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"Hey, hey, hey," I exclaimed, wrestling against my restraint.

Stephanie exited the stall, and Claire sat sideways on my lap, facing the partition. "Ohh, what's wrong, Timmy?" But she wasn't looking at me. Instead, she leaned over and spun on the toilet paper dispenser. Sheet after sheet reeled down towards the floor.

"What are you doing? Untie me! Let me up!"

Claire calmly ripped off the long run of sheets, and as she balled it into her hand, she spun the toilet roll again. "Let you go?"

"YES! Let me go!"

Claire balled up the second run of sheets and turned towards me. "Now, Timmy," she said, bringing the two wads up to my face, "Do you want to be a good boy and stay quiet, or do I need to stuff these into your mouth?"


"Okay," Claire sighed and pinched my nose. I opened my mouth to breathe, and she jammed part of one of the wads between my lips. I shook my head violently, but she kept ramming it in. "Moaff! Meee moaff," I gagged.

Claire fished out the tissues. "What, Timmy?"

"Don't. Please don't." I gasped.

"Are you going to be good?"



"Yes. I promise. I promise I'll keep quiet."

Claire kissed my forehead and stood up. Looking down at my still fully firm hard-on, she gave it a little tweak and then walked out of the stall.

Over the partition, I could hear her speaking to the group. "Okay, everyone has one minute alone in there. You can do whatever you want with him, but when I say, 'Time's up,' you have to let the next person in. Understand?"

The noise level in the bathroom increased, and then Lindy appeared at the stall door. She looked at me shyly and grinned nervously. A shove from behind her propelled her inside, and the stall door swung closed behind her.

She paused. Then she straddled my legs and sat on my lap. Her pleated plaid skirt fell over top of my erection, the rough material chafing its topside. She jostled her hips up closer to me, and under her skirt, I imagined my penis hovering inches away from her panty-covered pussy.

Lindy raised an index finger to her mouth and bit down demurely on the fingernail. Through her glasses, she looked at me coyly, but there was also impishness in her eyes. The braids on the sides of her head fell over her shoulders and down to her chest.

She reached for the hem of her skirt and, with a quick motion, lifted it up to her chest. Glancing down, she exclaimed, "Oh!" My hard-on was revealed, as were her small white cotton panties.

"Don't," I pleaded.

"Don't what?" she asked innocently. She pinned her skirt to her body with one hand and let the other hand drift down to my cock, encircling it with an open grip. Her touch was buttery soft, and her fingers were delicately small.

A jolt shot from my balls into my stomach. "Don't" I repeated futilely. I closed my eyes and leaned back.

Lindy moved her hand slowly up and down my cock. Her light grasp slipped over the skin smoothly. I could feel cool fingers, little tickles and gentle buffs. It was almost worse than if she were rubbing it firmly. Another jolt went into my stomach.

She changed her grip to place all her fingertips on top of my little head like a hat and then pulled them up at the same time. Her fingertips slid over my sensitive tip. She repeated the pull a few more times. The sensation ran down my shaft and caused me to buck my hips each time. I heard her giggle.

I suddenly felt that I was at the threshold. My cock quivered, and my balls twinged. "You have to stop now," I whispered.

"Why?" she asked and formed her hand into a loosely closed fist. She held her little fist just above the head and then ran it down the length of my cock in a single movement.

"Oh no! Oh no!" I exclaimed. My balls gurgled, and my hips thrust upward. She grabbed the base of my penis like the horn of a saddle, and I bucked beneath her. "Oh ... Oh ... Oh ... Unnngghhhhh!!!"

Spurts pushed past her grip and splattered against the inside material of her skirt.

"Eeeee!" she squealed and let her skirt drop back onto my lap. She placed her hands on my shoulders and tried to stand up, but her shoes slipped from under her. I shot and shot and shot under her skirt, and imagined that my cum was spraying against her inner thighs and cotton panties.

"Aaahhh!!" she screamed, as my spurting petered out. She finally stood up from my lap but still straddled my legs. Pulling her skirt up to her chin, she looked down at the damage. White globs oozed down her legs, and a wet blotch grew transparent at the crotch of her panties.

The door to the stall slammed open, and Claire entered with a panicked look on her face. Lindy burst out of the stall in tears. "I'm going to get pregnant now!" she wailed.

"You're not going to get pregnant," Claire yelled back and then looked down at my lap. As always, my hard cock stood stiffly erect, unfazed by the incident. A few smears of cum matted the hairs of my thighs.

