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Native Tongues Enjoy Earth Day

byparts guy©

Earth day. Big fricken deal. I'm a world class photographer and journalist, now I get to cover some tree hugging freak, and sing kum ba ya. Oh fricken boy. But my wife thought it would be fun, and we all know who the boss is. Did I ever tell you how much I hate Earth day?

"You do realize that your years of medical study will be useless...that is unless someone gets a splinter from hugging a tree." I said snidely.

"Hey, you always liked northern California, and besides, you might find big foot!" she shot back.

OK, there is a slim chance that might happen, but most likely it will be some hairy French woman. Don't misunderstand me, I have some French blood, but let's face it...

"This is going to ruin a perfectly good weekend." I mumbled.

"Excuse me? I didn't hear you." she shouted from the bathroom.

"Uh...I said, it's going to be a fun weekend!"

"Yeah, right." she said as she rummaged for something to wear. "And besides, it's only for the weekend. I promise I'll make it worth your time!" she added with a coy smile.

I hate it when she does that. I also love it when she does that.

The celebration was held at one of the tree hugger's spread. Apparently he owned several hundred acres and a bunch of cabins. Oh well, at least it gets me out of the office. The plan was we were to share a cabin with another couple, but at the last minute they had a change of plans. Some boring porno convention, or something.

The drive up was a pleasant change, and we talked about some of our past adventures with monks, Eskimos and natives. Time flew by and before we knew it, we were there. The big celebration would come tomorrow, but only a handful of guests would stay the weekend.

There was supposed to be four couples, and the hosting couple. Half of us had arrived, and before nightfall, the rest would be there.

Don and Linda, our hosts, met us as we pulled in, and pointed out our cabin. I felt more comfortable when I learned we wouldn't have to share our space with any one else. Right away, Don handed me a beer, and talked to me like I was part of his family. He and Linda gave us a quick tour of the area, and introduced us to the others. They knew all of our names, as if we were all old friends, and for a moment, I thought I might even enjoy this weekend.

The three guest cabins were identical, and fairly nice, but the main house...man! It looked like an over sized log cabin from the outside, but it was like a mansion on the inside. The top floor had two huge bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, and balcony. The main floor held the kitchen, dining area, and several large rooms, and down the stairs was not a basement, but rather a play room with lots of toys. Big people toys, and a full bar. This weekend was looking better and better all the time!

We were told that during the Earth day celebration tomorrow, the main house would be off limits to everyone except our group. They were expecting hundreds of people to show up, and thought it would be wiser not to allow them near the main house.

"The celebration is mostly for the papers...they want to show the world that some people care about the environment, so they come out, eat some food, take some pictures, and leave." Don told us, as we gathered on the porch of the big house. "They don't seem to care about the other three hundred and sixty four days, they just see it as a way to get out of the office." I could feel my face blush. It was just like at church, you know, the preacher is giving a sermon, and you just know it's directed right at you and nobody else. Oh well, I'm not going to feel guilty. This wasn't my idea, and besides, I recycle.

As we sat around and talked, I realized that all these folks were normal. They weren't freaks, they weren't young, or old, they weren't hunks or babes, they were just normal. None of them were unattractive, but there was something about them that was so beautiful. It might have been attitude, or maybe it was the fresh air getting to me, but I felt at home.

The dinner was fabulous, not at all what I had expected. I pictured some bland vegetarian dish, with sprouts, and pine cones, but instead, we were treated to massive steaks and chicken and fish, and everything that goes with them. It was better than most restaurants we've been to.

After the meal some of us sat around and talked, while others went for a stroll around the grounds. Did you know how fast alcohol affects you at higher altitudes? Well, neither did we, as the wine flowed, and we laughed more and more at less and less.

"You should go enjoy the grounds while it is still warm out." Don said.

"And before the place gets trampled by all the nature lovers tomorrow!" Linda added.

I could use the fresh air, so D (my wife) and I headed for the great outsides. Once you got a hundred feet from the house, everything went silent. It was so surreal, the way the moon lit the trees, and the sound of crickets moaning. Wait a second, crickets don't moan. all right, we knew what it was, we just didn't know who, or where, and of course we had to make sure everybody was OK.

It only took a few minutes to locate them, and right away we knew it was Dave and Beth. I didn't realize before how big her breasts were until I saw them. Geez, how did she hide them so well? Dave looked like he was blowing up beach balls, as he sucked on her oversized nipples. I guess he caught us out of the corner of his eye, as he stopped, and waved us over.

