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Naughty Beginnings


I'm a very naughty girl. I'm supposed to listen to you, and not cum until you say, but I can't help myself. I keep thinking about our phone conversation yesterday. When you made me do all those things. You know what I'm talking about, why do you make me say the specifics? It's so hard for me. Maybe I'm just not trainable, because I'm about to disobey you.

I woke up with a throbbing clit, and wet pussy lips, and thoughts of you. It's 6:30 am and I swear I can still feel my wet thong around my left ankle. I slide my fingertips over my foot, just to make sure it isn't still there. I still can't believe you made me leave it there.

I slide my hands over my lips thinking about the kisses you placed on them. My hands slide lower over my neck, down over my shoulders. My nipples harden, thinking of the way they felt rubbing up against your yellow cotton sweater. I tug on them imagining your lips, your tongue. I have to taste what you did, and I suck my nipple into my mouth, squeezing and tugging the other. MMMMMM, does my tongue feel this good on the tip of your cock? Releasing my nipple with an audible pop, the cool air hits it and amazingly it hardens even more. I pull my silky comforter up for warmth, and the material slides across my nipples..."Ohhhhhh....damn it feels good." I keep rubbing my nipples across the comforter...my hands sliding down over my belly...down my thighs.

I pretend they are your hands and pull my legs apart almost roughly. My legs are spread so wide. They aren't bent, so I can build the tension. I point my toes, and squeeze all the muscles in my legs. Arching my hips, my slit muscles contract. I can feel my little clit pop out. I know she wants to be touched. I know you would tease me, so I don't automatically go there. Just stopping myself, reminds me of the control you had over me.

I slide my hands up my inner thighs my fingertips grazing my plump, naked pussy lips. I try to push against them harder, so I can feel some sort of pressure against my clit. I pull a finger up to my lips...sucking it into my mouth, imagining it's your cock I'm sucking on. It's nice and wet, my saliva coating it. I pull it out of my mouth and slide it slowly from the top cleft of my pussy above my clit, over my little hard button,"OHhhhh," gasping, splitting my lips as I slide it lower. I dip a finger into my heat, feeling my pussy suck against it. Pushing my hips up, trying to make my finger feel like your cock. "Uuuuuugh," disappointment, nothing can compare to your cock filling me. Needing the release, even though you're not here, I try to concentrate again.

I spread my legs wider, my ankles sliding over each side of my queen-sized bed. I wish you could see how open I am for you. I start to slide my wet finger back and forth over my slit...rubbing my little clit in tiny circles whenever i get near it.

"Ohhhhhh God", I can't help but moan, the heat sliding through my body is just exquisite. I tighten my legs more, imagining that you have them tied there. Imagining I have no escape from your fingers. No escape from your teasing, your manipulation. My hips buck off the bed with each tiny swirl of my wet finger over my clit. I can feel it about to wash over me. I bite my lower lip, and with an intense gutteral "Ohhhhhhh Fuckkkkkingggggg... ggod... that's it!" I push three fingers inside myself at the moment I peak. I can feel my fingers stretch me. My pussy muscles sucking them deeper.

I try to breathe, tears in my eyes, "Where is your cock?" I'm so dizzy, I can't see for a moment. As I start to calm down, my legs start shaking. I'm so nervous. You can read me so well. You're going to know that I came. Will that disappoint you? Will you leave me? I promise I can do better. Will you teach me how?

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