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Nathan Price and The Hidden City


Disclaimer: Alright, this story is not to be read by anyone under 18 (or in some certain doomed places) 21. If you get caught jacking off by your mother/father/auntie/uncle/Grand Parent. Keep in mind it's not my fault! Please send me constructive criticism via the CONTACT tab on my profile.

Author: Pendulum

Celebrity: Hilary Duff, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Codes: MF, FF, Cons, Oral, Bond, Viol, Death

"Back in black!
I hit the sack!
I've been too long I'm glad to be back!
Yes, I'm let loose!
From the noose!
That's kept me hanging about
I've been looking at the sky
'Cause it's gettin' me high!"

Brian Johnson's gravel-like voice assaulted our ears as my luxury boat started our journey. To my left side, sat at my boat's spare front seat, was Sarah Michelle Gellar, the customer funding my latest expedition. Her long brown hair cascaded down her beautiful body, running onto her white dress. It was a long flowing piece of clothing that must've kept her cool in the warm Hawaii weather. She was slowly leafing through a archaeology magazine that I couldn't see the title of.

Sat behind her, were two young, beautiful students of archaeology, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Ashley was a blonde bombshell and had on: a mint green coloured top with white pants that cut off at her knees, she also had on a pair of white pumps. Vanessa's jet black hair had been tied back into a ponytail and showed of her pretty face well. She was clad in an tight fitting white shirt with an orange skirt with black shoes on, accompanying her right arm was a golden bangle that she claimed belonged to one of her ancestors who was a treasure hunter. Both of the young students were looking outside the windows admiring the lovely view we had. The sun was setting lazily while the water rippled fiercely as my boat pushed its way through.

And that leaves me. My name is Nathan Price and I am a treasure hunter.

Standing at six foot exactly and weighing nearly one hundred and seventy five pounds I'm not exactly an intimidating dude. But pass me a 9mm pistol and I'll even the odds. Dressed in a white top, that seemed to be a lot tighter than I last recalled, and a pair of jeans that had most definitely seen better days. I'm Twenty six years old and have been hunting treasure for nearly my entire life. My Father was a treasure hunter and his Father before him was too. I ran a hand over my jaw. Feeling the freshly acquired stubble, I sighed quietly, hoping no one would hear it. I was wrong.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked. She hadn't changed from her original position of leafing through a magazine.

Closing my eyes lightly, I spoke softly.

"Nothing...Well, something doesn't feel right...You know what? Ignore me. I'm sure it'll clear up soon."

I reached over and cranked up AC/DC as we gained speed. My GPS system beeped to life as we made our way forward. Sarah's numbers had better be right...

================== Two Weeks Earlier ==================

"Rico, another scotch when you're ready, bud." I said to the Peurto-Rican barkeep, placing my glass on the counter. He nodded his head as he served another customer. The hotel's outside bar was a nice enough place, it was one of those tourist friendly things. You know the type? Looks like it's made of straw and bamboo, a Hawaiian sheet hung over the canopy making it look complete.

Looking up in the top corner of the bar, there was a small television showing a strong woman competition. God, they looked like freaks with their muscles bulging like that. I winced in disgust and was joined in my disgust by a surly drinker behind me.

"Jesus. Turn that crap off!" The voice called out, a young waitress nodded and hurried behind the desk, switching it over to a old Western movie. Couldn't tell you which one it was, but it looked violent. I smiled and looked around, turning at the bar so I was resting against it with my back to it.

"Mister Price? Your drink." Rico said softly, I turned and smiled. Digging into my jeans pocket, I scooped out my wallet and pulled out a fresh, crisp note. Placing the note in Rico's hand, I turned back around and spoke.

"Keep the change buddy." Rico smiled and thanked me for the extra change. Scanning the scene, I saw Ashley and Vanessa enjoying themselves by the poolside area. I smiled as I sipped at my drink, looking around it was always the same this time of year. Princes, millionaires, movie stars, musicians, people with too much money basically. They littered the bar and with their usual racist views bossed around the poor bar staff like they were slaves. Unfortunately, I needed a job and would have to find one of these bastards to give me a job.

I looked back over to Vanessa and Ashley, Ashley met my eye. With that, I simply nodded my head, closing my eyes ever so slightly. Giving the impression I was looking off into the distance. Ashley nodded her head and leant in to talk to Vanessa, cupping her right ear, Ashley whispered to Vanessa who in turn looked over at me. She too nodded her head and the pair made their way over.

