tagGroup SexNathan Stokes, Pornstar Ch. 02

Nathan Stokes, Pornstar Ch. 02


This is part 2 of Nathan Stokes, Pornstar.




In part one; we joined Nathan as he fucked his way across the Bahamas, working with the up and coming porn director, John Stanner. He ploughed through pornstar after pornstar (and a few cameragirls too) in an outrageous orgy the likes of which the world had never seen. We also met Matt (his manager) and learned about Nathans relationship with Laura, Matts wife.

He also met a mysterious stranger, Catherine Tamworth, who offered Nathan a one of a kind proposition he could not refuse.

After a week of sex, Nathan boarded a plane back to California for some well deserved rest. Or so he thought...


Nathan Stokes, Pornstar Part 2


"Oh my God!!!"

"Is that who I think it is?!"

"Yeah, I think so..." The soft, feminine whispering of two flight attendants was barely audible over the hum of the aircraft.

"Nathan Stokes?! No way!" they gasped in unison.

"Shhhh! He'll hear us. We don't want to wake him..."

The two giddy flight attendants were huddled together, their hands covering their faces as they gossiped, while occasionally peeking over to catch a glimpse of him. Neither one had so much as seen a celebrity in real life, let alone the world's most famous PORNSTAR. They giggled playfully, blushing as they checked him out.

"He's so hot!!!"

"Why don't you go over and say hi? You've always had a crush on him." She paused, giving her friend some time to consider the offer.

"I can't do that Elle, I'll get in trouble! After all, we've got a job to do..."

Elle, the older of the two girls, was beginning to get frustrated by the shyness of her co-worker. She rolled her eyes, cocking her head as she gave her friend a stern look. "I know Jenny, but the plane is half empty and the passengers are all asleep. Just go over and say hi."

Nathan listened intently, being careful to keep his eyes closed. He'd just spent a gruelling week shooting his latest porno in the Bahamas, and was finally on his way home. After a week of non-stop, mind-blowing sex, Nathan was exhausted beyond belief. He was in no mood for bubbly, ditzy blonde flight attendants with huge tits and... Damn, he thought, checking them out through squinted eyes, a fine pair of asses.

"He looks tired."

"Jenny, he's a PORN STAR. He's probably weary from having sex. But still, do you HONESTLY want to miss out on the opportunity to meet HIM?!"

She blushed, sheltering her face behind her hand, "I don't want to wake him..."

Nathan eyed up her tight little body like a wolf eyeing its prey. Jenny was young, VERY young. She's got to be in her teens, Nathan thought, but damn, what a body. Jenny had the perky, upright posture of a high school chick. He watched her as she shifted from side to side, nervously playing with her hat as the blue and gold uniform clung perfectly to her shapely midriff. Nathan couldn't help but be mesmerized by her. Fuck it, he thought, as a small crack of a smile began to appear on his face, who am I to let down one of my fans?

Elle gently nudged Jenny's arm, "he looks awake to me." Nathan quickly shut his eyes in embarrassment.

"No Elle!" she giggled, "I don't even know what to say!"

"Don't worry, just go over and talk to him." Elle comforted her, stroking Jenny's face. "Look at that pretty face...You're young, he'll like you." She gave her friend a sly grin, "Just think about his huge cock, that should give you the courage..."

She glanced over one last time, her eyes scanning Nathans body from head to toe.

"Good luck," Elle smiled, giving her a reassuring tap on the behind.

Jenny paused, her legs quivering from the thought of what was about to happen. She'd never struck up a conversation with a passenger before. After all, she was a stranger to him, and he seemed to be doing his best do not disturb impression. Awkwardly, she grabbed the coffee pot and walked slowly towards Nathan, carefully placing one foot after the other as she crept past the sleeping passengers on her way. She treaded lightly, self consciously preening her hair as she walked down the isle of the plane.

Don't be nervous, don't be nervous, she chanted over and over in her mind. You're new to this job, don't fuck it up!

Her eyes moved from the other patrons, and centred on her favourite pornstar, casually languishing in the luxurious seats of continental first class.

Just think about his big cock...

As she slowly approached, Nathan looked up at her, and their eyes met for the first time. She felt a rush of adrenaline, a rush that jolted through her body like electricity. Suddenly, the reality of what she was doing began to set in. He was so much bigger in real life, she thought, his broad shoulders and towering figure filling out the large leather seat like a hand in a glove. Nervously clutching the coffee pot, she trembled as she knelt down beside him to offer the brew.