"Hey guys! come on over and grab a piece of grass!" he said nonchalantly, neither of them making any attempt at covering up. Grab a piece of what?

"That was sure good wine, wasn't it?" Beth slurred, obviously having more than her share of the fermented grape. She began to fumble with Dave's zipper, so we decided to give them a little privacy, at least for now, as we continued down the path. We walked for about twenty minutes, and began the long trek back up the path towards our cabin. As we got to the turn off where Dave and Beth were, we decided to check on them. Peering over the bushes, we saw Dave laying on his back with his pants around his ankles, and Beth with her head in his lap. Neither were moving much, so we wandered closer, and Dave turned to us.

"Hey man, can you guys help us? She passed out on me, and I'm too drunk to get her up." My wife walked over to his other side.

"Well, it looks like she sure got you up!" she giggled, as she bent down and lifted Beth's drooling mouth from his cock. It doesn't take much wine to affect D either as she looked at me with those puppy dog eyes.

"All right, but make it quick!" I said, as she straddled one of his legs. She wrapped her hand around his drool covered cock, and began to pump.

"Don't worry, honey, I'll take care of this for you!" she cooed to his drunken delight.

But Beth's drool quickly dried up, leaving her with a dry hand. She tried to spit on it from above, but kept missing.

"Try getting your mouth closer." I suggested. She lowered her head a bit. "More...keep going..." Soon her lips were only an inch away from his fluid oozing head. "OK, another four or five inches and you should be good to go!" I said with a grin. She flashed an evil grin back at me, and quickly devoured his cock. It only took a moment with her talented tongue, before Dave started grunting.

"Ooh, you better stop!" he managed to whisper.

"Not until I get my nightcap!" D said in one quick breath. His body jerked as he provided her with a creamy cocktail, which she greedily slurped down.

"I hope Beth doesn't get mad." my wife said as she helped him pull his pants up.

"Are you kidding? She was hoping you guys would join us for a little fun!" Dave said. Somehow I knew he was telling the truth.

We got Beth to her feet, and by putting one arm over my shoulder, I was able to walk her back to their cabin. Of course my other hand held her breast for support. What? I couldn't let her fall.

As we tucked them into their bed, Kevin and Jennifer, their cabin mates, walked in.

"Oh hi!, we were just helping them to bed...had a bit too much to drink." I said, somewhat embarrassed by the situation.

"Oh, that's OK!" Kevin said, "As a matter of fact, we were kinda watching you guys down there." Now he seemed to be the one who was a bit embarrassed. There was an awkward silence that Jennifer finally broke.

"Don and Linda invited all of us to join them in their hot tub! Why don't you guys join us?"

"Uhh, we didn't bring bathing suits." I said.

"So what? Neither did we!" Jennifer giggled. She grabbed Kevin's hand and then D's hand and headed for the door. "I'm all out of hands, so you'll just have to find something to hold on to!" she laughed as she wiggled her butt towards me. I opted for my wife's hand as I reluctantly followed them up the hill.

Halfway through the house we heard the laughter coming from the patio. As we stepped outside, we were greeted by Don and Linda, and Tammy and Billy.

"Hey, you guys gonna join us?" Don shouted as he held up a glass of wine.

"Er...I don't know...we didn't bring our suits." I said vainly.

"That's OK! we're not wearing them either!" he said with a chuckle. Jen and D started a slow strip tease, while Kevin quickly shed his clothes in an effort to submerge his manhood while it was still under control. With the way the girls were moving, I might have to wait a few minutes before I could join them.

Soon we were all seated boy-girl around the huge tub, and Don asked if we would like something to drink other than wine.

Jen looked at D and said "She already has!" and we laughed at the inside joke.

"Sure!" I said without thinking, but before I could change my mind, he stood up to retrieve more glasses. I couldn't help but notice that he was hung like a horse, and of course, the girls couldn't help but notice too. At least I didn't gasp and stare, instead, I concentrated on the boobs floating in the foamy water. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a hand on my knee, and realized that it belonged to Jen. She kept whispering to my wife, who was seated almost across from me, and they both kept giggling, all the while her hand slowly moved up my leg. I looked to D for support, and after glancing towards my lap, she smiled and winked. I knew she couldn't see through the water, but she knew what was going on, and approved.

