tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNational Nude Day: Laura's Story

National Nude Day: Laura's Story


Laura looked across the table at Cindy. The girls had just finished their shift at the diner where they worked. "Do you know what Jack wants us to stay behind for?" Laura asked, sipping on the glass of orange juice she had just poured for herself.

Cindy shrugged. "I've no idea unless he wants to discuss some new working conditions, or maybe a pay raise."

Laura laughed. "You have got to be joking." They watched as Jack, the owner of the diner, dropped the latch on the door and came over to their table. He was carrying an open bottle of wine and three glasses. He pulled up a chair and poured out three glasses of wine. Laura couldn't remember the last time Jack had shared a bottle of wine with them after work. There must be some problem, she thought to herself.

He seemed a little unsure where to start. "I need to talk to you about something." The two of them looked at him expectantly. He took a drink of his wine. "It's about next week."

The girls looked at each other, puzzled. "Next week?" Laura asked. "What's happening next week?"

"It's National Nude Day," he said, slowly. The two girls looked at each then back at Jack.

"So?" they said in unison.

Jack looked embarrassed and uncomfortable.

"I was wondering if...." He stopped and looked at them.

Then it dawned on Laura. She looked at him. "And you want us....."

He nodded before she got the words out. "To join in," he said. Then it came out in a rush. He was still embarrassed. "I was wondering if you two would be willing to join in. I would make it worth your while."

There was silence in the empty restaurant. The girls stared at each other. Laura didn't know what Cindy was thinking but she was secretly excited by the idea, although she did not want to show it, well, not at this stage at least.

She remembered back to last year's event. It had caused a mild sensation in the small town of Pollington when the owner of one of the town's two service stations had celebrated National Nude Day by having Molly, his attractive and well endowed forecourt assistant, serve fuel to the local motorists absolutely starker's.

Before the event Molly was already a well loved attraction around Pollington with her stunning figure and long natural blond hair, and the subject of lust and sexual interest to most of the red blooded male population of the small town. Having her display herself naked for a full day had been an unbelievable attraction.

Business at the service station had been very slow after National Nude Day, as almost every male in the town had called in at the station and ogled at her fantastic figure as she filled up their cars to capacity.

Laura remembered she had been dating Michael at the time and they too had called in for petrol. They had joined the queue of cars waiting for fuel. It had excited her to see all the guys parked in line watching the naked Molly as she filled up their cars. Laura's pussy had become quite wet by the time they pulled out of the garage, and she knew she would have dearly loved to have been in Molly's place. The whole scene had excited them both so much that sex was a little extra special that evening when they arrived home.

Cindy, it seemed, was not too happy about the idea at first, but when Jack went on to mention the financial attractions, like the extra pay and the tips, her ears perked up. Laura knew he was keen to get them to do it, so she made out she too was reluctant and managed to get him to put up another £250 each. "Think of all the added free advertising you are going to get out of it," she said. Jack knew she was right so in the end he agreed.

Cindy was still not too sure about the whole idea and she expressed her worries as Laura drove her home. "I'm still not sure I can do it," she said, "even with Jack giving us all the extra cash."

Laura told her, "Don't be silly, it will be great fun. Sleep on the idea and let me know how you feel in the morning." Laura suspected that in the end she would agree.

Michael called her up when she got home. He was working away at the moment and he usually rang her every evening. When she told him about the National Nude Day, he was extremely excited about the idea as she had known he would be. He got a kick out of her exhibiting her charms to other guys and they had played the game often.

Afterwards, the sex was always incredible. "I'm going to make sure I'm home on that day," he said. "I wouldn't miss that for the world." They both laughed.

That night Laura lay in bed thinking about what it would be like to parade naked in front of all the customers, all those horny truckers, and all the guys she knew from around town who would certainly be in to get an eyeful of what was on display. She felt herself getting hot and randy just at the thought. She wished Michael was here to help her out. She reached into the drawer of her bedside table and her hand closed around the cool plastic of her favorite toy. She sighed as she eased the hard head between her damp pussy lips and groaned as it slid easily into the warm wetness.

