tagGroup SexNathan Stokes, Pornstar

Nathan Stokes, Pornstar


"CUT!" the director yelled, the words piercing the warm tropical air. Nathan hated it when a director took it upon themselves to stop a scene, especially when he was on a roll like today. It was 30 degrees outside, and he had been filming for around 2 hours. Or more like "fucking" for around two hours. Nathan froze, all 11 inches of his cock still based inside Asira's talented young pornstar pussy.

He was annoyed alright. Not every girl could take 11 inches balls deep, but when he found the right girl, he made the most of the opportunity. But this director was too much...

Nathan looked unapprovingly at the director, John Stanner. He was an up and comer in the game, and was a little green for Nathans liking. And male. Nathan usually preferred to work with female directors, not because the quality of the scene was improved, but because there was always something a little off about performing for another male.

At least the camerawomen were on form today... and hot. He thought he might take them down to his hotel room on the beach later.

"I'm doin' great here Stanner, why do you keep cramping my style?" he asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Camera 2's down" John replied, pointing behind Nathan. Nathan turned to see a timid looking camerawoman, just inches from his balls, camera in her right hand filming the classic "penetration shot". Nathan gave her a smile and comforting wink, before retrieving his enormous cock from the sultry porn vixen beneath him, one inch at a time.

She moaned as his cock slowly extruded from her pussy, her nails digging into Nathans arms. A flood of pussy juice followed Nathans dismount, some of which struck the young budding camerawoman. She gave him a shocked expression, which slowly morphed into a smile.

"Woops, sorry," Nathan grinned back, allowing his horse cock and balls to dangle in the air, precariously close to her face. He gave Asira a pat on the head, and strolled through the soft beach sand.

They were in the beautiful Bahamas for a three day shoot. It was day one, and already Nathan wanted a new director.

The first scene of the day was Brandy Betts, the cute little anal virgin from Montana. She was young alright, barely 18 and a tight pussy to die for. She'd just started in the porn game, but already she wanted Nathan to fuck her ass. It was after all, the Holy Grail for a man blessed with Nathans endowment. Again, he had a special place for girls who could take his cock up their ass. Many had tried, few had succeeded.

He was happy to declare; Brandy succeeded.

Second scene, two hours later. Sharon Sexx in all her glory. She was a repeat performer with Nathan, she just couldn't get enough. The scene would have been a breeze, had the lighting not fallen down during one of Nathans infamous cumshots. Sharon spent 10 minutes on her knees with a horseload of Nathans finest gracing her sweet face, before the scene could resume.

Even though Sharon secretly hated the taste of cum, in Nathans case she made an exception. During the ten minutes filming was out, she took pleasure in swilling Nathans cum around her mouth, coating her teeth with it, tasting the universally accepted "King" of porn's cum.

By the time they resumed filming, she was part way through her own, self-administered orgasm. She took pride in scooping every drop of the cum adorning her face into her mouth, all the while fingering herself frantically, and staring fixedly and erotically into Nathans eyes.

Finally, there was Asira, on all fours in the warm, tropical sand; her gaping pussy open wide for the entire world to see.

Just another day in the life of the world's greatest pornstar.

It was only two thirty, and it had already been a full on day. Tomorrow Nathan was scheduled for a foursome shoot, with three of England's tightest bisexual porn babes, and he wanted to be fully rested and rejuvenated for that scene. Nathan, and his audience, had been waiting a long time for these girls to get together... and it was guaranteed to be an explosive scene. Hence his annoyance at the constant delays today had brought.

He needed to call his manager and set this straight.

Nathan walked over to an assistant. "Thanks honey," he smiled, as she blushed and handed him his phone. He winked at her and dialled his manager...

He cleared his throat and began.

"Matt, where did you find this guy?" he said angrily into the phone.

Matt had been his manager for the past few years, and was extremely trustworthy and honest. Two values you needed in a manager in this industry, though he had a tendency to be a little meak and submissive.

"Nathan, look you gotta be patient with this guy," Matt said, "He's only made a few porn movies to date, but he's the next big thing. He's already won an AVN award for directing, and he's barely getting started. He's disorganised, and pedantic as Hell... but you're gonna get a great result".

"Fuck this guy, this is the tenth time he's cut me... in the middle of a great scene. You know how I am Matt, when I'm fucking a hot pussy there's no stopping me", Nathan responded.

