tagSci-Fi & FantasyNational Clothing Day

National Clothing Day


Note: For all scenes that depict sexual activity, all participants are over 18.


The good and proper children of Ms. Beverly Nelson's fourth grade class were already in their seats before the bell rang, and when it did, they promptly quieted down. They knew something special was afoot, because Ms. Nelson had two visitors in the classroom, a dark-haired man and a blonde woman.

"Children, I'd like to introduce you to some friends of mine. They belong to a group called the Society for Clothing Anachronism. Now, who here can tell me what clothing is? Yes, Jasmine, do you know?"

"My grandma talked about clothing once. She said it was something they had to use before PCOs were invented." Jasmine used the common pronunciation, "peek-oh's."

"Before Personal Climate Optimizers, you mean. Yes, that's exactly right. Before PCOs, people were at the mercy of the weather and the elements. For example, you couldn't stand around in the snow without putting on clothing -- they called it 'wearing clothes' -- or you would get a disease called 'frostbite.' And at the other extreme, if you stood out in the bright sun for any length of time you would get something called a 'sunburn.'

"Next question: Who knows what a historian is?"

Jason raised his hand first. "Someone who studies history -- the way things were before today," he answered.

"Right. Now, my friends here are historians, but they are a special kind of historian. They practice something called 'living history.' That means that they don't just read about history in the library, but they also reenact it. They try it out, and sort of play-act. That way, they can see for themselves what history was really like."

The two SCA members took that as their cue to step forward. They opened a trunk and pulled out examples of clothing. They passed them around the room and described them to the students. When the garments returned to the front of the room, the SCA members proceeded to put them on, to the utter shock and horror of the students.

One girl screamed. Another girl yelled, "You can't do that!" A boy yelled, "But covering your body is against the law." The other pupils just covered their eyes.

"Children, children, calm down. It's okay. Today is July 14th. It's a special holiday called 'National Clothing Day,' and that means that this is the one day of the year when it's okay to cover your bodies. That's why I chose today for this demonstration. Now, don't worry, I'm not going to make you wear any clothes, but I would like you to pay attention to what our visitors do."

One by one, the students uncovered their eyes and settled down. The SCA members then continued with their demonstration. They talked about the different kinds of garments and showed the students how they were worn. Some garments had a special purpose, they explained, like jackets, and aprons, and raincoats and waders. They talked about oddities like how a 'pair of trousers' is plural even though it refers to a single garment. Through it all, the kids were fascinated, for they had never seen anyone wearing clothes before. One boy said, "Now I know why everyone looked funny when I saw my grandma watching something old on the 3D that she called a 'move-on'."

"I think you mean a 'movie,' Kevin." Ms. Nelson explained. "Movies are an old form of vid. Studying old movies is one way that the SCA does their research."

The demonstration took up a lot of time, because the kids had plenty of questions, but Ms. Nelson reserved the last few minutes of the class period for one final lesson. "Now, can anyone tell me why's it's normally illegal to cover your body?"

When no one else spoke up, a girl in the back of the classroom hesitantly said, "Because it's against the law?"

"Well, that's what 'illegal' means, in general. But the reason why it's against the law to cover your body, in particular, is that it's considered a waste of resources. The invention of the PCO meant that we only need to use a small amount of energy to keep ourselves comfortable and protected. In the old days, they used to have to heat up, or cool down, a whole room or even a whole building just so the people inside could be comfortable. Or, as you just saw, you could use clothing to accomplish the same thing, or the two together. But, just as heating up a whole building is a waste of energy, so is it a waste to produce clothing. It takes up resources and energy to manufacture clothing, and those resources are better spent on other things.

"However, when PCOs first came out, some people didn't like them. They liked the old ways, because they were used to it. So, even though everyone agreed that PCOs were better than clothes, some people didn't want to switch. But the majority of people who accepted the PCOs couldn't stand that some people continued to waste the resources, so they voted to make it against the law to wear clothes."

"Except today, right?" said Kevin.