The following day Laura was pleased when Cindy informed her that after some thought she had decided to go along with the idea. She still had some concerns, but Laura assured her that she would look after her. Jack was also well pleased with the girl's decision and he immediately got on with organizing some advertising for the event. Not only was he pleased about the huge increase in business that would come from the event, but also the thought of spending the whole day working with Laura and Cindy displaying their naked charms around the place was making him hard already.

Jack had secretly fancied Laura ever since she came to work for him, and he never got tired of looking at her, especially when she was leaning over in those enticing low cut tops she wore that displayed the firm swell of her breasts and the dark inviting cleavage, and occasionally just a glimpse of a lacy bra. The though of at last seeing her completely naked was almost too much for him and over the last few days he had jacked off in the toilet several times just at the thought.

The day before the event he had arranged for Laura and Cindy to finish work early and go to the local beauty salon to have their hair done at his expense. He wanted them to look their best, not that anyone would be looking at their heads. Laura had suggested to Cindy that they make the most of it and get the full treatment. She agreed. So they had their nails done and also finally had a bikini wax. As they lay side by side on the table while the beautician worked on them, Laura commented with a grin that it seemed unfair to cover up just what the guys most wanted to see. Cindy blushed deeply.

The girls both looked and felt good after their treatment, and when Laura dropped Cindy off at her home, she said she would pick her up in the morning. She dove on to her place and was pleased to see Michael's car on the drive. She would need him tonight. She was already feeling aroused at the thought of what tomorrow might bring.

When she walked in Michael greeted her with a big smile. As he stood there in the hallway, she could see he was naked apart from a rather tastefully decorated apron. He grabbed hold of her and gave her a big hug. "You look stunning, hun," he said, after their lips had at last drawn apart.

She looked at him. "So do you," she said with a big grin. "Is this all for me?" she asked, rubbing her hand against his large erection that was already beginning to tent the apron.

Michael smiled and nodded. "I decide to treat you to a nice home cooked meal and thought it might be appropriate if I served you in the same state as you will be serving your customers tomorrow." She nodded approvingly.

"Well, if you will take a seat, Madam, I will begin," he said, easing out a chair for her to sit on. Laura picked up a glass of red wine that was poured awaiting her. She held it to her lips and watched as Michael walked from the room.

From the rear she got a view of his firm bronzed backside. Yes, she thought as she drank the wine, tonight looked like being fun.

Michael had discarded the apron when he returned with the first course, and the sight of his almost firm cock jutting out in front of him was almost too much for Laura to bear. She knew she would enjoy the meal because Michael was a very good cook, but she was certainly looking forward to the dessert.

The meal was well up to Michael's usual standard and she enjoyed it very much. The sight of him sitting opposite her totally naked was an extra attraction. The steaks had been wonderful and she sighed as she pushed away her empty plate and thanked him. He got up and collected the dirty plates. "Dessert will take a few minutes," he said with a smile as he left for the kitchen.

Laura filled her glass and sipped the wine as she heard him moving about in the kitchen.

When at last the kitchen door opened, her eyes opened wide with delight. He was carrying a plate and laid across it was his wonderful, fully erect cock. It was made to look even more delicious with its decoration of whipped cream and succulent strawberries. He stood in front of her smiling. Laura dipped her fingers into the cream and held them to her lips. "I'm going to enjoy this," she said with a grin.

She leaned forward in her chair and began licking the cream and sucking the strawberries into her mouth. When she had finished she lifted his cock off the plate. It was still covered in traces of cream. She opened her mouth wide and slowly drew it in, sucking away all the last traces of cream. By this time Michael was having some problems containing himself as Laura's lips and tongue worked their magic on him. He attempted to place the empty plate back on the table but it fell to the floor and smashed as with a groan he erupted into her eager mouth.

She gulped his warm fluids down hungrily. Then she was on her feet ripping off her clothes. She needed him so badly; she needed to feel his body against hers. They fell on the floor together and he took her there on the carpet, urgently.

