tagLoving WivesNatural Desires Ch. 01

Natural Desires Ch. 01

bygypsy palliser©

They were flirting over drinks and appetizers. The outdoor patio, the warm sunshine and the potential of the situation added to the excitement of the evening. Although she was happily married, her unbidden natural desires for sexual excitement overpowered her rational thought.

She was a free spirit at heart. There were no such things as mistakes, only lessons to be learned. She believed everything happened for a reason. She was tempted only by this man, a previous lover, and didn't question it. After all, he was the one that helped to enlighten her sexuality. That was something she would always remember and be grateful for.

After a few more glasses of port and some teasing conversations, the couple decided it was time to clear up the tab and go for a walk. The gentleman generously picked up the tab and they headed out into the dark, beautiful evening.

It was a warm night…she was wearing her tight black tank top and red shorts. He was wearing a light blue shirt that brought out the colour of his eyes. They could both feel the sexual currents stirring between them.

As they continued to walk in the nearby park, the gentleman asked if he could hold her hand. Innocent enough she thought. She felt protected, and as well noticed a small jolt of arousal as their hands touched. She felt the familiar tingling begin in the cleft between her legs. The slight breeze made her nipples harden.

The park was quiet. The couple could hear the river flowing nearby. It was a perfect night. They decided to stop at one of the benches along the pathway, behind a big poplar tree. Not a soul was around.

They turned towards each other and began to kiss…memories of their times together five years ago came flooding back to the woman. He was the last person she slept with before marriage. Although she had a good husband, and had always been a faithful wife, there was no denying her attraction towards this man. Their kissing became more passionate, and the woman began to press her body against the man, indicating her desire for him. A part of her realized how wrong this was, how forbidden it was to cross the line…how it could change things…but nothing could stop what was about to happen. The woman often fantasized about having an opportunity to meet this man again…and somewhere in her mind for whatever reasons she wanted these things to happen.

The couple continued to become more passionate…licking, fondling, pressing, and teasing. Her top had been removed and the gentleman fondled her breasts, and rubbed his tongue around her hardened nipples. She helped him remove his shirt, and began to unbuckle his shorts. She could feel the hot, hard muscle beneath the zipper, waiting to be exposed. The woman had hoped she would be able to show off her new panties. He removed her shorts, briefly leaving her sexy black diamond g-string exposed. She was dripping with wetness as she felt the black silk slide between her slit easily. The man began to touch her inner thighs, sending shivers down her spine. He expertly ran a finger across her clit a few times, circling it slowly, feeling her honey drip down his hand. She moaned with pleasure, and took his shaven cock into her hands. She remembered how much pleasure this mighty beast could give her. She wrapped her fingers of her left hand around the base of his shaft. She began to stroke it up and down, slowly at first to lube it with his precum.

He continued to pleasure her with his fingers, sliding his fingers along her puffy, wet outer lips, teasing her clit. She encourages his fingers to enter her…she needs to feel them inside her pussy. She guides his hand, first one finger, and then two…mmmm. Her thrusts meet the rhythm of his fingers, as her hand continues the rhythm stroking his throbbing member faster…she reaches down with her right hand and begins to lightly caress his balls, she tickles the area behind his jewels towards his ass. This seemingly makes him hornier, and he begins to pump her pussy harder with his fingers. He could hear her sex juices squishing from her cunt. He removed his fingers for a moment, as she watched him lick her honey from his fingers. Watching this drove her crazy. The gentleman knew what she was really waiting for. He replaced his fingers with his slippery hot tongue…

The woman arched back against the park bench, as the man's tongue licked her soaking pussy, flicking the tip of it against her sensitive clit. He licked her up, down and around, fucking her with his tongue. She began to breathe heavily and faster now, moaning with pleasure. Her hips began to buck towards her lover's face. She took the back of his head in her hands and stroked his fine hair, at the same time guiding his motions to the movement of her thrusts.

She was so close to coming, everything he was doing with his tongue felt sooo incredibly good! She again guided his fingers to her dripping hole; he began to finger her while sucking and licking her pink pearl. This was pure ecstasy for the both of them.

The woman took the man's cock again and brought it to her lips. She licked the tip of the swollen, mushroom-like head and tasted his salty cream. She circled his shaft with her tongue feeling him harden more. She relaxed her throat muscles and guided his erect member fully into her mouth, slowly taking in every inch. The man feels the warmth and wetness around him and feels her tongue run up and down his shaft. He begins to buck faster as she reaches around to grab his ass. Then without warning the park sprinklers go on! The cold spray took the lustful couple by surprise, but instead of being like a cold shower, it only added more thrills to their erotic rendezvous. The chill and intermittent wetness of the sprinklers combined with the darkness of the night and the sexual chemistry between the couple contributed to taking it to the next level. They laughed and continued the adventure.

The woman's hair was soaked, and drips of water were sliding down her neck, and over her breasts. The sensation of the cold water spraying her body and the feeling of his hot hands and lips exploring every inch of her was more than she could stand. They stood up. She pressed her hips against his nakedness, and took his cock and slid it between her legs. It felt so good sliding against her slippery slit. She rubbed the tip against her tingling clit…mmmm it felt so hot…using his cock to tease her pussy. He ground his hips against her as she slid his dick back and forth, juices again flowing down her legs. Her pussy ached to feel him inside her. He pushed against her opening and she took him inside of her, it felt so good being so full. He felt the warm wetness of her pussy envelop his throbbing cock…and it was good.

The woman's knees were getting weaker, she was close to cumming. Again she leaned against the bench, legs spread as he entered her again. She grabbed his body close as he continued to thrust his hot hard cock into her over and over again. She felt the heat rise throughout her body starting at her toes…he continued to plunge, up, down, and around, faster and harder. Her legs started to shake, and the flush of heat continued to intensify. He was pounding her pussy and she was meeting his every move, keeping up with his rhythm. She started to feel light headed, as he played with her clit while fucking her. His other hand was massaging her breasts. She loved watching him move in and out of her , feeling his cock massage the inside of her dripping cunt. MMMmmm, she moaned and bucked harder. He felt her inner muscles begin to quiver around his cock. They both knew she was going to cum and cum hard! The quivering turned into convulsions as she pleaded with him to fuck her harder and faster. She began her ascent to the orgasm, shuddering and breathing heavily. Continuous waves of intense sexual release came over her as he continued as long as he could. Eventually, her breathing slowed, and her body began to relax against his.

It became cool in a hurry, once they stopped generating their own body heat. They chatted as they gathered up and changed back into their wet clothes. As they were walking hand in hand back to the truck, the woman couldn't help but to wonder if there would be more of these adventures. We all have our natural desires.

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