tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaughty Cheaters Taught a Lesson

Naughty Cheaters Taught a Lesson


"Hello Mr. Roberts? You don't know me, but I know you. In fact, I know you very, very well."

The deep voice on the other end sent shivers through me. I looked at the telephone, wondering who it was, and what he wanted. I'm used to getting strange calls, but this one went beyond strange, right into scary.

"You own a black Camry. Jersey plates. You work at Mega Mutual Insurance Company. You live in Marlton, The Forest section, of course. Wife, two lovely kids. I wonder, do they know about your mistress?"

There was silence on the line and the words sank in. Who was this person? More Importantly, how did he know about Jennifer?

Yes, everything he said was true. But it wasn't possible. Was it? How could he know? What was going on? Who was the man with the deep, menacing voice on the other end of the line?

Jennifer is a cute woman of 34, married with two children of her own. We met via the internet, corresponding through e-mails and instant messages for months before actually speaking by telephone. An office manager of a local accounting firm, Jen lived in Southeastern Pennsylvania. I lived over the Delaware River in South Jersey.

We both had something missing from our marriages: Sex. Somehow we had stumbled upon each other in an online chat room, and after a year of teasing, flirting, electronic orgasms and phone sex, we threw caution to the wind and met.

Starbucks became the point of our rendezvous. There we talked for hours over scones and lattes. Family, work, friends, not a single topic was off limits in our whirlwind conversation. We hugged when we said goodbye, and Jennifer gave me a prim kiss on the cheek. Later that night we spent hours bantering on the internet.

It wasn't always erotic talk. We actually spent time exchanging details of all of our lives. Still, before heading off to bed with our spouses, we'd get naughty and reveal deep dark secrets, exchange fantasies, and, well, act like the horn dogs we deep inside were.

Finally, it happened. Jennifer took a sick day from work, and we met at the Echelon Mall for lunch. My extended lunches at work were already well established, she said she had a doctor's appointment.

We walked to her car, conveniently parked in the underused lower level of the garage. She asked if I wanted a ride to my car. We both understood the underlying question. If I said no, fine, but if I said yes....

I said yes, and soon enough, we hugging and passionately kissing. Our tongues danced together as we made out like eager teenagers. Our passions rose as we kissed and began feeling each other's bodies. I will never forget opening the buttons on her blouse, and reaching inside to feel a half-cup bra. Her breasts were firm, and I massaged her nipple through the thin material.

I remember looking around, seeing the coast was clear, and reaching my hand down to her thighs. Gently stroking them, I worked my hand up her creamy white thighs until I felt her moist boyshort panties.

"Oh yes Jon," she cooed. "Ummm, don't stop."

I knew we were barely out of sight of probing eyes in the parking lot, but if she didn't mind, I didn't either. I stroked her sexy black panties for a while before slipping a finger under the side and into her moist, beckoning pussy. Her hole was soaking wet, and I could tell from her purring that I was doing something right.

The stroking and purring continued as I kissed her sweet lips, and it wasn't long before she informed me, and anyone walking nearby for that matter, that she was going to cum. I continued the intense stroking while kissing and hugged her close as she rose to a numbing orgasm.

We held each other, and after a while Jennifer smiled and thanked me. It was amazing to hear her soft voice saying how much she enjoyed my "dancing fingers" as she called them.

Then she shocked me. "Now it's your turn," she shyly said, unbuttoning my pants and sliding down my zipper. She reached inside my boxers and pulled out my rock hard cock. As I looked around to ensure nobody was in the area Jennifer bent her head to my cock. She planted kisses on the sides and tip before licking up and down the hard muscle. She teased me then ovaled her mouth and wrapped her wet red lipstick coated lips around my cock.

It was an incredible feeling. My wife, in the day, was a good cocksucker. But Jennifer, well, was incredible. Sucking was an art to her, she savored the moment, nibbled and kissed, then began the act.

Her head slowly began bobbing up and down on my dick. First just an inch or two made its way into her warm mouth, then more and more made its way in as she sucked my sensitive, needy cock. Jennifer sucked my dick with more intensity as she became acclimated to its size and my movements.

I had to fight back the urge to cum, I wanted to hold out, but nothing I could do would stop my body from reacting to her moist lips. I felt like a teenager in the last row at a drive in movie with the prom queen, and the cum began to boil in my loins. Jennifer's head bobbed, faster and faster, as I told her I was going to cum. Her lips wrapped tighter on my dick, and soon my cock began squirting its slimy seed into her masterful mouth.

Jennifer kept her head on my dick, sucking it clean of every drop of sticky cum, before coming up for air. She planted a kiss on my lips, and we shared the residue of my load.

"You taste so wonderful," said the woman.

"That was incredible," was all I could say, quickly zipping up as I heard a car park nearby.

We looked at the car, paying little attention except to notice it was there.

"That was close," said Jennifer, smiling at the older woman driving the dangerously close automobile.

She drove me to my car, laughing at our brush with danger, and we agreed to speak later that night on the computer.