After they had sated their immediate hunger for each other they moved to the bedroom where he took her in a more gentle way, tenderly exploring and caressing every part of her body as her brought her to a high state of arousal.

This time their lovemaking was more tender and long lasting. Afterwards they dozed, still enveloped in each others arms.

Laura was awakened in the morning by the wonderful sensation of Michael rubbing his fingers over her pussy. She groaned and pressed his hand hard up against her. She looked at him and smiled. "I do love you so much."

He smiled back. "So much so that you are going to show your pussy to all those guys?" he said. She looked at his suddenly stern face. "Do you really mind?" she asked, a little worried.

Then his face split into a wide grin. "Mind? I think it's fucking wonderful, watching all those poor guys lusting after your body. I'm going to have a holiday." Laura smiled, a little relieved.

He rolled on top of her. She parted her legs and helped him to ease himself inside her willing wet hole, and lay there clinging to him as he fucked her slowly. He took his time and brought her to several minor climaxes before he finally made her cum with an incredible orgasm that wracked her whole body.

They showered together and afterwards he sat and watched her as she prepared herself for the day ahead. There was not too much of a problem deciding what she should wear as she would only have it on until she got to the diner. Michael kissed her as she left and said he would be in to see her later. She waved to him as she pulled out of the drive.

Cindy was nervously waiting for Laura as she pulled up in front of her apartment. Cindy slid into the car, smiling a nervous greeting. As they approached the diner, they saw that overnight Jack had had the place decorated with bunting and balloons. A large banner above the entrance announced that they were actively celebrating National Nude Day. And they noticed that although they did not open for business until later, several cars were already in the car park.

Jack greeted them with a smile when the came in. He was glad to see they had actually turned up. He told them he had brought in extra staff on the bar to help out and employed some security staff. He showed them a large prominent notice he had placed over the bar that said "YOU CAN LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH." He smiled. "I think that gives them the message. Any problems and they're out." He looked out into the car park. "I think you had better go and get ready. It looks as though we are in for a rush when we open..."

Laura smiled and motioned Cindy to follow her to the staff room.

Once inside, Laura began to undress. She could see Cindy was hesitating. She smiled at her. "There's nothing to worry about. You are an attractive girl. Just don't think about it. Once you're out there, you will soon get used to it. Just think about the money." She watched as at last Cindy slowly began to remove her clothes.

When they were both naked, Laura looked at her friend. She had an attractive figure. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Laura's but they were firm and sported dark, erect nipples.

Laura took her hand and squeezed it tightly. "It's going to be fun," she said. "Before we have finished, you will be wondering what all the fuss was about." Cindy smiled wanly at her. "Are you ready to face them?" Laura asked. Cindy nodded.

Laura led the way out of the staff room and Jack looked up as the girls came into the diner. "Fuck me," he said. "You both look incredible." Laura smiled at him and could not help but notice the bulge that had already appeared in the front of his tight pants. He introduced them to Joe, the security guy, who looked a little uncomfortable in the presence of the two naked waitresses.

Jack looked at his watch. "Well, girls, its opening time, are you ready for it?" They both nodded as Joe made his way to the door and unlocked it. There were about a dozen people or so waiting outside and they all quickly made their way in. Laura smiled at them as they got their first look at the two naked waitresses. She showed them to their tables and seemed strangely at ease as she stood and took their orders.

Standing before them at the tables, the guys were able to get a close look at the girl's attractive bodies and Laura knew that because of the bikini waxing she had had done, nothing was hidden from them. Laura was already becoming excited by the attention she was getting and it felt wonderfully exciting to be walking around the place naked, knowing that all the guys in there were lusting after her.

The first couple of hours passed very quickly and even Cindy seemed to be more at ease with herself, smiling and chatting amiably with the customers. Just before the lunch time rush, a camera crew from the local TV station came in to do a story and they got the girls to pose with Jack and some customers. A couple of newspaper reporters from the local paper arrived and asked them both how it felt to be doing their job naked. They also got the girls to pose for pictures.

