tagLoving WivesNatural Desires Ch. 02

Natural Desires Ch. 02

bygypsy palliser©

The Drive Over

It was a cold evening in October. The innocent schoolteacher finished up her drink before leaving the group. It was nice to unwind on a Friday over cocktails with her co-workers. But she was looking forward to embarking on her forbidden adventure that was planned for the rest of the evening. Her natural desires were calling out to her again and she knew she must answer to them.

She had told the teachers at work that she was going out for a night out on the town with her girlfriends. Her husband thought she was going out with some colleagues up North, and would crash at one of the girl's places rather than taking a cab home. Her bases were covered.

It was a week before Halloween. The wind was cold, and snow was just beginning to whisper in the air. The woman exited the lounge, and walked briskly to her car, opened the trunk of her sapphire blue Corolla and pulled out her backpack. She unlocked the front door and sat down, shutting the door as she did. It was twilight, and people were still coming and going from the lounge. She opened her backpack and retrieved her leopard print top, short black skirt and fishnet stockings and set them on the passenger's side. She slid off her comfy running shoes and then unfastened her belt, then the button and zipper on her low-slung jeans. She glanced around to make sure no one could see her and inched her jeans down her hips, lifting her ass as she wiggled them to her ankles. She discreetly pulled one foot free and then the other. She folded her jeans and put them in her backpack, feeling the coolness of the driver's chair against her bare butt cheeks. She was wearing her black diamond thong for Him again, and felt a warm moistness seep into the thin fabric as she thought about the evening ahead.

Removing her conservative, navy cotton sweater, her nipples hardened in her black satin bra as she sensed the chill of the autumn air. She put on her low cut leopard top and reached for her skirt. The skirt was easy to slide on. It was the stockings that were a little more difficult to manage sitting in the front seat. But it would be worth it. Finally, she reached into the back seat for her long black boots to finish off her outfit. She wondered if anyone was watching her.

The schoolteacher began to feel her transformation take place. Her sweet innocence was replaced with raw sexual longing. She checked her appearance in the rearview mirror, applied some fresh, shimmery lipstick and let her hair down from the ponytail it was in. She smiled at her sexy reflection, happy with her transformation, feeling like a completely different woman.

She started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. It was going to be a slow drive, it was rush hour and the snow was starting to blow. As she drove, her mind wandered again to her forbidden lover and the plans she hoped he had for her.

As the woman drove, she was imagining her fantasy becoming reality, envisioning him welcoming her and then blindfolding her. As she could no longer see, her other senses became heightened. Darkness surrounded her.

The sexy gentleman kissed her, his hot tongue probing her lips. She tasted the warm wetness of his mouth. Confidently, he led her up the stairs to his bedroom and told her to lie down on the bed. She did as she was told. He offered her a sip of rich red wine, and smiled as she brought the glass to her mouth and swallowed, licking her lips as she finished.

Her lover took the glass from her hand. "I've been thinking about you all day. I want to make you so wet, I want to tease you till you beg me to fuck you. "

He asked her to be silent, and to allow him to take the lead. He removed her top and her bra, kissing her neck and shoulders as he did…tracing small patterns along her collarbone with his tongue. His warm breath tickled against her smooth skin, sending goosebumps up her spine and warm tingles between her legs.

Prior to her arrival, the gentleman had secured four of his ties to the posts of his bed. He could imagine how sexy and vulnerable she would look, the nasty schoolteacher…hot and wet and spread for him. He got up and moved to the head of the bed. He reached down, took her arm, and lifted it over her head, running one hand slowly down her arm, pausing to gently fondle her breasts. Then he abruptly lifted her arm up and wrapped the tie around her wrist. He liked the shocked and excited expression on her face.

He whispered, " This is the night your fantasy comes true."

With that, he moved around to the other side of the bed and secured her other arm. "How does that feel?"

