Nat's Ordeal


It was a dull, rainy Sunday and Maria was bored out of her mind. No lover, a crappy day, and it being the weekend meant she was doomed to stay indoors and remain bored. She had tried masturbating earlier but other things kept popping into her head. Therefore, she was left horny AND bored and walked into the living room. With a sigh, she plopped down on her couch and flipped on the television. Channel after channel flashed before her eyes as she groaned with boredom.

Finally, she reached a channel that caught her attention. It was the news and they were talking about a stalker that had been after Natalie Portman. The stalker had even managed to get very close to her but she got away. The main reason this really made Maria stop was because Natalie was one of her best and oldest friends. The two had been friends for years and very few people knew that she even existed. Some people might think that's unfair for Maria but she didn't mind, appreciating the privacy.

Maria was leaning towards the television, hanging onto every word. Her hand was at her chest as she worried how her friend was doing. She was so transfixed on the screen that when her phone rang, she nearly jumped a foot into the air. Scrambling for the phone, she nabbed it on the fourth ring and answered, "Hello?"

"Maria, thank God!" On the other end of the phone line was Natalie, sounding tense and out of breath. "Is it alright if I come over? I need a place to stay for awhile."

Maria felt a weight lift off her chest. "Of course, Nat. Are you alright? They've been talking about you on the news and..."

She was cut off. "Never mind that for now. I need to get somewhere safe. I'll be there shortly." The line went dead.

Maria stood and walked to the front door. Every few seconds, she would glance out the window, waiting impatiently for her best friend to arrive. A black car rolled around the corner a few minutes later. Maria watched as Natalie stepped from the car and talked with someone inside for a moment. She then ran for the front door as the car sped off, leaving her there. Maria opened the door and moved to hug Natalie but was brushed aside. Natalie hurried them inside and shut the door, locking it with each lock in quick succession.

She turned and looked at Maria, tears in her eyes. Unable to contain it anymore, she broke down sobbing into other woman's arms. Maria simply stood there, consoling her as best she could. She was desperate for information but knew that her friend had probably just had a quite terrible ordeal. After nearly a minute of sobbing, Natalie finally began to calm down. Maria led her friend into the living room, sitting down on the couch with her. She grabbed the remote and turned off the television, the news story again playing.

Taking her friend's hands, Maria said slowly, "Are you okay, Nat? What happened? Take as long as you need to tell me."

A shaky smile came from Natalie. "Thanks Maria." She squeezed her hands and told her story. The stalker had been at her for months. At first, he was like any other: sending notes, delivering flowers, and coming to all her events. It soon got much worse. The notes turned threatening and the man began to follow her everywhere. Tonight was the most terrifying. The man had managed to gain entrance to her home and had held her at gunpoint. Luckily, the security she had hired had gotten her out but the man had escaped somehow.

"My security team knew about you and how secretive our relationship has been. They figured your place would be a great hiding spot for me." A mix of worry and grief flashed over Natalie's face. "I'll leave though, if you want me to. I don't need to put you in danger too." Her eyes looked downward, unable to meet her friend's anymore.

Maria took her hand and lifted Natalie's chin, looking her in the eyes again. "I want you to be safe. If this is the best chance for that, then I'm in." She smiled to show her ease with the situation. Natalie grabbed her tight, hugging her in thanks. By doing so, Maria realized that her friend was soaking wet from the rain. "You need to get out of those clothes. You can probably fit into some of mine. C'mon." She took Natalie's hand and led her to the bedroom.

Instructing her friend to take her clothes off, Maria began searching for a suitable outfit in her closet. The door was wide open and she could perfectly see Natalie reflected in her mirror on the door. Her breath caught slightly as she saw her friend pull her wet shirt off. Maria knew that Natalie liked to go without a bra when she could and wasn't too shocked to see her friend's small breasts exposed. Still, her friend was very beautiful and seeing her naked body brought a shiver to her now rearoused body. She was unable to tear her eyes away as Natalie pulled her pants off too, revealing some rather plain panties.

Noticing Natalie staring at her, Maria was finally able to shake herself from her stupor and continued looking for some clothes. She had always had a thing for her friend, loving how beautiful she always looked in her movies. Her own body was pretty decent, with similar sized breasts and figure, but Natalie's was still better. The only thing she preferred over her friend's gorgeous body was her own curly red hair, something she loved having. Maria's pussy was reminding her of how much her friend turned her on as she felt it begin to flood with wetness at the sight of the nearly naked Natalie Portman. She wasn't wearing a bra either, her breasts small enough that wearing one was rarely needed. The one disadvantage was that her nipples could show through the shirts sometimes, something that was happening right now!

"Everything okay, Maria?" Natalie asked, simply standing and waiting. Maria had drifted away again and stopped looking. With a mental slap in the face, she nodded at her friend and actually found some clothes. Tripping slightly while coming out of the closet, she brushed up against the edge of the door, just happening to rub right along her pussy. A look of bliss came over her face for a moment and a small moan escaped her lips. Both of which had absolutely been seen by Natalie.

