tagErotic CouplingsNature's Call

Nature's Call


"Wake up princess," you hear me whisper in your ear before feeling a kiss on the top of your head.

"Are we there yet?" you say as you rub sleep from your eyes and sit up in the passenger seat of my car looking around at the trunks of trees as we roll slowly through the wooded area near the road. The car pulls through the opening in the trees and into the right of way as the sun pours in from the sky. You roll down the window and the smell of the pines and sun warmed woods rolls into the car.

"Yep, we're here" I say putting the car in park by the small cabin near the edge of the field before leaning over to kiss you once...twice...then a third long lingering kiss. "Welcome to the camp."

Our lips pull away and I watch your eyes flutter and you smile as you look at me with a mocking expression "You should give it a better name than The Camp," as you add little air quotes to the name.

"You're probably right, but that's what we've always called it. It used to be a farm stretching across this side of the lake and halfway up the mountain over there. If you want we can take a hike up the mountain later this weekend. There should be blueberries at the top this time of year."

"That sounds like fun, we'll just have to see what happens."

"We certainly will." I smile and lean in to kiss your soft lips again still leaning across the center console. I reach my hand up and trace the edge of your hair, back to your ear, and down the side of your neck before you feel my fingers press gently into the back of your head pulling you closer for a more passionate kiss. "Come on, let's take a walk before I start setting up the camp."

I hop out of the car, walking a few paces away before I look back and hold out my hand waiting for you to join me. You step out of the car and I just stare in awe. You are easily the most beautiful woman I'd ever dated: about 5'8" all leg, slender from head to two, tight perky ass, perfect perky C cup tits topped with pencil eraser nipples pressing through your shirt, short shoulder length hair, and the most entrancing eyes I had ever seen.

You take it and our fingers intertwine and you feel the gentle squeeze once our fingers lock as we start heading down the hill.

"Careful it's a bit steep" I say as I hold your hand tighter as we walk down the steep slope towards the water that you can just barely see through the trees from up here.

We come around the bend near the foot of the hill and you see the opening out onto the water and the long dock gently clacking as the waves lap at the steps leading to the water before caressing the shore. It's the afternoon and the sun is casting a golden shimmer across the lake. We walk out on the dock to the bench seat at the end. I sit down and give your hand a tug wanting you to join me. You come closer and sit on my lap looking out at the water on the quiet lake.

"It's the most peaceful during the weekdays up here. On the weekend some of the other residences around the lake bring out their jet skis and motor boats and it's not quite as beautiful. It's particularly gorgeous at night under the full moon. So we'll have to come down here tonight as well.

"Let's not rush it," you say looking into my eyes before leaning in to kiss me.

We kiss and kiss before your tongue darts into my mouth chasing my own. We start making out wrestling to see who can catch the other's tongue. You finally catch mine and suck it gently into your mouth as your fingers burry themselves in my hair. I run my fingers delicately along your back and down your sides as we continue kissing. You can feel me getting hard against your butt and you break the kiss and smile the most beautiful and natural smile I've ever seen. I lean in and leave little kisses along your collar to just below your neck as you feel my teeth gently caress your skin before I pull away and blow on the kisses. Goose bumps run up and down your arms and your hair stands up excited by the gentle kisses I'm leaving along your neck.

I pull away and look at you in my arms, "you're right, I should get us set up so we can start relaxing." I slip you off my lap and take you hand again, "come on, the hill is bigger on the way back up."

We make it to the top, lightly winded as we walk back across the right of way to the shade beneath the tall pines. I brush off the tables, turn on the hot water heater, and power up the rest of the camp so that we will have light later. Then I set off to build our fire for the weekend. I grab some logs from the wood pile and then get down on my hands and knees to place them in the deep fire pit. I hear you giggle from behind me.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing just checking out your butt," you giggle some more.

"I'm glad you're enjoying the show," and I laugh along with you while I finish building the fire.

Once the fire is up and running we snuggle up next to it and stare into the flames with my arm wrapped around you. We talk about little things, random facts, and anything else that comes to mind for the next few hours with brief breaks to add more wood to the fire, and light some citronella candles.

I look up into the towering trees above us towards the setting sun as the evening light shifts through the branches onto the pine needle covered ground below. I turn to you and lean in and kiss your ear and trail kisses down your neck before whispering, "I want to show you something."

You look at me a little confused as I stand up and hold out my hand and pull you close for a long kiss before wrapping my arm around your shoulder and leading you towards the right of way. I reach over and grab a citronella candle and suggest you do the same. You're a little confused, but you pick it up and we walk the rest of the way to the right of way.