As I reached up to grab some rocks of ice for my drink, Jen reached up and grabbed my rocks and whispered in my ear, "These are for MY drink!" she moved her hand higher and began stroking my cock in the swirling water. I took a swig of Bacardi and leaned back, grinning.

As Don carefully stepped back into the water, Linda grabbed hold of his swinging appendage.

"Any of you girls interested in trying some of this?" she said as she lovingly stroked it.

"Oh Linda, stop it! These young girls don't want an old man like me!" he said as he quickly sat down.

"Wanna bet?" Tammy said, still in shock. "We would enjoy wearing you out!"

"Don't be so sure!"Linda said, "He can go all night long!" Something tells me they have done this before.

"Come on, let's move this party inside!" Don yelled as he hopped back up on the deck. Somehow, this old guy is making the rest of us feel a little inadequate. We quickly wrapped towels around our dripping bodies, and not surprisingly, Don and Linda were the last cover up. I must say, Linda definitely takes care of herself, as she could pass for a woman twenty years her junior.

No one bothered to get dressed as we headed downstairs to the play room. As we took our seats around the room, Don walked to the center and spoke to us.

"Linda and I appreciate you guys for coming here this weekend. I know we hardly know each other, but all this seems so natural, and we have a...a powerful sex drive, to say the least. Each of you has been chosen to come here by scouts we hired, and if any of this offends you, we are truly sorry." He looked about and no one seemed the least bit offended, which brought a smile to his face. "Are you guys interested in playing some games?" he said, "For prizes?"

"Only if the games involve that thing between your legs!" Tammy said with Bacardi breath. we all laughed. Except Don, he just smiled.

"OK, for the first game, we need the three guys over here." he drew an imaginary line on the carpet, "And the girls over here." he said as he drew a line across from the guys but about six feet apart. "OK, now we blindfold all six of you, and the girls will be placed in front of you randomly." I could hear them whispering to each other as they huddled with the hosts. "Ready, set, go!" Suddenly my cock was licked up one side and down the other. I could tell the other guys were getting the same treatment. "You will only have thirty seconds." Don said. I heard Kevin groan, and even blindfolded, I could tell he already came. "OK, time's up!" The women backed off, and by the time we got our blinders off, they were all sitting on the couch, smiling.

"Man! How embarrassing! I never cum that quick!" Kevin said as he quickly wrapped a towel around his waist. I think I knew why.

"Did she draw little figure eights down your cock?" I asked, as we shared notes.

"Yeah, all the way down to my balls!" Kevin panted.

"It was my wife, D" I offered. We broke our huddle and said we were ready to guess. Billy thought he had Jen, and I guessed Tammy. We were both wrong, but Kevin was right. He was presented with a nice DVD player.

"Wow! I guess I got two prizes tonight!" he said as he smiled at D.

"OK, it's getting late, we'll have to continue this some other time." Don said as we all rose and headed for the stairs.

"You knew about this the whole time, didn't you?" I asked as we walked through the cabin door.

"No I didn't, really...but are you disappointed?" she asked as we climbed into bed. I never answered her, as we both drifted off as soon as our heads hit the down filled pillows.

Now living near the city, we were used to hearing traffic outside, but the next morning we woke to what sounded like a freeway off ramp outside our door. I got up and peeked out the window to see a whole new world. There were vendors setting up tents, a truck lining up dumpsters, and another unloading porta potties. Several young men were arranging orange cones to form a parking lot, while others hung banners and signs. Just as we finished getting dressed, the phone rang.

"Why don't you guys join us for breakfast?" it was Linda, sounding cheery as always.

The morning spread was as fantastic as the dinner was, even if it was buffet style. I loaded my plate, but D only selected a few fruits. Don brought in a fresh pot of coffee and joined us.

"The others should be here soon. Eat up! You sure don't want to eat the crap they sell down there!" he said as he wrinkled his nose.

"Oh, don't mind him! You guys just have fun!" Linda countered back as she sipped her tea.

"Yeah, and if...no, when you get bored, come back to the house for some real fun!" Don said with a chuckle and a wink. Even Linda smiled at that one. We sat around and waited for the others, and relaxed as they nursed hangovers and stuffed their faces. Soon it was time to mosey down to the "fairgrounds" and see what was happening.

We couldn't believe the transformation. In the few hours we lounged over breakfast, the event was set up and now in full swing. There was already dozens of people milling about, and the smell of fried treats filled the air. It was just like a county fair, except no animals. As a kid, I would have been bored silly, but the kids that were here seemed to be having a great time. There was face painting, games, and even a few small rides. And of course enough junk food and cheap souvenirs to last a month. There was even a tree to hug and get your picture taken with. What some people will spend five bucks on!

