tagLesbian SexNaughty Ch. 4

Naughty Ch. 4


The next morning, Denise woke up lying next to Courtney on her bed. Erika wasn't home... she must've spent the night with her boyfriend. Denise looked over, and saw Courtney, lying on her stomach, and sleeping soundly. She had stripped off her top in the night, and was lying there in her bra and sexy little tight satin hotpants. Denise stared at that perfect, tight, round SEXY butt. God, could she be getting horny AGAIN??? In a sleepy daze, she bent down and laid her cheek up against Courtney's ass. She rubbed her face on the tightly-stretched satin, and laid soft little kisses all over her friend's beautiful ass. Then she started to nuzzle her nose into the indentation of the shorts where the crack of Courtney's ass was. She sniffed and kissed, inhaling Courtney's nasty sexy smells. She rubbed herself against the bed as she spread Courtney's legs softly apart, revealing more of her crotch, and burying her face deep in it. Denise couldn't get enough of Courtney's stinky little butt... she pushed harder, sniffing and kissing deeper... God, what was she doing?

Fuck it... this was it... she had to do something. Denise stripped off her leather pants and undies, and sat back on the bed. She spread her legs and started to masturbate. Her own pussy smelled very strong, after being cooped up in those hot and sweaty leather pants all night. She started to wiggle in pleasure, and moan. That's when Courtney opened her eyes.

"That looks like fun!" Courtney teased, rolling over and stretching. She didn't mind seeing what she did, "But why did you stop what you were doing before?"

Denise stopped cold. She didn't realize Courtney was awake when she was nuzzling her ass. "Did you... uh... like that?" She asked, nervous as hell.

"Yeah I did!" Courtney moaned. "Keep doin' it!"

Denise jumped at the chance. Courtney rolled over again, and pushed her butt up in the air. Denise pushed her face deep into that perfect butt, and nuzzled and kissed it like crazy. She reached back and diddled her clitty while she did it. Courtney started repeating Denise's name over and over... "Denise? Denise.... Denise!?"...

..."Denise?" Courtney shook Denise again. She finally woke up. "Shit you're hard to wake up!" She laughed.

Denise jumped up. She looked around. She and Courtney were both fully dressed. Shit. It was a dream.

"You were moaning in your sleep!" Courtney teased. "What WERE you doing in your dreams?"

"Ohhh now I couldn't tell you that!" Denise blushed.

"Aww come on... Try me..." Courtney snuggled up against Denise, giggling. "I really really wanna know!"

"Hmm... well, ok..." Denise thought fast... "I was dreaming about sex..."

"I thought you were... with those sexy little noises you were makin'! So tell me more!!!" Courtney squirmed against Denise a little more. "Who were ya doin'?"

"You." Denise blurted out. She couldn't believe she had said that, but at least it was out in the open.

"Ohhh shit..." Courtney sighed... "Uhh, Denise... I think things are going too far..."

"Fuck, Court..." Denise snapped. She was tired of Courtney getting all nervous when she confronted her. "Then what the hell was that shit last night on the dance floor? You fucked me then! What's the problem??"

"I didn't fuck you, Denise! God you can be so crude!" Courtney sobbed. "Shit... I was a little drunk and things got out of hand... I wish I hadn't done it now..."

"Fine... fuck you then!" Denise jumped out of bed, and stormed out the door.

Courtney sobbed into her pillow. Damn! Why couldn't she accept her desires for Denise? She just didn't want to take the final step because she knew it'd never stop...

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