tagIncest/TabooNaughty & Nice Sister & Niece

Naughty & Nice Sister & Niece


Readers: This story starts out with an incestuous 'quickie' and then turns into a long tale of unintentional virginal seduction. As my main character says, "I suppose quickies are okay as an occasional release, but I knew one thing for damn sure; the next time I got my hands on a female there was going to be a lot of foreplay before there was any fucking!" So, herein are two stories in one. One is quick and the other one slow. My apologies in advance to those who might think it is too long.

Naughty & Nice Sister & Niece


Here Kitty Kitty, Here Pussy Pussy

After throwing a few bales of hay to the horses, I turned back into the barn and nearly fell when a yellow cat scampered under my feet. Those damn kittens are going to break my neck yet! The six multicolored felines were just about old enough to be weaned.

The sound of a car horn honking up at the house took my attention. I recognized the car immediately. My sister June was stopping by to drop my niece off for an overnight visit. June had a date and I was very happy for her. She'd spent too much time brooding over her nasty divorce. It's about damn time she was getting herself laid! If that guy she's going out with doesn't fuck her tonight, then I might just take on the job myself!

Thinking about fucking June was making me hard and horny. My sister and I used to fuck like rabbits when we were kids, but we were now all grown up with separate lives of our own. I was now a 40-year-old bachelor and she was a 36-year-old divorcee. We two hadn't had sex together in more than a decade. If I were to be truthful with myself, I'd admit that I still miss the sweet young pussy she always gave to me so willingly.

As I walked towards the car, the passenger side door opened and an adolescent girl scampered out. My niece April was as frisky and energetic as the mischievous kittens hiding in the barn. She threw her overnight bag on the porch and ran to meet me. Skidding to a stop, she gave me a quick peck on the check and said, "Hi Uncle Jess! I'm going to play with the kitties."

Away she ran towards the barn before I could say even say hello. I talked a little while with June and teasingly wished her good luck tonight. She knew what I meant, but she didn't blush. The bulge in my pants was growing in size as I talked to her.

I noticed June's hands tightly gripping the steering wheel. "Sis, are you okay?" I asked. "You seem like you're tense and trembling."

"No, I'm not 'okay'! she blurted out. "I'm as nervous and jittery as a school girl going on her first date. Oh Jess, I haven't been on a date in so many years I'm not sure if I can remember how to do it! Damn me, but I almost ran my car of the road a few minutes ago!"

This thought frightened me so much that I became worried. "Sis, you'd better settle down," I said consolingly. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Hell woman, this guy is just a man!"

"Yeah, that's the problem!" June responded heatedly. "Men are shits! Men are lying, cheating sons-of-bitches! Oh god, Jess, I didn't mean to include you in my generalization! You are a sweet, fun-loving, passionate man who I love and adore! Jess, if you weren't my brother I'd jump into your bed every chance I could get!"

I smiled and reached through the car window to take her hand. "Thanks for the compliment, Sis," I said. "Honey, you would be welcomed into my bachelor bed anytime you want! We always did have a good time together in bed when we were young. You never let the fact that I was your brother stop you then!"

June smiled now and her face lit up radiantly. "Hey Jess, that's the answer!" she hurriedly said. "Oh, I don't know why I didn't think of it before. When I was young and upset you always calmed me down by putting your cock inside my cunt. Jess, will you fuck me now? I only need a 'quickie' just to calm my nerves and settle me down. I started getting wet and horny as soon as you touched my hand, so Jess it wouldn't take long for you to make me cum. If you could make me have just one little orgasm then I'd be okay!"

Out of concern for my sister's sanity and safety, I nodded my head in agreement. I opened the car door and June jumped out. She glanced toward the barn where April ran, walked around to the back of the car, and pulled her pants down.

June bent over the trunk with her shapely ass exposed in an open invitation. "Jess, please fuck me now!" she implored. "Fuck me quick before either of us can change our minds! Give my drippy wet cunt your cock 'doggie style' right here!"

As a gentleman farmer, I learned long ago not to look a gift-horse in the mouth. I never turned down a chance to get a piece of pussy and I had a nice one right here in front of my eyes. Standing behind my sister, I dropped my pants. Although it had been years since our last time, I suppose this was something like riding a bike. My swollen cock remembered exactly how to reach this particular female's seductive vaginal sanctuary.