"Coffee... sir?"

Nathan rubbed his eyes, and gazed up affectionately at the beautiful young blonde. She tipped the jug slowly, the wonderful odour of fresh coffee filling the airplane as she struggled to control herself. "I'm nervous, sorry!" she blurted out, wiping the sweat from her brow.

"Don't be," Nathan replied, trying his best to remain stoic.

"I've never met someone famous before..."

Nathan chuckled, amused at the little show Jenny was putting on. He reached out and touched her arm reassuringly, "don't worry, I don't bite".

Jenny took another deep breath, carefully filling the remainder of the cup before standing with the jug in her hands, oblivious about what to do next. Say something! Her internal voice kept screaming. ANYTHING! She swayed nervously from side to side, fidgeting with the lid of the coffee jug.

Just say something!

"Umm... sugar, sir?" she asked, before fighting off the cringe.

Nathan grinned up at her, giving her a wink, "you don't need to worry about that."

Jenny noticed his smile, and began to feel the tension dissolving. After all, they both knew the deal. She didn't just want to serve him coffee, Jenny wanted to meet the world's most famous pornstar. It came as no surprise, after all Nathan had his fair share of female fans, many of whom were itching to sample his sexual prowess. And even though it had been a long flight back to LA from the Bahamas, Nathan was in no mood to turn down the advances of one of his fans. At least, not one in a smouldering hot flight attendant uniform...

"Why don't you sit here?" Nathan raised an eyebrow, patting the empty window seat beside him.

Jenny looked back down the aisle at Elle, as Nathan took her hand to guide her to her seat. Elle watched on, a devilish grin gracing her lips. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything, Elle mouthed. You have fun...

Jenny blew her co-worker a kiss, before sneaking into the chair next to Nathan. "I'm Jenny," she leaned across, giving him an innocent kiss on the cheek.


"I already know who YOU are," she grinned, before staring blankly at the seat in front. "Boy, this feels strange."

"How so?"

"I've never kissed a passenger before," she laughed awkwardly. "And I've never even met someone famous. You look just how I imagined you would..."

Nathan smiled back, leaning in close, "is that a good thing?"

She grinned, wriggling in the chair as her excitement welled up inside her. "It's a very good thing." Jenny's eyes roamed down Nathans tall physique. "I've seen all your movies, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't find you... attractive."

"I'm flattered," Nathan smiled.

Jenny leaned in closely, barely parting her lips as she brought them up to Nathans ear. "And the way you fuck," she continued, biting her lip in hesitation, "the way you make the girls squirt... I find it very arousing." Jenny paused, her face red with embarrassment as she looked down at the floor. "Boy, I hope you don't mind me saying that..."

"Not at all," he grinned in obvious pride. "I get it all the time."

Jenny sighed, "But then again, maybe it's all just acting..."

"You know pornstars," Nathan grinned, "we're not very good at acting." The couple shared a devious look as Jenny's tiny fingers meshed together with his, and the tension she had felt before dissipated. In its place, a new and profound sense of arousal was beginning to vibrate inside of her.

"Don't be nervous, the passengers will be asleep for a while," Nathan reassured her. "We can have a little fun, if you like..."

"I know, I'm just not used to doing naughty things during work."

Nathan chuckled, "so you're a good girl, huh?"

"Well, I'm trying to be. I've only just finished high school and this is my first real job."

Jenny's slender frame had all but disappeared into the giant first class seat. Nathan laughed as she played with the knobs with all the gusto of an inquisitive teenager, her tiny miniskirt hiking up around her thighs as she tried to recline the seat. Nathan liked what he saw.

"Wow, your hands are huge," she observed, her soft fingers wriggled in his hand. "I guess it's true then. Men with big hands DO have big cocks." She grinned contentedly, seducing Nathan with her eyes as her confidence built. "But I wonder... does it look as big in real life as it does on screen?"

Nathan wrapped his arm around her, hugging her tight. "Well, there's one way to find out..."

Jenny giggled in delight, rubbing her face against his powerful arms. She lifted the armrest between the seats, allowing the couple to become more intimately acquainted. The searing hot pangs of pleasure that had begun racing up her body replaced the last of her tension, resulting in an adrenaline rush that caused her heart to flutter.

"So, what are you doing in LA, big boy?" she whispered, moving her head closer to Nathan.

