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Chris and Melissa could hardly wait for five O-clock to arrive. They had a wonderful weekend planned. They were headed to an alpine lake that very few people visited due to the long hike. It was mid June and they had been planning their trip for several weeks.

Chris was very tall, with brown hair and eyes. Melissa was shorter than he was but still tall for a woman. She had beautiful, long red hair. Blue eyes, and a very shapely body. She had a very sexy, seductive look about her and always made heads turn where ever they went.

When Chris got home, Melissa was waiting outside the door with every thing they needed packed and piled by the driveway. She didn't want to waste one minute. Chris ran into the house and put on some shorts and a tank top while Melissa threw all of the gear into their van.

It was about an hour drive to the parking lot where the trail began. But it only took about 40 minutes today. They quickly unloaded their packs and started down the trail. It was roughly a 5-mile hike to the camping area but it was well worth it. The trail was approximately 5 feet wide and lined with thick trees covered in various ivies. Most of which were blooming. The air was hot and humid and filled with the sent of the magnificent blooms that surrounded them.

Finally they reached the edge to the clearing where they would make camp. They both threw down their packs and took a big drink of water. They put up their tent and piled all of their belongings in. They zipped their sleeping bags together and spread them out on the floor of the tent.

The sun was just beginning to go behind the mountaintops. Everything seemed to glow as the sun set. The lake was perfectly still and the sunlight glistened off of the glassy water. They were quite happy to find that no one else was there. It was like their own little secluded hideaway. After a quick dip in the lake to wash the sweat off of them selves, they had a quick snack and went to bed.

The next morning, they awoke feeling very refreshed. The air felt very warm for being so early in the morning and there was a lot of humidity in the air. They decided to take a walk before breakfast and headed up the path that surrounded the lake and went up the small stream that fed it.

After walking for a little while, Chris was beginning to feel an ache in his loins. He had been walking behind Melissa, watching her beautiful ass move back and forth under her tight shorts. He decided it was time for a break. He sat down on a small rock ledge along the trail and called Melissa back to join him.

There were a few clouds in the sky but it was still very warm. When Melissa sat down, Chris began to massage her shoulders. He loved the way her hair glistened in the sunlight. Melissa moved her hair in order to give Chris better access to her shoulders. He caressed her neck and shoulders lovingly. She had very strong shoulders. As he massaged them he began to slip the straps of her tank top down over her shoulders. She had beautiful soft skin, speckled with freckles. He began to kiss her neck. He wanted to kiss every freckle on her body. He loved this girl with all his heart and nothing pleased him more than pleasing her.

Chris slid his hands down around her waist as he kissed the nape of her neck. He slid his hands under her shirt and gently pulled it up over her head. She didn't hesitate to lift her arms so that it would slide off of her slender body. He leaned back and admired the sight of her back Her chest tapered down to a slender waist and then widened a little at her hips. His cock began to throb at the sight of the beautiful woman that sat in front of him.

He laid the shirt on the ground and went back to rubbing her shoulders. He began to massage her shoulder blades and worked his way down to her waist. As he was caressing her, it started to sprinkle. The rain felt very good and refreshed their hot bodies from the heat of the morning and their building passion. The rain picked up a little. Melissa's back had water gently running down her spine. Chris continued to rub her back and shoulders. He rubbed the rain into her soft skin. He began to kiss her neck and shoulders again. He sucked the water form her skin. The mixture of rain and her body oils created an intoxicating drink. He slid his hands up her waist towards her full, firm breasts. He gently squeezed her wet breasts then began to circle her nipples with his fingertips. Melissa moaned her approval. Chris continued to massage her taught tits as he kissed her shoulders more and more passionately. Trying to inhale more of the love potion forming as the rain fell on her body.

He gently guided her to lie down on the ledge. He watched as the rain ran off of her curves. It seemed to caress her flesh as his hands did. A small puddle formed at the base of her spine, in the area just before her gorgeous ass began to ascend towards the sky. He leaned down and kissed her back. Taking yet another drink of the lustful fluid. He continued to massage her back. Watching her shoulder blades rise and fall with each breath she took.