Claire left the stall and was soon replaced by Stephanie with wet paper towels in hand. I could overhear Claire speaking to the group. "Okay, okay. Someone help Lindy get cleaned up," she said, "He'll be ready to go again in a second. Vanessa, I think you were the next one up."

"No, me," said someone else. Lindy's crying was subsiding.

Stephanie exited the stall, and when the door opened again, a statuesque redhead with long legs and a large bosom stood at the entrance. Trudy, I think her name is. A large smile developed on her face – a large, evil smile.

Suddenly, the main bathroom door burst open. "What's going on in here?" It was Miss Bell.

Someone yelped in surprise. Then Claire came forward. "Miss Bell, thank goodness you're here," she said emotionally. "We were about to get the nurse."

"What's going on, Claire?" Miss Bell made her way to my stall, and the redhead stepped away. When Miss Bell pushed opened the door, she looked shocked.

"We were taking Timmy to the nurse's office and brought him in here to get cleaned up, but when we came in, he locked himself in the stall, and we couldn't get in," Claire explained.

"Claire, is he ... is he tied up?" Miss Bell asked. Behind them, the girls were sneaking quietly past and making their way to the door.

"Well, Stephanie finally had to climb over the partition. Miss Bell, he was doing something to his wiener. He was smacking it or something," Claire was talking breathlessly, "Anyway, we couldn't get him to stop. He kept pulling on it and pulling on it. It was all red, and we thought he was going to hurt himself, so we thought we should tie him down, and we had to get help to hold him, because he wouldn't let it go, and ..."

"Okay, okay, Claire," Miss Bell interrupted, "I get the picture. Now, help me untie him."

Claire and Miss Bell undid my wrists, and Stephanie brought over my clothes. We exited the stall, and Miss Bell walked me to a more open area. "You girls should hustle off to your next class," Miss Bell said, and then before the two departed, added, "And girls, I don't want you or the other girls to be blabbing this around the school. Understand?"

Claire and Stephanie nodded their heads. Claire looked like she was going to say something else, but Stephanie gripped her upper arm and swung her out the door.

Miss Bell squatted on her haunches and held my underpants open for me to step into. My erection wavered stiffly back and forth over her head. She lifted my shorts up to my thighs, and then the bathroom door opened. A young girl with glasses entered and stopped in her tracks. She gripped her books to her chest, swallowed and glared at us. Miss Bell, squatting in front of my aroused member with my shorts in her hands, opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. The little girl, her eyes wide open, backed out the door cautiously and left.

*** The Nurse's Office ***

With Miss Bell's help, I dressed and straightened myself as best as I could, although I still wasn't able to get my zipper closed. My swollen erection throbbed in my underpants and bulged through the fly of my pants.

Together, we hustled out of the bathroom and into the nurse's office adjacent, finally completing the journey I thought I had been on earlier. Miss Bell hurried me straight through the outer office and into the examination room, which was fortunately unoccupied. Shutting the door behind us, she seemed to relax.

Soon, Nurse Moore entered the room and closed the door. She was wearing a white belted dress, white sheer nylons and white flat shoes. The uniform seemed awfully tight, and I concluded that something must have gone wrong the last time she had washed it. It looked very uncomfortable and no longer buttoned up properly, especially at the chest.

"Is this Tim?" she asked in a throaty voice, setting down some supplies on the counter. Miss Bell nodded silently, her arms crossed anxiously over her chest. Obviously, my predicament had been the topic of some previous discussion.

The gravely quality of Nurse Moore's voice was strangely exciting. It contrasted with her feminine looks and hinted that it had been cultured in a youth spent drinking and smoking. It gave her an aura of street savvy and supported her reputation for being able to see through even the best thought-out sick-chit scam. Supposedly, no one could hold up under the penetrating stare of her dark eyes and the accusing scepticism of her wry smile. Yet, many of my male classmates seemed to visit her office regularly. But not me, I was rarely sick, except right now.

"Okay, young man," she said in a husky, authoritative tone, "Take off your pants and jump up on the table so we can see what's going on."

The preciseness of her facial features was offset by the softness of her flawless skin. Her brown hair, which was supposedly long and thick, was fastened into a tight bun at the back of her head as usual.

"Do you want me to leave?" Miss Bell asked, as if there was any mystery left for her.

"No," Nurse Moore said, "I should have someone else in the room when I'm doing this type of examination."