"I know Nate, but you gotta give it time, that's all. Look, I pencilled you in for Jade, Macy and Shiva tomorrow. Just say the word and I'll cancel it. They already flew in yesterday, but I'm sure we can cancel the scene and work something out. If you need a few more days to get it right..."

"No!" Nathan shouted, "I don't need a few more days. Look, I'll get the scene done, I'm horny as hell so it'll be no problem..." He said, glancing at Asira on all fours, her perfect ass and pussy pointing straight at Nathan, dripping wet and begging for more. She was applying more oil to her body as she waited.

"But don't cancel tomorrows shoot. I'm a gentleman, I always meet my obligations," he smiled at the assistant, and hung up the phone.

Matt had put in a lot of effort arranging the Bahamas shoot, and Nathan decided to trust his better judgement. He hoped it would all work itself out in the end.

"We're OK Nathan, let's break for lunch then resume the scene," John yelled, the cameragirl giving a thumbs up.

Nathan stretched, the full day's work finally taking its toll.

Sometimes, he needed to remind himself of how wonderful his life was. After all, he was honestly complaining about fucking three of America's hottest young pornstars in one day. And tomorrow was going to be EPIC. What the fuck is wrong with me... he thought.

There was no denying it. Nathan had the best job in the world. He looked upwards into the crystal blue sky, obscured only by palm trees stirring softly in the breeze. Seagulls flew overhead, softly cawing as they flew by. Sex on the beach was certainly fun, but there were hazards. And being shat on by those gulls was one potential threat. Not to mention the prying eyes of the public. Luckily, they had managed to secure a private beach.

He stretched, flexing his muscles and grinning. Suddenly, something hit him in the face...


"Oh sorry" came a feminine voice, as Nathan removed the clothes that had been flung at him. "Didn't mean to startle you," the camerawoman approached.

"No need to apologize", Nathan responded, pulling the fresh cotton shirt over his head. She came closer, handing him his shoes.

"We're breaking for lunch" she smiled, her eyes followed down Nathans ripped, tall body, ending at his legendary, world famous penis. He let her look. It was fairly normal for the cameragirls to get interested. Nathan had noticed most cameragirls were at least curious. And he also made no excuses about boning the right ones that came along.

Under the Caribbean sun, in only a tee shirt and sporting a well lubed, Asira Banks pussy-juice coated cock, he gazed upon her startling beauty.

"I'm your biggest fan", she smiled at him, toying with her hair nervously. "I'm... I'm Samantha"

A former pornstar herself, Samantha had her brunette hair braided and tied up by small bows. In keeping with the Bahamas theme, she wore a scull and crossbones bandana. Her slender body was tanned and sporting a barely there bikini. Nathan liked what he saw.

"Can I...touch it?" She asked, biting on her finger and twilling a cute little brunette braid around her finger.

Nathan laughed, looking into her eyes. "What have you done to earn that?" he teased, knowing she had played a part in messing up the scene. "If anything, you owe ME."

But she wasn't taking no for an answer. Moving in closer, she ran her fingers down Nathans body, and finally down the length of his shaft.

"Wow..." she exclaimed. Even when flaccid, Nathans cock measured at eight inches. She followed it down from the base to his perfect, mushroom shaped cockhead. She bit her lip as her manicured fingernails cupped around the tip, collecting a trail of Nathans pre-cum between them. She looked into Nathans eyes, "I'm Samantha", she said in a southern accent. "Pleased to meet you... Mr Stokes."

She slowly brought her pre-cum coated fingers to her face to inspect them. There was a trail of precum from Nathans cock to her hand. Samantha took one look at the pre-cum, one look at Nathan, giggled and licked it off her fingers.

"Mmmmm" she moaned, and kept kissing them until an order came from John.

"Everybody! Lunch is served!"


It was mid-afternoon, and the cast and crew dined in a small thatched hut on the beach. Nathan was flanked on either side by Samantha and Asira, their hands roaming over his body, eagerly stroking his cock through his pants. Asira fed Samantha a wedge of watermelon, the two girls playfully giggling as they shared the juicy treat. Samantha ran her tongue down the length of Asiras arm, collecting the juices in her mouth and sharing them with Asira through a passionate kiss. John looked on, envious.