"I can't believe how hot you make me feel. I've wanted this for so long." Her other senses came alive as she lay there waiting for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, in anticipation of what would happen next. Her skin was tingling, her pussy dripping its warm honey between her thighs.

The gentleman stood there a moment, watching her adjust to what was happening. A low moan escaped her lips as he reached out, running his hand down her body, teasing her breasts and sliding down her stomach. He ran his hand down her leg and back up to her inner thigh, feeling the texture of the fishnet stockings beneath his fingers. He told her to lift her ass off the bed. He pulled her stockings under her hips, causing her to arch up towards him, and then let his fingers trail down and then back up her leg. She shivered with lust and that familiar longing. He removed her stockings and gently squeezed her thighs, then spread her legs gently. He could feel the heat radiating from between her legs. He reached down and took the tie by the foot of the bed and wrapped it around her right leg, just above her ankle.

He knotted the tie and moved around to the other side of the bed. He caressed her thighs and ran his hand down her left leg, and quickly secured it to the remaining tie. Stepping to the end of the bed, he looked at her. Her arms were pulled up and stretched above her head, with the blindfold preventing her from seeing what was going on around her. He looked down on her body, legs spread, skirt pushed up to her waist, her g-string hidden between her wet pussy lips. He looked at her sexy, swollen nipples, and sat down beside her. She looked so hot laying there, no longer an innocent schoolteacher.

The woman felt his eyes watching her even though she couldn't see him. The silence built up her anticipation. She heard the sliding of a drawer being open and shut. In a moment she felt the light tip of a feather tickling the underside of her breasts, moving down her belly. It fluttered between her inner thighs and lightly over her clit. She arched her hips up towards the feather, seeking its stimulation. The gentleman kissed her lips and her breasts arousing her more. She wanted to guide his fingers to her aching pussy.

"Fuck, you're driving me crazy. Touch me now, mmmmm."

He still did not say one word to her. He took the feather and flicked it across first one nipple and then the other... again and again. The teacher lay there moaning and writhing on the bed, her body on fire. She desperately wanted to be touched, to feel his hands on her body. The light touch of the feather teased her body unmercifully, making her crave something a little rougher. She felt wound up, her body tense and aching for something more. He flicked the feather over her pussy, letting the tip of the feather just barely skim up and down her slit.

"Fuck! Yeah! PLEASE, touch me!"

He loved the sight of her, she was so aroused and her moans and demands were making him want to just fuck her right now. But, he had to wait; he wanted her to be driven past the point of being in any control of herself.

His warm hands ran lightly along her body, massaging her neck and shoulders, tracing his fingers over her slightly plump stomach, down towards her ravenous pussy, grazing her clit with the light touch of a single finger. She arched up to him, loving what he was doing to her, dripping her warm, sweet nectar all over his fingers. It felt so intense, not being able to see him or touch him, it made everything he did to her seem sharper. Her senses were tuned in to each and every touch, sound, scent and taste.

The gentleman slid her g-string aside, and dipped his finger into her dripping hole. He spread her juices along her pink, slippery pussy lips, again sliding his finger slowly and deeply into her. He played with her clit and it swelled and hardened in response. As she bucked her hips, he fucked her with his two fingers faster and harder. Her pussy was throbbing and he felt her cunt grabbing at his fingers. She couldn't cum yet. It was too soon. He quickly pulled them out of her, depriving her of the impending orgasm.

"NO! Don't stop! I wanna cum! I'm so close! PLEASE Fuck Me! I want your hard cock inside of me!"

He loved hearing her beg for him. He straddled over top of her and whispered in her ear, "Not yet."

He dipped a finger into the wine and smoothed it across her lips into her mouth. She sucked the sweetness from his finger, continuing to lick it like she would if she were giving head, swirling her tongue around and around. She felt the hardness of his cock slide between the cleavage of her breasts. He reached behind with his other hand and continued fingering her wet cunt. She met his every thrust, moaning and breathing heavy. After a moment, she felt the smooth skin of the head of his cock against her lips. She darted her tongue out and licked the underside of the rim, up and down the shaft. She tasted the bittersweet liquid; warmly seeping from his shaft, and eagerly sought more.

