Naturist Beach


I'd agreed to go but was still feeling a bit nervous, he'd been a couple of times on his own when I'd been visiting my parents with the kids. It was a lovely sunny day and we were on our way to the nudist beach. The walk from the car to the beach seemed miles but when we arrived I was feeling a bit more comfortable with the situation. We selected our spot in a sand dune and I was aware of people standing, casually looking around. We arranged our towels on the sand and positioned ourselves, my husband instantly naked and myself only topless.

After a short time I felt I could remove my bikini bottoms, well everybody else around was nude. We had been lying in the sunshine for a short while chatting and feeling quite horny when a man came over and started talking to us, he was obviously a local, about 60 years old and very tanned. When I started chatting back he sat down next to us exposing his manhood and lit a cigarette. He was telling us about the beach, the people that visited and alluded to things that took place, I realised that I was sitting with my legs slightly apart, exposing my now wet lips. It was so strange that only a little while a go I was so nervous and had no intention of stripping off completely and now here I was showing a strange man my wet pussy, my only regret was that I hadn't bothered to shave or at least trim my pubic hair.

After the man left I could see my husband was also very aroused and when he touched me between my legs he was surprised to feel just how wet I was, my juices were actually running down my inner thigh. He encouraged me to spread my legs more, which turned us both on even, it also attracted several passers by to walk a little closer and casually look in our direction, maybe we just looked like newcomers.

As mid afternoon approached we decided it was time to leave, so we picked up our towels, put on our clothes, me minus my underwear, and headed for the car. On the way down the path through the heathered dunes we took a slight detour to a more secluded looking area. I was very wet by this time and as I lay on the sand my husbands penis easily slipped into me, all reservations about visiting the beach had definitely disappeared, in fact I would secretly have liked someone to walk by whilst we were still fucking. I was extremely horny and had one of the biggest orgasms I can remember.

Later in the Summer we visited the same beach again, this time I was more relaxed and didn't bother with any underwear at all, I had also taken care to shave my pussy bald, except for small strip down the middle. Whilst we were settling down on our towels, having already taken our clothes off, I was very aware of a man standing in the dunes behind us after a while he eventually settled down opposite us around 5 yards away. He kept casually looking our way so I decided to give him something to really look at. Turning over from my back to my front I made a point of spreading my legs wide apart and keeping them that way with my knees up. I was now certain that he had a perfect view of my exposed pussy, which by now was very wet, he certainly didn't make any effort to move.

As we lay there in the hot sunshine my husband started to stroke my tits, after a little while he moved to the top of my legs and I could see he was desperate to see how wet I was, I obliged by turning on my side and spreading my legs a little further apart. As his first then second finger entered me I knew he was not disappointed. The man sitting close by was now joined by someone else and although they were trying to act casually and give the impression they were looking all around, it was clear they were staring at us and had just seen my husband play with my pussy. As we continued to sunbathe, I still had my legs apart and I could see that behind the dune grass the man was obviously wanking himself off. I was quite shocked, but my husband assured me that this happened all the time, I felt quite pleased that I had managed to provoke such an action. Soon after he had finished his business he got up and walked away, we also decided it was time to leave and packed our bags. As we were walking back to the path we saw two guys having oral sex, this didn't have much of an effect on me apart from being a little shocked. We took the same detour as last time and it was just as good, I was again very wet and my husband very erect.

We are looking forward to visiting again this summer and who knows what might happen, my husband would like to be more adventurous, but we will have to wait and see.

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