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Natural Beauty

byWriting Cowboy©

I admire the natural beauty of you as we explore the wooded trails. The late rays of the evening sun filters through the leaves to touch and reflect the colors in your hair.

The ending rain has cooled the air, leaving the forest with a fresh clean smell.Drifting to us on the light summer breeze, is the scent of pine and birch, with a hint of lilac from a distant field. We hear the excited calls of the birds announcing our presence as we move deeper into the forest. As we explore we come across a growth of wild rose. Though smaller than a domestic rose they sometimes blend the colors of pink and yellow

I watch the dimpled smile increase as I pick one from the bush and let you smell the mixed distinctive smell of orange. I move close to share the sweet aroma and touch your lips for a light kiss.

We were not dressed for a hike, as we on impulse decided to stop the car and explore the hidden trail. You are dressed in a casual dark skirt and light white blouse. I in jeans and boots, which were sure not designed for a mountain walk. But were not setting a hurried pace, so we will enjoy the little side trip despite our dress.

Now as I hold you close I feel the hidden lines of a woman beneath the clothes, as my hands move to explore My fingertips touch the lines of you,each line as distinctive as the rose you hold in your hand. I cradle your face in my hands lifting it up to me. I want to watch your eyes talk to me as I brush your lips with mine for soft easy kisses. But today I feel agressive desire in your kiss.

I feel excitement at the sight of pure chemistry when I look into your eyes. The sun's reflection and the response to closeness make them take on the rich, dark color of aged Tennessee whiskey. Your eyes, with a simple glance, can fill any man with desire. But today I see in them a take me if you dare smile mixed with smoldering passion as your nails dig slightly into the back of my neck in response to the kisses.

We break the embrace and walk along the trail, enjoying the quiet of the forest, still remembering the smile and kiss I lean you back against a tree to capture you with my arms and steal another kiss.

I press close to feel your body against mine. Still holding the rose, your arms wrap round my neck and draw me even closer. I respond with a deep kiss pushing you harder against the tree. Your hands move beneath my shirt, I feel your nails against my skin as your desire increases.

As I read and respond to your hungry passion; you feel the hardness expanding inside my jeans as I press harder against you with the tree firmly behind you. My lips find yours for a rough kiss of hurried heat, and again I feel your teeth bite my lip.

I move my hands down to lift the skirt and you feel the rough bark of the tree through the soft panties. I slip my hand down inside the soft cotton to touch your heated desire. Strong emotions flood over me as I find you flowing, and hear your breath escape with pleasure when I roughly find the wet slippery bud.

You cry out in pleasure as I hurriedly thrust two fingers deep into your aroused wet, almost to lift you up with the force and passion. You move your arms over your head to hold the tree behind you for balance in our heated rush. I bring my fingers from inside you and trace the wetness onto your lips and we share a hungry kiss, to ravish the taste of you.

With your breathing coming faster and the sweet taste of your arousal I see the print of your rigid nipples through he fabric of your blouse. I start to unbutton but in the rush they refuse to loosen.

In a moment of animal want, I rip the buttons away to free your breast, My mouth finding with light teeth the rigid nipples, you draw my shirt over my head in a rush and I press my chest against the rigid dampened nipples. Each movement brings our passion higher. For a second you push away from the tree as I remove your panties and you kick them away.

You lean on the tree for support, your soft skin now bared against the rough texture.I free the rigid cock and find the erect bud to firmly and rapidly massage with the swollen head. You scream with surprise and mixed pleasure as I suddenly fill your flowing pussy hard and deep forcing you against the rough bark.

With your arms over your head still holding the tree behind you, I move my hands behind you to cup and protect your soft full cheeks from the driving force of my heated thrust.With you meeting every stroke, I take you hard and deep,with raw animal instinct of a bitch in heat,

Your body tenses as passion builds with each hurried stroke of my rigid, glistening cock, covered with your arousal. The quiet forest is riveted with your scream as the rushed wave of the first orgasm consumes every fiber of you.

Sensing your pleasure, I drive deeper into your contracting warmth. The passion of the moment and movement sends another wave of double pleasure as I lift within to touch and trigger the sweet hidden spot inside that will send you soaring to pleasure unknown.

Lost to the pleasure you are feeling and my own I can take no more. With a final stroke to take you deep and to hold firm inside you, I fill you with a flood of hot release as the orgasmic contractions of your pleasure milks around me from within.

With the emotional and physical release still in control of our bodies, the hurried rush has passed. I hold you tight through your tender time, as you silently cling to me, your arms twined around my neck.The after shocks from the strong rush of emotions still shake your body, as I absorb the pleasure of you as your spent body trembles in my arms, telling me all emotions felt.

Note: No trees or wildlife was harmed in the research for this story. :)

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