The second camerawoman and assistant were enjoying a few Sapphic pleasures themselves. Turned on by the day's unending displays of erotica, they began to gently play with one another. Their playful groping slowly leading to a kiss, and finally to full on making out; the young women vied obviously for Nathans attention.

"They're not shy, are they," Nathan observed, the assistant blowing a kiss his way.

"I've worked with these girls before," Asira smiled at them, "They really are the best."

"I'll say."

Asira cuddled close to Nathan, nibbling selectively on a few slices of fruit. Keeping a figure as slender and toned as hers required great diligence in the dietary department, and she didn't want to compromise it now. Besides, she still had a cumshot to swallow at the end of the scene, which was no easy task. And with John suggesting she swallow Nathans cum from a Pina Colada glass, she wanted to leave plenty of room for the infamous "Stokes Shot."

In the industry, Nathan was well known for his super-soaker orgasms. Not only did he hold the world record for the largest dick in porn, but also for the highest amount of ejaculate. Asira remembered it being reported as 6 times the semen content of a normal male. Not to mention his fertility...

Asira smiled at the thought, rubbing her well lubricated pussy. The idea of being knocked up by the king certainly enticed her. And she was not alone. Many women wanted to bear Nathans offspring, and share in his strong genetic lineage. In over 10 years of porn, Nathan had fathered over 40 children, both through impregnating impressionable young porn sluts, as well as stud servicing.

One of those women was his manager's wife. Matt had never considered it a breach of trust, even as his manager. Nathan was, after all, the hottest and most endowed male on the planet. Matt paled in comparison as a man, and he knew it. He was proud that Nathan had fathered his two boys.

Nathan ran his fingers through Asiras hair, bringing her mouth up for a wet, tongue lashing kiss.

"You ready to finish the scene?" he asked, gazing deep into her eyes and clutching a Pina Colada glass.

"Yes Nate", she swooned. "I think it's time to taste your cum" she moaned, her fingers joining Samantha's as they rubbed his crotch.

It was more than enough to get Nathan going again...


"ACTION!" John yelled.

"Holy FUCK!" Asira screamed, clutching her erect nipples and bracing herself against the beach towel, as all 11 inches of Nathans cock entered her from behind. Samantha was right in the action, the camera repaired and filming as Nathans balls smacked rhythmically against Asiras bald pussy.

His assault was unrelenting...

"Ohhh gawwwd!"


"Yes, Yes FUCK ME!"


"Oh YES, you're gonna make me cum!"



Asiras screaming was loud enough to break the microphone. Nathan cupped his hands over her breasts from behind, hugging her tiny supple body to his. His chest met the incline of her smooth back, their sweat mingling together as he fucked her with animal ferocity.

His huge balls hit her clit over and over again. Nathan could feel his cock hitting the base of her pussy, deeper than any man had gone before. Asira's orgasmic moaning came to a crescendo as the head of his cock punched through her G-Spot.

"AHHH Yeah! Fuck me! You're a fucking GOD Nathan... FUCK ME!"


As Nathan slowed his assault, Samantha brought the camera right up to film Asiras face. The agony and extacy of being fucked to an unnatural depth was visible as she went from one emotion to the next.

"Awhhhh" she moaned as Nathan slowly retracted, his cock creating a vacuum in her pussy, causing a twinge of pain. She looked into the camera, her eyes slowly closing under the weight of the feeling.

"Hmmmmm!" she murmured, as Nathan reentered the full length, hitting the G-Spot at the back of her pussy that no other man could reach.

Samantha gave Nathan a smile, mouthing "fuck her stud."

Samantha instinctively knew when a woman was going to cum. In the years she'd spent in porn, and as a camerawoman, there was no denying the signs. Asira was sweating, her face flush with pleasure, her dishevelled hair starting to stick to her face. Samantha tenderly brushed the hair from Asira's face, and looked lovingly into her eyes.

The two women shared a moment together. Samantha had taken a liking to her. She often felt a fondness for the young porn babes she worked with. After all, she used to be one of them. She wanted Asira to look at her as she came, right in her eyes. She wanted to see the pleasure in her face, to experience it with her.

"Is he fucking you good?" she whispered, barely audible over the sounds of the coitus.

Asira nodded, took one of Samantha's fingers and began suckling on it, looking directly into her eyes as she felt the impending orgasm approaching. Nathan looked down at the two girls sharing a moment, and smiled, his thrusting increasing in severity as he pushed Asira over the edge.