This is how things like this normally go. I would prop the bar up, when one of the two would come over and make a big scene about me being a famous treasure hunter. Perk the ears up. You know? Then, the other girl would be playing the part of a princess/heiress/movie star (Depends on the crowd) and claim that I did a job for her Father. Once people are listening, I play down my role and then the icing on the cake. The girl says I worked for only thirty two thousand. Which is a lot, but to these guys it's barely anything and all I have to do is bring them back a measly trinket and suddenly they're Indianna Jones.

Looked like Vanessa was going to spot me this time. I prepared myself when the goddess stepped in front of me. Dressed in a short black dress with matching high heels, her hair was loose and hanging over her shoulders. She also had on a pair of large black sunglasses that kept the sun from her eyes.

"Evening." She said simply, looking at me with a smile.

"Evening." I matched her phrase and looked over at Vanessa who was standing still, mouth agape. I crooked an eyebrow when the brunette spoke again.

"So, what's a lady got to do to get this sort of attention?" She asked, passing me a copy of the latest 'Archaeological Times' magazine. I took it from her hand and looked over the cover, it was slightly faded but it featured me on the front cover. I read the front cover aloud.

"'Nate's after Marco Polo!' Jesus, this is already out? I don't think I've got the royalties yet?" I said, leafing through the magazine quickly.

"It's not out yet. Daddy owns the factory, I got an advanced copy." The brunette said, lifting her large black glasses up. "My name's Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mister Price...I have a request of you."

I raised an eyebrow, looked over to the girls who had made their way back to the pool. What the hell? I looked back at Sarah and nodded. "OK, what's the job and how much?"

"Straight to the point, I like that in a man! The job...The job is a real wild one, I'm not sure if you'll take me seriously."

"Look, Sarah, please carry on. I've had requests to find and skin Bigfoot before, nothing surprises me anymore." I said, looking into her eyes.

"Atlantis." Sarah said simply, looking at my face fall.

Shaking my head, I took a sip of my drink, looked at Sarah and again shook my head. "Atlantis is a myth. A fairy tale. A story...It's not real. A city under water? Come on."

Putting my finished drink on the bar, I got ready to leave when Sarah kept my attention. "What if it's not under water, but under ground? Mister Price we'll pay you one million dollars plus a bonus of three million if you find it."

If they could, cartoon dollar signs would've popped up in my eyes with a comical 'Ka-Ching' sound effect at the mention of those words. Looking into the distance, the wheels in my head started to turn. Looking at Sarah, who seemed completely serious. I sighed cautiously. "OK, I've bit. Do you have any serious evidence to support this?"

The excitement on Sarah's face was barely contained as she nodded and dived into her black leather handbag. Pulling out a large clear file, she opened it up to the middle page where there were several print outs of a jungle area. She passed me the small pieces of paper, no bigger than a Polaroid print-out. I looked over each of them, they showed off a jungle area with a large stone wall poking out from behind the moss and weeding.

Shaking my head lightly, I spoke. "What am I looking at?"

"That is an area in coastal Thailand, discovered by a British agent we have. Miss Knightley found it earlier this week. She also found this." With that, Sarah dived back into her bag and grabbed hold of something. Pulling it out slowly, Sarah didn't expose it fully but from what I could see, it looked like the head of a trident...That or it was an extravagant gardening fork.

"So, you think that's where Atlantis is?" I asked, ignoring the fork for the time being.

"We think that could be an entrance to it. It's possible that it has several entrances, especially when Miss Knightley also discovered these co-ordinates." Sarah then passed me a piece of A4 paper that had three different sets of co-ordinates on them. Two of which had been crossed out.

"So, you want me to investigate this possible entrance." I said, assuming I knew the answer.

Sarah smiled and laughed lightly.

"Sort of. I'm coming with you."

Well, that's a first. I looked at her, my eyebrow raised in surprise.

"You're coming with me? What makes you think you can?"

"Well, for the amount me and Daddy will pay you I think its fair that I come along to watch our investment in action."

"Suppose there's some sort of a fight?"

"I have a Gun licence and own two 9mm pistols. I can probably out shoot you."

"Doubtful. Alright, can you scale walls?"

"As long as there's a lip to it yes."

I had to give it to Sarah, she seemed determined to come along. In a decision I would come to regret, I nodded my head.

"OK, fine. When do you want to leave?" I asked, leafing through the pages of photographs again.