Turning my back to the female onlookers, I slipped off my pants and shorts and placed them on a nearby chair. I cupped my hands over my penis and then hopped onto the examination table, dangling my legs over the side. The table's protective paper crinkled noisily under my bottom.

Nurse Moore walked over and placed her hands on my knees. Leaning forward, I had my hands clasped protectively between my inner thighs. "Well I'm not going to be able to do much if you won't let me take a peek," she said.

I looked into her face and melted. Her stare was, in fact, penetrating. "Oh sorry," I replied nervously and leaned back, opening my legs hesitantly. My erection presented itself proudly in my lap.

"My, my, my!" she exclaimed, "Someone certainly is enthused this morning." She ran a hand up my inner thigh and then back to my knee, causing me to squirm. "And how long have you been in this state?"

"All morning."

"All morning?" Nurse Moore's slid both hands up my thighs and kept them near my groin. "You mean you've sustained the same erection all morning?"

"Um ... yes."

"And when did it start?"

"When I saw Miss Bell arrive in the parking lot first thing."

Miss Bell covered her mouth with her hand and blushed.

"I see," Nurse Moore reflected, absently tracing a finger under my sac and then stopping. Its tickling gave me a little thrill. "Well, it's a little unusual, but you should be okay once you ejaculate."

"But he has ejaculated," Miss Bell interjected.

"He has?" Nurse Moore arched her eyebrows and dramatically looked back over her shoulder. "You're sure?"

"Oh ... well," Miss Bell stammered, "Yes ... He ... uh ... he t-told me he had."

Nurse Moore turned back to me, one eyebrow cocked. "Have you ejaculated today?"

Now, I was blushing. "Yes."

"Really? Humfff ..." Her hands moved even further up my thighs, the fingertips grazing the edge of my pubic area.

"A bunch of times," I added.

"A bunch of times? Oh dear." Nurse Moore scrunched up her face. "Well I'm going to have to examine you. I want you to relax, and if it feels like something is about to happen, I want you to warn me. Okay?" She moved over to the sink and washed her hands.

"Happen?" I asked, "What could happen?"

Nurse Moore returned to my front, drying her hands on a paper towel. She set her mouth and glared into my eyes. "Anything!" Her response made me nervous, even more than I already was.

With one hand, she grasped the tip of my hard-on, and with the other hand, she manipulated my sac. She kneaded my testicles and vessels through the skin, examining one side thoroughly and then moving to the other. Her rough touching and intense attention stirred a familiar, warm feeling in my groin. Miss Bell edged closer for a better look.

"Did you get hit here this morning?"


Nurse Moore bent in closer and gave my erection a careful inspection. Her hands pulled and rolled the organ into different positions. Her nose got dangerously close to touching it and her breath blew warmly on its skin. The anxious feeling in my balls increased. Miss Bell craned her neck to see over the nurse's shoulder.

"Did you lift anything heavy?"


Nurse Moore swung over a large magnifying lens on an extension arm and clicked on its fluorescent light. She held my shaft firmly in her hand and traced a finger over its tip. It tickled wonderfully. Gazing through the lens, she used her fingernail to spread open the little hole. The sting of its touch on my inner skin made me jump. Miss Bell looked at me sympathetically.

"Don't move, please," Nurse Moore warned. She continued her questioning, "Are you currently taking any drugs?"

I hesitated. "I ... I'm not on any prescription."

Nurse Moore swung the lens out of the way and drew close to my face. "Let me rephrase that, shall I? Have you recently taken any drugs?"

I looked over at Miss Bell and then back at Nurse Moore. "Well ... Well, they were small, and they looked like candy, and they could have been candy actually, and I only took a few of them, and ..."

"How many?"

"I don't know. A handful."

"A handful?!" Nurse Moore sounded shocked, and Miss Bell suddenly bit one of her knuckles. "Were they small and blue and diamond shaped?"


"Kids!" Nurse Moore sighed. Turning to Miss Bell, she said, "I think we have a little problem." That didn't sound good.

"Is he going to be okay?" Miss Bell asked anxiously.

"He'll be fine, but I think treatment is going to be a problem."

"What do you mean?

"Observe," Nurse Moore turned back to me. "You need to be ... um ... monitored for a while, Tim. Do you have a girlfriend?"


"Well then, I'm going to have to phone your parents," Nurse Moore explained.

"NO!! Don't! Please don't tell them," I pleaded.

Nurse Moore turned back to Miss Bell with a look that said, 'demonstration completed,' but Miss Bell just shrugged her shoulders. "Let's talk in the next room," Nurse Moore said and exited the door.

