tagGay MaleNaughty Asian Student Punished

Naughty Asian Student Punished


Foreword: This is a fantasy story containing topics such as spanking, sodomy, interracial theme, rope bondage, gay sex etc. for readers over 18. I originally wrote it for a friend (named Brian in the story) and I'm posting it here in the hopes that you'll enjoy reading it too...


I am a college student renting a room in your house. We have become friends, but you don't know all the naughty stuff I do behind your back (or at least I don't think you know...) such as sneaking into your room and "borrow" your computer to surf internet porn, wasting your expensive color ink to print out tons of dirty pictures, hiding a small buttplug in my drawer, watching naughty spanking videos in the living room when you're away, etc.

On a particular weekday after you went to work, I feel lazy and decide to skip school today and stay home to engage in my favorite pastime... So I sneak into your bedroom and start surfing the net for exciting jerk-off materials. That's when I stumble across a very naughty website called sexandsubmission.com. There are tons of erotic pictures of bondage, spankings, rough sex, and one of the pictures really turns me on. It shows a partially naked woman being bound and disciplined. For some reason I really like it and want to experience what it is like to be tied up and punished like that...

So I suddenly come up with a brilliant idea: why don't I try "self-bondage" since I'm alone in the house all day and no one will know what dirty things I'm doing here. So I go to your garage and rummage thru your cabinets and luckily I find some ropes just like in the picture. At first I intend to hide in my bedroom and try this out, but then I think why not make it more exciting by doing it in the living room instead. I think for sure I'll have enough time to play with it, then jerk off and tidy everything up before you come home from work.

With this in mind, I unlock the front door to the house to make it more dangerous that I might be "caught in the act", but thinking that for sure no one will actually visit on a weekday. Then I strip off all my clothes, revealing my soft, nude body in the mirror. I decide to try on the buttplug that I purchased recently, so I retrieve it from the bottom of my drawer, grease it up, and gingerly slide it up my tight rectal opening. It feels funny when the narrower head first enters, but then become a fuller sensation as the fatter lower rod slides in slowly, until it suddenly slips completely in and I feel my anal muscle squeezes snugly around the narrower bottom area, with just the round base plate sticking out between my ass-crack.

Walking funny with this alien intruder lodged securely in my rear end, I return to the living room and lay a pillow on top of the tall kitchen stool I had placed in center of the living room. First I use two shorter pieces of rope to tie my ankles to each leg of the stool so I cannot "get away", then I loop a long piece of rope around my waist 3 times and tie a knot in the back just like in the picture I printed out from the web. Next I bend over the stool, with my naked creamy-white buttocks facing the front door. The stool is very tall, and with a pillow on the top, now when I bend over it my feet have to rise up with my toes barely touching the ground. I then loop the rope around my wrists many times, as tightly as I could given my position, and after twisting my fingers for quite some time I finally manage to tie the rope in a secure knot.

Now that my self-bondage is complete, I relax myself to savor the sensation. It feels absolutely delicious! I feel so helpless with my wrists tied behind my back, bent over the kitchen stool totally naked like this, a naughty buttplug sticking out of my virgin asshole, and the front door unlocked so that anyone could suddenly "walk-in" and see me like this. Naughty fantasies really swarm around in my head now. I become very aroused and squirm around on top of the stool, rubbing my little "stiffy" against the soft pillow below my belly... ooooohh, it feels so good, it does not take long for me to climax in sexual frenzy, oozing out cum onto the living room floor...

After I calm down and enjoyed my experience thoroughly, I decide it's time I get up and clean up the mess before you return home and find out about everything. That's when I realize that I'm in big trouble. I guess I did not plan well ahead, and I had somehow managed to tie myself up a lot tighter than I thought. Now that I'm trying to wriggle out of my self-imposed bondage I discover that I couldn't! I try jerking around, pulling every which way, but nothing works, and I did not have the foresight to leave a pair of scissors within reach... I finally give up after a couple hours of off-and-on struggle to untie myself, and resign to my fate.

I slump down onto the soft pillow below me, completely exhausted from my failed attempts to wriggle out of my bondage, and wait for you to come home and "rescue" me. There are another two hours of worry-filled, excruciating wait before you return home from work.

As you open the front door, wondering why it is unlocked, you are greeted by a pair of bare, milky-white buns of your naughty Chinese college tenant who is tied up over the stool...

First in shock, you race over to see if I'm okay and ask with deep concern, "What happened to you, Ling?"

In my bent over position, my face flushes crimson in utter embarrassment at having my nude body totally exposed to your gaze. I mumble out some fake story about a burglar who broke in and tied me up, etc. Naturally, it does not sound convincing at all, and judging by the tone of your response, I can tell you're not the least bit fooled by it.

"So... I suppose this, burglar person, happened to have a buttplug handy with him and decided to use it on your naughty asshole?" you ask rhetorically as you tug at the base of the ass-plug that's lodged snuggly inside my tight anus and then release it and let it slide back comfortably into me.

