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Natural Discovery


Jack had seen no one else on the nature trail all day. It was early afternoon on a Tuesday, a day when he was sure that there could be no other nature watchers out this far into the woods, much less in the park area at the entrance of the preserve. He had scheduled some time off from work to pursue what had once been only a weekend hobby, but which now consumed the better part of his free time: bird watching. In the past three years, he had catalogued over 300 varieties of bird species, but his catalogue remained far from complete.

He had heard reports of certain rare species being seen in the wooded area of the preserve, one report in particular gaining his interest. A friend had told of seeing a White-breasted Sap-sucker while walking along the trail, but he had lost track of it after only a few minutes of following. What had made it more difficult to track at the time of the sighting, was the fact that a number of families and individuals were in the area, forcing the shy creature to retreat deeper into the woods. The bird had been sighted again at another time in the same area, according to his friend. These reports had led Jack to the conclusion that the bird might be nesting in the area. Of course, the times of the sightings were always occurring when the most people were in the area, so Jack figured that he needed to be there when the fewest people were around. And he could not have picked a better day.

He casually walked along the trail, his eyes scanning the branches of the trees far ahead; he wanted to be sure that he was some distance away, if the Sap-sucker should appear, thus making his presence less known as he followed its lead. The overhanging branches became denser the further along he went, shortening the view ahead of him. He crouched down some as he walked, trying to adjust the view, but to little avail. He decided to turn back and try another trail; but as he was turning around, he heard a rustling in an area not far off. Crouching low, he could see through the thicket what appeared to be a sunlit clearing not more than 50 feet from the edge of the trail. He began to look for some space between the trees which would provide him a path toward the clearing.

Pushing some underbrush to one side with his hand, he discovered an opening which clearly marked an old trail through the woods. It was covered with a blanket of fallen leaves, with no noticeable undergrowth and very few branches and twigs that could crack under foot and give away his presence. He slowly made his way along the path, which began to turn toward where he had seen the clearing. As he made the turn, he could now see that the path did indeed lead to the nearby clearing. He approached the opening cautiously, and stopped just short of entering the clearing to avoid revealing himself if something should happen to be there.

The clearing itself was wide and grassy, its edges shaded by overhanging limbs thick with new spring foliage. Jack scanned the upper branches all around and over head. Then he heard the rustling again, but it seemed now to be coming from nearer the ground on the far side of the clearing. Peering into the shadows of the limbs across the way, he caught a glimpse of the creature whose rustlings had drawn him here; the incredibleness of the sight forced him to use the binoculars to verify what he now saw: a woman sitting on the ground between two large roots of an enormous tree. She was leaning back against its thick trunk, almost engulfed within the recesses of it. She had on a flowery sun dress which buttoned down in the front. Several of the buttons were undone, and the shoulders of the dress spread open and just barely clung to her upper arms. Jack could tell that she was bra-less, the upper hems of the dress being held up only by her well-formed breasts.

The woman's knees were bent and her legs parted several inches. She had pulled the lower hem up to her waist to allow one of her hands to be inserted between her legs and into her crotch. With the binoculars, Jack could now see that she was moving her hand slowly up and down over her crotch. Suddenly, she seemed to shiver, causing the upper hem of the dress to finally fall from where it had been hanging, fully exposing her breasts with their nipples hardened. Jack himself began to shiver with excitement, hardly believing what he was seeing. Also, he could barely hold the binoculars straight to keep from missing a single second of this precious find. As he followed closely the rhythms of her hand, his excitement made its way into his own crotch. There he could feel the tight swelling within his jeans, aching to be released. But not yet, not until he could move in closer without being seen by her, and still see her without the aid of the binoculars which were becoming cumbersome and unsteady.

Jack looked to either side to see which would be the most concealed way around the clearing. He knew that he could have just walked over to her and introduced himself, and maybe she would allow him to be her attentive audience. However, announcing himself too soon might embarrass her and cause her to run away. After all, why else would she have come out this far to such a remote area, if but to merged herself undisturbed in sheer ecstasy with the natural beauty and wildness around her. Jack could understand this, having himself felt occasionally the urge to come out here, strip naked and roll around in the fallen leaves and undergrowth. So as to not ruin her moment, he carefully crept along the ground under the branches, making his way around the clearing's perimeter to just within 30 feet of where the woman sat. She showed no sign of detecting his presence, being too wrapped up in the sensations which, Jack thought, must be increasing, since she had her eyes tightly closed while her whole body rubbed up and down against the tree trunk, her free hand gripping the large root next to her for support. Or, was she gripping it and running her hand along it, with the image in her mind of some large male member, hard, stiff and smooth, being readied for the chance to be slipped between her bare legs and pressed against the burning lips of her vagina.