As he caressed her back, he noticed her breaths getting deeper and faster. He knew she was getting turned on. She loved the way his strong hands gently moved over her body. Chris reached underneath her and undid the snap on her shorts. He then unzipped them and slowly slid them down her long muscular legs. His cock oozed a little as he watched the waistband slide over her buttocks. Revealing the most beautiful ass he had e very had the honor of holding. As she lied there naked, he continued his erotic massage, as did the gentle rain. He could smell the faint musky odor of her pussy, as her juices stirred, mixed with the sent of the fresh rain. It fired up his senses and increased his arousal. Melissa's vagina was getting really wet. And not just from the rain. She always got excited when he rubbed her back. He had an electricity in his touch that seemed to energize her libido.

She glanced over and saw the bulge in his shorts. She knew that caressing her gave him almost as much pleasure as it did her. She could feel her juices begin to flow even more as she thought about the impending love session that would follow his examination of her skin. He ran his hands up and down her back. Then he slid them down the outside of her hips past her knees. He reached her feet and then headed back towards her prominent ass. Caressing the insides of her thighs. He brushed her pussy as he passed it and grazed by her tight anus with a teasing touch. Back up to her shoulders and then back down again. Each time he would stop and rub her asshole and labia a little bit longer.

He continued this for a few more minutes. Watching her start to raise her mound of red pubic hair from the rock ledge a little more each time he passed the valley between her legs. She spread her legs a little more. Taunting him to stop and explore little longer. Her clit was swollen and begging for attention. The combination of his hands and the rain running down the crack of her ass and along her shaven lips made her whole body ache to be loved. Loved by this wonderful man who was now her very own private masseuse. The man she had vowed to love forever. She looked up and down his massive frame as he stood beside her. She began to sigh as she looked again at his throbbing member under his shorts.

He began to stop caressing her back and legs and concentrated on her buttocks and between her legs. Gently rubbing the rain over her cheecks and anus. He slid his hand down between her legs and opened her love canal. He circled her exposed clit for a second and then slowly slid one finger into her soaked hole. She raised her ass to allow his probing finger to search deeper into her body. But he teasingly retracted it and circled her clit once again. Her body was on fire. She felt her vagina begin to contract. Knowing that she could not hold off the pending orgasm any longer. He slid his finger into her again so that he could feel her muscles squeeze it. He slid another finger in and the put one on her love button. She bucked her hips up and down to meet his stroking hand. God she loved this man. He was the most stimulating man she had ever known. After she began to come down from the peak of her first orgasm she rolled over.

She reached out and rubbed his crotch. What a nice prick he had she thought. She undid his shorts and sent them falling to his feet. She cradled his balls in her hand. Caressing them, then running her hand up to his swollen head. She smeared the clear pre-cum over the tip. Then pulled him close to her. She took his throbbing cock between her lips and flicked her tongue around its tip. He gave out a deep guttural groan. Voicing his avid appreciation. She continued to suck on his cock while her head and hand moved rhythmically up and down his penis together. He loved the way she gave head. It was by far the best he had ever received. She had told him that she never used to do it but he had to wonder how she knew how to do it so well. He placed his hand on her pussy once again and began to massage it. She moaned her approval as she took his cock deeper into her mouth. The vibration of her moan sent a chill through his body.

He felt his nuts begin to tighten. As did she. They both knew it wouldn't be long before his first orgasm ripped through his body. She began to suck harder and work her tongue up and down the sensitive under side of his dick. His body tensed as she moved her tongue over the area just below the head of his cock. He quickly pulled his member form its warm hole and squirted his first load all over her chin and neck. She kept stroking his cock and aimed the rest of his shots at her breasts. Each time a raindrop landed on his spewing cock he felt more shock waves of pleasure run up his spine.

She rubbed his deposit of cum into her breasts before the light rain washed it away. Then she began to suck on his softening member once again. It didn't have time to get very soft before she had it back up to its full rigidity. Her pussy was dripping again and she longed to feel his cock inside her. She wanted to feel him plowing into her with his beautiful penis. To feel his shaft reaching the inner depths of her quivering pussy.