The sun is setting but it's still bright in contrast to the pines. We both squint as we step into the yellow orange light of the sun. When your eyes adjust you see that I'd laid out a heavy sleeping bag out on the soft grass. I put my candle down at the head of the bag and you put yours at the foot. Then I come over and kiss you as I run my fingers down your back, and across your sides, and down until I can grab your perfect ass with them and pull you closer to me. You feel your pussy start to get wet as we kiss more and more deeply. You press your hips to mine as my hands squeeze your ass, then you feel me tickle the bottom of your ass and your knees buckle before you land softly on the bedding.

You aren't alone for long. I join you and we continue kissing as I slid up between your legs as you bend your knees up to make room. You can feel how hard my cock is against your pussy which is on fire. My hand slides up to your neck and gently tilts your head back so I can kiss along your jaw to your ears kissing them on my way down your neck again to your collar. You feel a passionate nip on your collar bone and you moan a little rocking your hips against my cock. I feel your fingers dig into my back as I continue to nibble my way down your collar bone to the center of your chest, and then kiss my way lower and lower until I get to the bottom of your boobs. I make a turn and kiss along the underside of them slowly circling around, closer and closer to your nipple just barely protected by your t-shirt and bra. I kiss your nipple through your clothes and you moan wishing that they weren't in the way. I make my way back to your other tit and tease it the same way before I feel your hands in my hair pulling me up to your lips again as your breath quickens.

You wrap your legs around my hips as my hand finds its way to the back of your head as we make out kissing more and more passionately with each breath we take. I can feel the heat from your pussy and make my way back down your neck and chest to your stomach trailing kiss along the way. You giggle and squirm a little as I get below your shirt line as my beard tickles your skin. My fingers gently work their way to the edges of the shirt and I tease my way up along your bare skin now slipping your shirt higher and higher with each line of kisses from side to side making your toes curl as I get closer, inch by inch to your sensitive nipples now barely protected by your lacy bra. I continue teasing your nipples through your bra as I work your shirt up to your head and relieve you of it entirely unclipping your bra on the way down.

You look down in anticipation as I slip your bra off your very hard nipples and you watch my lips get closer and closer to your right nipple. You tangle your fingers in my hair and draw me towards it and I reward you with the softest little flick of my tongue on your nipple sending shivers through your body as I drive you crazy. My other hand wraps itself around your other tit squeezing it as I suck your right nipple up into my mouth and gently continue flicking my tongue across it...again,...more shivers...again even more shivers. The pleasure of it is driving you crazy. You pull my head harder against your chest and I flick my tongue a few more times before switching to your left and repeating the tease while my other hand rolls your nipple between my pointer finger and thumb. Your whole body shakes as you enjoy a small orgasm. Nothing near what you know is on its way but you let it wash over you and wait for more.

I come back up and you grab my head with both hands and pull me in for a passionate kiss, slipping your tongue into my mouth catching my tongue on the way. Then you gasp as my hands both grip your tits and the pleasure rolls over you again as you look up to the sky behind my head a the reddening clouds as the sun begins to slip beneath the hills around us.

I sit up and slip out of my shirt, and your hands deftly remove my shorts before I come back down to you for a kiss on my way town to your own short shorts. You look down and you see me kissing my way along the top of your shorts as I grip your ass before undoing the button and unzipping them at an excruciatingly slow speed. As soon as you're freed from them you kick them off. You feel a cool breeze against your wet thong moments before a moan escapes your lips as mine kiss your pussy hard through your thong. I turn my head and kiss your inner thighs gently before kissing around your thong.

I gently slip a finger under your thong and tug it to the side, you gasp as the cool summer air reaches your very wet pussy. A moment later you feel my mouth surround it and you feel a long slow lick from the bottom of your pussy up to your clit, again...and again...and again your body is seized by more shivers from another tiny orgasm. Then you feel my tongue slide deep into your pussy and up along the top driving you wild before my lips lock around your clit as you feel me flicking my tongue across it. You jump each time my tongue flicks against your clit and your body shudders again and again.

You moan as you feel my fingers slip into your pussy curling its way upwards, then you feel the second finger slip inside you, filling your pussy and you brace yourself for what you know is about to happen...You feel my fingers slowly start sliding in and out of your pussy, curling up each time. I kiss my way back up to your lips and slowly but surely increase the speed that my fingers are moving. Your body shudders, and those small orgasms start to build and build. I kiss you hard on the lips as my other hand finds its way to your nipples. You feel the orgasm that you know is coming rushing towards you and your eyes roll back, you clench your teeth and let it wash over your entire body and explode in your mind as you squirt from all the stimulation...

