tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaughty at School Ch. 07

Naughty at School Ch. 07


Hello to all my readers. Here is another story of when I was first attending college. I hope you enjoy it.

Well it was another boring day and another boring report I had to do research on. So I got my laptop and headed off to the Campus Library. I was wearing a flowered summer dress that zipped down the front, sandal-ed heels with no panties or bra. It was the middle of the day so the library wasn't crowded at all most the people were in class. I found my self a table in the back of the room in case I wanted some privacy. The tables were set up where each person sat at an end of the table and there were dividers on the table for privacy that were two feet high along with a short wall that comes out from the table for more privacy.

I started doing my research when one of the guys that are interested in me sent me a message wanting to know what I was doing. I told him that I was at the library working on an assignment and he told me he was just sitting around his room doing nothing. After chatting for awhile and the conversation started turning sexual we decided to do a video chat.

He was sitting there with no shirt on and wanted me to flash him my tits. I looked around to see if anyone was near me and it was all clear so I unzipped my dress far enough and showed him my tits. I squeezed them and played with my nipples and watched as he pulled out his cock and started stroking it. I watched and licked my lips and continued playing with my tits squeezing them together for him.

He then wanted to see me play with my pussy. I was already getting wet watching him stroke himself so I decided to go further. I looked around again to see if everything was clear and I still couldn't see anyone near me. There were a few people walking around but I wasn't near any shelves for people to want to come by me unless they wanted a table also.

I positioned the laptop back a little further to give a better full view and unzipped my dress all the way open. I stood there swaying my body for him a little as I rubbed my pussy. He stroked his cock harder which made me even wetter. I kept looking around to make sure it was still safe and I put my foot up on my chair and rubbed my clit and slid a finger inside me. He was still stroking himself watching me fingering myself as I slipped two more fingers into my wet pussy. I began switching slipping fingers into my pussy and licking them clean.

He typed. "Turn around and let me see your ass. You know I love fucking you from behind."

"You know I love when you fuck me from behind." I replied.

I took a look around again to make sure it was clear then turned my ass to the camera moved my dress to the side and flashed him my ass. I reached under me and started fingering my pussy again and turned my head so I could watch him jerking off. It was so hot fingering myself in the Library and watching him jerk off and I was getting so close to a climax I didn't want to stop. As I was watching him, he stopped jerking himself off and shut down the video connection down really quick as if someone walked in on him. At that point I didn't care I kept fingering myself.

Then I looked in front of me and got a shock. There was a guy standing there just staring at me as I fucked myself. He was wearing a button shirt, slacks, shoes, wearing glasses and his mouth was hanging open. He had a bulge in his pants but he didn't move just stood there staring at me. I got over my shock quickly but was afraid that he might call out if I did anything but I still wanted to get fucked.

I took a quick look around and then grabbed him by his shirt and sat him down in the chair. I got on my knees, opened his pants and pulled out his cock which was already nice and hard. I slipped my lips down his shaft and started sucking him off. My mouth was sliding along his shaft as I looked up at him and still he just stared at me in disbelief. I massaged his balls as I sucked him and I could feel his cock getting even harder inside my mouth. My head was bobbing up and down along his sucking him faster until his cock seemed to stop growing.

I stood up and looked at him and he still had a blank stare in his eyes as he looked my naked body up and down taking a long good look at my clean shaved pussy and hard nipples. I sat on the desk and pulled his head to my pussy and his tongue came to life. He started licking my pink folds and sucking on my clit. I held his head to my pussy as he started tongue fucking me and making it go deeper. I kept looking around as I moaned louder to see if anyone heard me or was coming towards us. It wasn't long before my body began shaking as I climaxed filling his mouth with my juices which he lapped up from my pussy.

I was still horny so I pushed him back in the chair and straddled him guiding his cock into my wet pussy. I started moving my hips grinding down on his cock as I fucked my self with it. I pulled his mouth to my hard nipple he sucked on as his hands grabbed my hips. His cock felt so good inside me and it was still nice and hard. I was bouncing up and down on his cock and he would pull down on my hips ramming his cock deeper with each thrust.

I leaned back using the desk as support while he rammed his cock into me fucking me harder. He lifted me up as I moved back and sat on the desk and he didn't miss a stroke ramming his cock into me. He lifted my legs and spread me and watched as his cock disappeared into my pussy. He was grunting away and his hips moving pumping his cock into me letting his balls slap my ass.

I could feel my juices running down to my ass and the squishing sound of my pussy being fucked. He let my legs go and I wrapped them around him and pulled him closer as he started sucking my nipples again. I urged him on whispering in his ear to "Fuck me hard.", "Fill my pussy with your cum.", "Give me that hot load of yours.", "Cum inside me." and with each word he would fuck me even harder. He started groaning really loud and I knew he was about to explode inside me.

I kissed him hard to quiet him down and held onto him as I felt his cock explode inside me. His hot cum was filling my pussy and he just kept pumping his cock in me fucking me. It brought me to another climax feeling his cock pulsing in me. His cock started shrinking in me but he was still trying to fuck me. His cock slipped out of my pussy and I felt his cum running out of me. He was standing there his hips still moving fucking air now and I sat him back down in the chair. His head fell backwards and was breathing hard and moaning exhausted from all the work he just did.

I heard a voice calling out. "What's going on back there?"

I quickly closed my dress and grabbed my things. "I think this guy needs some help back here."

"What's wrong with him?"

"I'm not sure you better come and look."

I took my things and went around the bookshelves so the woman would not see me. I left the guy sitting in the chair with his pants open and cock hanging out so I thought at least the woman would get a nice surprise. Once the woman came around the corner I could see the shock on her face when she saw the guys cock. I didn't stay to see what happen next and headed to the bathroom to cleanup.

I hope you enjoyed the story and look forward to your comments. Keep watching for more stories and adventures.

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