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Natural and Supernatural


Chapter 1 -- A Walk

Ephrem and Sonya both were walking a forest path. It wasn't dark and the sun was shining through the leaves, making them the green that can only be seen in early mornings in spring, through a light canopy of hazelnut trees. It was a tortuous path, going up and down loamy banks, as if they were walking close to a stream, but couldn't exactly hear it. And as they progressed downward towards some kind of valley or dip in the forest, the light became more scarce and the forest thicker, vines appearing along the branches of the trees and along their trunks, bushes becoming taller and thicker, the ground more layered with leaves and branches, small animals scurrying in the shadows, chasing or being chased. Around a bend, there seemed to be some kind of clearing and he stepped gingerly into it, light and warmth returning to his skin.

As he turned smiling to her to see if she enjoyed the same thing, he saw her with one hand leaning on a tree at the entrance of the clearing. Smiling. Taking a step towards him and then a surprised look on her face as she started struggling with some vines caught on her sleeve. She couldn't seem to get her hand away from the tree with a single hand, so she started using the other... And her other hand got tangled in the vines as well.

On the edge of panic, she arched her back away, planting her feet firmly in the ground, and tried pulling her hands hard away from the tree... And she slipped, the loamy ground giving way under her strong push, sliding knee deep into a bush. She landed on her butt, her hands hanging from the vines, lifting her shirt slightly so that Ephrem could see the beautiful skin of her tight belly. And as she tried to get up, she realized that she couldn't so much as move her feet, as they had gotten so tangled in the bush that it seemed that the vines and branches were holding on to her bare ankles as well...

Now why he didn't help her try to get out, he didn't know. Maybe it went too fast and he thought she could get away from a simple little tangle of vines. But when he came closer to take a look, the vines seemed to have latched around her wrists and ankles, even some in her hair in a tight bundle of knots. It seemed strange. But not as strange as what happened when he drew his knife to cut the vines...

As he pulled out his pocket knife and advanced towards her, he saw like a shiver in the branches of the trees around the glade. Like some kind of strong quick wind blowing in their leaves, yet they felt no air moving. The closer he came, the more the tree holding her seemed to try and move away from him. It was a bizarre impression, as if it had a life of its own.

He stopped short in shock, when his blade got within a couple centimeters from the vines.

As if the branches had been held by a giant rubber band, they snapped upwards and outwards, still holding her firm. They now held Sonya spread arms and spread legs in front of its trunk, as if to use her as a human shield against his blade. Her back was now towards him and he could clearly see her breathing very fast, very short breaths, not knowing what was going to happen next and repressing a little sound of panic in her throat. As bizarre as the situation seemed, he was incredibly turned on. With her limbs stretched tight, he could detail her entire silhouette with his eyes and the sweet curve of her hips, her amazing legs, her tight butt slightly trembling with the rest of her body. Not to mention the invitation suggested by her open legs...

So he decided to act on his now growing desire. Instead of cutting the vines, he directed his blade to her top and gently slid the blade along her back, with just enough pressure to cut the fabric open. He then slid the knife from the small of her back along each cheek of her ass and along each leg to do the same with her dress. He put the knife away with an audible click and tore off what remained of her top and dress off her body. She couldn't even turn her head to see what he was doing, with her hair all tangled up in the vines and leaves... What a sweet temptation! His cock was now hard from seeing her almost naked body exposed to the gentle breeze.

He gently caressed her bare skin, now getting warmer from the morning sun, rising further in the sky.

Both his hands were running along the sides of her body, caressing a breast, caressing an ass cheek, sliding along the inside of her legs, massaging her neck, detailing an ankle with his fingers. It's amazing the amount of small things he noticed on her skin. A small freckle here on the top of her ankle, a darker beauty mark in the crease at the top of her thigh... As she started to relax and breathe a little deeper, he slapped her butt cheek to remind her to pay attention to the person behind her, instead of the weird tree holding her up as an offering. He continued playing the same tickling, slapping and caressing game for a time, until he could hear her breath grow shallower with desire and a wet patch grew on her underwear...

