tagGay MaleNational Nude Day Cancelled Ch. 03

National Nude Day Cancelled Ch. 03


"Here let me tie that." Nathan said as he took the tie out of my hands.

"I must be nervous." I grinned meekly at him.

"I am too." Nathan returned.

"It's hard to believe that only this morning we were buck naked for all to see, then you got the blow job from the Mayor and now here we are getting to have dinner with the President." I stumbled hardly stopping for breath.

"Calm down." You chided me as you finished doing my tie.

We both knew that it was black tie, but since the Mayor said, "Come casual." We thought we should wear a tie under our leather jackets.

"I wonder if we have to eat with our little pinkies in the air." You stirred.

"That's only when you meet the Queen." I told him.

"Oh. I should have done that last week when we met Bruce." You laughed.

I swatted you on the arm as we both had fits of laughter. As we straightened up you said, "You look very good in those clothes."

"Thank you kind sir." As I bowed before him, "I think it is the company I keep." I added as I put my hand under his chin and lifted his lips to mine, to give him a sweet kiss, meaning so much for all that we had shared.

We broke off, both aware that we could sense the others bulges in our trousers.

"We better get going otherwise I may ravish you here and now." I said as I gave him another quick kiss.

We took a taxi to City Hall. The cab driver making light conversation, "Did you hear about that riot today, that they had there at City Hall? Bunch of Faggots and Sex Maniacs if you ask me. Back in my day..."

We both tuned out until we arrived. As we alighted from the taxi I paid him and told him, "By the way, we're those faggots that organised that riot today."

He just stared open mouthed at us "By the way, we're having dinner with the president."

We left him like that, slack jawed and nothing to say.

There were people everywhere. Some dressed in Black Tie, people holding microphones, television cameras, reporters, just about anyone.

"I think that we should go in." I said to Nathan.

"Hang on." As he grabbed my hand "One last good luck kiss.

"Okay." I said.

As we both reached for each other and kissed long and meaningfully. Only to break the embrace to take each other's hands and walk to the doorway.

"Simon and Nathan." I told the security bloke. He consulted his list and said that we could go in. That wasn't very far before we were accosted by more security staff who ran metal detectors over us, from head to foot.

"Your clean." We were told "You can follow these ushers to where you will be seated.

"Seated!" I thought "Gee we have come far."

We were shown to a Table at the front of the room. As we were seated many people looked our way. Some whispered and shook their heads while others smiled and saluted us with their glasses. We just smile in return,

"Drinks?" A waiter asked.

"Yes, thanks. Can we have 2 scotch and cokes?" I answered him.

He headed off to get them.

Eventually the Mayor and his wife joined us as well as some other people, whose names I forget.

The talk around the table was of small things, weather, taxes, and poverty and of coarse the rally that was held today.

The Mayors wife was interested about hearing about that. "Weren't you cold?"

She asked.

"Not really." I replied to her. "Besides with all those bodies there, how could anyone be cold?"

"Hmm, you're right there, the television footage looked good." She finished as she licked her lips, making sure I got a good look as she did it.

I was flustered and looked away as my face blushed.

A gong sounded and everyone rose as the President and his wife were shown to the table. Introductions were made, but I'm sure he knew who everyone was.

Again we had small talk around the table. Finally every body hushed as the President rose to go to the rostrum.

"Ladies and Gentleman thank you for coming here tonight to this charity dinner. It's good to see so many familiar faces and those not so familiar." He said as he glanced our way.

The first part of his speech was long, and I must admit boring. I for one was not cut out for the mundane world of politics.

"And so I would like to introduce two new friends of mine, who I only met tonight, but who have in a short time made myself realise that there is more to governing than belittling the small guy on the street. That every one has a right to their say no matter how mundane or little the matter is. So please stand Simon and Nathan as we toast you, our new found advocates of the people."

The Mayor nudged us to stand and we did to applause from the crowd. Some people even whistled.

"To Simon and Nathan." Came the toast form the crowd.

We sat down feeling exhausted and drained. Never before had we felt so over whelmed.

The Mayor smiled at us and the Presidents wife clapped her hands together, staring at us like we were the prizes in the local raffle.

The President finished his speech and came back to the table and conversation returned to the room. "I'm glad that's over with."

"So am I." His wife answered. "Can we go to that meeting now?' she asked.

"Yeah, we can go. I'll see you two gents later on tonight with the Mayor." The President said as he left the table.

I didn't know that we had another meeting to go to later on. I looked at Nathan and he just shrugged his shoulders.

The mayor's wife lent in close to Nathan and whispered into his ear. I wasn't sure what was said, but he turned a red color as he blushed. I was sure also that she had her hand on his leg.