Jack lifted the strap from around his neck and laid the binoculars on the ground. He then knelt on both knees and unfastened the snap and gently drew down the zipper of his jeans. He pushed them down his thighs, and discovered that his now erect penis had poked its way through the slit of his briefs. He was ready to start stroking it where it was, but felt that the brightness of the light colored briefs might blow his cover in the darkness under the hanging branches. So he slipped these down as well, his cock springing back up immediately, its head lightly tapping his belly.

The woman had slowed her movements, as though the electric sensations which she had generated within her loins were beginning to subside. But soon, she was moving her hand again, this time faster, causing her body to rise and her back to arch, her head leaning back and against the trunk. Her wide opened mouth emitted heavy pantings and deep guttural moanings which rose in pitch to soft whelpings. Jack's shaking hand was closely wrapped around his throbbing cock, moving up and down its entire length; each time it reached the bottom of the thick, 7 inch shaft, its fingers reached under and tugged his now stiff balls, releasing them as his hand then made its way back up to the head, swollen and polished. As Jack continued to stroke himself, he felt a strong urge to jump up, run over to the woman, crawl on top of her, and give her what she obviously so desperately needed. The thought became especially urgent, since the woman was now moving closer to the large root, apparently ready to mount it for the final ride.

Jack stood up, his pants and briefs falling to his ankles, his cock extending straight out and up, waving like a flag.

"Need some help," he said in as calm a voice as he could muster. The woman quickly pulled down the hem of her dress, stood up and against the tree. She fumbled with the upper hems of the dress, trying to get it up over her shoulders again, but she could not seem to get it passed her erect nipples.

"What the f . . . ," she said, but fell silent when she caught sight of Jack's almost perpendicular cock. She let out a nervous and breathy laugh, a big grin forming on her face. The grin then faded and her lips parted with a sigh. Her chest heaved, and Jack could have sworn that he heard the fast pounding of her heart. The corner of her mouth rose to a half smile.

"Hey there," she said. "Looks like you're the one who might need some help. You lost?"

"No," said Jack, "I was just walking along the trail and happened upon this clearing, when I saw you. I didn't mean to disturb you, but I couldn't help myself."

"Obviously," said the woman, stepping away from the tree. "So, you come here often? Oh, listen to me, I sound like I'm in a bar trying to pick a fella up."

Jack felt his cock starting to go limp, so he grabbed it and tried to revive it with more stroking.

"So," she said, "what are you standing over there for? The fun's over here."

She leaned back against the tree and let the top of her dress fall down her arms again. Then she raised her skirt and reached her hand under it, a large grin forming on her face.

"I thought I was alone out here," she said, "figured I'd do a little 'solo flying' in the wild. Never expected anyone would catch me. But here you are. Sure, I could use some help, if you're up to it." She looked down at Jack's crotch and giggled, seeing him stroking faster, desperately trying to get it up again. He bent over and began frantically to slip off his shoes, pants and briefs. After they were off, he casually walked across the clearing to where the woman was, continuing the stroking. The nearer he got to her, the bigger his erection became. He stepped inside the shade of the tree and stood watching her rub between her thighs with one hand, while with her other hand she gently squeezed and stroked one of her breasts, all the while eyeing and smiling at him. She then licked her lips and grinned. Jack pulled off his shirt and threw it to the ground.

"Oh, I'm up to it alright," he said, as he approached her, his cock once more at attention. He stood no more than a foot from her, then reached down and began lifting the hem of her dress. She raised her arms over her head, while Jack continued bundling up the dress higher along her torso, until he was finally able to lift the whole thing off her with one movement. She lowered her arms and laid her hands on his shoulders, while he placed his on her hips. He softly caressed her hips and waist; then reaching around to her back, he pulled her to him. She raised herself up to him on her toes, wrapping her arms around his neck. When their lips met, she let out a deeper moan, as though Jack had just fed her a mouthful of the most delicious dessert she had ever tasted.