Maria blushed and brought her clothes to the bed. She couldn't believe she had just done that in front of her friend! Natalie sat next to her and asked, "Are you okay?" A truly concerned look was on her face.

Maria nodded. "I'm fine. I didn't mean to trip like that. "Her gaze remained on the floor. Natalie's, however, was roaming over Maria's body, noticing her erect nipples and a damp spot on her pants. A small amount of humor appeared on Natalie's face.

"Are you horny? Is that why you gasped?" Natalie asked. She had always been rather forward with Maria and Maria was used to it by now. Therefore, her blushing was more from the embarrassment of the situation than the abruptness of the comment.

"Yes," Maria whispered. "I'm sorry. This isn't what you need right now." Tears began to form in her eyes as she looked into Natalie's eyes.

Natalie raised her right hand, bringing it gently to her friend's face. "It's alright, Maria." After a slight pause, she continued. "It's from seeing me like this, isn't it?" The gasp and returning of Maria's deep red blush pretty much confirmed it. "Don't be so embarrassed. I've known for awhile now. You look at me all the time and think I don't notice." She smiled, her face lighting up with appreciation. "The only thing it makes me feel is touched that you think I'm that beautiful."

With a sniffle, Maria brought her gaze back up to Natalie's smiling face. Her hand mimicked the actions of her friend's, touching Natalie's smooth, light skin. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen." They stayed that way for a very long time, gazing into each other's eyes. Finally, Maria couldn't take it anymore. The amazing beauty of Natalie was just too enticing. She leaned in and kissed her friend on the lips for the very first time.

The kiss was the most amazing Maria had ever felt. Her lips were soft and warm and tasted lightly of some kind of fruity lip gloss. Her body began to tingle all over, the kiss sending waves of passion streaming down her body, focusing on her pleasure points. She shuddered slightly, the kiss affecting her at such a deep level.

Finally, the two women broke their kiss. They stayed close, looking into each other's eyes, looking for a reaction. Maria whispered, "I'm sorry, Nat. I couldn't help myself."

Natalie shook her head and answered, "It's ok. That was amazing." Natalie's lips met Maria's again and the women lay back, kissing again. This time, their tongues met, tasting each other. Both of them were moaning and shivering until they finally came up for air. They smiled at each other and from there, the real passion began.

Maria saw that her friend's small breasts were still exposed, nipples now hard. She moved her hand down to them and took one into her hand. Softly rubbing her hand around the breast, she felt Natalie's breasts for the very first time. "Your breasts are perfect," she added. Moving her fingers to the nipple, Maria giggled when she saw her friend close her eyes at the stimulation.

Maria took this moment to move her mouth down and take the other nipple into her mouth. The stimulation caused a moan to come from Natalie, something that pleased Maria to no end. She gently caressed the one breast with her hand while she planted kisses all over the other, stopping to suck on the nipple every so often. Pretty soon, Natalie was on her back, eyes closed and a steady stream of moans coming from her mouth.

After a few more minutes of this, Maria decided to take her hand on a little trip while she sucked on Natalie's breasts some more. The hand traveled gently down her friend's body, rubbing her stomach with the fingertips. When she reached the waistband of Natalie's panties, Maria slipped her hand inside, wanting to feel her friend's warmth and wetness. Unsurprisingly, the pussy was indeed both very warm and very wet, something Maria had been aiming for.

Removing her mouth from Natalie's nipples, she went back up for one more kiss, running her hand through her friend's beautiful long hair. "Ready for some pussy attention?" Maria asked, not wanting to go too fast without her permission. Natalie's eyes opened and a wide smile appeared on her lips. She nodded and moved in for another kiss. Maria finally managed to tear herself away and slid down to her friend's lower half.

Natalie's legs spread as she arrived. Holding her hand over the panties, Maria could feel the heat baking through the fabric. She decided that it still wasn't quite time however, instead moving down to Natalie's lower thighs. Light kisses up her thighs. Fingers running through the light pubic hair sticking out of the panties. Rubbing the pussy through the panties. Natalie's moans quickened and she yelled "I can't take anymore!"

With a smile, Maria finally pulled down her friend's panties, casting them aside. Natalie's pussy was perfect. Beautiful full pussy lips, just enough pubic hair, plenty of juices, and a very hard clit. Maria decided the teasing was over and simply put her mouth right onto her friend's pussy, giving it a kiss. Her tongue traveled up the slit and then back down, darting into the hole as well. Natalie obviously was enjoying this because she was bucking up and down at this point.