Tears of shame roll down my face as I break down and confess everything to you, detailing how I did all these to myself, as well as many of the other misdeeds which I have committed while living in your household.

"Are you telling me that you skip school today just so you can play around with porn?!" you ask in a very stern voice.

"I'm... I'm very sorry, Sir... I promise I won't do it again, really! Could you please untie me now?"

You contemplate the situation for a moment before making a decision that's to my dismay.

"No, not yet, Ling. Since you like to be tied up so much, I think you should remain in bondage until your punishment is over."

"Pun... punishment, Sir?" I ask nervously, wondering what you have in mind.

"Yes, Ling, you didn't think you could get away with this without receiving proper discipline first, did you?" You state as you untie my ankles from the stool but leave my slim wrist still tied up behind my back. Then swiftly you sit down on the sofa and lay my soft trembling body over your lap.

"You are going to receive a very sound spanking, Ling. You should know better than to endanger yourself like that, especially leaving the front door unlock. What were you thinking?"


"Ouch! Oooohhhh! Aiiiiieee!!"

You start to spank my naked bouncing bottom with your open palm, leaving bright red handprints on my previously unblemished nether flesh. SLAP SLAPPPP SLAAPPPP!!!!

"You've... " SMACKK! "been" SLAPPP! "a VERY NAUGHTY " SMACK!! SPPANNNKKKK! "Asian boy, Ling!" SLLLAAPPPP!!

"Ahhhhhh.... OOOwwwwww!!" I squeal like a girl under your repeated stinging slaps to my inflamed backside, barely registering the scolding you're giving me about lying and playing hokey from school etc. My mind is now focused on the red hot sensation your strong hand is imprinting to my behind. I squirm and wriggle over your lap but I'm unable to avoid each of the punishing slaps to my full buttocks and the back of my smooth, sensitive thighs. The buttplug also feels very strange sliding around inside my asshole as my thighs rub together and my buttocks clench and unclench with each spank.

After 10 minutes of intense bare-hand-to-bare-asscheeks spanking, you stop but leave me body limp and draped over your knee. I feel your hands gently caress my scorched, and undoubtedly bright red, asscheeks. I sigh in relief as it feels much more comfortable than the stinging slaps you inflicted on my poor buns earlier, even though I also feel deeply embarrassed at having my bare skin touched and fondled so intimately by a man.

Now speaking with a gentler tone, you tell me that this is for my own good as I need to learn the lesson about personal safety, and responsibility for my study. I feel an emotion of gratitude towards you for caring so much abut me and my well-being, and I feel so bad that I disappointed you and let you down.

"I'm worried about you, Ling. You need to be careful and not take such dangerous risks in the future. You know I love you, don't you?"

I'm so touched by your words. "Yes, I do, Brian. Thank you so much for looking after me..."

You help me get up and sit on your lap, my burning posterior now planted firmly on your crotch. You hug me tightly against your strong body for a while, letting me know that you love me and forgive me for all my naughtiness. Then you pull back and stare into my eyes, stating sternly that my lesson is not over yet. "You need to learn a very painful lesson which will stay with you forever so that you'll never act so foolishly again."

With eyes downcast, I agree demurely, "Yes, Sir, I understand. Please administer a very painful punishment to me so that I can truly learn my lesson..."

With that, you help me up and walk me back over the stool (which is named "Ling's punishment stool" from today forward). I'm once again bent over the stool, hands still tied behind my back, and ankles securely tied to the stool legs. I understand that since this is where I committed my dangerous, naughty acts, this is where I should be properly punished so that the lesson can really sink in. You go to you garage and return with a mean-looking wooden paddle in your hand.

"Ling, I'm going to give you 20 hard strokes with this paddle. I need you to count out each one, and think about what you've done to earn you this painful experience."

"Yes, Sir." Biting my lower lips and resigning to my fate, I mentally prepare myself for the excruciating pain to come.

But nothing could prepare me for the unbelievable sting the thick wooden paddle inflicts on my jiggling, unprotected rear end each time it lands.

WWWHACK! Ouuuuuuch! One... WWWHHHHACCCKKK!!! Aiiiiiyaa! Two...

I count out each resounding SWAT in agony, feeling the full explosive impact of each stroke of the paddle which momentarily flattens my ass-globe as well as driving the buttplug forward against my rectum. Then as the paddle lifts leaving behind a scarlet red splotch, I feel my ass-flesh bounces back into shape amid a scorching, throbbing sensation.

Luckily, the 20 stokes end pretty quickly, and I slump down on the stool to recover from my painful ordeal. Again you sooth me with your comforting caresses, this time your hands slide freely across my silky smooth body, touching my bare shoulders, my sensitive upper arm, my slim waist, my well-reddened asscheeks, and my creamy-white, supple thighs. I moan in relief at your skillful touches, then suddenly realize that I'm starting to get turned on. I feel so shocked and ashamed at myself, how could I become turned on after being soundly spanked and then fondled by a man?!

