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She jumped off the bed and yanked open the drawer to her side table. Pulling out the white tapered tube that she had cleared out of the living room earlier, she marched from the bedroom to the bathroom and slammed the door. I guessed that she really had to go badly.

I stretched out on the bed. What a day! I wished that everything would just go back to normal so that I could go home. I glanced down at my full erection and sighed. I was getting exhausted. Man, if I ever got my hands on Claire and Stephanie, I would ...

Another door shut. It couldn't have been the bathroom because it sounded farther away. However, from the bathroom, I could hear a whirring noise start. It was faint, but it was unmistakeably mechanical. Then it switched to buzzing. Was she shaving her legs?

I got up and sneaked into the hall. The buzzing was definitely audible there. It seemed to be changing in pitch like when an electric razor presses and lifts off a face. I approached the bathroom door. The buzzing continued pressing and releasing, and then I heard Miss Bell moaning, "Ohhhuhh ... Ohhuhhh ..." There was something rhythmic about it – buzzing and moaning, buzzing and moaning.

I pressed my ear on the door and tried to block everything else out of my perception. I hunched over and leaned in. Behind me, a figure tried to squeeze in too. "What's she doing in there?" said the girl's voice.

"AAHHH!" I jumped at the sudden presence. My heart leapt into my throat, and I spun around quickly. "What? What? What?" I cried out as I threw my back against the wall.

"Shhh!!" shushed the figure. ... It was Claire!

In the bathroom, the buzzing picked up speed and pitch. "Ohhh!! Ohhh!!"

"Geez, Claire!! You scared the heck out of me!" I was panting as if I had just finished a race.

"SHHH!" Claire repeated and thrust a hand over my mouth. Behind her, Stephanie was doubled over in barely muffled laughter.

"OHHH!! OHHH!!" Miss Bell was now almost screaming.

Claire's thin little fingers quivered on my lips as she tried to control her own laughter. Looking back at Stephanie in contortions, she tried to shush her but ended up sniggering under her breath. Finally, she shoved me back towards the bedroom and grabbed Stephanie by the arm. We all piled inside, and the two girls burst out laughing.

"OHHHHH!!!" came a culminating shriek from the bathroom.

I stared at the girls in complete disbelief, and then realizing my nakedness, I covered myself with my hands. "What are you girls doing? You're going to be in trouble when Miss Bell sees you!"

Stephanie climbed on the bed and walked across it on all-fours like a cat. At the centre, she flopped down on her side, propped her head on her hand and looked up at me.

Claire shuffled timidly over to my side and stared meekly up at me in a mock cower. "Timmy, are you mad at us?"

"YESSS!" I seethed. "You two have to get out of here!"

Claire grabbed one of my hands and pried it away from my body. "Do you still have your little problem?"

I jerked my hand backed to my lap, and Stephanie giggled. From the bathroom came the sound of a toilet flushing and a faucet gushing. Claire shoved me onto the bed, and Stephanie pulled me onto my back. Then the two girls hustled behind the bedroom door.

Almost immediately, Miss Bell breezed into the room, fluffing her hair with her hand. She exhaled as she entered. Her eyes looked relaxed, and her movement seemed much looser. "There," she sighed, "Much better."

I lay stiffly on the bed with my hands cupped over my groin. She sat on the side of the bed, and as she looked down at me, she furrowed her brow. "Are you okay, Timothy?"

I shifted my eyes noticeably from side to side, making them point in the general direction of the door. "Timothy?" she said and then finally turned towards the door.

Claire pushed the door away from the wall, revealing the two of them.

"Claire?! Girls?!" Miss Bell said in surprise, and then she leaped up in shock, "Girls!!!" She clutched her kimono at her neck and spun around to face me. "Timothy! What are you doing on my bed? Why are you naked?! Put some clothes on!!"

"Miss Bell," Claire said, trying to calm her, "Miss Bell, its okay." Stephanie moved around her cohort and climbed back on the bed to lie down beside me.