"Yes, except today, since it is National Clothing Day."

"I don't understand. Why would anyone want to wear clothes instead of using a PCO, even for one day a year? It doesn't make any sense."

"No, Kimberly, it sure doesn't seem like it now. But people in the past had funny ideas about covering their bodies. You'll just have to take my word for it."

The bell rang and the students all looked at Mrs. Nelson for permission to leave, so she gave them a warm smile and a nod of her head. The students ducked out of the low opening of the classroom yurt, and walked barefoot across two hundred meters of frozen tundra to the cafeteria cabin. They were undaunted by the fact that it had started to snow, for their Personal Climate Optimizers work flawlessly to keep them comfortably warm.

As soon as the last student filed out of the yurt and Beverly Nelson let the flap drop to cover the opening, the blonde woman, who's name was Cynthia, jumped on Beverly and kissed her full on the mouth. Cynthia and Beverly were live-in lovers, so Beverly enjoyed the moment. But Cynthia kept it going, making it ever more passionate, so when it moved beyond a simple public display of affection, Beverly pushed Cynthia away. "Not here! What if one of my students comes back?"

"Oh, but I feel so kinky wearing these clothes. I started getting worked up the minute I put on that first pair of bloomers." Cynthia continued to hold Beverly by the shoulders, peering lustfully into the teacher's eyes.

"Me too," said Henry, the male SCA member, who was also the third member of their ménage à trois. "Except for me, it was that leather vest and the leather gloves. I always feel so naughty putting on leather, even though we get our leather from PETA-certified sources that only use the skins of animals that die from natural or accidental causes."

"You two will just have to wait until the orgy tonight. Now, hurry up and get out of those clothes before one of my colleagues sees you and you get arrested, and I get fired."

"But it's National Clothing Day." Cynthia pouted.

"You know, as well as I do, that it's technically only official in the continental United States so far. Independent Alaska still has July 14th on the books as National Nude Day, which is completely redundant. The bill to switch it around is still sitting in parliamentary committee."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Don't lecture me, teach." Cynthia began undressing. She folded each garment neatly before placing it back in the trunk, and Henry followed suit. Once they were again properly bare, Henry and Cynthia each grabbed a handle on the trunk and carried it off to the school's shuttle stop. There they waited, naked in the snow, for a good thirty minutes before an open-air shuttlecar arrived to take them home.

In the mean time, Beverly had also been turned on by the public display of attire, but she didn't realize just how much at the time. Eventually, however, an undeniable urge came over her. So, she sat down at her desk and promptly reached between her thighs to frig herself. She reasoned that if someone walked in unexpectedly, they'd assume that Beverly merely had her hand under the desk to scratch an itch -- which is what she was doing alright, except it was not that kind of an itch, and not that kind of a scratch.


School let out at 2:45 Alaska Daylight Time. Beverly took the next shuttle directly to the maglev station where Henry and Cynthia awaited her with three backpacks and three tickets for the 3:40 bullet train to Seattle. They boarded the train and rode mostly in silence through one stop in Alaska, and two stops in Canada. The trio then perked up and eagerly watched out the windows to spot the exact moment when they'd cross into the United States.

Upon seeing the giant, 3D laser sign that read "Welcome to the United States of America," the trio cheered and promptly opened their backpacks. They pulled out various garments of clothing and proceeded put them on, right there in front of the other passengers.

Cynthia donned a frilly outfit known as a French Maid's Uniform that she had painstakingly researched. Henry pulled on a set of clothes that supposedly gave him an "outlaw biker" look. Beverly, on the other hand, simply pulled on two small garments that combined to be known as a bikini swimsuit.

Of the three, Beverly's was perhaps the most provocative, for it obviously served no practical purpose whatsoever, and only managed to tantalize onlookers by denying them the usual unrestricted viewing of Beverly's nipples and groin.

