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Leah stared at the man in the white suit and silently fumed. She hoped it didn't show on her face; unlike a lot of antique store owners who ran their business more or less as a place to store their collection and make private deals, Leah actually enjoyed dealing with walk-in customers. (Even if they did tend to believe that everything they owned was secretly coveted by collectors of Happy Meal toys, but that the Chippendale cabinet in the corner simply had to be overpriced.) Leah did not want to seem sullen or rude. It was a bad habit to get into.

On the other hand, she couldn't help hoping that perhaps her customer might take the hint. She'd flipped the sign from "OPEN" to "CLOSED" fifteen minutes ago, and that was after giving the customer a good ten minutes past closing time to make a decision. But he just puttered around the shop, occasionally leaning in to peer closely at an old bronze magnifying glass or mutter something appreciative about an antique chair. Leah's stomach was grumbling, her feet were aching, and she really wanted the man in the white suit to take the hint she hoped she wasn't giving so that she could go home for the night.

Abruptly, the man looked up at her as if just noticing her presence for the first time. "I'm sorry," he said. "I must be acting terribly rude." He had just a trace of a British accent, plummy and mannered. "It's just that I haven't been by in a long while, and when I happened to be in the neighborhood, well...naturally, I had to stop by and see what pieces you'd gotten in since I last visited."

Leah worked hard to summon up a smile. "Naturally," she said, trying to keep the irritation out of her voice. She had a good memory for faces-it was a very useful thing to cultivate when you owned a shop that catered to the obsessive collector-and she knew full well that the man in the white suit had never walked through that door before tonight. His features were too distinctive to forget-swept back hair just on the edge of going gray, piercing eyes, and a large, hawk-like nose.

Still, he seemed sincere in his interest. Perhaps he was a regular at another store, and had just mistaken that one for Leah's when he spotted it from the street. Leah knew the kind of person that frequented antique stores, and understood their sudden whims all too well. Perhaps she could make some good business from this man. He carried himself like a man who didn't mind spending freely for quality goods.

"Anyhow, I'm afraid I got a bit lost in thought, looking at your excellent collection," he said apologetically. "I am sorry-naturally, if there's anything you need to do in order to prepare yourself for my departure...drawing the shades, locking the door, that sort of thing...don't stop on my behalf."

"Thank you," Leah said, her smile growing a bit more genuine as she stepped around the counter. Oblivious her customer might be, but he wasn't heartless. And honestly, Leah knew all too well what it was like to get lost in an "antiquing trance", so fascinated by the minutiae of a particularly well-made piece that you completely forgot your surroundings. She pulled the shades down and locked the door, shutting out the outside world for another evening.

"These really are quite beautiful, Leah," the man said, pointing to a display of carnival glass. "Brockwitz, I believe? And very well displayed, too. You should be proud."

"I, um...thanks," Leah said, a bit unnerved. She didn't believe in name tags; nothing robbed a person of their dignity like a little pin with their name on it. She was always happy to introduce herself to a customer, but she knew she hadn't so much as spoken to her customer beyond two perfunctory sentences that certainly hadn't included her name. If he'd called her 'Anna', she'd have understood perfectly; the store was named 'Anna's Treasures' after Leah's mother, who'd inspired Leah to start collecting, and she'd been called 'Anna' by strangers more times than she could count. But 'Leah'... "I, um...I'm sorry," she said. "I don't recall mentioning my name."

The man in white smiled. "Forgive me," he said. "I forget how long it's been since I stopped by. I'm sure you've simply forgotten me. These things do happen. Naturally, it won't stop you from being as comfortable around me as ever." Despite herself, Leah blushed-she prided herself on never forgetting a customer, and she'd apparently forgotten this one completely.

But the man in white simply waved his hand dismissively and said, "I'm not upset, my dear. Not in the slightest. Naturally, it's not worth troubling yourself over." His eyes sparkled, clearly unruffled by Leah's mistake, and she relaxed a little. Some customers took offense at even the slightest suggestion that they were anything other than old friends, but clearly this wasn't one of them.

Leah let herself unwind just a bit. "Of course," she said. "Thank you. And yes, it's Brockwitz. You have quite a good eye, Mister..." She let the unspoken question linger, determined to personalize their interactions. If this was a wealthy customer who frequented antique stores, she had no intention of forgetting him again.

"Gruden," he said, affecting a slight bow. "Aaron Gruden. Naturally, you can call me Aaron."

"Thank you, Aaron," she replied, her voice warm and welcoming. "You have an interest in carnival glass?"

"I have an interest in many things," he said. "It's why I've had such a difficult time browsing your store in a timely fashion, I'm afraid. I feel like I still haven't seen even half of what you have on offer." He looked at her with an almost courtly concern, clearly noticing her slightly stooped posture. "Naturally, you can sit down and relax while I continue looking around. I wouldn't dream of standing on ceremony with a charming young woman like you, figuratively or literally."

