she taught me the finer arts of pleasuring a woman. Sadly she moved away that summer and I didn't see her again until I was out of college and she was visiting my parents as part of a cross country trip. That night when I had just about to go to sleep, I heard some light footsteps outside my room and the door opened and closed. Then she took off her nightie and robe and slipped under the covers. This time around she put a condom on my penis - I wasn't a virgin anymore I guess. Let's just say we rekindled our "relationship". She hasn't visited since and last I heard she'd remarried and older man and was happy as can be with a baby on the way."

Next it was Élise's turn and, Nathalie decided to lay it on thick: "Have you even had sex with a fruit or vegetable?"

Élise went bright red and blurted out "Dare".

Nathalie went for the jugular "I know you've been checking out my boyfriend, I want you both to go into the closet in the guest room and take off your clothes for five minutes."

So we rather sheepishly went into the guest bedroom, Élise turned out the light as we took our clothes off and then went into the closet. It was a small closet and it really was more or less impossible for our bodies not to touch especially with the huge erection I was sporting. My cock poked her pussy a few times and finally Élise put her arms around me and we started kissing passionately. At this point I started rubbing my cock up and snow her wet slit and we got a bit carried away but before anything could happen Nathalie called time and we put our clothes back on and went back to the game.

A few more rounds of "truth" and a few more rounds of shots and an even drunker Nathalie again threw down the gauntlet at her sister: "You're always following the rules, never letting go, you've got that asshole of a boyfriend who keeps you on a tight leach."

"That's not true, I can live it up, take risks," said Élise.

"Prove it to me. See this bowl of condoms?" said Nathalie.

"Yes," said Élise.

"I'm going to get a pin and put a hole through one of them. Then you're going to pick one of them with your eyes closed and take it with you into the closet again for 10 minutes. If you're really a risk taker I want you to prove it!" said Nathalie.

Élise was enraged and replied: "I don't need any stinking condoms and no dam closets" she shouted and then grabbing my arm dragged me into the guest bedroom.

Once inside there was no foreplay. Élise stripped naked and lay on the bed with her legs open. She looked like a more mature version of Nathalie with the same shaved bare pussy but her opening was wet and clearly excited beckoning me to her. I couldn't imagine my luck and sort of felt like Nathalie had given me the green light. I was also angry at her for not wanting to marry me and perhaps at the back on my mind I thought she might become jealous and reconsider. Definitely my smaller head thinking on that one!

Once naked I climbed on the bed aimed by cock at her entrance and pushed in. The fit was tight but Elise was dripping wet. The thrill of bareback and unprotected sex was definitely having its effects. We fucked like animals, grunting and groaning, shaking the bed like a small earthquake. Nathalie must have heard it all. After 20 minutes of rutting, I whispered into Élise's ear that I was getting close, and that simply made her grab my buttocks even more firmly.

"Fill me up with your sperm" was all she said as she went into an earth-shattering orgasm.

So I came buckets and buckets of come. I'd just pushed a boatload of fertile swimmers into my potential sister in law who was nearing her probably nearing her peak fertility day for the month. What's more I knew that she wasn't on the pill.

Strangely the impact on my relationship with Nathalie was minimal. She almost seemed relieved as I stopped badgering her to marry me. We still had great sex and she was still excited as ever to have the baby. But I was coming to realize that I was peripheral to the vision for her life. It was a great disappointment to me but really something I should have seen coming.

Élise on the other hand become more and more clingy and affectionate. Every night she would ask after dinner if she could "borrow" me and every night Nathalie would say "sure". That would lead to Élise and I having unprotected sex and me spurting my cum deep into her pussy. Élise always wanted me to finish off deep inside of her. There was no mistaking her need and after a couple of nights she ceased pretending it was about proving her sister wrong. We were becoming bonded as a couple and she wanted to be pregnant with my baby. What she didn't know was that I knew she wasn't on the pill anymore. Finally, she confessed to me about a week before she was due to return to France - that there was a chance that she could be pregnant, that she had fallen in love with me, and had no idea what to do about it. I told her not to be so hard on herself, that I was in love with her too and would be honored to be the father of her child, if she was in fact pregnant. Moreover, I told her about Nathalie's lack of interest in marrying me and that she should feel no obligation towards her sister on my account. We decided to talk together with Nathalie.

Nathalie was delighted that the two of us were in love and while she didn't want to marry me herself she could think nothing better than to have me in the family close at hand. The only proviso was that she wanted the option of having sex with me and fathering any more children she wanted in the future. Élise and I were more than happy to agree.

In the end, in a strange way it was Nathalie who proposed marriage for us - she simply asked when we were going to get married? To which we both responded "this year" in unison. The talk ended up in a group hug. Later that evening I cleared out all my stuff from the master bedroom and moved to the guest room.

Élise was ecstatic that we had resolved the situation. I wasn't sure at all how her parents would take to a son-in-law who had inseminated not one but possibly two of their daughters. Élise in true French fashion said we'd better make it a fait-accompli! So for the remainder of her stay I was pumping her full of sperm every moment we had a chance. If she was at the kitchen counter with a skirt on I'd sneak up behind her and pull her panties to the side and slide right in while she braced herself against the counter top. If she was in her pajamas watching a movie, I'd pull down her bottoms and push right in. Even when we were hiking in a nearby forest with Nathalie, Élise would grab me by the hand and we'd go 100 feet off the trail behind a big tree and she'd pull off her shorts and pants and open her legs while holding onto the tree. I'd hold her around the waist and hump her until I came another load into her fertile snatch. Nathalie was always amused. She'd say something like "Ah, young love" poking fun at the age of her sister and me and our teenage antics. I was happy to find there was no malice at all in what she said or felt.

Sadly time was up and Élise had to return back to France. Élise told me that morning that there was a good chance she was pregnant because she was already a few days late. That night, with Élise gone, I move back into the master bedroom with Nathalie and we made tender love together. It was unspoken that we still cared deeply for each other but that Nathalie just wasn't the kind to tie herself down to any person.

Several weeks later, I got a Skype call from Élise. She asked how I was doing and I said I felt lonely except that her sister was keeping the bed warm for me. Élise pretended to be upset but laughed. Then she held up a pregnancy test stick and said simply: "You're going to be a father again!" I was the happiest man alive.

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