Jack took a small step forward and pressed the woman against the tree. In response, she lifted her leg and hugged his hip with it, pulling him closer to her. They continued kissing passionately, first one way, then another; neither of them could get enough of the other's lips, to get the full taste of them. Jack reached under the woman's buttocks, groping with his fingers to find her other moistened lips. The woman took Jack's groping to mean that he was trying to lift her into position for penetration. She reciprocated by clinging to his neck and hoisting herself up, raising both legs and wrapping them around his waist. Jack, realizing what she was trying to do, proceeded to place both of his hands under her buttocks and lift her crotch to his belly, sliding her up the side of the tree trunk. Then, as her legs gripped his waist tighter, he gently lowered her, adjusting his pelvis in order to aim and work his cock into the opening which she had so carefully prepared.

As the head of his cock sunk into her, she let out a louder moan but without separating her mouth from his. She raised herself slightly, feeling the penetration acutely; the piercing of her vagina was almost too much to bear (although it was eagerly awaited), causing her to almost want to escape its probing. But, as the weight of her body and the slipperiness of the tree trunk against her sweaty back caused her to sink back down, she felt the cock slide deeper into her and, overwhelmed by its complete submersion, consequently tightened the grip of her arms and legs around Jack's own sweaty body.

Jack grabbed the tree trunk with his hands and, pressing his knees into it, began rocking his hips in an upward motion, pounding the woman harder. She could not maintain the hold of her lips on Jack's, so she pulled her head away from his and let out a grunt, then began panting and whining in rhythm with the accelerated pumping action of Jack's cock. Jack gripped the tree harder and poured his whole might into the endeavor. The heat of the air under the tree was stifling, as their bodies were becoming drenched with sweat. Then a cool breeze suddenly appeared, and stirred the branches over head. Jack felt the rush of the breeze against his back, like someone had splashed cool water over him. The breeze whipped around, and now the woman could feel it too, the wetness of her skin enhancing its coolness. Jack began to slow his movements, separating his body slightly from the woman's; in the space between, the breeze flowed over the fronts of their bodies, invigorating them. Jack pressed his body against hers once more, planting his lips firmly on her neck; he sucked and licked the moisture trickling down from her brow along her cheek and to her neck.

As they both shivered from the approaching orgasmic rush, their lips locked together once more. The exertion had begun to weaken their frames; Jack's knees were shaking, and the woman's legs were losing their hold. The breeze was picking up force, and the sunlight in the clearing was fading. Dark clouds began forming over head. Jack, feeling his legs starting to give, swung himself around, walked to a point just beyond the edge of the overhanging branches, and fell to his knees. He laid the woman on her back and continued pumping, but more slowly and with longer strokes.

As the wind blew harder, thunder could be heard from the thick clouds which now covered the entire sky. As the wind quieted down momentarily, drops of rain struck the ground around Jack and the woman. Jack felt the drops hitting him in the back, then more drops, until the rain was coming down in a steady pour. The woman pushed against Jack's shoulders and, using her own body as leverage, rolled him over onto his back. He continued to pump her, but now she was adding to the movement herself. She lifted herself up and erect, her fingertips pressing into Jack's chest, her body continuing to rise and fall. Her hair was now slick with rain, the drops streaming down her chest and arms and dripping from her breasts. Jack cupped both breasts with his hands and squeezed and stroked them, his cock still slipping in and out of her warm pussy. She was riding him harder now like he was some wild bull, twirling her head around and slinging her long drenched hair from side to side. She began to make sounds with her voice like those of some wild exotic bird, crying and cawing, wooping and crowing, then screeching. Jack responded by imitating the sounds himself. She let out one last cry, then collapsed onto Jack's chest. Panting heavily, she moaned softly for a few minutes.

She looked at Jack's face and ran her hand over his wet brow. Once more, she pressed her lips to his, savoring the remaining morsels. The rain began to slacken to a sprinkle. She pulled herself up and pushed a strand of hair from her face.

"What did you come out here for anyway?" she said, laughing now, "other than to find a good fuck."

"I was looking for this rare bird," said Jack, "the White-breasted Sap-sucker. But I guess I'll never find it now."

"Well," she said, "think again, honey. I'm white breasted, and I just sucked the sap right out of your tree trunk."

They both laughed. Then Jack began to think: the friend who claimed to have seen the Sap-sucker was always joking with him about his obsession with bird watching. Perhaps he had found what he was looking for after all; or rather, it had lured him in and snared him.

"So, I guess you found me then," she said. "What are you going to do with me now? Put me in a cage?"

"No," said Jack, "you belong in the wild. Wild I found you, and wild I'll keep you."

"Just don't forget to keep me fed from time to time," she said.

"Oh, you can be sure to get plenty of feedings from me," said Jack. "Just remember to open wide."

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