"I live in LA. Malibu, to be exact. I have a house there... on the beach."

"Very nice."

"You should visit, I could give you a tour."

"Of the bedroom?" she grinned, her hands now moving down his ripped body, feeling the muscles under his shirt. "I have a layover in LA," she smiled up at him, "I'm free for three whole days..."

"We can make it a fun layover, if you like." Nathan began caressing her hair, pushing it to the side to expose her smooth, caramel toned neck.

"Seriously?" Jenny whispered, moaning softly as Nathan ran his nose up the length of her collar.

He took in her aroma, her youthful smell filling his nostrils as he began to slowly kiss her shoulder. "Look at it this way, you've never been with a passenger before, and I've never been with a flight attendant before. We owe it to ourselves..."

Jenny grinned, the proposition filling her with excitement. Holy Shit! She thought. Is this really happening?!

A few moments ago, she had been a young, virginal flight attendant on her way to a three day borefest in LA. Now, she was edging ever closer to the fucking of a lifetime. Her heart raced, pounding against her birdlike chest as a trickle of sweat traced a line down her face. Sure beats staying with mom and dad, she thought, lifting her miniskirt and pulling Nathans hand towards her pussy. "I can't wait," she turned, her lips brushing softly against his.

"Good," Nathan replied. His tongue began moving slowly down her neck, taking in her taste in full, open mouthfuls. "You're not a good girl anymore..."

Her breathing intensified as Nathan inserted three fingers inside her dripping pussy at once. "No, I'm not."

"When we land, I'm gonna take you home with me..."

"Oh God," she murmured.

Nathan breathed in her sweet aroma, kissing down her neck to her shoulder, and unbuttoning her top. "I'm gonna kiss you in my living room, on my bed..." He ran his tongue across her naked shoulder, reaching under her shirt to remove her bra. Jenny's breathing was intensifying by the second, her heart beating like a drum.

"Oh God..."

Elle watched from the galley, as the amorous couple escalated from fondling to full blown making out, while the passengers around them remaining oblivious. Nathans fingers were roaming deep inside her pussy, using his considerable experience to bring her off on the chair. His tongue thrust deeper into her mouth, their saliva mixing together as she moaned in pleasure.

"I can't wait to get you home..." Nathan whispered between mouthfuls of tongue. Jenny's sensitive clit was throbbing in pleasure, her nipples hardening against the fabric of her uniform. Nathan pushed her top to the side, taking a nipple into his mouth.

"Oh God!" she blurted out, almost too loud for comfort.

"In my bathroom... on the balcony."

She grabbed his head in her hands, peering deep into his eyes as his hands penetrated her.

"Oh God, you're gonna make me cum!"

Nathans fingers plunged deeper, digging her g-spot as he raped her mouth with his tongue. "I'm going to play with you outside, in the pool... I'm going to make you so horny you're gonna beg for it," he whispered, muffling her orgasmic cries with his mouth.

"Oh my God!" she stammered, inching closer to climax.

"And then," he said in a soft but stern whisper, "then, I'm going to fuck you..."



[hump hump]


[hump hump]

"GAAAAWD!!!" the stunning young blonde screamed, the full throws of a powerful orgasm taking over her little body.

"FUCK ME!!!" she yelled, her screams reverberating through Nathans bedroom. Jenny braced herself on all fours, her tits rocking back and forth with every thrust. "Oh GOD YES!!!"

Nathan stood proudly behind her, working her over with his world famous cock. He rhythmically pumped the full 11 inches inside her, viciously fucking her as she experienced her fifth orgasm of the morning.

"HARDER! I want your BIG COCK!!!" her cries echoed through the house. "HARDER!" Nathan was happy to oblige, nailing her tight body faster, deeper, while flinging her around like a rag doll on his huge bed.


Strands of blonde hair clung to the sides of Jenny's face, her naked teenage body sticky with sweat. Finally freed from the confines of the aircraft, the amorous couples sexual energy had exploded in a night of no holes barred, adrenaline fuelled fucking the likes of which she had never experienced before. She was exhausted, sleep deprived and aching from experiencing orgasm after blissful orgasm. But Nathan knew he could extract one more...

His powerful hands spread her ass cheeks wide, as he enjoyed the view of his cock pistoning in and out of her trembling pussy.

SLAP! He spanked her ass, pulling on her long blonde hair. With one last cry of ecstasy, Jenny's arms finally buckled beneath her, and she fell face first into the mattress.