"AAAHHHHH!" she screamed, her pussy spasming into her final orgasm of the day. Nathan could feel the pussy juice flooding around his cock, creating a barrier at the wall of her pussy. He pushed in further, the pressure causing the juices to squirt out of her pussy, coating his balls.

Nathan was at the end of his tether. With Asira's climaxing pussy massaging his cock in the most pleasurable ways, and her fresh juices trickling down his thighs, it was time to end this.

Samantha brought the camera up to his face. He gave her a knowing smile, as if to say you better get ready...

In one sweeping motion, Nathan retracted his cock from Asira's tight, wet hole. She crawled on all fours before propping herself up on her knees, tongue out, begging for the load. Nathan grabbed the pina colada glass from the beach towel, and slowly jerked off while watching Asira beckoning, darting her tongue across her lips, a lustful expression on her face. "Give it to me" she begged. "I want to swallow all of it."

He was only so happy to oblige. Pointing his cock into the opening, he exploded.

Nathan roared, as the orgasm two hours in the making finally came to fruition. The crew watched in awe as ribbon after ribbon of white, warm cum splattered into the glass, filling it to the brim. Asira took care to keep her face close. She didn't want to miss a single drop.

Completely spent, Nathan handed the glass to the still reeling pornslut, who promptly squeezed the last of the cum from Nathans cock before inspecting the glass. She admired her handiwork, licking the outside, the metal ball of her tongue stud making a 'ting' noise as she did, fantasising about the taste of its contents.

She gazed into it, the holy grail of porn star cum. She imagined all 900 million sperm racing around in the glass, eager to impregnate a sexy young star just like her. She flicked her tongue inside the glass, tasting the cum. The second the taste hit her brain, she spontaneously erupted into her fifth orgasm of the day. She just couldn't stop herself. Still in the afterglow of her final orgasm, she collected the sperm that was dripping down the side of the glass, and inserted it into her pussy. She promptly guzzled the remainder of the glass, opening her mouth for the cameras to see.

"All gone" she said erotically, circling her tongue inside the glass and staring into the camera.

She massaged the remaining cum in her pussy with her pelvic muscles, forcing it up inside her. This was a moment she had been waiting for, and she was not going to let it go to waste. She blew a kiss into the camera, before passing out at Nathans feet.


It was getting close to the evening, and the sun had begun to lose its intensity.

Nathan leaned against a palm tree as he recovered from his orgasm. The cool, gentle breeze caressing his hair, he stared off into the horizon.

There was something natural about being nude on a beach, he thought. Luckily, this was a private beach, rented for the days shoot by a local millionaire. It had cost an arm and a leg, but in the end it had been worth it. There was nothing quite like fucking in nature to bring out the best in him, and the girls. And all the natural light meant that artificial lighting could be kept to a minimum, so there were always less distractions. The result was a more visceral, natural scene... and hopefully an AVN award. Not that Nathan needed another, his Malibu homes trophy cabinet was full enough as it was.

And with girls like these, who needs trophies?

Nathans eyes followed the flapping seagulls as they flew over the bay, when he noticed a luxury yacht parked just out of view. It had tinted windows, but one particular occupant was on the deck, with what looked like a pair of binoculars. With all the erotic activities of the day, Nathan and the crew hadn't noticed it. The yacht had had an unobstructed view of the scene all along.

"Hmmm, I guess not so private after all," Nathan thought out loud.

"Who are you talking to?" came a voice from behind. Nathan could make out the characteristic southern drawl. Samantha walked over, a cool swish in her walk as she posed in front of him. "Do you always talk to yourself?" she toyed with him, a devilish grin on her face.

"No, you just caught me off guard," he smiled. "How long have you been there?"

"Not long," she giggled. "Just long enough to hear you talking to yourself..."

Nathan blushed.

"Hehe, I'm just playing. That was a great scene today Mr Stokes," she smiled.


"When you made Asira cum like that, my God... it was a beautiful sight. You two looked great together..."

"Speaking of which," Nathan interrupted, "it looks like you two had a little moment of your own..."

Samantha looked shyly, recalling the intimate moment she had shared with the young pornstar. She kicked at the sand playfully, "Well... sometimes... it helps to be bisexual when you're a camera girl. You know the cues. I could tell when she was going to cum. I managed to capture it perfectly. It's a gift... I guess."

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