Maria took her hand and slowly inserted two fingers. She quickly bumped this up to three when she felt how wet her friend really was inside. Pumping her fingers hard, she took her mouth and placed it directly on Natalie's clit. First, Maria simply brushed it with her tongue. Sensing that this wasn't enough, she began to suck on it, still pumping vigorously. This finally pushed Natalie over the edge. Her hips came off the bed as her back arched. Moans filled the air as the orgasm hit, waves of pleasure coursing through the woman's body.

Maria kept it up until she felt her friend's orgasm begin to subside. She used her mouth to clean up most of the juices before climbing back up to where Natalie lay, laying down next to her. "How was that?" she said with a smile.

"Oh my God, Maria. Where did you learn to do that? That was the most amazing orgasm I've ever had." Natalie was still shaking slightly, her face a constant state of bliss. She simply cuddled up against her friend, unable to move anymore than that.

Maria giggled. "I've had a few girlfriends. I never told you because I didn't know how you'd feel. I guess I know now." Both women laughed a bit at this. They sat in silence for awhile, simply enjoying each other's company.

Natalie broke the silence with a question. "Want me to do you now?" she asked with a grin on her face. Maria had been sitting there patiently but in truth, she was intensely horny now, having just been next to her best friend's pussy. She nodded vehemently, ready to have her pussy licked.

Unfortunately for her, Natalie wasn't going to make it that easy. Both women smiled as they realized that Maria was still fully clothed at this point. Natalie solved this problem by tugging her friend's shirt off first. Underneath was a set of breasts that nearly matched Natalie's own. She felt them, comparing the feel to her own. The soft, smooth skin felt great to touch and Maria was enjoying it too. When she reached the nipple, Maria led out a loud moan, obviously enjoying the sensation.

Natalie's mouth went down to her friend's breast and she began to kiss them all over, avoiding the nipples at first. Maria went nuts at this, her hips thrusting already. Her orgasm was already imminent and her pussy hadn't even been touched yet! Finally, Natalie took a nipple into her mouth and sucked hard. Her hand went to Maria's other breast and tweaked that nipple with a similar amount of force. This pushed Natalie over the edge and she had a small orgasm, gasping.

Natalie took this as a sign and decided to move to her friend's pussy. Pulling her pants down, she noticed that Maria's panties were completely soaked. Her tongue darted out and tasted the sweet juiced that were absorbed into the fabric. The motion made the panties brush up against Maria's pussy, causing a gasp to escape her lips. Natalie began to kiss her friend's crotch area all over, teasing her. She even stuck her tongue into the fabric, pushing it into her friend's pussy. The feeling of the warm tongue enveloped in silk entering her pussy made Maria exclaim, "Oh, damn..."

The panties finally came off as Natalie wanted to get down to business. She took a long look at her friend's pussy, never seeing one up close. Her gaze was locked on it for a minute, mesmerized by the beautiful sight. This was her first time so she stuck her tongue tentatively out, wanting to feel what a pussy was like on the tongue. She loved it immediately, the taste and texture of it. Her tongue lapped a long stroke, from top to bottom. Natalie then took a lip and began to suck on it, extracting juices from the hot folds. All the while, Maria's moans continued and she had begun to rub her breasts, aching for even more stimulation.

Natalie's tongue was everywhere on Maria's pussy except her clit. Whether she hadn't thought to go there yet or was afraid to was something Maria didn't think about. She simply said, "My clit. Suck on my clit!" Her hand was working her own nipple fiercely, adding to the feelings of pleasure coursing throughout her body. When she felt the warm mouth of Natalie Portman on her clit, she felt like she would die of pleasure. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train, knocking the breath out of her body. She couldn't do anything except lay back and squeal with pleasure, her body shaking vigorously.

Natalie continued the sucking until she felt her friend's orgasm die out. She cleaned her pussy juices with her mouth, just like Maria, not wanting to miss a drop. Smiling, she returned to the top of the bed and gave Maria a big kiss. She barely responded, her brain still trying to catch up with the world. All she remembered is that she tasted herself on Natalie's warm lips. Finally, she was able to say, "That was perfect. Thanks, Nat."

The two lay in silence for awhile, basking in the amazing experience they had just shared. Maria began to feel guilty and had to say, "I'm sorry if I just took advantage of you, Nat. I was horny and that might have made me go too far." A true look of worry was on her face. She thought her actions were unethical and didn't want her friend to be mad, now that the moment was over.

Natalie couldn't feel that this was the case at all. "I might have been a little vulnerable, sure. But I'm glad. If I hadn't, this might never have happened. Don't worry about it. I loved it." She hugged her friend, dispelling all guilt that Maria had felt.

Suddenly, a phone rang. It wasn't Maria's phone; it was Natalie's cell. She found it and answered, walking out of the room to talk. After a short conversation with the person on the other line, she came back, looking very relieved. "They caught the stalker. He'll be in prison for a long time now." Natalie came back and laid on the bed, kissing Maria in triumph.

"Hmm, good news. Should we maybe celebrate?" Maria asked, an impish grin on her face, her pussy already wet again.

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