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Nature's Beauty


In the days of grand castles, valiant knights, and fiery dragons there was a King who was not kind to his people. His Queen, however, was a very kind-hearted woman and would beg her master on behalf of the people. She bore many bruises but always managed to smile softly to her people when in public with the tyrant King. There were no children in this cold gray castle. The King wanted a son to inherit his kingdom, and told his Queen that only a son would be allowed to live. She was very afraid to tell her King of her pregnancy. Only her nurse knew.

Late one night a child was delivered, a tiny girl with her mother's very bright red hair, and not a hint of the King's features. The nurse quickly fled with the baby, whom the Queen named Adel. The King, while helping one of the brazen servant girls from his quarters, saw the nurse hustle down the hallway with a bundle. Growing suspicious, the King burst into the Queen's room, to find her recovering from the delivery. "YOU will pay for this!" he growled, and turned to peruse the nurse.

By the time the King had retrieved his bow and quiver (he was an excellent archer) the nurse was at the edge of the woods. He took aim, released, and watched his arrow plunge into the round nurse's back … yet she continued to run. He set his best hunters and their hounds to find the nurse with orders to bring the body of the girl to him. He returned to the castle, but only to find that his wife had breathed her last and he would not be able to have his revenge on her.

In the woods, the nurse continued to run until she could no more. She sat and cradled young Adel, and cried to the winds for help. Her spirit had left her body by the time the small glints of light began hovering near the tree against which she leaned. The lights danced around the newborn, then flitted off into the woods. Soon many animals began to appear … and a hawk gently lifted the baby onto the back of a doe and they disappeared just as the hounds came crashing through the underbrush. The hunters found nothing but the nurse, still cradling a blood-stained cloth. The King was furious, and every hunter lost his head in the courtyard.

Many years later, the people revolted, and a new kind King held the throne. His son, Prince Derek, was obsessed with the stories of a mysterious woman with hair of flames that haunted the woods. She was said to be very beautiful and very fast, and only a few who had been into the deepest part of the woods claimed to have seen her.

Meanwhile, Princess Adel had been raised by the animals of the forest. She was playful as the squirrels, lean and fast like the deer (the doe having been her mother figure), keen and sharp like the fox, silent and wise as the owl, and cunning as the hawk (her father figure) who was always near her. She had long curling red hair, bright as flames in the sunlight. Her skin was dazzling white and speckled with freckles. Her eyes were sharp piercing green, and her lips were petal red. She wore clothing fashioned of leaves for her by the fairies, and it was coated with their dust making it shimmer. Her legs were long and fast, and she could move through the forest without a sound. The fairies had also given her a bow and arrows. The hawk had taught her to hunt, and she was very good. She only hunted for food, however, and usually ate fruit and nuts with her family of forest creatures. The fairies had taught her to speak, the entire forest helped her become a very sexy young being for they knew that one day she must find a male of her own kind and leave the home they had made for her.

It was a hot summer day when Derek ventured farther into the woods than he ever had before. His blond hair dripped sweat from time to time on his forehead, and he reached up to wipe it from his clear blue eyes. He did not carry a sword, for he knew if he saw this creature he would not want to frighten her, that is if she existed. He sat and was about to take out a skin of light wine when he saw her. She was looking right at him, holding a bow … aiming right for his heart. He wondered how long she had been watching him across the clearing. He put down the skin and stayed very still. She was beautiful! More so than he had dreamed so many times. He could see the outline of her breasts, which were full and firm. Her exposed belly was slender and soft looking, her legs long and shapely … and her eyes. It was as if she could see into his soul. He sat breathlessly watching her stare at him. Suddenly she cocked her head sideways, as if she were listening to something. Derek looked, and there was a hawk in a branch above her. Could she communicate with the animals of the forest? Suddenly her eyes turned back to him and she lowered her bow. "Should I move?" the Prince asked himself.

She listened intently to the hawk: "He is the new King's son, a perfect match for you my dear. Lower your weapon and do not run." He was the most amazing example of her species she had seen. His blond hair was wet with sweat, his blue eyes were inviting, and his body … lean and tan … sent shivers down her spine. She remembered what the animals had taught her about what men like in a woman. She slowly took the green fairy clothing from her body. Her firm breasts glowed in the afternoon sun, and her belly curved down to inviting hips, and between them a small mound of light red curls glistened invitingly. The Prince's mouth dropped open and she smiled at him and walked into the middle of the clearing and knelt. "My name is Adel."

The Prince gasped, "You speak?"

A slight laugh that caused her breasts to bounce "Of course!"