Leah let out a chuckle as she gratefully sank onto a wide, overstuffed couch that she had no intention of selling. She felt herself blush slightly at the compliment-it had been just a little bit longer than she liked to admit since anyone had called her a 'young woman', and even though she kept herself in good shape, she was starting to wonder if those days were behind her for good. But unless she was doing a terrible job of reading his signals, Aaron liked what he saw enough to flirt with her while he shopped. She must be doing something right.

Aaron resumed his browsing, but only for a moment. "Oh, my dear," he said. "You still look far too uncomfortable! Please, take your shoes off, lie back...rest a little. It'll do you good."

Leah shook her head politely. "Oh, I think I can endure a bit longer," she said. Privately, she had decided that she didn't want to seem too comfortable in front of Aaron. The more comfortable she looked, the longer he might decide to stay...and while she enjoyed his company and looked forward to his business, she also wanted to eat and sleep.

Aaron's face remained composed in a bland, affable smile. "Naturally," he said, "you'll want to take your shoes off, relax a bit, and make yourself more comfortable."

"Naturally," Leah said, sighing inwardly as she slipped off her pumps and put her feet up on the arm of the sofa. Clearly, Aaron expected to be here for a while, and nothing short of an extremely rude demand would get him to leave. And Leah wasn't the sort to kick out a customer, especially not one she was on a first-name basis with. She might as well do as he suggested and make herself comfortable, since he wasn't going anywhere.

"Thank you, my dear," Aaron said, taking a momentary interest in a display of antique pocket watches that she'd never been able to convince anyone to purchase for the price she was asking. "You're doing quite wonderfully, by the way, for someone who doesn't remember me. I had expected perhaps a bit of...difficulty? Not trouble, of course. I try to avoid trouble. But perhaps a bit of difficulty, given my long absence from your wonderful store."

"Mmhmm," Leah said absently. She didn't really understand what he was so worried about-Leah had always been of the opinion that it didn't pay to be difficult, even with difficult customers-but she was happy to put him at his ease the same way he'd put her at hers. She wriggled slightly, trying to find exactly the right spot on the couch.

"But instead, you've been exactly what I was hoping for," Aaron said, working his way through a display of Tiffany lamps and back around to the front of the story where she lay. "It's as though I've never been away. You're responding beautifully, Leah. Naturally, you don't notice, but you are."

"Oh, um...thanks," Leah said, hoping that her voice didn't betray her confusion. She had no idea what he thought she was responding to, but she was beginning to suspect that Aaron might be a bit of an eccentric. Nothing to worry about, of course; she couldn't imagine this man hurting a fly. But he was a little difficult to follow, nonetheless.

Leah glanced over at the clock, startled to find that she'd lost another ten minutes or so in conversation with her last customer. With an effort, she got her mind back on business. "Have you seen anything you like?" she said, trying to prompt Aaron into discussing a potential sale.

"Quite a few things," he replied with a twinkle in his eye, his gaze clearly directed at her legs. If it had been anyone else, it would have made Leah more than a little uncomfortable, but she was finding it impossible to feel anything but relaxed around Aaron. "But I'm afraid I still have a little more looking around to do. Naturally, you'll want to make yourself even more at home while I browse. Loosen some of those restrictive clothes, that sort of thing."

"Naturally," Leah said, undoing the top four or five buttons of her blouse so that she could get at her bra. It always felt so good, the way the straps stopped digging into her shoulders when she unhooked it at the end of the day. Normally, she would wait until she was at home, of course, but Aaron was being so generous in allowing her to relax that she couldn't help taking advantage of the offer. She slid the bra off, letting her heavy breasts free from their uncomfortable confinement.

"That's just lovely, my dear," Aaron said. Despite his talk of browsing, he hadn't moved the whole time she was taking off her bra. He just stood there, drinking her in with his eyes that still seemed to twinkle, but with an entirely different emotion now. "You look so much more at ease, now. Naturally, you'll want to massage some of the soreness out of those beautiful tits of yours."

"Naturally," Leah replied, undoing another three or four buttons so that she could easily slide her hands inside her blouse and stroke the soft flesh. It did feel very nice, actually. She knew that with breasts as large as hers, she had to keep them supported with almost religious discipline; but it always felt so wonderful to finally let them out and give them a little attention. Leah sighed softly, almost forgetting Aaron was there for a moment as she closed her eyes and gave in to the delicious sensations.

Even when Aaron spoke, Leah's eyes barely opened halfway. "It is such a delight to see you making yourself so comfortable, my dear girl!" he said. His face betrayed just how delighted her was. "Naturally, you won't mind if I make myself comfortable as well."

"Naturally," Leah said, a lazy smile playing across her face as she flicked at her nipples. Aaron was her customer, after all; her only customer right now, in fact. It was important to put him at his ease, the same way he'd encouraged her to relax so deeply, so completely...Leah wiped away a tiny trickle of drool from the corner of her mouth, before her hand went back to her breast. "Go right ahead..."

"Thank you," Aaron said, unbuckling his belt and undoing his fly. His pants slid down around his ankles, revealing a pair of silken boxer shorts with a very obvious bulge in them. Leah didn't mind, though. He was just making himself comfortable, that was all. He continued undressing, carefully folding his clothes and setting them aside on a display case. "Have you seen anything you like?" he asked playfully, idly caressing himself through the fabric of his boxers.