Both girls were more than satisfied with the size of the tips they were getting and their tip pots were filling up quickly, As the girls became more comfortable with their nakedness, they found it exciting to stand and chat to the customers without feeling too embarrassed, knowing that the guys could not keep their eyes off them.

By the time the lunch trade was over both girls were feeling a little worn out and they were glad when the door closed behind the last group and the place would be shut for a couple of hours. Cindy made her way to the rest room and Laura stopped for a chat with Jack. He asked her if everything had gone okay. She smiled. "I think it went down very well."

"Would you like a drink?" he asked.

Laura nodded and pulled herself up onto a bar stool. "It's nice to get off my feet," she said.

He reached for a bottle and poured out two large glasses of white wine, and passed one to Laura. "Here's to a great sport," he said smiling. "I was not sure that you would do it when I asked you, but you have both been great."

Laura thanked him and took a sip of the cool wine. Jack looked at the wonderful naked body of the girl sitting in front of him: her firm high breasts with dark puckered nipples, her flat firm stomach, and the delightful sight of her exposed pussy. The lips, he could see, were slightly parted as she was perched on the stool and the sight of the wet pink interior was making his cock begin to rear in his pants.

Laura slowly sipped on her wine knowing that he was looking at her. She even felt slightly aroused being so close to him knowing he was scrutinizing her most intimate parts. She smiled to herself as she allowed her legs to move slightly more apart and she saw the sweat break out on his forehead. She slowly slid down off the stool. "Well, I'm afraid I do need to go," she said. "I need to shower and freshen up before this afternoon." She saw the disappointment on his face, so she leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the cheek as she left. A shiver went through him as he felt her hard nipples brush against his arm.

Laura made her way to the staff room and as she walked in, she heard groans coming from one of the cubicles. She realised at once that it must be Cindy, so she knocked on the door. "Are you alright, Cindy?" There was another groan and the door swung slowly open. Cindy was seated on the toilet, leaning back against the wall, her legs wide open and her fingers pressed up inside her pussy. There was a look of anguish on her face as she looked up at Laura. "I'm so fucking horny," she said, "but I can't make myself cum."

Laura smiled. She had hardly had a chance to speak to Cindy since things had been so rushed all morning. She had seen her chatting with the customers and guessed that she had overcome her worries about being naked. But that had caused other problems and now she was highly aroused and needed some relief.

Laura held out her hand and pulled Cindy to her feet. "Come out here," she said, "and let me see what I can do for you." Cindy meekly followed Laura over to a long sofa that the staff used to doss (British, means to sleep) down on in their rest periods. She pushed Cindy down onto the sofa and got down on her knees, positioning herself between the girls open legs. Cindy groaned as Laura's fingers began gently caressing the folds of her pussy, and then Laura leaned forward and brushed her cheeks along the girl's smooth inner thighs.

Cindy cried out as she felt Laura's tongue dart into her pussy, opening her up, and sliding deeply into the warm wetness. Cindy mewed as Laura expertly explored her most sensitive areas. While her tongue was still probing and darting, Laura's fingers uncovered the hard nub of her clit and began slowly to rotate it. Cindy was becoming more and more excited by the expert ministrations of Laura.

Laura stopped licking but continued to tease Cindy's clit. She looked up at the girl, saw she was clutching tightly on to her breasts, her fingers digging into the firm flesh and pulling on her already extended nipples. She smiled. "Cum for me, my darling," she said.

Cindy groaned again, her body heaved and she cried out. Laura went back down and licked up the juices that were beginning to seep from Cindy's pussy and run down between her thighs.

She stayed there until Cindy slowly calmed down.

Cindy could not thank her friend enough. "Oh, God, I so needed that," she said. "Spending all morning with those guys staring at my tits and pussy made me so horny."

Laura grinned at her. "And it was you who was not keen on doing it!" She smiled.

Cindy shrugged. "I didn't realise I was going to feel like this. It's fantastic! God, by the end of the lunch time I just wanted one of those guys to grab a feel of my tits or push his finger up my pussy," They both laughed.

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