tagRomanceNature's Call: A Fantasy

Nature's Call: A Fantasy


As we walk hand in hand along the covered path, heading deeper into the thick woods, fog rolls in thick clouds all around. The pure tranquility of the time we share brings a smile to my face. In this moment of total contentment, a vision of you and I lost in passionate lovemaking takes over my thoughts. The heat rises within my body, washing over me. I can hardly control the urge to pull you to the ground but I do resist, for the moment.

I watch you maneuver the thicket, pushing aside vines allowing me to pass unharmed. Your gallantry is one of the things that make you irresistible to me. Your body excites me so, I marvel in silence. The feeling of love I have for you wraps me in its warmth and protects me from the harsh elements as we glide through time in perfect harmony.

As we move on through our journey, our eyes meet. You know from the look in my eyes what I've been thinking. And I can tell you have been thinking too. The smile we share tells the story. In this instant, time stands still. You pull me to you, locking your mouth to mine. Oh baby, I can hardly contain the flame of passion you set inside me. Grasping you, holding you to me, I trace the contours of your body ever so gently with my finger tips. You feel like heaven beneath my touch. Our tongues meet, darting back and forth, slurping the other's mouth. MMMMMMMMMM......a shared deep moan between us sends heat to my most intimate spots. I feel my whole body become warm and my breathing becomes heavier.

Our kiss is so sensual, arousing every sense within me. We explore every part of each other's mouth with our tongues. You taste so good! I can't get enough of you. My hands continue roaming your body, grasping your firm ass, pushing our crotches together. I feel the center of your desire pressed against me, the hardness excites me. Reaching around slowly, cupping my hand on your bulge, oh my, so sexy! My insides jump with anticipation, yearning for the moment you enter me. I begin to unbutton and unzip your pants. Pushing them aside to allow my hand inside, I find your rock hard cock, so hot and rigid. Wrapping my hand around you and slowly stroking you up and down still inside your pants. I feel your hand slip inside my pants too, your fingers searching out my wetness. I begin kissing and sucking your neck as we fondle one another, loving the way we tease each other.

Feeling a hint of pre-cum, I draw my hand from your pants and suck it. MMMMMMMMMM......you always taste so good. I reach back down to push your pants down your hips and you do the same for me. I drop to my knees and start kissing and licking your hardness immediately after you are freed and pointing straight out. Working your cock and balls over, I reach down with a free hand and dip a finger into my hot cunt. I'm soaking wet and so hot for you. I finger myself as I suck some of the juice out of your cock. Pulling my fingers from my pussy, I bring them to your mouth, giving you a taste, sharing myself with you just as you are sharing with me. The excitement is almost more than I can take. I want you inside me now!

I feel your excitement soaring, your hands on my head, urging me on. But I must have you in me so I gently stop, releasing your delicious cock from my mouth. I smile up at you whispering I love you against your skin as I rise up to my feet. You are pulling me to the ground in the same movement and we hurriedly remove our clothes. I climb on top of you as we share another deeply heated kiss. I feel your chest against my hard nipples and your hard cock brushing my pussy lips. Oh baby, I love you so much. I rock on your cock as you take my nipples in your mouth, sucking them hard and nibbling the way you know I love it. Your cock presses into me as I wiggle until you are totally inside me and I gasp with pleasure. OOOOOOOOO!!!

Pushing my pussy down on you hard, feeling you stretching my insides and rubbing my back wall. I thrust my pelvis against you in hard short jabs and you meet every one in turn. You feel so good inside me. I'm about to explode on you now! Your lips and tongue pull and prod my tits, your hands roaming my body, my senses are on overload. You excite me so much!

I begin to buck my pussy up and down your dick. You slice in and out of me like silk. My swollen clit brushes your pubes in rhythm with our strokes. You are pulling my hips with every thrust, pushing deeper and harder into me, you want all of my insides wrapped around you. I feel my insides begin to pulse.

Your cock slams into me time and time again, my pussy kissing you as slurps fill the air. Your balls smack my ass as you fuck me into oblivion. I feel your cock pulsing and your moans drive me wild. Loving what you do to me, so close to coating you. I am wildly ramming myself down you hard, fast, and deep. Oh yes! I burst all over your cock and feel your cock jerk hard up inside me. Yes baby, paint my walls! I buck hard one more time to milk your balls and squeeze you to feel the aftershocks. MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

I collapse on your chest and pant to catch my breath and take in the way you fit me perfectly. Riding the wave of passion that settles on me as gently as a butterfly, I lovingly accept the fact that you are the one true soul that makes me feel whole, complete. I nuzzle your neck and whisper I love you in your ear. A restful peace takes over me and we both drift off to sleep in the sunlight that has begun to fade to darkness, the last thought I remember is: This is how love is supposed to feel!

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