Sometime around four or five, the crowd started to thin out, and we noticed some folks with bright orange wrist bracelets on. We caught up with Don and Linda as they made their rounds.

"So what's up with the wrist bands?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you...the event is officially over at six, but those with orange wrist bands get to stay later. It's kind of an adult thing, like Mardi Gras. They get drunk off their asses, usually get naked, and we all have a good time!" Don said as he fished around in his pants pocket. "Here, you guys will need these." he said as he handed us a couple of plastic badges. "My security have strict orders to only allow the wrist bands or id badges on grounds, these will identify you as VIP's." We saw several huge, and what most women would call "hunky" men working their way across the field, checking people's wrists.

"Ooh, he can frisk me!" D said as she watched them work.

"I don't think they do that here." I said matter of factly.

"I don't care, he can still frisk me!" Yeah, yeah, we'll see.

As the sun set, lights came on around the perimeter and sno cone stands became portable bars. Music began to blare, and the mood started to change. Soon the face painters were busy painting, but now, instead of faces, they were painting naked breasts to look like dogs, and other funny scenes. It didn't seem right watching the clown making the balloon shapes he was creating. Some were down right nasty. But he sure was good at his craft.

Don was right, by ten o'clock, I don't think there was a single women who had all her clothes on. Just about all of them were topless, and a few wearing only a thong. Now I think the human body is wonderful, and often sexy, but there are still a few who should not wear thongs. I'm sorry.

The crowd was well behaved, in part due to the bouncers, which D was trying her hardest to seduce. But she was finding they were a lot like eunuchs, not giving in to temptation. She and the other girls were running around having fun, and when I met up with her, she had her entire body painted. From a few feet away, you couldn't tell she was nude, but close up...wow.

"Do you mind if I try to find Mark?" she asked. Mark was one of the bouncers.

"No, go have fun!" I said, as I watched her little round rump disappear into the crowd. I decided to follow, just to see if she would have any luck.

I lost her for a moment, but as I came around the hot dog cart, I saw her. She had found Mark, and was already in conversation with him. I stood behind the cart so they wouldn't notice me, and watched. I was too far away to hear them, but I could read their body language just fine. I'm sure she was making some suggestions, but he kept shaking his head "no". I knew D well enough to know she wasn't going to give up. At first it seemed he wasn't the least bit interested, but I noticed he couldn't keep his eyes off her body. Soon she was caressing his chest, but every time she would try to snuggle up to him, he would shake his head and back up a step. What the hell was wrong with him? She then picked up his hand, pretended to look at his palm, then quickly pulled it to her breast. I don't know how he resisted it, but again, he shook his head and pulled his hand away.

She talked for a bit, then placed her hand back on his chest. As she slowly snaked it down his flat stomach, I felt a hand caress my chest from behind. Their hands seemed to be timed together, as both sets of fingers found our belt buckles at the same time. I never turned around, didn't have to as my molester whispered in my ear.

"She's a naughty girl, isn't she?" I knew right away it was Beth. "I wanted to thank you for taking care of me and Dave last night." she said as her fingers groped my pulsing member. It was at this time we watched D slowly drop to her knees in front of Mark. Funny, he wasn't trying to stop her now as she unzipped his pants and slipped a hand inside. Beth and I could tell from here that he had some major artillery in there. She struggled to free it, but once it was out, there was no turning back. D ran her tongue up and down the thick veiny flesh using her trademark figure eights. She licked and sucked, until he reached down and picked her up off the ground. I could see him whisper something to her, and she nodded. Looking around first, she then faced away from him and bent over, as he guided his rocket into her pussy. Her eyes bulged for a second as he pushed his monster deep inside her, but soon they got a rhythm going. As they fucked, Beth had dropped down in front of me and was giving me some pretty good head. After a few minutes of fucking like rabbits, D pulled off, spun around, and stuffed his glistening cock back into her mouth. I could see her working him feverishly with both hands, and soon he grabbed her head as his muscles tensed up. Even from across the yard, I could tell when he jettisoned his load into my wife's mouth. It was such a turn on, that I spewed my load into Beth's mouth at the same time. Beth had swallowed my load and was already standing back up, while D was still swallowing. Soon she had finished as well and was now standing in front of Mark, telling him something, and now, she was the one shaking her head.

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