She laid back with her feet around his waist. He rubbed her clit with his thumb. Circling it as he plunged his hard prick into her soaking wet love tunnel. The rain fell on her breasts and seemed to caress them as her lover entered her. The rain felt like hundreds of little fingers exploring her flesh. Her nipples began to ache from being so erect. They were as hard as the ledge she was perched spread eagle on and the rock hard cock that was deep inside her. Chris reached down and rubbed the out side of her anus. It began to tingle with anticipation. He plunged his cock in and out of her pussy slowly. Pressing hard against her clit as he bottomed out in her cunt. Then he began to pick up the pace and increased the power of his thrusts. As he did he slid his finger into her ass. It was well lubricated from her pussy juice running out of her hole. Even with the rain trying to wash it away, it never lost its slipperiness due to the continuous addition of juice from her soaking wet pussy.

He continued to massage her clit with his thumb. Circling it with varying degrees of pressure. She moaned loudly as his finger entered her butt past the second knuckle. She could feel his finger rubbing the under side of his cock. She always loved to have both holes penetrated. It gave her and extremely nasty sensation that drove her sexual desire to new limits. And Chris never failed to satisfy all of them. Melissa rubbed her breasts, pinching the nipples softly at first, then harder as the pain turned into pleasure. Chris' cock was pounding furiously into her gushing pussy now. Wave after wave of climactic ecstasy flowed through her body. She reached up and caressed his bare chest. Then she pushed him back. 'I want that beautiful cock of yours to cum up my ass,' she said. He stepped back and she rolled over to her belly. She hung her legs over the edge of the rock throne that she was surrendered herself on.

Chris just stood there for a second admiring her gorgeous ass. Her beauty never failed to take his breath away. He slid two fingers into her sweet hole and then rubbed her juices on to her puckered little asshole. He hurriedly put his engorged prick against her ass and gave a gentle shove. He didn't want to hurt her at all. Only pleasure her. His dick entered with ease. And he gently pushed it the rest of the way in. She moaned loudly as he entered and then reached back underneath herself to play with her clit. She alternated between her little nub of pleasure and Chris' balls. Chris's gentle strokes in her ass began to become more violent as she loosened up. She started moaning for him to fuck her harder.

This caused Chris' passion to climb. He began to thrust hard into her ass. He swore he was hurting her but she just kept begging for more. He began to pound his cock into her ass as hard as he could. She was screaming, but it was in pure ecstasy and not pain. Her nipples were being worn raw from the rocks but her ass and vagina were feeling to damned good to worry about it. Chris caressed her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as he could so that he could penetrate her butt as deep as possible. The rain was running down the crack of her ass. Dripping off of his bouncing nuts and her inflamed clit. She was squealing and thrusting her hips upwards to meet every pounding stroke her lover made. Her orgasm totally engulfed her mind. She couldn't think of anything but the pleasure she was feeling in her ass and pussy. She stuck two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her G-spot hard. As the peak of her orgasm was reached she almost lost consciousness. But Chris' pile driving cock kept her mind there in the heat of passion.

Chris could feel his pending orgasm coming as thrashed around in front of him. His testicles tightened and he thought one of them would shoot out the end of his cock. His whole body clenched as he fired his load of semen up her ass. They both screamed with pleasure as their climax's subsided. The rain fell on his face as he looked up to the heavens. His face was contorted with pleasure. Chris' cock began to soften as he stood there in sexual bliss. Melissa's body quivered as slid her fingers out of herself and brushed by her electrified clit. As their bodies began to relax Chris felt his dick growing soft, still inside her ass. He leaned back and his cock slid out of her. They both shook again as the last bit of contact between their flesh was severed.

Chris sat down beside her and she sat up. Her nipples were red from the abuse they had just encountered. Chris leaned over and kissed them gently. Rubbing her back. It was his way of apologizing for any discomfort she might have felt due to him pleasing himself with her ample charms. She kissed the back of his head and caressed his neck and shoulders. It was her way of saying thank you once again for taking her to a state of blissfulness that many women never experience. Chris sat up and kissed her long and passionately.

Never before had he experienced such a strong love for a woman. He was still stunned at how she could mesmerize him after being together for seven years. What a lucky man he was. Melissa leaned into his chest and melted into his arms. She loved this man. He brought out feelings in her that she had never experienced before and every day they grew stronger. They helped each other put on their clothes and then walked back to their camp. They had both worked up quite an appetite by then. Neither one said a word as they walked on there wobbly legs. They just leaned against each other and enjoyed the comfortable silence between them. The only sound they heard was the rain falling around them. Which kept reminding them of the beauty they had just shared with it.

The End

Written by Yetti

If you like this story please feel free to email me.

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