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Naughty Allison


It was 6:30pm and Allison looked out the window once more in hopes she would see Shawn returning home from the office with his coworkers. The food was prepped and the beer was cold. The weekly Poker Night was a resent addition to the normally mundane schedule. This little tradition was introduced by Brandi, a girlfriend of one of Shawn's coworkers. Allison and Brandi met at the fabulous Microsoft Employee Christmas party seated at the same table, seeing as her boyfriend Brian was on the same team with her husband. Brandi had been beautiful in her revealing black dress four inch stilettos and the two women had turned the heads of more computer geeks then one would have thought possible.

They hit it off right away and in an attempt to help her new housewife friend had organized a small group to get together weekly for poker, beer, and socialization. The boys would be able to socialize while the ladies occupied themselves elsewhere, without leaving anyone home alone and bored. Allison had caught Brandi's attention at much as Brandi had caught hers at the party. The two had enjoyed the Friday night's getting to know one another better, trading stories, techniques and fantasies.

Allison had no problem hosting these games at her home since it was big enough to accommodate the rowdy bunch. Tonight was going to be a bit different though. Brandi had put a plan of action together for her new friend and also for her own enjoyment.

The food, cold beers and the hot leather and studded outfit she would be wearing while playing hostess were going to help set this night apart from all the others. Shawn knew about the food and beer, but he had never seen the outfit she would be donning, and would surely be surprised at the exhibition she would display tonight.

Brandi was preparing everything in the dinning room while Allison kept looking out the window ringing her hands in nervous anticipation. Padded dinning room chairs were placed all around their marble table. They were set back from the table so that their was more room to move around, should you need to. Allison suddenly felt hands slid around her waist pulling her back to meet Brandi's front, her breasts against pressed Allison's bare shoulder blades.

"Stop being nervous, and get away from the window." She spoke in calm even tones. "He isn't going to get a choice this time, remember." Allison released a breathe she didn't know she was holding and let her hands fall to her sides. There had been so many times before tonight that she and her husband had been asked, offered and pleaded with by couples to participate in erotic group adventures. Every time Shawn had angrily refused and insisted that his wife was no one's whore. It was the only area of their sex life she had not conquered him in. She hadn't the courage to push him that far until Brandi had come along with her master plan and dominating personality that pushed her own into submission.

The stage was set when the girls heard two cars pull into the driveway. Brandi moved one hand under Allison's tight leather skirt stroking her ass slowly. The skirt was short enough to display the lack of lingerie underneath it when bent over. Her tits propped up in a tight leather corset, nipples almost showing. Her breath hitched slightly in her throat showing her Lady the effect her touch had. They players for tonight's poker game had carefully been chosen by Brandi and were all aware of the real game they were playing with Shawn.

The door opened and three young men, dressed in jeans and tee shirts came through into the foyer. The two women still standing in a delicate embrace, silently watching them from the dining room. Shawn called out announcing his arrival when he noticed his wife in the arms of her friend. He merely gaped at his wife in her sexy attire unable to speak. This was going to be interesting. Smiling in amusement, Brandi was the first to move and spoke confidently as she waltzed over to the men that had just arrived.

"Good evening Gentlemen," She said gracefully. "I am so glad you are here now, we were getting wrestless." She moved to her boyfriend Brian kissing him roughly on the lips and then to a man Allison had never seen before standing just in front of the entryway. This must have been the Derrick she had heard so much about. He grabbed Brandi around the waist and sent a kiss smashing down onto her lips, confirming to Allison that this was Derrick. After breaking the passionate kiss, she introduced the Derrick to Allison, all the while ignoring Shawn. By this point he had closed his mouth and glared at Brandi angrily.

Derrick took Allison by the hand drawing her in close. "Another sissy boy, huh?" he whispered in her ear, his hot breath bring in a shiver up her spine, "I can't wait to fuck that ass, sweet little thing you are" He pinched her but she made sure not to wince, smiling back spying the bulge in his pants. Then they turned and he looked at Shawn.

"So, um, aren't you going to go change before the others get here, hunny?" He said in a tone far to scolding in nature to be tolerated by Brandi. Allison looked to Brandi for reassurance who gave her a quick nod and smack on the ass. Shawn's laptop case hit the floor along with his jaw.

"No, I am not and pull yourself together. You're being rude to our guests get them something to drink. Is Heineken alright for everyone?" Allison answered back nonchalantly. "And by the way no one else can make it tonight. You should be thank full Brian invited Derrick, otherwise we wouldn't have had enough players. Brandi and I will be playing with you boys tonight. And the rules for our game will be set by Mistress Brandi. You will play with us tonight and you will address all of my guests in the manner that fits them. Have I made myself abundantly clear to you?"

"Yes." Swaying slightly in his nervousness.