How silly of him not to have liberated that portion of her body as well! He clicked the knife open again and slid it between her skin and her panties and sliced them off with a quick motion. He placed his head between her legs and tasted her pussy, slowly licking the juices off of the smooth skin of her pussy lips, spreading her butt as well to have a nice view of both holes. After having licked her clitoris and lips enough that he heard load moans coming from her mouth, he got back up. As he pressed his body against hers, she realized that at some point in time, he had undressed and she could feel his hard cock against her butt cheeks.

He slid the blade of the knife inside her bra, tearing it from inside, pressing the flat cold steel against the now very warm skin of her breasts. That made her nipples even harder. At the same time, she felt the hard pressure of his cock at the entrance of her pussy, then the entrance of her ass, then back to her pussy, teasing her... Once her bra came off in tiny little pieces of cloth, his cock was deep inside her pussy and his hand started fondling her nipples as he moved back and forth inside her. How convenient of the tree to have placed her pussy exactly at the right height!

He continued thrusting inside her pussy, slapping her ass from time to time (he had lost track of how many couple orgasms she had had by now). Then abruptly he stopped, slid some fingers inside her pussy and shoved them inside her mouth, making her taste how sweet her pussy was, as if he had slid his cock into her mouth after having been in her pussy. At the same time he shoved his cock up her ass in one fast hard motion, making her gasp in surprise and perhaps a little in pain. Both their bodies were sweating as the sun was now high in the sky. Their breathing had gotten deep and fast as he plunged deeper into her, other fingers pleasing her clitoris and her nipples, caressing them intensely.

Finally with a groan, he came, hot sperm spraying deep into her ass.

He slid out and sat down a few steps away from her now exhausted body, hanging from the limbs of the tree, in the gathering noontime shade, sperm dripping from her holes into a small pool below her open naked legs.

Upon waking from a short slumber, he heard distant voices in the trees and heavy footsteps... Maybe some other group of hikers or horse-back riders coming down the path... How far they were he had no idea..

Chapter 2 - Three is Company

As Ephrem sat there, catching his breath, he slowly realized he heard voices, coming from further up in the forest where they had been sometime earlier. Probably some other hikers... He jumped to his feet and quickly got dressed and tried to free Sonya from the vines, but with as little success as before... What to do... The voices were fast approaching and he had no way of freeing her fast. It seemed cowardly at the time, but in retrospect, his reaction was perhaps also a bit on the voyeur side: he jumped into a nearby bush, a few meters away from her, half-hoping the passersby would walk on and not notice the beautiful woman naked in the tree.

As the newcomers entered the clearing, he noticed it was a man and a woman, both strikingly beautiful, moving lithely and at ease, as their full and charming bodies glided through the forest. Their skin was somewhat tan, almost olive and their hair rich, curly and almost golden. They seemed quite intimate, as they were holding hands and joking, smiling at each other. Ephrem could see Sonya hold her breath as they passed by, oblivious to her otherwise breathtaking beauty. He could see that he was visible to her, as he caught her stare, half filled with remembered pleasure, half with harsh reprimand for leaving her hanging... literally. As the couple neared the far edge of the clearing, it seemed like the girl had a slight head twist and, just as they reached the forest again, she asked the man:

"Can you give me a few minutes? I noticed a place where I could go... You know what I mean... Nature calls...", giving him a suggestive look.

He laughed and told her she would have to catch up with him.

As the man disappeared in the forest, and as if the woman knew exactly what she was doing, she turned towards Sonya's body and strode towards her. Her body tensed as she heard her footsteps getting closer. The woman stopped next to Sonya and extended her hand inches from her skin. Without saying anything, she started tracing lines across Sonya's back, barely touching her curves in doing so. How excruciating it must have been for Sonya to follow the touch of the woman's light fingers, having no idea of what her intentions were...

"How unfortunate! A sweet little girl, caught up in tangleweed!" She murmurs softly. "What ever shall I do with you, sexy little thing..."

She breathed again softly in Sonya's ear. Her breath smelled very sweet and Ephrem could see Sonya close her eyes under the sexual tension in the woman's voice. No human could ever have such a seductive voice and such sweet scent, he were sure of that!

"Oh! It looks like someone has already used this little slut!" She remarked as she bent down to see Ephrem's semen slipping out of Sonya's ass.