"How does Sunday in two weeks time sound?"

"Perfect. I have two Archaeology students with me. They've wanted to be out in the field for quite some time now. Are they OK to come with us?" I asked, passing the papers back to Sarah.

"I don't see why not. Are they going to be able to handle themselves?" Sarah asked, looking into her bag as she put the kit away.

"Of course. I'm their teacher, why wouldn't they?" I asked, a little apprehensive about my girls.

"Oh, no reason. I just want to come out of there alive that's all." Sarah said, as she put her hand up, motioning for Rico.

"Yeah, well don't you worry about them. They'll be alright, I assure you." I said, as I requested another scotch. "So, why come down here specifically to meet me?" I asked as my drink was topped up. I passed Rico a note which was a bit more scruffy and collected my change. Sarah took her drink and we both sat down at the bar.

"Honestly? I think I wanted to look you in the eyes and see you for myself." Sarah said with a shrug.

"Did I disappoint?" I asked, masking the hope in my voice.

"Not really. You're every thing I thought you would be. Mister Price..."

"Nathan or Nate, please." I interrupted Sarah with a pearly white smile. Sarah matched my smile. Jesus, she was beautiful.

"Nathan, what do you expect from our expedition?" Sarah asked as she sipped at her drink.

"Well, I think we're going to have an experience at the least. Whether we will find Atlantis or not is another story. From those pictures, the temples seem to be either Incan or possibly older. We may not find Atlantis, but we may find something notable." I answered honestly. I had no real reason to lie at this point in the arrangement.

Sarah went to say something but was beaten to her comment by Ashley and Vanessa who made their way over.

"Nate, what's going on?" Ashley asked, as the two subtly checked out Sarah.

"We've got a job girls. Two weeks time we'll be setting off, Miss Gellar here will be coming with us too." I answered as Sarah, politely made her way out of the conversation. Vanessa leant in and whispered to me.

"Can we trust her?"

"I think so. Ron's still in Russia though, so I'd like to have some one who's handy with a gun watching my back. You two going to bed?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah. What's the plan for tomorrow?" Ashley asked, running a hand through her blonde hair.

"Well, I've got stuff to do. Set the boat up for the trips, get supplies et cetera, et cetera. So, you two can enjoy yourselves, just keep your cells on you." I said, still their teacher. The two nodded their heads and said good night to the two of us. Sarah then spun back around.

"Those your students?"

"That's right. Vanessa's the one with the black hair and Ashley is the blonde." I said, sipping at my scotch.

"Are they lesbians?" Sarah asked, unsure of the unusual closeness.

"Yeah. Have been since they came out of college." I looked at Sarah who was transfixed with the pair as they left. "That a problem?" I asked, knowing how people around here got.

"Not at all. I support gay rights and I think it's really cool that you work with them."

"Well, they're good kids and they're passionate too. Any way. What's your story? You don't seem the type to be interested in missing cities, more...I don't know?"

"Fashion shows?" Sarah suggested, saying what I didn't want to say. I deftly nodded my head as Sarah smiled, flashing her pearly white teeth to me. "I tried to get into that scene but the idea of finding things untouched for centuries just seemed too intense to not investigate."

Nodding my head along, I watched as Sarah sipped at her drink. She seemed to be genuine enough.

I then knocked back my scotch and looked to Sarah who finished her drink. "I'm going to hit the sack, I think. Got a lot to do now that I've got a job."

Sarah then said something that surprised me.

"Want some company?"

I turned and looked to Sarah. "Wha-" Sarah took my head in her hands and shoved her tongue down my throat. I soon retaliated by wrapping my arms around her small frame and pulling her in closer. Breaking for much needed air, Sarah looked at me with heavy, lust filled eyes. Her hot breath coursing over my lips.

"Nate, I want you. I have seen I first laid eyes on you. Come with me to my suite." Sarah then kissed me so passionately on my lips again, moaning as my hands cupped her small ass. We broke the kiss and I simply nodded, my cock was rock hard and I hadn't got laid in a good while now. Sarah squealed with delight and took me by my hand, leading me from the bar and into the hotel lobby.

Walking through the lobby, me and Sarah made a beeline for the elevator, placed at the back of the large ball room. We were such a rush that I failed to notice a rival hunter, Hilary Duff, propping up a wall near the entrance. "Well, well, well, Mister Price. What are we doing here with Miss Gellar?" Her words were quiet, her partner in crime barely noticed them.