The gentleman began to move his cock in and out of her mouth, feeling the warm wetness surround the length of his rod. Her lips sucked him in, and he felt his own orgasm build. He supported the back of her head as he plunged his cock deeper down her throat. His strokes became faster as he felt the heat surge and his balls tighten.

She moaned and bucked her hips against his fingers. Her cunt was squishing and smacking with her juices. He needed to pull out before he shot his salty load in her mouth. Without missing a beat, he jerked his cock from her mouth and lowered his head between her thighs. His warm tongue lapped up her warm syrup as he sucked on her hardened clit with his lips. She needed him now! It was too intense.

"OHH! PLEASE" She thrust her shaven pussy against his face, spreading her swollen lips with her fingers. She grabbed the back of his head and forced it towards her cunt. He continued fucking her with his fingers and tongue, feeling the grip of every spasm build up within her.

"You wanna be fucked now? You want my rock hard cock in your ravenous pussy?" He leaned above her again, teasing her clit with the head of his cock. Precum was oozing out, mixing with her musky wetness.

"Yes! Fuck. I need to feel you deep inside me!"

The gentleman needed no more encouragement. He brought his cock to the opening of her begging pussyhole and plunged it in hard and deep. She felt him penetrate her to the hilt and she moaned and screamed. He rammed it in harder and harder, grabbing her ass and pulling her hips towards him. She bucked against him. Her pussy gripped his shaft and slid up and down. He brought a hand down towards her pussy and started rubbing her engorged clit as he continued to pump his cock into her, his balls slapping against her ass as the hot cum coursed upwards through his cock.

"OH, Yes! You're gonna make my pussy cum!"

Her words became incoherent mumblings as she gushed again and again, her orgasm taking over her body. The spasms spurred her lover on, and he was pumping in and out of her at a ferocious rate. His own orgasm was about to throw him over the edge. His balls tightened up, getting ready to shoot his load. He pushed his thumb against her clit, rubbing back and forth, keeping her orgasm going, keeping her pulsing, throbbing pussy grabbing at his cock, squeezing him so tight. Ramming her fast and hard, he slammed into her hot, wet pussy, one last time, and pulled out, jerking his cum all over her.

His body dropped down over hers. Both of them just lay there for a minute, trying to catch their breath. As they settled back down, the gentleman got off the bed and started undoing the binds that had kept the horny schoolteacher as his willing prisoner. He removed the scarf from her eyes, looked at her, then leaned down and kissed her lips gently.

"You Liked?" he asked, a smile playing across his lips.

The Arrival.

The teacher's fantasy came to an end and reality set in as she drove up in front of his house. Again, there was a brief moment's hesitation. What about Karma? What about being a positive role model? What about her husband? She blocked the thoughts out of her mind. She knew if she made it this far, there was no turning back. She approached the steps to her ex-lovers house, her heels clicking against the sidewalk. She smoothed her short black mini skirt, and ran her fingers through her hair, taking a deep breath before ringing the bell.

She had been here before on a few occasions, each one a memorable experience. And here she was again. What kept drawing her back to this place? Especially now? As a wife, she knew it wasn't right, but again her natural desires took over her ability to reason rationally.

She watched him rise from the couch and walk past the front window to the door. The gentleman invited her in with a smile, "Well, Hello my little sex angel."

He looked so hot in his black t-shirt and faded button-fly jeans. She barely had time to remove her jacket, revealing her outfit complete with black, fishnet stockings and calf length boots. He pulled her to him, pressing his warm mouth against hers. She responded by licking his lips, her tongue darting out to mingle with his. They kissed with fervour, with passion, with need. They embraced each other with a hunger that couldn't be satisfied, pressing their bodies together, feeling and giving in to their cravings.