My fingers slow as I give you a moment to catch your breath as you bask in the afterglow of such a powerful orgasm. I slide them out of your pussy as you come down from your high. I go down on your pussy and lick up all of your delicious squirt.

When you have recovered enough, you look up at me, and you whisper, "I want you inside me so bad..."

I smile and lean down to your ear and whisper, "all you had to do is ask..."

You tug my boxers down, I grip your legs and press them back up to your shoulders as I slide my cock deep inside your pussy. I groan because your pussy is gripping my cock so tightly, and I kiss you as I slowly start moving my hips so you can feel every inch of my cock going in and out of you. I lean in and nibble your shoulder as I pick up my pace until our hips are slapping together.

I feel you getting closer and closer as you dig your nails into my hips driving me harder into your pussy. You reach over and take my hands and press them to your tits and I squeeze them. You moan with the added stimulation and a small orgasm runs through your body again. We both lose our breath as we continue fucking on the blanket. It almost gets to be too much for me and I pull out and lock my lips around your pussy and slide it deep inside you before flicking it against your clit. The change in stimulation catches you off guard and you lose your breath completely for a moment, and then it's past and you feel my cock sliding hard and deep inside you gain. This time with your heels on my shoulders.

You reach over and take my hand again but guide it to your neck this time squeezing your hand around mine, and I slowly tighten my grip just right as I continue to fuck your tight little pussy. I feel it suddenly get wetter around my cock as you get even more turned on with each thrust. Then you gently tap my hand twice and I release your neck you gasp as I continue to fuck you in the middle of the meadow before I pull out again and eat your pussy the same as before sending small orgasms through your body.

I roll onto my back and you take the hint, swinging your leg over my hips and sliding me back inside your hot pussy. You start to grind on me digging your nails into my chest, making sure my cock hits all the right spots inside you. You lean down and bite my neck as you hear my sharp intake of breath and my cock twitches inside you. I reach up and grab your tits and squeeze them together before running my nails down your back to your ass and then giving it a good hard spank, and you grind even harder on me. Rocking your hips back and forth on my cock, pressing your clit against me. You feel a small orgasm run through you again and you look up at the crimson sky as the sun sinks lower over the mountain.

You look down at me again and you see me struggling not to cum and an evil smile crosses your lips as you pick up the pacing while you lean down and suck on my ear before sucking on my neck leaving a beautiful mark there as a reminder for later. You feel me run my hands down your sides from your breasts as your lips find my ear again. You let out a soft moan into my ear and you feel me tense up under you, my fingers grip your hips so tightly and you lean back and look me in the eyes as my cock erupts deep inside your pussy filling you up as you feel it twitch inside you. I grunt and groan and never release your beautiful hips, and I never stop looking you in the eye...

"OH FUCK!!" I groan and you feel my body shudder between your legs.

You didn't cum that time but you knew you weren't going to be left on your own. You have a little fun and you squeeze your pussy around my cock and you see my eyes roll back and my body shudders again and again each time you flex.

As soon as I could move again I slip my cock from your pussy and roll you gently onto your back again as I move down to finish you off. You just lay back and let me work my magic on your pussy again. My tongue quickly flicks along your clit as I enjoy the taste of the mixture of our fluids, and my fingers find their way into your pussy as my cum drips out, and you know you're going to be brought to a squirting orgasm again.

You feel my other hand find its way to your nipple again and my fingers pick up pace, curling up, as my tongue swirls around your clit. This takes you a bit by surprise. You're racing towards that powerful orgasm at an alarming rate. You brace yourself, gripping the blanket below us with both hands you fling your head back and you feel the orgasm rip through the core of your body drowning you in bliss as you squirt every drop into my mouth as you scream out and you hear the echo come back to us a split second latter...

When your body stops shaking you unclench your fists and open your eyes looking up at more stars than you've ever seen as the sun fades completely from the horizon. I slide up next to you drawing you into my arms and bringing you close to me. You feel my body warming you wherever our skin touches...

"Did you like the sunset?" I say with a quiet laugh.

You playfully smack my arm, "nope, somebody made me miss it."

"Oh well, we'll have to try again tomorrow I guess."

I just look deep into your gorgeous eyes and smile. A small breeze blows by us, and I pull the rest of the blanket around us as we snuggle in the right of way waiting for the full moon to rise above the tops of the trees. You feel my fingers gently tracing across your back, and down your sides, and to your lower back. Tiny circles dancing delicately along your skin while my other arm holds you tight to my body. You press your ear to my chest and hear my heart beat slow to a normal pace again. You wrap your arms around my back and you hear it skip a beat for a moment and then my arm draws you even closer.

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