Over the ass and in through the bush my horny, hard cock did go. Dripping wet moisture coated my cockhead even before my engorged shaft entered. My swollen meat plunged into a sweltering hot vaginal honey pot. Feminine pussy fluids aided with slippery wet lubrication.

Cock and cunt joined in a furious race towards orgasmic release. My elongated shaft plunged headfirst into this woman's deepest, darkest recesses. Pussy muscles contracted, squeezed, and pulled at the intruding muscular man meat.

I pumped in and out, in and out repeatedly. I pumped slow and easy a dozen times and then I thrust hard and fast a dozen more times. June was begging, "Fuck me, oh yes, oh Jess make me cum!"

June whimpered and cried, "Oh Jess, oh Jess, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Oh god, I've missed your cock so much! Oh god, this orgasm is so good!"

My sister wasn't the only one cumming. A violent orgasm started in the head of my cock and spread throughout my loins and into my whole body. Semen and sperm shot out of my hard, smoking-hot, blood-engorged barrel.

June's pussy felt the full discharge from my cannon. Her vaginal tunnel began to spasm as more orgasms rocked her divorced, cock-hungry cunt. She whimpered and cried until she could whimper and cry no more.

My cockshaft continued to plunge in and out of the slippery, hot feminine hole. I was still cumming joyfully. God, if my sister wanted a 'quickie' then I wanted it to be a good one! One last orgasm shook me and I collapsed atop the woman who had collapsed onto the car.

When our breath returned, the two of us ran into the house and cleaned up. June couldn't stop kissing me and grabbing at my cock. Finally, we emerged from the house and I walked her to her car.

This woman, my sister, was a different person now. Relaxed and reinvigorated, she pulled out of the drive and drove away. I watched her leave with a bit of regret, yet I had a certainty in my heart and mind that this would not be our last forbidden sexual rendezvous.

I suppose quickies are okay as an occasional release, but I knew one thing for damn sure; the next time I got my hands on a female there was going to be a lot of foreplay before there was any fucking!

I went back into the house and cleaned up the lunch dishes I'd left earlier in the day. After awhile, I remembered that April was here. Damn, I'd almost forgotten about my teenage niece! Hell, I wasn't much of a host for my special overnight company! I guess I'd better go ask the girl if she's had anything to eat. I was planning on grilling burgers and hotdogs later.

I found the girl halfway back in the barn. The barefooted waif was lying on a ragged old horse blanket and her petite, girlie-girl form was covered with kittens. The girl was giggling with glee as the pack of ferocious felines tickled and nuzzled her.

Taking a seat on the blanket next to April, I remembered the monumental milestone she had reached just last week. The pretty young lady had celebrated her 18th birthday. As part of my gift to her, I had told her she could have one of the kittens as a present. As of today, she hadn't yet decided which one she wanted.

April twisted onto her belly. Kittens went scattering, but quickly came back and attacked her again. I was laughing at the girl's joyful merriment. Unconsciously, my eyes studied her young feminine form. Her light brown hair was tied into two long braids. She had on a pink-stripped tank top and a pair of pale-blue Capri pants.

I was reminded of how beautifully sexy June had been at this girl's age. April's body had the same female features her mother had as a teen. Short in stature, I'd bet this girl was no more than five feet tall. I'd be very surprised if the young lady weighed an ounce over one hundred pounds.

Unconsciously, words escaped from my mouth. "April, you're twisting and wiggling too much," I informed her. "Girl, you'd better pull your pants up. You've got a little bit of crack showing."

The girl didn't follow my suggestion. Perhaps she didn't hear me. I repeated, "Hey girlie, the ass-end of your butt is splitting open. Your pants are pulling down so far that you've gotten quite a bit of an ass-crack showing!"

I still don't think she heard me. But then, she turned her head and saw her exposed flesh. She began playing with the kittens again. With a giggle in her voice, she said, "Oh, don't worry about it Uncle Jess. You don't have to look, do you?"

Laughing at her naive innocence, I thought I'd better let the girl know some things about men. "Yes, April, I do have to look," I answered. "Guys are born with eyes that like to look at feminine cracks. It doesn't matter if its front cracks or back cracks. Guys just like to look at cracks."

The kitten-loving girl again twisted her head and stared at the revealed flesh of her hind end. She then looked at me and shyly said, "Oh, okay then, you just go ahead and look."