As the woman traced a finger along the rivulets of sperm along Sonya's leg, she bent down to examine her further. Sonya now felt the woman's breath on her pussy, warm as it came out and cooler as it drew in, giving her goose bumps. The woman gently cupped her butt cheeks in each hand and massaged them gently and suddenly opened them wide apart, making the last of the sperm spurt out and making Sonya gasp with surprise.

"Now, now, little girl, do we really want to draw more attention than is already here? Hush, little bird!"

Now convinced that the woman was going to take full advantage of her, Sonya turned her head left and right, searching for Ephrem, a silent plea in her eyes.... But he was nowhere to be seen... Where had he gone? Had he abandoned her? When did he slip away without her noticing it? Her thoughts turned to panic, again, as she felt the woman's tongue gently stroke her pussy lips, finding a beauty mark and lingering there, caressing her inner thighs with her delicate fingers. As the woman bent her head down to get more tongue inside Sonya, her curly abundant hair fell on her butt, draping it in soft touches. Sonya heard the woman moan lightly as her licking became faster and faster and her fingers started probing the inside of Sonya's pussy.

Either she was enjoying licking Sonya's pussy and sucking gently on her clit or she was pleasuring herself at the same time as Sonya. Maybe she had stripped down and was sliding a finger in her own wet lips and flicking her clit as well. All Sonya ended up hearing was how her own breath was getting shallower and faster just as the woman's was under the intense pleasure of her oral attention.

Without missing a beat, the woman's fingers moving in and out of Sonya's now very wet pussy, she slid one more, then two more fingers inside Sonya, stretching her a little as she accelerated her tongue and lips on Sonya's clit.

Just as Sonya was about to cum, she heard the woman gasp in surprise and felt her freeze her motion.

"Continue, milady... I think my little slut hasn't taken full advantage of your skills yet..." It was Ephrem's voice drifting from a little farther away behind Sonya, talking to the beautiful stranger. "And please do not disappoint me. It would be a shame for this soft skin of yours to display any marks or rends..."

With those words still echoing in Sonya's ears, she heard the woman grunt in frustration and then gasp again and again. She had resumed the motion of her fingers inside Sonya, but with some kind of jerky rhythm, as if she was being moved by something at the same time.

"Yes, my dear Sonya, I am fucking this beautiful stranger. Her tight little pussy is wrapped around my hard cock. From what I feel, she likes it very much. And I think she should share!... Come on, little captive, lick my little Sonya's pussy. Lick it good!".

Sonya had no idea how and when he had been able to take such a position. She hadn't heard anything. Or maybe she was moaning so much that she was only paying attention to her mounting pleasure. And there it was again, the pleasure, coursing through her veins even hotter than before, as she felt the ragged breath of the woman against her skin, licking and fingering her avidly, as she resumed moaning from the thrusts of Ephrem's hard cock deep into her. By now they were both screaming lasciviously and letting their pleasure out through every orifice of their body. Sonya felt a hand gripping her hair and she knew it was Ephrem's strong grip pulling her head back as much as possible from the vines. It was almost as if he was thrusting into her through the woman, so vividly she felt the woman being moved against her butt and pussy.

The woman was now completely lost in pleasure, lashing out at Sonya with all of her lusty self. She spanked her butt cheeks, pulled hard on her hips as she was pushed hard into Sonya by Ephrem's thrusts. She pulled hard on Sonya's nipples with one hand as her other hand started fingering her asshole and her head rested on the small of her back. The woman's hands were all over Sonya, disrespectful of how many times she had already made her orgasm.

Finally, with one scream, tearing lasciviously out of her throat, the woman came, pushing all her fingers deep inside Sonya and causing her head to pull hard away from Ephrem's hand. Sonya came as well, a few seconds after the woman, adding a second scream to the cooling afternoon breeze.

"What ever shall I do with you, little captive, now that my sweet Sonya is the tree's captive" said Ephrem...

Chapter 3 - Four is a Crowd. Or is it?