"Can I get you a drink?" He pulled away long enough for his gorgeous blue eyes to take in the sight of her. He looked her up and down with approval, "Nice outfit."

"A scotch would be great," she bent over and unzipped her black leather boots revealing her shapely legs clad in black fishnet.

The gentleman's cock hardened as he watched her, and when she arose, again he pulled her against him, grabbing her ass, and pressed himself against the back of her thighs. She felt his hardness and untucked his shirt from his jeans and ran her fingers over his chest and back, across his nipples, down his belly. She unfastened his belt buckle, and pulled at the button-fly, feeling his hard cock strain against his boxers. The heat between her legs built into a warm wetness in her pussy, as his fingers crept up her inner thighs and briefly teased her through her stockings. She loved the sensation of her g-string sliding between her slit, his fingers tracing the diamond pattern against her swollen lips. She raised one leg and propped it on the nearby chair, providing balance as she spread her legs for him. Her warm hands rubbed against his cock, and she grabbed his ass and thrust her hips forward, grinding against him.

The gentleman lifted her skirt, and hooked his fingers in the waist of her nylons, and inched them down her legs. She stepped out of them as he massaged her breasts through her top with his strong hands. She lifted his black, cotton shirt, and he removed her top, pausing to lick and suck her erect pink nipples. She helped him remove his jeans and boxers, freeing his perfect cock from its restraints. He unzipped her skirt and it slid down her legs to the floor, leaving her only in her black diamond g-strings. The woman again balanced one leg on the chair, gently grabbed her lover's swollen, shaven cock with the palm of her hand and rubbed it between her wet pussy lips.

"Tell me a story," he whispered, as he inched his fingers towards her pussy. He listened to her words, her sexy voice sharing her fantasy stories. He began to stroke her clit and massage her sopping pussy, moving her panties to the side, fucking her cunt with his fingers.

The woman continued with the story in her breathless voice...

"She felt him fuck her pussy harder and harder with his fingers. She wanted to feel his cock inside her..."

"The stairs...I want to fuck you on the stairs..." He slipped off her g-strings and guided her to the stairs. She led the way, and when she approached the top of the stairway, she knelt face down towards the carpet. Her knees were a couple of stairs down, and she raised her tight ass towards him as he leaned over top of her.

Her lover reached around and grabbed her tits as she arched her back up against his hot chest. She could feel his cock against her ass, sliding down towards her wet, slick hole. She braced herself against the floor as he loosened her with his fingers, circling her clit, probing and lubing the entrance to her warm wet pussy. She began to moan as she felt the swollen crimson head of his cock sliding between her legs, and pressing against her lower lips, opening her up. She gasped as she felt him thrust the whole length of his shaft up inside of her. It felt so good...so hot. She could feel the fire creep into the deepest parts of her body.

As his cock slid between her legs, he could feel the heat intensify around him. He felt the warm wetness of her cunt suck his cock. He could feel the soft walls of her pussy grip his manhood like a fist, milking him each time he thrust into her. He loved hearing her cry out words of encouragement.

"Fuck me hard, baby! I want you to pound it into me! You feel so good inside my wet cunt!"

He fucked her like she wanted it. Her ass slapped against his hips as he thrust deep inside of her. His fingers reached around and began to tease her erect and throbbing clit. She was hypersensitive now, and her cunt was on fire. She moaned and pressed her upper body against the stairs for leverage as she bucked her lower body against him, meeting every thrust, encouraging him to go faster and deeper as her pussy began its familiar quivering. The heat rushed over her body and between her legs. Her legs shook and she felt the waves of orgasm crash around her.

"Ooohmmm...I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna shoot my load all over you..." He pulled out his cock, still dripping with her cream.

"Mmm, yeah, I want to feel you come hard..." She felt his warm cock slap against her ass as he jerked himself hard. He groaned as he exploded his cum all over her ass, her legs and her back.

The release was intense. Their bodies collapsed together, fully spent. They relaxed for a moment and caught their breath. Their natural desires once again fulfilled.

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