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Native Tongues Latest Assignment

byparts guy©

"National Nude Day? What the hell is that all about?" I chortled as our editor waddled back to his office. Somehow he heard about a few of our excursions and thought we would be the perfect team to cover this event. I quickly scanned the Internet, but found nothing of value.

"Are you having any luck?" I asked across the desk to my wife who was pecking madly at the keys.

"Well, sort of...I found some references to it, and a possible date, but nothing major."

Here we are, accustomed to traveling around the world, facing all sorts of dangers, but now we are looking for nudists. Have we gone soft? (no pun intended). Our last assignment was Earth Day, and although it was a lot more fun than I had anticipated, it sure wasn't a tropical rain forest, or mountain top niche.

"OK, I think I found something." D had refined her search, and I walked around the desk to have a look. She was scrolling faster than I could read, but she filled me in on what she thought was important.

"It seems to be a day of worship. The body, the sun, the outdoors, sex, yadda yadda. It falls on July fourteenth this year."

"OK, but does it say where?" I was still trying to keep up with her.

"It says throughout the country, but I'll check some of these links..." After a few taps, she looks at me.

"There are events scattered all around, but so far, they are all booked solid. Seems you have to have a reservation to get in. I'll let you know if I find something."

Even though I am in pretty good shape, I still feel weird wandering around naked in front of other people, so inwardly I was happy, even though I sure don't mind showing off my wife. Feeling confident D wouldn't find anything, I strolled into the bosses office.

"Sorry sir, it seems you have to plan ahead to get into this 'Nude day' thing. Maybe we can do it next year." I tried to sound sincere about it.

"Yeah, I know, sometimes these things come up on such short notice." he sighed, as he swiveled around in his chair. "That's why I had to pull some strings, You guys have a couple of days to pack." he said with that shit eating grin as he handed me a packet.

She saw me as I left his office. "Well, what did he say?" she whispered.

I didn't say a word as I threw the packet down on the desk in front of her.

"That bastard!" she said as we both started laughing. "How does he do it?"

We emptied the contents out and sorted through it. A map, a schedule, an itinerary, and a credit card with a long cord laced through it. I was baffled by it as I held it up, until our editor bellowed across the room.

"It's to wear around your neck, I figured you wouldn't have any pockets! Ha ha ha!" He laughed so hard we thought he would pee himself. I flipped him off (with a smile on my face) and actually found humor in the whole situation.

It was down in Southern California, so we flew in a few days early to make sure all of our reservations were in order. After renting a car, we drove to our motel in El Cajon. Boy it sure was hot! We spent that afternoon holed up in front of the air conditioning and studying our map.

"OK, we're here...on Mollison, and we need to go here..." she pointed to a little dot. "It's called 'Flinn Springs', shouldn't be too hard to find." She put the map down, and changed into her bikini.

"What are you doing?" I asked casually, as if I couldn't figure it out.

"Going to get some sun, silly. I'm not going to show up at that thing all white!"

"Isn't that kinda like cleaning the house before the maid shows up?" I asked as she scowled at me.

The door closed soundly behind her, and I could here her flip flops softly smacking her feet with each step she took. I cracked the heavy curtains to peek, and realized how lucky I am to have such a hot wife. She didn't really need a tan, so I think it was more of making sure she could still draw some attention. And with that body, I know she will draw plenty. She swam and basked for about an hour, and I noticed more guys out there now than before she showed up. Funny how that works. And wouldn't you know it, after she stepped back inside the room, I peeked back out, and most of them had already disappeared. After eating dinner at the local Denny's restaurant, we went to bed early. Hey, I said we went to bed, not to sleep! She insisted on taking a shower first, but once my tongue settled in that salty crevice, she had a hard time leaving the bed. I don't normally like my women all sweaty and stinky, but D doesn't stink, at least not to me, and I love the taste of her, sweaty or not. I too, felt a little self conscious, as she climbed into a sixty nine with me, but my smells didn't seem to bother her either, as we lapped each other to a sweaty, sticky climax. We curled up under the cool sheet and fell asleep to the sounds of stock cars racing off in the distance.

Since we had one more day before the event, we decided to go for a drive, find this 'Flinn Springs' place, and check out the scenery. We stopped at the Seven Eleven right off the highway, and the guy said Flinn Springs park is just up the road. The park is long and narrow, and the event will be held down at the west end. The park is normally closed on Mondays, so it would be secluded, other than the mobile home park on the other side of the fence, and we were satisfied with the arrangement.