"Excuse me?" She scolded

"Yes my Lady." He said correcting his mistake.

"Better, now go."

Shawn, eyes down turned, headed for the kitchen. He came back with a six pack of cold Heineken and a bottle opener. Passed around the beer to everyone keeping his eyes on the table with the playing cards.

"Shall I deal the cards?" Shawn asked quietly.

"No," Brandi said as she sat on one side of him and Allison took the other. "We won't be playing that kind of game tonight." Glancing over at Derrick and Brian who were standing in front to the window adjusting the shades. Allison looked at her hubby for his reaction with a curious amusement. He was already studying her with a nervous grin on his face.

"Can I ask what..."he started.

"You can ask nothing! You will be told what you are to do and you will do it that is the game. You're not a player, only a game piece." Allison snapped at her husband. Leaning into him with her hand on his crotch, she spoke to him softer now, "Don't be scared my love their will not be any losers in this game only winners."

"Yes, my Lady," he said shoulders hunched forward. It had always been his greatest fear that others would find out the nature of their sex life. Being a UFC fighter and working for such an elite company, did not match with the submissiveness he showed with his wife. The fact that he was going to be humiliated before his coworker and other people was filling Allison with excitement.

She looked over at her friend and smiled. "Isn't he a good boy?"

"I think that they are all to heavily clothed, Brian, strip yourself and Shawn now." Brandi order and Brian complied. Shawn looking to his wife who nodded in approval. "And for god sakes, open the blinds. I want to see the sunset while we play." The houses on their street were not extremely close but the were close enough to see inside from the road if someone drove by.

Both women glanced in Shawn's direction to see his reaction, which was close to mortification. This not only pleased them but also thrilled Derrick who was now staring at Allison with hunger in his eyes.

"Come over here, slut," Derrick said locking his gaze on her, and she was quick to obey. Brandi and Brian were totally aware of what was going on but the confusion on Shawn's face was evident. So Brandi decided to explain a few things to him seeing as his wife was preoccupied.

"You see sub Shawn, you may be owned by your Lady Mistress Allison, but she is also has the desire to be dominated, a role that you are unfit for. Isn't that Correct?" he said nothing but she chose to continue regardless. "Derrick is far better suited to the task, you want your Lady to be happy don't you, sub Shawn." His eyes low he shook his head. "What was that sub Shawn?"

"Yes mam, I want my Lady to be happy." He choked out. Looking at his wife now sitting on the strangers lap, one hand high on her thigh the other squeezing her ass. He was leaning in close to her and began kissing and sucking her neck. His right hand moving her legs apart, Derrick slid his fingers between her already wet folds and fingered her as she began to pant.

Shawn turned his eyes away, which Brandi noticed immediately. "Brian, I want you to remove Lady Allison's corset, it is in Derrick's way." Brian did as he was told in a way so as not to disturb them. Then stood back and awaited further instructions. "Brian, does Lady Allison seem to be enjoying herself, tell Shawn since he has chosen not to watch."

Whipping her head around at what she heard, she observed the truth of her husband's disobedience. "Shawn! You will watch, there is no choice here." Derrick reaching behind her neck pulling her mouth to his silencing her.

"Perhaps, since you are busy, I could help you a bit," Brandi questioned already knowing her friends answer. Allison, whose mouth was being consumed at the moment, gave her a hand gesture that she took as the go ahead and proceeded with her plan. "Brian come over here." He did as instructed. "sit down next to me, sub Shawn you will sit on Brian's lap facing your wife and Derrick." Both naked men complied obediently. "Brian you will not let him look away do you understand?" It was a command not really a question.

"Yes mistress." Brandi could tell having another naked man on his lap was embarrassing him and arousing him at the same time. This pleased her a great deal. She got up and left the room quietly to retrieve what she need for the next step in her plan.

Subs Shawn and Brian watched as Derrick had Lady Allison writhing in pleasure under his touch. Derrick, noticing that he now had the full attention of her husband and also Brian, he decided to raise the bar a bit. He stopped his ministration on her clit and ceased suckling her breast. Pushing her off his lap and on to the floor.

"On your knees" she did as he instructed, never submitting to a man before and feeling a bit ridiculous. "I am going to have some of that," gesturing to her mouth. He whispered in her ear so only she could hear his instructions, as he kissed her neck.

Raising himself to stand in front of the kneeling slave in before him, slowly dropped his jeans to the floor and released his hardened cock. Brandi hadn't lied, his cock was porn star material or better even. She couldn't help but gasp and look back at Shawn whose shocked face matched her own. Their was the slightest look of shame on his face and he turned his head away from the scene.

Brian knowing his mistress would be displeased if he disobeyed her tried to bring his friends gaze back to his wife. Then Derrick addressed the sub for the first time that night.