To get the full effect and shock value out of their escapades, the trio stowed their backpacks in an overhead bin and proceeded to wander up and down the train where they saw that they weren't the only ones on board who were celebrating National Clothing Day. One gay couple they passed were dressed like hippies from the 1960's, with bell-bottom blue jeans and tie-dye shirts, and a hetero couple were wearing swimsuits like Beverly, except that the girl had only dared to wear the bottom half of a bikini -- referring to it as a "monokini" -- while her boyfriend only dared to put on something called a Speedo.

The seven of them congregated in the snack bar at the center of the train where they got plenty of strange looks from the other passengers who came and went.

"Are you in the SCA?" Cynthia asked of the other two couples. The hetero couple, whose names were Alan and Deidre, nodded yes, but the gay couple, Ben and Leon, asked, "What's that?"

Deidre explained it to them and that's when Beverly and her friends figured out that Alan and Deidre were headed to the same SCA party that they were. They all asked Ben and Leon if they wanted to come along, but the two of them had plans to party all night at a certain gay bar in Tacoma.


The trio, plus Deidre and Alan, squeezed into a taxi cab for the twenty minute ride to their destination, a replica Victorian mansion. The party was in full swing, with loud music and cries of laughter emanating from the open windows of all three stories.

They were greeted at the front door by the party hostess, a redhead wearing a loose garment that hung off of her right shoulder such that her left breast remained uncovered. The redhead, who introduced herself as Millicent, insisted on immediately photographing everyone in their outfits, "before anything happens to your clothing."

Everyone except Beverly was eager to comply. "What if this gets back to someone I work with?" Beverly worried.

"Not to fear," said Millicent. "I'll take the picture only from your neck down, if you like, keeping your face out of the frame. The important thing is that we document the outfit."

Henry chimed in, "Here, take it like this." He walked up behind Beverly and had her tilt her head back so that he could kiss her on the mouth, holding his hand on Beverly's cheek, thereby further obscuring her face from the camera's view.

That done, the five guests entered into a large open space with seating areas bustling with conversation that spilled into a large kitchen. More voices emanated from a game room, and yet more could be heard out on a patio in the back and up a staircase to the second floor. All of the partiers in sight were dressed in clothing to some degree. Some wore a simple shift like the hostess, and others wore brief lingerie that only covered as little as Beverly's bikini, but everyone else wore more elaborate outfits like Cynthia's.

A woman in lederhosen, who acted the part of a Bavarian bar maid, noticed their entrance and quickly approached offering everyone ale. Henry and Cynthia accepted, but Beverly was too wide-eyed to respond and Alan and Deidre had other desires. Deidre was the one who approached Henry and Cynthia. "Would you two mind terribly if we borrowed your girlfriend for an hour or so?" Henry and Cynthia merely smiled and Deidre took that as a yes.

"Don't I get a say in this?" asked Beverly as she was swept away by Alan and Deidre up the stairs. "Apparently not." She uttered under her breath, but she was smiling too.

All of the bedrooms upstairs where occupied, but one room on the third floor contained two beds, one of which was free. So, the Canadians claimed it by throwing Beverly down upon it. The Canadians then ignored Beverly for a minute while they embraced and kissed, so Beverly looked across at the couple on the other bed.

The man was dressed in a business shirt and trousers and the woman wore a "little black dress." They were coupled with the woman on top, and based on the frantic pace of their movements and the tight expressions on their faces, they were both close to climaxing. However, Beverly couldn't see their actual intercourse, for the woman's dress draped over their bodies, hiding them from view. It was, perhaps, the sexiest thing Beverly had ever seen.

In the mean time, Alan and Deidre pulled Beverly up to a sitting position, and Alan guided Beverly's hand to her belly button, where her PCO was embedded. "What do want?" asked Beverly, still mesmerized by the woman in the little black dress.

"I said, put your PCO in slave mode, dear."

"Oh, okay." She tapped in the appropriate code and her PCO changed from solid amber to flashing between amber and black. Alan had already done the same to his PCO, which was flashing blue and black. So, when Deidre next tapped in a master code on her red PCO, both Beverly's and Alan's PCOs turned red to correspond.