Stepping into the empty elevator, Sarah pressed the button for the top floor. Once the doors closed, Sarah spun around and we quickly embraced in another passionate kiss. Wrapping my arms around her body, I moved her up against the elevator wall and pressed her against it. Moving my hands down her body, I felt her soft thighs through the fabric of her dress and lightly squeezed them, making her moan through our kiss. I broke off and started to kiss her neck, brushing her brown hair away first.

Sarah gasped and shut her eyes tightly as I kissed at her soft flesh, her arms wrapped around my neck and tugged together tightly. Pulling me into her embrace, Sarah moaned as I flicked my tongue against her neck. Fumbling towards the electronic door panel, I found the 'Emergency Stop' button. Pressing it, the elevator reached a stop giving me more time to work with.

Kissing my way down Sarah's body, I kissed at her neck before slowly making my way down to her marvellous breasts. Reaching her cleavage, I lightly pulled away Sarah's left sun dress strap, then quickly matching the other. Sarah's breasts fell into the cool air of the elevator, her nipples had hardened at our antics.

Sarah leant backwards so she was pressing against the wall of the elevator, I leant down slowly and lightly sucked on her right breast making her moan in appreciation. Moving my right hand up her body, I lightly fondled her left breast, rubbing my thumb over her nipple Sarah moaned again, her head leant fully back staring towards the sky. I wanted to stay there. Really I did, but I was needed elsewhere. I pulled my head away from Sarah's magnificent chest, and lightly sucked her other nipple before moving down her body.

Dropping to my knees and ignoring the arthritic pain, I ran my hands up and down Sarah's legs before slowly moving her skirt upwards. Her wet pussy was exposed to me, the fact that this woman had neglected to wear and form of underwear made me wonder if she wanted this all along.

Bringing my finger up, I lightly ran it along her pussy's lips catching some of her moisture. Taking it in my mouth, I sucked at it lightly as Sarah started to breathe heavily. Well now, on to the main event. Leaning in, I put my face inches away from Sarah's wet cunt and lightly flicked my tongue against it.

Listening to her breathe slowly, I slowly began to lick in a circular motion around her wet snatch. When Sarah arched her lower body, I smiled to myself and placed a hand on her stomach to keep her from grinding her pussy against my entire face. It had been a while but I still knew all the tricks of the trade. I spread her pussy open with two of fingers from my right hand and slid my tongue just inside of her. Sarah gasped lightly and tilted her head back towards me to watch what I was doing.

"Ohhhh... Nate... " Sarah moaned as she started to slide her hands through my jet black hair. I slowly moved my tongue in and out of her pussy teasing her with every move. I lightly wiggled it against her clit before I started sliding it along her slit. Taking a chance I looked up to see Sarah's expression change from surprise to pleasure, which only encouraged me to move my tongue against her pussy faster. Sarah gritted her perfectly white teeth, gasping aloud in the confines of the elevator. "Ahhh... Nate... I want you..."

Hearing that, I lifted my head up and smiled. "That can be arranged..." Standing up, I held Sarah's legs apart while I unzipped my jeans. Just as I was about to push my way in, the intercom buzzed, breaking the sound of Sarah's panting.

"This is hotel Maintenance, what seems to be the problem?"

The man spoke with broken English, typical of this part. Looking up at Sarah, I grinned and pressed on the large red button to reply.

"Uh... Hi... This is Nathan Price and I'm here with Sarah Michelle Gellar. No need to worry my good man, we've got it sorted now."

"Yes sir, thanking you."

Laughing to myself the elevator kicked into gear as Sarah pulled herself away from the wall and rearranged herself. Looking at Sarah, I grinned and pulled her towards me. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I planted a kiss on her lips which she gladly reciprocated.

The disappointing 'Ding' of the elevator doors opening made us break our embrace. Sarah was wobbly on her feet from our embrace and needed help getting to her room. We stepped out of the elevator and walked down to the end of the long corridor, Sarah took out her key card and clumsily let it slip into the door's lock.

Practically falling through the door, both me and Sarah stumbled into the lush, luxurious hotel suite. I barely had time to examine my new surroundings before Sarah had pushed me to her bed and was already tackling my jeans belt buckle. Unhooking the iron clasp, Sarah pulled the leather strap apart and soon had unzipped my pants fly. Reaching her hand in, Sarah pulled my boxer shorts down and exposed my cock to the cool air.

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