Worse, I think you notice my state of arousal as well. I feel your hand reaching between my ass-crack, grabbing hold of the buttplug that's been buried comfortably inside my opening for many hours today, and slowly pull it out. My little penis jumps a little as the plug pops out of my anus, leaving me feeling strangely empty "back there".

"Now that your punishment is over, I think it's time you're rewarded with the experience you obviously crave about..."

Sensing your intention, my sphincter muscles clench tight involuntarily as I stammer in anxiety, "but Sir... I'm still a... virgin... I've never had sex before..."

"Really, Ling?" You ask in amusement, "you've never had sex with anyone before? Well then... it's about time you find out what it's like today, isn't it?"

Without further delay, you remove your clothes and lube up your rock-hard dick with the KY Jelly that I've carelessly left around the living room. Looking over my shoulder, I see you approaching me from behind and position your large cock against my wrinkled rosebud. I closed my eyes in mixed fear and anticipation, bracing myself for the impending intrusion.

I feel your hands cupping my full rounded buttocks, then spreading my asscheeks apart, revealing the hidden back passage that's now totally defenseless against your advance. After pushing at my tight back entrance for a moment, my rectal muscles yield to your increasing pressure and you large cock-head enters my stretched ass-pussy.

"Oooouuhhhhhhh..." I groan at the unfamiliar pain and sensation that invades my previously virginal opening. Your iron-hard dick is much longer and thicker than the buttplug I used before, and my asshole is being stretched much wider than it has ever been before. Inch by agonizing inch, the full length of your cock slowly slides deeper into my rectum until finally I feel your heavy balls touching the back of my soft feminine thighs...

"Oh yeah, you're SOOO tight, Ling!" You exclaim in utter satisfaction as you feel your throbbing dick being tightly squeezed by the inner walls of my violated rectal passage. You remain motionless for a while so that I can slowly adjust to the fullness back there. I try very hard to relax my anal muscles until finally the acute pain of initial entry slowly turns into a dull ache.

"Tell me how you feel, Ling," you inquire, wanting to find out how I'm handling your penetration so far.

"It's very painful... I feel... so FULL back there... you're so BIG... oohhhhhh... my anus feels so stretched..." I mumble incohesively, my brain still trying to process all these brand new sensations which I've never experienced before. At the same time, it has finally registered in my mind that I am now FULLY IMPALED on a man's cock -- your cock! I can feel your lower torso pressing against my well-spanked buttocks, and the front of your muscular legs touching the back of my soft sensitive thighs. A wave of shame suddenly washes over me, as I realize I've never been so intimated touched by a man like now.

I try to wriggle away from your cock, but tied bent over as I am, there's nothing I could do except rotate my buns around your steel hard pole. You take this as an invitation to fuck me and begin to pull out of my tortured asshole, only to return in full force before the full length is completely out of me. With your hands gripping each side of my hips tightly, you keep my slim body still while you start to drive in and out of my forbidden opening, each time knocking the wind out of my lungs.

"Ooohhh, Brian..." a soft moan escaped my lips despite myself. My face flushes bright red at the realization that I actually start to enjoy being butt-fucked like this. Even though each time my rectal passage is forced open painfully as you fuck me repeatedly, the mixture of pain and pleasure is very erotic. Shutting my eyes tight, I resign myself to let go and experience this profound sensation that's so new and exciting to me.

You begin to pick up your pace when you realize that I've stopped resisting your penetration, and fuck me quite furiously now. For some time, the only sounds heard in the room is the loud smacking noise of your lower body slapping against my rounded ass-globes, intertwined with occasionally grunts from you and soft groans from me.

In the midst of our intense sexual intercourse, an old saying suddenly appears in my mind: "be careful of what you ask for, you might just get it". Now I am tied up, spanked, and being ass-fucked just like the female in the porn picture that had turned me on so much. Now I'm experiencing everything I had wished I could. But this is so humiliating! Yet it's also oddly exciting... so much so that my "girly" penis starts to stiffen again, and it's providing great pleasure each time it rubs against the fluffy pillow below my tummy. Another sound escapes my lips, but this time I'm actually asking for it, "Yes Brian.... ohhhh FUCK me hard.... yea...."

Now I feel you getting close to sexual climax. You drive in and out of my tight asshole wildly and then you plunge into me deeply in one final stroke and start to spasm. This also triggers my own release and we both cum in sexual ecstasy.

After we recover from our lovemaking, you untie me and hold my smooth body against you and cuddle me tenderly. After giving it some quiet thought, I ask if you mind being my official disciplinarian from now on. "My pleasure, Ling," you reply happily, "you sure can benefit from regular punishments!"

"Yes, sir," I answer in earnest. Then shyly, I ask, "I think I also need weekly 'reminder' spankings to keep me in line, is that okay sir?"

"Of course," you say, and reading my mind, you add, "I bet you would also like to have your tight bottom filled up by me after each spanking, don't you?"

Face turning bright red, I nod and giggle, and slowly drift off to a peaceful sleep...


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