Beverly immediately felt a five degree drop in temperature. Apparently, Deidre liked her environment colder than Beverly. Beverly's nipples quickly hardened with the chill, and the thin material of the bikini top did nothing to hide that fact. Deidre touched them with her fingertips, feeling the texture of the cloth in combination with the contours of Beverly's breasts, her prominent areolas and hard nipples. Beverly reached up and felt Deidre's bare breasts in return. If anything, Deidre's nipples were even harder, and not from being cold.

The two women kissed, tentatively at first, and then with more passion. They reached their hands behind each other and embraced, pressing their breasts against each other. Deidre began sliding one hand up and down along Beverly's spine while she cupped the back of Beverly's head with her other hand. Beverly just kept hugging Deidre closer and closer. Beverly eventually disengaged her embrace and the two stopped kissing. Beverly then reached with one hand between their bodies and ran her fingertips under Deidre's bikini bottom, touching Deidre's pussy and finding it moist. "Did I do that?"

"Oh, honey. You did that back on the train. Couldn't you tell?"

"I'm not used to having to guess whether or not someone likes me without being able to just look for a telltale glistening. This is all so mysterious and naughty."

"You want naughty? I'll show you naughty." Deidre pushed Beverly down onto the bed and climbed between her thighs. She pulled Beverly's bikini bottoms aside and began licking her cunt. Alan then joined in by climbing atop Beverly and straddling her chest. His Speedos were pulled down just enough to reveal a semi-hard penis that was about seven inches long, but his balls were still trapped inside the bathing suit. Beverly licked the tip of Alan's cock, swirling her tongue around the helmet and down the shaft. As it grew harder, she brought it past her lips slowly, inch by inch, until he was fully engulfed by her mouth and throat. Alan then pulled his cock out most of the way and thrust it back in. Over and over, he stroked faster and faster, fucking Beverly's face while his girlfriend continued to fuck Beverly's pussy with her tongue.

"I'm about to come," Alan warned Beverly. Beverly signaled that he should pull all the way out. Beverly coughed then said, "Give it to Deirdre." So, Alan climbed off of Beverly and moved around to the foot of the bed where Deirdre was still on her knees with her ass in the air as she bent over to lavish Beverly's pussy. Alan grabbed Deidre's ass and untied the knots on the monokini, allowing it to fall away so that he could shove his erection into Deidre's moist channel from behind.

He roughly slammed his cock in and out. With every stroke Deidre moaned louder and louder. That sent a humming vibration up through Beverly's body which actually made Beverly the first to climax.

Alan had been valiantly holding back, trying to time his release with Deidre's, but he couldn't help it any longer and he came. He sent three spurts into Deidre's womb, and then kept pumping until Deidre finally climaxed a minute later.

Alan collapsed onto the floor at the foot of the bed and Deidre slid down on top of him. Beverly laid back with her eyes closed, breathing hard.

Applause emanated from the other bed and Beverly opened her eyes to see the other couple sitting side by side and smiling at her. The woman in the little black dress tossed Beverly a damp washcloth while her boyfriend handed out two more washcloths to Alan and Deidre. Beverly unabashedly removed her bikini bottoms and used the washcloth to clean up. All the while, she kept trying to peer under the hem of the woman's dress. Seeing this, the woman lifted the dress to reveal a tiny black silk garment, about a third the size of Beverly's bikini bottoms. "It's called a thong. For the life of me, I don't understand its function, but apparently it's the proper accessory to go with this cocktail dress." She allowed Beverly to get a good look and then let the dress drop back down into place. "Come along George," she said to her partner. "I'm famished."

Deidre said, "Me too." She got up and began to follow after the other couple, but Alan stopped her. "Aren't you forgetting something, dear?" He held up her monokini.

"No, I'm done with that. I don't care if it is National Clothing Day. Clothes just get in the way, and I'm never wearing any ever again."

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