Miss Bell tried to cover herself with her hands as if she were naked.

"Miss Bell," Claire continued, "We just came to check on Timmy. We were worried about him." She smiled innocently at the end of the bed, as Stephanie brushed some hair out of my eyes.

"All right," Miss Bell commanded, "It's time for everyone to leave."

"But aren't you supposed to be treating him?" Claire asked. Stephanie scrunched closer to me, rested my head on her shoulder and wrapped her arm around to my chest.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Miss Bell insisted.

"Oh, sorry," Claire said, "It has been a crazy day. Everything can get confusing when there is so much going on." She held up a little device in her hand and pressed a button on it. It emitted a continuous stream of squelching and chirping until she pressed another button. My voice came out of its speaker, "Ohhh!! Ohhh!! OHHH!!!"

"Oops," Claire exclaimed, "Not far enough." She clicked more buttons. This time, it was Miss Bell's voice, "It's okay to look at her, Timothy. It's for your own good. Doesn't she have a nice body?"

"Sorry, sorry," Claire said and again played with the buttons. This time, it was Nurse Moore followed by Miss Bell, "Think of it as guidance ... or mentoring." "But if anyone at the school found out?"

"Was that it, Steph?" Claire asked and pressed a button for Miss Bell's voice again, "But if anyone at the school found out?" Stephanie shrugged, and Claire said, "Or is it later on?" Pressing the button again, the tape repeated Miss Bell's words, "But if anyone at the school found out?"

Miss Bell's face melted. She looked sternly from Claire to Stephanie and back again. "Give me that," Miss Bell said slowly. She sounded perturbed but controlled.

"Isn't it great?!" Claire said buoyantly, "Daddy got it for me for my birthday. It's so I can take notes in class. Vanessa has one just like it." Then she lowered her voice and glared at Miss Bell, "Same tape and everything."

Miss Bell collapsed onto the bed and clapped her hands on her mouth. After a moment, she looked up at Claire and, in exasperation, asked, "What do you want, Claire?"

Claire moved around behind Miss Bell and rubbed her back. "We just want what's best for Timmy, that's all," she said. "And to watch," Stephanie added.

Miss Bell looked over her shoulder at Claire. "So let me get this straight," she said, "If I give Timothy another ... er ... another treatment and ..."

"Miss Bell. Miss Bell," Claire interrupted her, "Shhh ... Shhh. Poor Timmy is agonizing over there. We should be focusing on his needs, shouldn't we? I'm sure that tomorrow everything will be back to normal."

"Everything?" Miss Bell asked.

"Um-hmm," Claire agreed.

Miss Bell looked over at Stephanie cradling me in her arms. Stephanie grinned back. Then Miss Bell slid down to lie along my other side. Reaching over, she took my shaft in her hand and hesitantly slid it through her grip.

"The medicine. The medicine," I cried.

Miss Bell rolled over to look up at Claire. "I need the lube from the living room."

"Really?" Claire said, "We were watching you in the living room, and you seemed to be doing okay without it at the end."

Miss Bell glared at Claire and then shifted down on the bed. She moved her head towards my lap.

"Oh and Miss Bell," Stephanie spoke up, "Maybe you should be careful about your kimono. We wouldn't want to see it get stained."

Claire sat down on the bed, took the back collar of the kimono in her hands and slid it off Miss Bell's shoulders. Miss Bell seemed agitated at first, but as the satiny robe was pulled down her body, she went limp to Claire's caresses on her breasts, her sides, her bum and her thigh. Miss Bell sighed audibly at Claire's touch.

Miss Bell sucked my erection into her mouth and lowered her head into my lap. Just as before, the warm, wet feeling was heavenly.

"The medicine," I tried meekly to remind everyone, but Stephanie just hugged me closer to her. "Shhh," she said and gave me a big kiss on my cheek, "It'll be okay."

Miss Bell bobbed up and down on my penis. She made a slurping sound, and her saliva dribbled over my balls onto the mattress. I was getting that excited feeling in my groin again.