"This is what you are giving me, sissy boy? I am going to fuck your wife in a minute and make he cum, over, and over. You could at least watch a master on how to fuck a woman like this. Take notes perhaps, not that you could bring what I have to the table." Allison could see her husband's pain at those words but the growing erection in his lap told a different story.

Just then Brandi returned to the dinning room, oil and a red dildo in hand. She winked at Derrick who gave her a nod in return. Looking down at Allison he gave her instructions.

"You want me to fuck you slut. Don't you? You want my cock buried within that slick little cunt. Isn't that what you desire?" She stared at him in awe of such a powerful man.

"Yes please," Allison answered in a shy tone.

"Please what, tell me what you want," Derrick said in a tone that commanded.

"I want you to fuck me hard in the ass! Please, please, Fuck me hard in the ass!" She begged.

"Begin playing with my cock then, but do it slowly." Derrick ordered. Allison did as she was told feeling a shiver run the length of her spine at the thought of putting that enormous thing in any of her orifices. She began to lick and suck and stroke his large cock, taking as much as of him as she could into her mouth. Hearing Derrick moaning pushed her into her own state of bliss.

Brandi enjoyed watching her friends playing this enticing game with the subs but was feeling a bit left out. Looking down at the naked man on her own sub's lap she decided to be merciful to them before she indulged herself.

"Brian, I want you to stroke Shawn's cock until he is read to cum and Shawn you will not take your eyes off of what is happening in front of you, understand?" Brandi said.

"Yes, Mistress Brandi," They both answered quietly as their cheeks began to burn. Brian immediately began to stroke his coworker's hard member, feeling his own erection pressing against the crack of Shawn's smooth ass.

Brandi left them to join Derrick who now had Allison leaning over the table and was fingering her from behind making sure to give the desired attention to her asshole.

"I want to play too," she said spanking Allison's ass. She gave Derrick the oils wasting no time covering the red dildo with oil and the emptied the rest on his cock in his hands.

He made sure to lube her up sufficiently, he applying the warm oil in and around her ass, then again to his cock. Holding his cock by the base with one hand, rub the tip in a circular motion around her ass with subtle pressure, massaging her clit with the other hand. Making the circles smaller and smaller. Allison moaned throatily. In her excitement she begins to push back against the throbbing member seeking entry to her back door. Rocking slowly at first then speeding up, until the tip slides inside and stretches her tight hole.

Derrick turned to address Shawn, "Do you see this? Your horny little slut wife is begging to be fucked in the ass by my cock. Don't worry I am going to fuck her until she can stand it and then I am going to keep going until she screams. You can thank me later."

Shawn was unmoving as if what he was seeing wasn't real. Brian kept stroking Shawn's cock as the pain in his own grew. Brandi came to stand next to them reaching around she began massaging Allison's clit with the red dildo.

Feeling pleasure at the erotic taboo they were engaged in Allison stayed in that position for some time. Feeling more comfortable now she moved to adjust the enormous pole in her ass, while getting used to it being inside her. Then she slowly pushes back even further and they both rock as its slides in and out deeper and deeper until his cock is hilt deep in her.

Brandi then turned her attention to stimulate her neck, nipples, ears, clit, thighs, breasts, collarbones, touching ever sensitive part of her until she was ready to cum.

Feeling her pleasure building into an orgasm Allison looked over to Shawn, red faced and cock nearly purple, throbbing and ready to cum. "Do you want to cum, Shawn?" He hesitated to answer at first.

"Oh yes my Lady!"

"Cum for me Shawn! Cum now!" hearing her orders Brian quickened his strokes bringing him full circle, Shawn cumming all over Brian's hand and his own lap.

Derrick quickened his pace as Allison cried out in an orgasmic roar. Following suit he thrust his cock into her hard and deep letting himself cum inside her, overflowing her tiny hole with his creamy load.

Hardly able so stand she laid across the dining room table set in front of the window with the blinds completely open, the sun vanished with out a trace. There had never been anything like this in her sex life prior to this and she was amazed that it could be this great. Coming back down to earth she look behind her husband to see Brian face still red and frustration in his eyes.

"Mistress Brandi, would it be alright with you if I thanked Brian for his assistance with Shawn?" Allison asked.

"Feel free," she replied. Knowing that he had done well and deserved to be rewarded.

"Shawn you will clean up this mess you made and return the pleasure Brian has given you ten fold." Slightly confused he began wiping up the mess on his lap and the ceramic tile floor.

"Yes, my lady, how shall I return the favor, ten fold?" Shawn asked with the slightest bit of sarcasm. He always had a tendency to test the submission after he came, as if asserting some kind of independent free will. Frowning at his gall she decided to remind him of his place.

"You have always served me well orally you will do the same for Brian and then you can thank Derrick and Mistress Brandi as well." The shock on his face told her she a successful put him in his pace. "Make me proud."

The end

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