We drove further up the road, hopped onto highway eight, and pulled off in Alpine. There are so many sights to see here, and yet it is small and tucked away from the throngs of tourists, who are scattered from the Viejas Casino, down to the zoo.

Many of the locals heard about the event, but not many were planning to attend, which, if you saw some of these people, was a good thing. We drove around some more, and somehow ended up at the Viejas container station. This is a dump site for the local residents, but it is well maintained, and sports a fabulous view. We took a couple of pictures and moved on.

We had to stop at the casino on the way back, just because it was there. Even though it was beautiful, I do not recommend going there on a weekend night in the middle of summer. It was standing room only, and quite noisy. We only stayed for half an hour, but it was enough to say we were there.

We knew the gates were to open at nine in the morning, so we asked the desk clerk for a wake up call around seven. Seven comes way too early if you ask me, but D hopped up and jumped in the shower. About half an hour later, she woke me back up to tell me it was my turn. Ever notice how all motels smell the same? That's all I could think about as I stood there under the pounding water. The sheets, the bathroom, the air conditioner, even the toilet paper all smells the same, no matter what city your in. Okay, so my mind works a little differently than yours, but I bet you can still smell the last motel room you were in.

By the time I got out, D was dressed in a short print dress, obviously no bra, possibly no panties, and sandals on her feet. I opted for shorts and a tee shirt. With camera and tickets in hand, we were off.

The park had been magically transformed by the time we got there, and was plenty of parking. There was still almost thirty minutes before the event actually started, but that gave us time to register.

"Sorry sir, no cameras beyond this point." a fully dressed security officer warned.

"Oh, I'm supposed to be covering this event." I said, not prepared for this much organization.

"Oh, OK, but you have to fill out these forms, and we need to see your pass."

I handed him both of our cards as I filled in the forms. Typical release forms, done them dozens of times. By the time I was done, he had our credentials in a plastic sleeve with a cord attached to them. I just looked at D and we both started laughing.

"Inside joke." I told Mr. security. We were then ushered past the check in table to a small area, with a sheeted fence blocking the rest of the park. There were several booths set up, but no naked people. In fact, everyone I saw was fully dressed. Including the young man headed our way.

"Hi! My name is Rick, and I'm the event coordinator." he said as he held out his hand. "I want to welcome you here, and explain how things work. As you will see, we are very organized...it is the only way we can continue to use the park each year. This first section is the information area. It is for people to learn exactly what we are about. They are not subject to any nudity, so there is no pressure or embarrassment. The second area is the minimum clothing area. Our members won't be entirely nude, but will be very scantly clad, as they show the public many of the activities we enjoy. The public is welcome to join in as well. The third area is for members only. It is mandatory nudity, and some of the events here are not for the public eye, if you know what I mean."

Rick walked us around and introduced us to some of the members, but it was time to open the gates, so he left us on our own.

"Oh, by the way" Rick stopped and turned around, "Your credentials will allow you two into all three areas, if you dare!" he laughed, before disappearing into the growing crowd.

Of course we started by visiting the booths, where they explained the dangers of too much sun, dehydration, and even the legal ramifications of being nude. They gave tips on "nudist survival", and gave us both little survival kits, with water, sun screen, a paper blanket, and a goofy looking hat. After taking a few pictures, we trudged forth through the first barrier.

The second area was like being at the beach, except there was no sand. There were people playing volley ball, and other typical games, but these guys were practically naked. Men and women both wore thongs, and the women wore these tops that weren't much bigger than band aids. You could tell the non members, as they were the ones with clothes. The ages were wide spread, from early twenties up to, I would say fifties, however, all looked pretty damn good. We spent about two hours here talking to members and guests, jotting down notes and taking random pictures.

But after a couple of hours, even this was beginning to grow boring. We looked at each other, and contemplated whether to go into the third area. We decided, what the heck. We'll take a quick look around, and decide if we want to stay, or go down to the beach.

As we walked past the white curtain, we found ourselves in a tent like room, where a very decent looking young lady asked for our passes. After showing them to her, we started towards the opening on the other side of the tent.

"Whoa!" yelled the blond. "You know the rules!" she said as she stepped between us and the door. "Mandatory nudity." She pointed to a row of lockers against one wall. D looked at me and shrugged.