Miss Bell caressed my cheek with the palm of her hand, and then followed the nurse. I knew it!! Claire and Stephanie! Those two witches and their pills!!

After a while, I noticed that the door was not completely closed. I sneaked over to hear my prognosis. Positioning my ear by the crack of the door, I could just make out the discussion in the outer office.

"... That's right. And if he isn't relieved that often, then the hydrostatic pressure will build up and eventually blow out his vessel valves, perhaps permanently." It was Nurse Moore's voice. "He could end up becoming impotent." Impotent!!

"Oh my!" Miss Bell said, "Well, why can't he just ... you know ...?"

"And where do you suggest he do that?"

"At home."

"You know how conservative his parents are?"

"You're right," Miss Bell said, "I guess it would be a bit awkward for him."

"Awkward isn't the half of it. Do you realize how much stimulation he's going to need to do that by himself that often? How much visual stimuli do you think his old man has kickin' around the house?"

"Oh my!"

"That's right."

"Well, what about the hospital?"

"Then I would have to tell his parents."

"Yes, I see your point."

"But don't forget, there's also a psychological component here."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when it comes to this sort of thing, he's still at a formative age mentally. It's important that his experiences be positive and sharing. If we were to just send him off to a toilet with some magazines to do it that many times, then we could be warping his behaviour for the rest of his life."

"So what are you saying?" There was a long pause. "Oh, no. No, you're not suggesting ... Oh, but I couldn't ..."

"Think of it as guidance ... or mentoring."

"But if anyone at the school found out ..."

"What choice do we have? Besides, his situation may correct itself at anytime now. It just requires a lot of ... um ... a lot of personal attention."

"Well, if it's the only option, I suppose I could ..." Miss Bell's voice trailed off.

"Listen, I'll get things started," Nurse Moore said, "But I've got other commitments tonight, and he's going to need someone to be with him continuously. You're going to have to ..." The two women started moving towards the door, and so I darted back to the table. When they entered, Miss Bell bit her lower lip and looked at me through sympathetic eyes. Then she moved beside me and stroked my upper arm.

Nurse Moore crossed to the counter. She extracted some items from a drawer, placed them in a small metal pan and carried them back to the examination table. Dumping the contents out beside me, she handed the empty pan to Miss Bell and said, "Tim, you have something called Recurring Priapic Hyper-stimulation Response." Then she ripped open a package and shook out a pair of latex gloves. Stretching them over her fingers, she snapped them at the wrists, "Worried?"

I swallowed. "A little."

She placed her hands on my knees and forcefully spread them apart. "I don't want you to worry, Tim," she said, squeezing her hips in between my knees. I was shocked to see her reach behind her head and pull the hairpin out of her bun. She flipped her head from side to side, and her long thick hair tumbled over her shoulders and down her back. Then she combed her fingers through her hair to fluff it out further. "You're going to be just fine."

She placed a hand on my chest and gently pushed me back. "I want you to just relax and let this happen naturally," she said, "I've given your teacher a treatment routine for you to follow, and then you should be fine."

I looked over at Miss Bell, who smiled thinly at me. Behind her, I noticed that the door had not been completely closed, and I could have sworn that I saw something move on the other side.

Nurse Moore picked up a tube from the table beside me and unscrewed the cap. She squeezed a large glob of clear gel into her palm.

"Is that medicine?" I asked.

"You could say that," she said smiling and then all at once squished her hand onto my groin, smearing the gel all over. "It's the best kind of medicine." I flinched at the coldness of the gel and the suddenness of her movement.

With her free hand, she started undoing the top buttons on her uniform, which caused her dress to spread open. My eyes bugged out. "Just relax, Tim," she said soothingly.

Miss Bell stepped forward and helped unfasten the belt and lower buttons. Was this really happening? Underneath, Nurse Moore wore a delicate white-lace bra and panty set that barely covered her special areas.

I squirmed under her slippery fondling and turned my head away from her exposed body. I knew I shouldn't be looking at it. I shouldn't be letting her do this. I shouldn't be getting so turned on.

Miss Bell stepped around behind the exam table and leaned over my shoulder. She placed her hand on my far cheek and swivelled my head forward so that I was back to looking at the nurse's body. Then she pressed her face against my near cheek and spoke softly to me, "It's okay to look at her, Timothy. It's for your own good." Her hand was now petting my other cheek soothingly. "Doesn't she have a nice body?"

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