"Don't mind my wife." The Mayor said to me "She has a bit to drink at these functions and she turns slightly nympho, if you know what I mean."

The night wore on and the Mayor asked us to accompany him and his wife to meet with the president. They led us up the stairs to another door. The Mayor held the door open while his wife, then the two of us and then closed it behind him.

We stopped in mid stride. There lying on the desk was the Presidents wife, with the bottom part of her dress over her chest as the President shagged her.

"Huh, sorry Mr. President..." I started.

"Don't worry about it." You said as you continued to fuck her "I went to school with the Mayor and both of our wives went there as well, so we all know each other fairly well if you know what I mean."

I was starting to get the picture now, as I felt a hand slowly caress my bum.

"It's a nice butt you have there." The Mayor intoned.

"Hang on." I said. "Nathan and I didn't agree to any of this."

"No." The Mayor said, "But if you want that National Nude Day to really go ahead you will join in with us now."

"Looks like we have no choice." Nathan said in a soft voice.

"No, you don't." Finished the Mayor.

"Okay, but this isn't the end of it." I said as I started to undress.

The Mayors wife stripped quickly and pulled Nathan's shirt out of his trousers. Just as quickly she knelt in front of him and undid his zipper, exposing his erection. Greedily her mouth jumped on it and devoured it whole. You could hear her slurping sounds throughout the room.

The Mayor continued to run his hand over my arse as he turned me around and French kissed me. I returned his kiss as I felt his erection grow in his trousers. I stripped and told him to strip. Soon we were both naked and I told him to get on all fours. I got a condom out from my pocket and put it on. I then came up behind him and spread his cheeks. Slowly I put my mouth to his anus and licked his ring hole. After I had tongued his hole I lined my cock up with his rear entrance and pushed it home, not waiting to see if it hurt or not. If he was going to fuck with me then I was going to fuck with him.

He yelled in surprise and braced himself on his hands.

"Take it easy." He grunted, which only made me hump him faster.

I looked over and the President was holding his cock over his wives tummy and squirting cum over her, in great spurts, as he finished jacking it off.

Nathan and The Mayor's wife were on the floor next to a chair, she was riding his cock like she was a rodeo rider. Riding him hard and fast and screaming at the top of her lungs "Fuck me. Fuck me hard like the whore I am."

I finished shooting my load into the Mayor and pulled out. Cum over flowing from his rectum and onto the floor.

The President came over and told the Mayor to suck his cock off, which he did. Well it was a Presidential order.

He crawled over to him and raised his head, taking the President into his mouth. Running his tongue over his veins and head. The President's hands went to the back of his head as he forced his cock further between those lips.

The President's wife came over with, a strap on dildo and told me to lie face up on the floor. She knelt down and lifted my arse cheeks up to her and put the tip of the false cock at my entrance. She pushed and the head went in and then she stopped allowing my anus to stretch. She pushed further in as she lent further over my body, her tits hanging loose over my chest, slowly she lay down on top of me. She fucked me like a man, kissing my lips hard and forcing her tongue down my throat. Her breasts beat against my chest and her nipples were the size of small acorns. Both were bark and ripe and sensitive to the touch. My cock was squashed between the two of us, but the added friction added to the lovely feeling that was produced. I felt her shudder and I came not long after her as she continued to hump my arse. She was bathed in sweat and smelt of sex. Covered not only in my cum, hers but also the Presidents. Finally she called it quits and collapsed in a heap on top of me.

"That was nice." She panted as she kissed my lips.

"I'm glad." I said "But I am still a one bloke man." as I looked back at Nathan.

After what seemed ages we were all seated naked in the chairs.

"I'm glad you bought these two guys here tonight." The President said to the Mayor.

"I thought that they might be what we are looking for." He replied.

The President tented his fingers as he pondered us.

"Yes, it might just work." He said to himself.

"Simon I am going to ratify having a National Nude Day when I get back to Washington and I want you two to head it up, interested?" He asked.

I looked over at Nathan and he nodded to me and I smiled back.

"Yes, Mister President, we will head up your National Nude Day. On one condition." I answered him.

"What's that?" He asked wearily.

"I want you to phone down and have everyone strip naked back at the dinner and then we go and join them." I laughed.

He looked over at me and smiled "You're not so naïve after all."

And so ends the story of how National Nude Day came into being and why it is celebrated from the lowly street corner all the way to the White House.

So if ever you meet Simon or Nathan on the train ask them: -

"Have they been fucked lately by the and if not, offer your services because you never know where it could lead."

(To all those that may wonder about this ending being under the "Gay Male" heading, it was so that I could keep the story together when it is read.)

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