"I...um...I mean, it's very flattering," Leah mumbled, unsure of exactly what to say. It was flattering, the way he clearly appreciated her body. It made her feel as though it had been worth taking care of her figure so carefully. But she didn't really plan on...on...Leah arched her back slightly and moaned, her train of thought momentarily forgotten as she caressed the soft skin of her breasts.

"It is very flattering," Aaron said, now openly rubbing himself. A small damp patch had appeared where the tip of his cock strained against his boxers. "Naturally, between that and the constant fondling of your tits, you're becoming quite aroused."

"I...it's, yes, I'm..." Leah was suddenly aware of a pleasant ache between her thighs, a liquid heat that she couldn't imagine how she'd failed to notice before now. She squirmed rhythmically on the sofa, clenching her thighs together in an effort to find just the right way of rubbing them without letting go of her breasts. Her fingers pinched her nipples in time with the motion of her hips. "I don't...how did I..."

"Naturally, it doesn't matter why," Aaron said, sitting down on the edge of the sofa. His cock seemed much bigger this close up. "The only thing that matters is satisfying that arousal, isn't it, Leah?"

"Yes, fuck yes..." Leah gasped out. She couldn't help it anymore, she had to something about the heat between her thighs. Her right hand reached down into the waistband of her skirt and plunged two fingers into her pussy. "Ungh, ofuck, ohhh..." She was dimly aware of Aaron's hand undoing her blouse completely so he could replace the hand that was working at her cunny, but it didn't matter. She was past caring, now, and her only response was to lean into his touch.

"You are such a good girl," Aaron said, twisting her nipple so hard it almost hurt. But almost hurting felt so fucking right just now... "Feeling so hot, so sexy, loving it so much..." Two fingers wasn't enough, not when she was this fucking hot and needy. She slid a third into her snatch, rubbing the heel of her hand against her clit until she squealed.

Aaron slowly pulled her skirt and panties down, and she eagerly kicked them off when they reached her ankles. It meant that she could spread her legs wide and give her questing fingers even better access to her hungry pussy. It also meant that Aaron could see every bit of her body, now, but she didn't care. Nothing mattered but satisfying the endless, undeniable lust that consumed her.

"Naturally," Aaron said, "you'd be a lot more comfortable if you were on the floor right now." He stood up and pulled off his boxer shorts, letting his cock spring free.

"Na...nnnuhh...yess," Leah whimpered, rolling off the couch onto her knees. She rested her head and shoulders on the couch, feeling the way her breasts pressed up against the soft velvet and shimmying her body from side to side to increase the sensation. Her ass thrust itself into the air entirely of its own volition, like a bitch in heat presenting itself to be fucked.

As her hand found its way back between her thighs, Aaron gently spread her ass cheeks wide and began to tongue her anus. At first, Leah yelped at the feeling of the wet tongue working its way inside her; but soon, she was grinding her ass into his face and moaning even louder.

"Mmm, yes," Aaron said, finally coming up for air, "that feels so wonderful, doesn't it? So wonderful that naturally, you want something else in your ass now." He stepped back for a moment, liberating the magnifying glass from its display case and easily sliding it into her saliva-lubricated asshole.

"Guh!" Leah shouted in surprise as the cold metal slipped inside her; but within moments, as he worked it in and out and back and forth and her body heat warmed it so quickly, she found herself yelling in an entirely different manner. "Please, please yes, oh fuck, oh yes, please yes..."

"Naturally, you want me to fuck you now," Aaron said. She wanted that even before he said it, but somehow his words transformed that desire into need, and she pressed into his cock with a shameless lust as his cock pumped into her twat. Her ass clenched around the metal handle the same way her pussy clenched around his cock, and her screams reached a crescendo as he reached around to tug at her nipples while they fucked.

Leah lost track of time as he pounded into her again and again, his cock pulsing inside her like a second heartbeat as she came and came. She couldn't think anymore; conscious thought seemed to have deserted her completely in favor of the far more insistent voice of her throbbing clit. Finally, just when she thought that she could stand the ecstasy no more, he came inside her with a loud moan and they slumped together exhausted.

After a timeless while, Aaron disentangled himself and began to get dressed. "A pleasure as always, my dear," he said. "So glad to find you still as accommodating as ever. Rest assured, I won't make the gap between visits quite so long in future. Not that you'll know, of course; naturally, you won't remember any of this by the time you get dressed. But I will definitely think of you fondly until our next meeting." He leaned down and kissed Leah on the cheek; she tried to return the gesture, but her body didn't seem quite ready to move yet. She felt as if a thousand afterglows were hitting her all at once.

Aaron stood up and walked to the door. "I'll just let myself out," he said, unlocking the door. "Naturally, you'll take good care of yourself until we meet again, won't you?" Sleepily, Leah nodded. She heard the bell jangle, the door close, and only then did she find the energy to begin picking her clothes up once more. *Another satisfied customer,* she thought vaguely to herself as she began to get dressed.


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