"I'm game, how about you?" she said as she reached back and unzipped her dress. Like I had a choice at this point. I was fumbling with my shoes, when her dress dropped to the ground. Yep, no panties. I stood there in my boxers, as both the ladies waited for me. I took a deep breath, and dropped them down around my ankles, and stepped out of them. Both of them smiled at me, but the blond said,"You can keep your shoes on." For some reason I went beet red. as we walked past her, she gave me a wink. I hope she decides to join us later.

Apparently it was still too early for any major orgies, as the place was mostly deserted. There were a few hot tubs under canopies, and a few nudists just sitting around. Way off near the end of the park, we could make out a couple going at it like rabbits.

"Not quite what you expected, is it?" a middle aged gent in a straw hat seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"Uh...I'm not sure what I was expecting." I stammered back. He motioned us to a table, where we sat under a huge umbrella.

"My name's Gordon, and this is my brainchild." he said, holding his arms wide.

"But I thought Rick..."

"Rick has the title of event coordinator, but he is still my son." he said gruffly. "Every year, hoards of people come out to gawk at the naked women for a few hours, then go home. They think we are freaks. Did you ever stop to think, that every person born, comes into this world naked, because that's how nature intended us to be. And humans are the only animals that wear clothing, for reasons I don't fully understand. So who really are the freaks?" he leaned back and sipped his lemonade. At least that's what it looked like. But he continued his sermon in a slow, unrushed pace.

"Take me, for example, I hardly ever wear clothes. In fact, you two probably put on more clothes in a week than I do in a year!" I chuckled at his over exaggeration. "Do you think I'm kidding?" You could see the fire in his eyes. But judging by his tan, he might be right. "Do you know what I do for a living?" We shook our heads. "I run a small town down in Arizona. Some people call it a nudist colony, or camp, or resort. But it is a town, and I live there. I wake up naked, wander the streets naked, eat naked, and go to bed naked. Hell, I even go to church naked, but then, so does everyone else!" He pulled a business card out of his man bag, and handed it to us. It listed him as owner, mayor, proprietor, and resident. It was meant as a joke, but he was serious.

"We have it all...stores, restaurants, post office, theaters, doctor's office, church. You should check us out some time." He watched us looking around casually. "If your looking for sex orgies, well, it could happen, but that's not what we are about. Don't get me wrong...I love sex very much, but this is a love of nature, not hormones. The reason this area is for members only is so we can relax without having to put on a show." We did notice people coming and going, most relaxing in one of the hot tubs, or just sitting in the shade, talking. Gordon was right, this wasn't about the sexuality, and soon we were looking at the people, not just their tits, or other swinging appendages. And yes, some did have sex, but it was so casual and natural, that it was hardly entertaining. Just as I was getting used to this, I spotted the blond casually strolling in our direction. Man, and I thought she looked good with clothes on. Not only was she built like a brick shit house, but she had this incredible smile...and no tan lines.

"Are you guys enjoying yourselves?" she asked, almost seductively. I was beginning to drool, hoping she would sit next to me, but she sat next to Gordon, that lucky bastard.

But even though she was sitting next to him, she turned back to us. "So, did daddy tell you about his nudist town?" Daddy? That lucky bastard. But now I felt like a fool, the way I gawked at his daughter. D had that smug look on her face, and once again, I blushed.

He introduced her as Lisa, and explained that it was a family run organization. I wondered who else I would run into. We spent the afternoon talking. It was wonderfully relaxing, just chatting about anything and everything, including Gordon's town. He gave us the rates, explaining how one day was one hundred dollars, but a week was only three hundred, and a month was only six hundred. The longer you stayed, the cheaper it was, and he had quite a few permanent residents on yearly leases. There was a package deal that included meals, and even medical. He seemed to be doing very well, and when I mentioned he must save a fortune on clothes and dry cleaning, they all laughed hysterically. I liked watching Lisa laugh. Call me sick, but I started telling jokes, just to watch her jiggle.

I think this is the first time my wife was naked all day without having any kind of sex. And as we stood in the tent, putting our clothes back on, I realized just how much I learned today, and how much more I respect these people and their natural ways. I have a whole new outlook on the human body, even though I still like to look at naked women...hey, I'm still a guy.

We told Gordon we would try to make it down to Arizona, and we actually meant it. And Lisa invited us to her house for a special party. You know...but that's a story for another time!

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