"No more!" she moaned, sucking in heavy breaths as her strained body lay limp on the mattress. "I don't want to cum again."

Nathan chuckled, "you're not getting off that easy..."

"No, I'm serious!"

The bed buckled as Nathan hugged her from behind, reinserting the full length of his cock in one motion. He resumed his pillaging of the young teen, fucking in and out of her tight, wet pussy like a piston as she buried her face deep in his pillow.

"Oh God, I don't want to cum again!!!" she moaned, her voiced muffled by the pillow as Nathan ignored her request.

"Don't make me cum!!!" she cried, his cock fucking her harder, deeper than before.

"OOH MY GOD!!!" she screamed, her pussy clenching around Nathans cock as she erupted into another orgasm, the intensity amplified by the lack of oxygen to her brain. Nathan held his cock at maximum depth, his cock head spasming against her cervix as he pumped copious amounts of pre-cum into her womb.

"Good girl, cum for me," he teased, kissing down her shoulder as she winced into the pillow. "you're a good girl..."

The white satin sheets of his king sized bed were drenched with their collective sweat. On his bedroom floor, clothes, alcohol and an unused box of condoms were strewn about haphazardly. Jenny had decided against the Magnum XXL condoms Nathan had kindly offered, instead enjoying the real deal as he fucked her through climax after screaming climax, completely unprotected...

Nathan pulled her tiny body close to his, his cock bottoming out as her pussy muscles clenched around the base, pulling him in deeper. It was all he could take.

"You're going to make me cum, little girl..." he whispered, kissing the back of her neck.

"Cum inside me," she urged, without any hesitation. "I wanna feel your load inside me."

Nathan slowly pulled out as Jenny flipped over onto her back, her legs spread wide as she rubbed her swollen pussy. She bit her lip and gazed at Nathan, his rock hard cock reaching half way up her stomach, throbbing in anticipation.

"Fuck me missionary," she groaned, "I want to look in your eyes as you cum inside me..."

Nathan smiled warmly, leaning in for a kiss, "that's my girl." He slowly re-entered her soaking wet pussy, their sexual juices overflowing and running down Jenny's sensitive ass, as she breathed out a quiet moan.

"Oh... gently..." Jenny stammered, her tight opening struggling to cope with Nathans enormous size. "you're so big..." Nathan resumed his rhythmic stroke, his hands stimulating her breasts as he softly kissed her neck. "You're the king," she gasped between heavy breaths, "You're the king and I want you to cum inside me..."

Nathan took her sensitive nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the edge as he powered deeper, sliding slowly in and out of her, using her tight pussy as his personal fucktoy.

"Yes, COME INSIDE ME!" she ordered, desperately clutching his head and looking into his eyes. "Do it!" Nathan groaned as her smooth legs massaged his back, her thighs gripping his waist tight and pulling his huge cock deeper and deeper with every thrust.

"I WANT YOUR CUM!!!" She begged, kissing him deeply and gazing lustfully into his eyes, her every effort focussed on bringing him the most pleasure humanly possible.


"FUUUUUUUUCK!!!" Nathan groaned, as he rammed his cock forward one final time, the most intense orgasm rippling through his body as he began firing jet after jet of sperm directly into her womb. His dick throbbed and spasmed uncontrollably, bucking inside the teenagers tight pussy as she kissed him deeply, completely overcome with passion.

"Oh yes... fill me," Jenny moaned softly into their kiss, feeling content as the warmth of Nathans semen began to fill her pussy. "Your cum feels so good inside me..."

Their breathing slowed, as Nathan and Jenny finally came down from the height of sexual arousal. Jenny's eyes were glazed over, entranced, exhausted, and completely spent. She could feel his weight bearing down on her small body, as his cock remained embedded inside her, pumping its load rhythmically deep inside her pussy.

"Oh Jenny..." he sighed, nudging his mouth against her ear.

Jenny smiled back at him with big, submissive blue eyes. "Mmmmh, thank you, Mr Stokes" she barely whispered, her head rolling back onto the pillow.

He leaned in and tenderly kissed her forehead, as he savoured the last moments of being inside of her. He screwed his hips slowly, feeling the pressure of his load embedded deep in her sucking womb. What a catch, he thought to himself, slowly extracting all 11 inches of his cock from her.

Jenny groaned blissfully as she felt her stretched insides slowly shrinking to normal, trapping Nathans cum almost a foot inside of her.

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