This time, I snickered. The mischievous little lady was innocently teasing me. From talking with June, I knew this girl was virginal and inexperienced in the ways of a man's mind. Well, this young lady has picked the wrong man to tease! The muscular rod inside my pants was already recovering from fucking this girl's mother.

Maybe I'd better warn her. "April, your top is halfway up your back and your pink panties are down so much you're showing a lot of ass!" I said a little more insistently. "Now honey, you don't want your 'old' uncle seeing all of that do you?"

The girl looked behind her again. She saw my eyes looking at her exposed skin. Aggravated, she looked at me with a disapproving scowl. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Okay, okay, mister girl-watching man! I'm not hard of hearing so you don't have to tell me time after time!"

April turned over and lay on her back. The kittens jumped atop her. She looked at me and impishly said, "Now Sir, are you happy? And, are your prudish sensitivities satisfied?"

I didn't immediately answer. Hell, this frontal view was even more enticingly tantalizing than the back! The kittens were playing on her chest and between her legs. I could see half of her belly and I could still see her sexy pink panties.

I decided to teach my sassy-mouthed niece a lesson. I would embarrass her with a little sex humor. "Do you know why kittens like to play on a girl's chest and between her legs?" I asked.

April looked at me curiously. This curiosity implored her to answer. "Not exactly," she said. "Is it because girls are softer and sweeter than men?"

It was time for me to do the teasing. "Yes, that's part of the reason," I answered. "But, the main reason they like to play on a girl's chest is because the kittens are 'tittie-cats'. The reason they like to play between a girl's legs is because they are 'pussy-cats'."

April's face showed only a faint hint of a blush. She recovered and impishly said, "Oh yeah, then why do bunny rabbits like playing between a boy's legs? I know why. It's because they are 'peter-cottontails'."

The innocent young lady had turned the tables on me. She had her own sex joke to tell. I laughed, but I wasn't about to let this girl get in the last word. I asked, "Girl, how come you know so much about what goes on between a boy's legs? Have you been 'misbehaving' with a boy?"

This time the girl did blush. "Oh no, Uncle Jess, I have never...I haven't done anything like that!" she emphatically answered. "My friends tell me about some things they do with guys, but I've never...! I've seen some pictures. The other day, I was putting away some laundry in Mama's room and found a few magazines in her panty drawer. There were a lot of naked men in them!"

I looked at the sweet young girl and laughed. I knew the divorce didn't cause my sis to loose her itch for sex! She had just let me scratch it a little while ago. I had plans to scratch it again.

Hell, I was getting an itchy feeling inside my pants right now! My sis is not here to scratch it, but her daughter is. Curse my wicked soul, but this teen girl was making the blood inside my cock race! I shouldn't be this horny with such a youngster! Besides, damnit, she's my niece!"

April's soft feminine voice was asking, "Uncle Jess, you won't tell Mama that I looked at her pictures, will you? She might not like it if she knew I did it."

My face lit with a mischievous smile. I answered, "Babe, this will be our little secret. But, I'd like to know, did you like looking at the pictures?"

April's face blushed. She stared at me and spoke coyly, "Yes...oh I mean I guess I did. I didn't know that those...that those 'things' could get so big! I think it must be some kind of photo trickery. Is yours...is your man-thing big...ouch! Ouch, kitty that hurt! Uncle Jess this white kitty scratched my boob!"

I laughed at the teenaged girl. I saw an opportunity for teasing and said, "Girl, the kitties are still a little wild. I told you they are tittie-cats. They probably don't like you because you don't have nice enough 'titties' for them to play with!"

April looked at me with stunned surprise. Perhaps I went too far with my joking. Oh god, I've scared her! But no, the look on her face is not fear. Why, its anger.

"I do so have nice titties!" she irritably announced. "I've got two of them right here on my chest! My titties are not as big as some, but in my opinion, I think they are extraordinarily nice!"

I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. Well, if she's going to be so defensive I might as well fuel the flames of her ire. "Oh, your opinion is that you have nice ones, is it?" I teased. "You know what they say about opinions, don't you? They are like assholes and everyone has one. My opinion differs from yours. You've probably have something stuffed under your top to make you stick out. I know some girls do that. Do you have on a padded bra or something?"