The Prince stood up, somewhat awkwardly because the sight of her had made him become aroused. He had seen many women, servant girls are eager to befriend the son of a King. But Adel was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He approached her like one would approach a rare animal that had paused in their path. Finally he was so close he could see that despite the warmth of the afternoon sun her pink nipples were erect and there were goosebumps on her body.

"Would you like to touch me?" she implored, her eyes innocent yet sultry.

The Prince placed his hand on the top of her head. Her hair was like thin ribbons of silk. "Please, stand up."

She stood, and he realized how nervous she was. He wondered how much she knew about her own kind. As if she had read his mind, she whispered "I have been waiting for this for so long. The animals tell me you are worthy."

The Prince could no longer contain himself. He gently placed his hands on her freckled shoulders and ran them up her slender milky neck to her face. Pulling her face towards him, he leaned in. Her breath was like sweet mist against his lips as he kissed her, and her lips were soft as fine velvet. To his surprise her cool wet tongue teased along his lips, and placing his hand on the back of her head he pulled her to him, falling in love as their kiss became more passionate. Her breasts pressed against his chest, and his manhood jumped at the feel of her stomach against it. She whimpered, and put her arms around him reassuringly. He slid one hand from her face back down her neck, and down to her ample breast. Each was a perfect globe, filling his large strong hands. He pulled away and held her out at arm length.

"Adel, you are the most beautiful, fascinating creature I have ever seen. I must look at you, and memorize you so that when you are gone my dreams will do you justice."

She looked sad, "You do not wish to keep me?"

"Adel, I can't imagine being able to take you as a wife. To think so would be foolish of me. And I would never take you on as one of my servants. You are much to beautiful to be spoiled by work!"

"Prince Derek, yes I know of you, there is no one else in the realm that I would show myself to but you. Please, take me if you will … I will be your spaniel."

The Prince then realized that it was his duty to take this woman as his wife, and protect and provide for her. It was his destiny. He was not sure where this premonition came from, but he took it. To Adel's delight, he took his royal robe and laid it on the ground in the middle of the clearing. He removed the rest of his clothing and held her close to him again.

Adel had learned many things from the animals, and she knew what was to come. She knelt before the Prince, the sparrows that nest outside his quarters were right … he was well endowed. She took the tip of him into her mouth, wetting him and sucking oh-so lightly. Feeling his hands on her head, she slid her smooth lips farther down him. He groaned, and she ran her tongue along the underside of his entire length. His hips involuntarily bucked a little, pushing his length further into her warm mouth. She formed a vacuum with her lips and cheeks and could feel the blood in his veins flowing into his already gorged member.

The Prince pulled himself from her wonderful mouth "Adel, I must have you!" She laid down on his robe, her body glistening in the sun … the Prince positioned himself between her lovely legs and leaned down. He ran his hands down her inner thighs and using his fingers parted her labia to gaze at her wet pinkness. He gently rubbed the small button of flesh between her lips and watched as she arched her back … smiling. He leaned forward and gently licked her. Her taste was like honey to him, and the Prince wanted more. His tongue rubbed stronger now, again and again. The beauty under him moaned and pushed her hips up to meet him. It was too much. He moved forward and positioned his eight inch piston at her tiny opening. Her hands were on her breasts, and she opened her deep green eyes dreamily and nodded. Derek gently moved just the head in and out, gently working his way into her inviting canal. The wetness caused by her excitement help him ease into her. She pushed up against him, "More Derek, please more!" With that he slid into her, forcing his way past her virginity. Her eyes flew open, tears in the corners. "I'm sorry Adel," his whispered. She smiled at him despite her obvious pain. He continued his slow movements, stretching her. She was so tight against him, unlike the bold servant girls that frequented his bed chambers. He saw that her pain was subsiding, and began to move faster. She reached between them to rub her own clitoris … he imagined the animals told her this as well! She was moaning with every thrust he made, a smile on her ruby lips, her eyes half closed. Suddenly he felt the walls of her loveliness clamp down on him, so tight that he closed his eyes a felt himself begin to spray into her his royal nectar. He groaned loudly and all around them the blooms began to fall from the trees like snow.

Adel awoke from her disorientation to find herself clothed once more and in the arms of the Prince. She reached up and touched his face, and he looked down on her.

"So, my bride to be is awake?"

"Sir, you will have me?!" her excitement warming his heart.

Derek stood and helped her rise. "Adel," he dropped to one knee, "please marry me as soon as we return!" She clasped her arms around him and cried, "Yes, Derek, yes!"

Many hearts would break in the kingdom that day when Prince Derek returned on his steed, the mythical maiden clinging to him. As they rode to the castle men stopped their work in awe, and women gazed at Adel with a mixture of worship and jealousy. Bells rung in the castle and proclamations were sped across the countryside announcing that the bachelor Prince had picked his prize.

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