Claire brushed her hand lightly over Miss Bell's back. She reached around and squeezed a breast and then brought her hand back to her ass. Miss Bell bobbed and bobbed.

Claire moved her hand over Miss Bell's ass cheek and ran a finger along the outside of her crack. When Claire reached the apex her legs, Miss Bell spread them apart. Then Claire reached between her legs.

Miss Bell stopped bobbing and turned her head. "Claire, don't," she said softly, but Claire's arm continued to move up and down.

Claire leaned down to Miss Bell's ear. "Don't stop, Miss Bell," she whispered, "Timmy needs you." Claire's arm continued its oscillations.

Miss Bell went back to bobbing, but she couldn't keep it up. Just as she would get a rhythm going, she would move her head to the side and moan. A couple of times, she asked Claire for respite, but Claire did not give in. Finally, Claire accepted defeat and stopped rubbing. "Okay, Miss Bell," she said, "You'll have to treat Timmy another way."

Miss Bell rolled onto her back and looked up at Claire. "What do you mean, Claire?"

"Get on top of him," Claire instructed.

Miss Bell jerked up onto her elbows. "No!" she exclaimed, "That's going too far! I'm not doing that!"

Claire frowned at her and then stood up. "Come on, Steph," she said.

"Wait!" Miss Bell called out, "What are you going to do?"

"Oh, Steph and I will have to go over to Timmy's house and tell his parents that the treatment didn't work," she explained, "But don't worry. We'll play them the tape so they'll know that you tried your best."

"NO!!" Miss Bell and I yelled out in unison, and then Miss Bell continued, "Don't Claire. I'll ... I'll ... continue."

Miss Bell straddled my legs and shuffled up my body. Leaning forward on her hands, she reached between her legs for my shaft as her heavy breasts hung down off of her chest. Angling my penis towards her groin, she sat down on it. Suddenly, I felt nothing but warmth and wetness, as her opening mushed in firmly around my shaft.

Miss Bell let out a big sigh and then started rocking up and down on my lap. My cock slipped in and out of the wetness, and Miss Bell moaned with each insertion. "Onghhh ... Onghh ..." Stephanie leaned into my ear and whispered, "Miss Bell is fucking you, Timmy. She's fucking you." Her words sent a chill down my spine.

Miss Bell's eyes were closed, and her rocking increased in tempo. I could hear her gasping heavily between moans. I thought again about what Stephanie had said and felt a small spasm in my balls. "Onghhh ... Onghhh ... Ding-dong."

"I'll get it," Claire said.

"NO! Onghhh ... Onghhh ... Claire! Onghhh ... Onghhh ... Don't! Onghhh ... Onghhh ..." But Claire had already left.

I couldn't take it anymore. My hips bucked up against Miss Bell's slapping thighs. My balls gripped. "AHHH!! NNNGHHH!!" My back arched, and my hips thrust upwards. Something triggered inside Miss Bell, and she ground herself into my abdomen. "ONNNGGHHH!!" Then she collapsed on top of me.

In the distance, we could hear Claire talking to someone. They approached down the hall. "No, we were waiting for you. Miss Bell said that when you got here, then the treatment could really begin."

The pair walked through the bedroom door.

"Oh my God!!" Nurse Moore exclaimed.

Miss Bell suddenly rolled off of me and tried to cover herself with her arms. "It's not what it looks like!"

"What are you doing?! Why are these girls here?!" Nurse Moore said.

"Nurse Moore," Claire said calmly, "I think you're going to want to sit down. I've got something that will explain everything." Then she picked up her recorder.

"I think you better sit down," Miss Bell advised.

"Maybe you should take your clothes off first," Stephanie suggested.

"What the hell?!" Nurse Moore exclaimed.

"You're not helping, Steph," Claire said and then called out, "People! People! ..."

The bickering and noise level increased. I tuned out the commotion and looked down at my full erection, dripping with Miss Bell's wetness. Was this ever going to end?

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