My teasing hit the mark. April was still lying on her back with the kittens running all around her. She replied heatedly, "I've got on a bra, but it's not stuffed with anything but my tits! They are all-natural, one hundred percent genuine girl! Just to prove it, I'll show you!"

With that said the girl reached for the hem of her pink-striped top and pulled it and the lacy bra under it up to her neck. "Mister, you look at my chest and tell me that I don't have nice titties!" she triumphantly said.

I was so surprised by her actions I couldn't speak. She had told me to look, so look is what I did. My eyes told me immediately that she did indeed have 'nice' tits! They were a little bit on the smallish size, but she was right about them being extraordinarily well-formed. The beautiful breasts were about the size of tits that would fit inside a coffee mug. Perky pink nipples stood up proud. April again spoke victoriously, "See. I told you! Now don't tell me I don't have titties!"

Well, she had me there. I suppose I ought to admit defeat. But no, I think I'll tease her some more. "Yes April, I do see titties," I said with a cynical voice. But girl, for all I know they might be fakes. Lots of females get tit implants!"

Suddenly, April reached out and grabbed my hand. She guided it to the nearest tit. Again her voice rang with victory, "Implants? Uncle Jess, I don't need implants. I want you to squeeze these and then tell me if they are fake or not!"

Hell, I didn't intend for this to happen! Here I was holding my niece's teenaged breast in my hand! I knew I should let go. This is going too far. While my conscience was telling my hand to stop, my fingers were following the commands of my horny cock.

I began squeezing and fondling the tantalizing tit. April moved my hand to the other mounded orb. I felt the silky softness of each breast. As my fingers caressed the supple flesh, the mammary mound swelled and each nubile nipple hardened a little. My fingers gently stroked the enticing spheres. April questioned, "Okay, now Uncle Jess, can you tell me if they are real or not?"

I looked at my niece's angelic, innocent face. I'd never thought of this girl as a sexual being before. She's just a kid. She's a girl with a couple of nice little breasts. I told her so. I continued fondling as I spoke, "Okay April. Yes you have tits and yes they are real. They're really nice ones for a girl of your small stature."

The girl started pulling her top and bra down. Reluctantly, I moved my hand away. "See, I told you," she victoriously said. "Next time you'll believe me when I tell you something,"

April's breasts were not yet secured into her bra. I wondered what she'd do if I grabbed one. Before I could make a move, the girl squealed out again, "Ouch! Why, that little white rascal has scratched me again! Uncle Jess, I showed the 'tittie-cat' my titties. Why does it keep on scratching me?"

Once again, I laughed at my niece. She sure was having a hard time with the little white fella. A thought flashed into my head and exited through my mouth, "Well, there is only one explanation. It's because the cat is a boy! Boy cats are a lot like human boys and men. There is something on a girl's body that boys and men like better than titties. Why, that's it! This kitten is a horny little 'pussy-cat'!"

April looked into my eyes suspiciously. A stern frown formed on her face. "Uncle Jess, are you now going to tell me I have to prove I have a...a pussy?" she resounded firmly. "And, are you going to say that you have to touch it to prove it is real?"

I shrugged and threw my hands up in mock surrender. "Sorry girl," I said with straight-faced seriousness. "That's just the way things work around here. I don't make the rules. I'm afraid you are going to have to pull your pants down. I'll do what I have to do. If all goes well, I think the kitty should be satisfied and he should stop scratching you."

My young niece is a wonder. Smart as a whip, she knew what was going on. But, this girl has a stubborn streak so she wasn't about to be bested in this game of innocent teasing. She knew she had two choices. She could put up or shut up. She could run away or she could play along.

April made her choice quickly. Her hands descended down to the waistband of her pale-blue pants. Pants and panties were pulled down to her knees. She laid back and awaited her fate.

She didn't have to wait long. My eyes made a quick visual inspection. There between her legs was the nicest teenaged pussy I'd seen in years. Surprisingly, I saw no sign of pubic hair. The girl's pretty pussy was shaved bare-nude-bald!

Seductive temptation guided my hand. I ran it over her belly and allowed it to slowly work its way down her body. As my fingers touched her silky soft Venus mound, I stopped. Hell, this was my niece! This is a virginal innocent girl! Or was she? Virgins don't usually shave their pussies, do they?

A devilish voice was screaming in my ear, "What the hell, you can't stop now! You've got a nice young pussy within your reach! Damnit, you know you want it, so take it, take it!"

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