Ephrem was in a dark and deep forest. And in that forest, there was a clearing, bathed in the late summer afternoon light. And in that clearing, there were a pair of beautiful ladies, naked and panting at the end of an overwhelming orgasm. One of them, Sonya, his dear sexy little slut, was tangled in what the other woman referred to as "tangleweed". Certainly a word they had never heard before. But then again, the rich tone of the woman's voice was something they had definitely never heard before either. It seemed quite strange and out of place that she could surpass the beauty of the forest by the swish of her rich golden curls and the lascivious pose of her hand on Sonya's waist. As she was hanging, spread-legged and spread-armed from the vines, the woman was holding on to her, as if she were a rock in the middle of a raging ocean. Her breathing was deep and strong, her body still trembling and thighs still clenching around the receding pleasure in her pussy. Ephrem secured her ankles and wrists together with his belt. She stifled a laugh as she asked him if he was going to sling her on a pole like some piece of prized game to be roasted on an open fire. Sonya knew all too well what he could do to a captive. Or thought she knew...

Ephrem walked to Sonya's body, once more, after having dropped the other female 'package' a few feet away, and placed both hands on her shoulders, whispering in her ear that she had been an excellent partner and had given them much pleasure. "As a reward, sweet little sexy thing, let's watch the setting sun together." As he said those words, he yanked her wrists downward and, as if something unhooked in the higher reaches of the branches, the vines let her arms down to her shoulder height. As she started to collapse downward under the sudden lurch, his hand caught her chin and wrapped around her shoulders, holding the top of her body from her shoulders and his other hand grasping both wrists firmly.

He twisted her around a bit, for her to face West and saw the stiff smile on her face as the rays of the setting sun made her eyes crinkle and blink.

Indeed, by now, the sun was starting to sink behind a chain of mountains in the background and the rays cast off of the high snowy peaks shown orange and golden on the leaves. The sun brought out the humid parts of the barks of the trees, their new buds, their lustering leaves in all their brilliant details and dimmed almost to a haze the darker part of the woods. It was useless to focus on these shadowy interstices, but when they tried, a smell akin to that of wet and decaying leaves permeated the late afternoon perfumes of pine, honey and fresh grass. The temperature seemed to drop a few degrees as the sun went completely behind the peaks, plunging the valley and their little clearing into gold-gilded twilight.

What followed next was as unclear as it happened quickly. Maybe due to the now dimming light of the end of the afternoon, they did not see it coming.

When the dust settled, Ephrem was standing at the same place, his hand deeply set into the chest of the man... at the level of his heart. The woman was not laughing anymore. The eyes of the man were burning with a white fury, trying to rend Ephrem with shear will.

"How useless and pathetic." Ephrem sighed. "You have come to join us?"

"Be thrice damned, you degenerate unearthly reject of hell", the man managed to push through his gritted teeth.

With those words, Ephrem yanked on the man's heart and held it to his face as he collapsed in a heap. "Let me hold on to this for the while." How was the man not dead from his chest being burst open? Uncannily, his heart was beating in Ephrem's clenched fist. He rose staggeringly to his feet and smiled a crooked smile, letting a pair of longer canine teeth shine in the growing light of the rising moon. Well... maybe that explained it...

"What do you command, One of Shadows and now my Holder?" whispered the man.

"I think you have not allowed me to give my feminine possession the whole reward I had promised her. Your little interruption made it hard to enjoy all of the beautiful view." Ephrem answered. "So let me see how you can please her, now that the moon is out! Your own mate did a good job earlier, but I'm not sure we're finished with her either."

The man slowly neared Sonya's body, his eyes taking in the pallor of the skin of her upthrust hips and tight belly, snaking his gaze along her legs, arms and finally resting on her two beautiful breasts, perkily propped atop her chest, bouncily defying gravity. He reached his hands to the breast and cupped them, getting a feel for their suppleness and their softness. He gently stroked them from their base in a circle towards the nipple. His hands felt unearthly cold and that instantly hardened the nipples to compact balls of sensory triggers. They tingled wildly when he reached them with the tips of his fingers, sending shivers through Sonya's chest and down her arched spine.

Gruesomely, her eyes fixated on a trail of blood oozing from his open chest wound. With her head upside down, it seemed a drop was making its way up to her face. The man flicked a finger across its path and plucked it from his skin. He forced his finger past Sonya's lips, pushing the drop of blood against her tongue.

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