We did, and over the next two months we spent more lunchtimes together than we spent on the phone or computer. We would meet at one of two mall parking garages at least three times a week. At one we parked on the top deck, well away from the up ramp, so that we'd have some warning of someone heading to our level. At the other Mall we found a secluded spot on the bottom floor where we hardly ever saw another car during lunch hours.

We agreed early on that we could do anything with each other except intercourse. I had manually brought her off, and also went down on her in the car. Likewise, Jennifer had given me scores of blowjobs...several times twice in one day. On those occasions she blew me right after we met at the Mall, and then again after lunch.

"My appetizer and dessert," she joked later.

Just last week, we decided to be more adventurous. Jennifer wanted to blow me in the parking lot stairwell, and a telephone worker nearly caught us with my pants down. He bounded down the stairs and almost ran us a couple of minutes after we were safely buttoned up.

Late that night, during a computer "date", Jennifer sighed. "That was close earlier today! Good thing he didn't come down those stairs any earlier."

Little did we know at the time that the man had actually caught us in the act. He must have turned the stairs and spied us, only to shrink back and allow us to finish, getting a birds eye view of Jennifer's exquisite oral talents. At least that's what it sounded like when he called me on the telephone.

"Your girlfriend has a great mouth, doesn't she?" said the faceless man with the deep voice speaking on the telephone. "What a slut. Is she a better cocksucker than your wife?"

I silently stared at my desk, terrified of the man with the deep voice. It felt as if the silence extended for minutes, but I suspect it was only seconds. "What do you want?" I quietly asked.

Time stood still as I listened for the deep voice to continue, but he left me hanging for a while.

Finally, he spoke. "I'd say you two are in quite a predicament. Hum, let's see. You are married, she is married, but you aren't married to each other. She likes to suck the cock of someone who isn't her husband. I wonder what he'd say if he knew. And you wife, well, she is a little jealous one, now, isn't she?"

I was stunned. He was so calm, I was shaking.

"There is an out for you. I can be convinced to keep this little secret, but there is a price...I want to watch you two," he firmly said. "Nothing more, nothing less. But there will be no negotiation. Do as I ask and nobody needs to know about your little plaything, your little cocksucker."

"That's it? Nothing else?" I wondered if I could set it up where he watched and it was quickly over.

"Nope, not as simple as that. Your little slut, Jennifer, she has to know and perform for me. You will know, I will know, but nobody else has to if you do as I ask. You two seem to like the danger, and I like to watch. So it should be good for all of us. Otherwise, well, who knows who might find out about you two and your little rendezvous? I mean, the Marlton PTA has a meeting next Wednesday night and I was thinking of attending."

My wife was a regular at the meetings, so he had clearly done his homework. My goose, Jennifer's goose, was cooked. I was a little unsure about letting Jennifer in on his demands, but it didn't seem as if there would be a choice. While it wasn't a distasteful idea, the thought of being watched was a bit disconcerting.

When I discussed the situation with Jennifer, it didn't take long for her to agree that we didn't have much of a choice. On one hand, if we didn't comply, our spouses might be informed of our transgressions and we knew there would be a quick beeline to divorce court. On the other hand, we would be observed by the man with the deep voice and who knows who else in the most intimate of situations.

"You win," I told the caller several days later after Jennifer and I had discussed the alternatives.

"That's the right decision," said the man. "I'm thinking Friday would be perfect. Here's the deal. I want to see you get a blowjob. But don't cum in her mouth. I want you to cum on her face. And no hand action on her part. She uses only her lips. When you're ready to cum you jerk it onto her face."

I told Jennifer of the man's demands, and told her we didn't have many options. Follow his lead and we might keep our affair quiet, disobey him and we both would be in deep water with our spouses...and their lawyers. It took some doing, but she finally agreed that there were worse things that could happen to us.

The rest of the week went by slowly. We didn't see each other, but did talk a couple times on the phone and via the internet. We were cautiously optimistic that this would be the right solution to our problem.

Friday arrived, and the morning went by in a flash. I told my secretary I was heading out to lunch, and made the quick drive to the mall. I parked at "our" special spot, at the top of the three-story lot, away from the ramp. A few minutes later a black van slowly drove past, circling around the lot before coming to a stop two spaces away from the driver's side of my vehicle.

I couldn't see into the van, which had smoky gray windows, but I knew precisely who it was...the man with the voice. A few minutes later Jennifer arrived and parked on my passenger side before slowly getting out of her car and into mine.

"Well Jon...I guess this is it," said the shaking woman, looking over her shoulder at the well-positioned van.

I reassured her, telling her I loved her, and that we wouldn't be doing anything we'd never done before. We began kissing, tentatively at first, before the passions rose with each of us. I'd like to think we each forgot about the man in the nearby van, but we didn't. On one hand, we were both self-conscious about our actions, but on the other, we knew we had no choice.

Unlike most of our previous engagements, Jennifer did not unleash my cock from its confines. She waited until I unzipped my pants. As the man had directed, I lowered my pants and underwear, which was different than our normal routine of simply opening my fly and taking out my cock. Jennifer and I had gotten into the habit of the latter in case someone might happen by and we needed to make ourselves quickly presentable.

No such worry this day, and soon I was naked from my waist to my ankles. Jennifer looked first at me, then at the van, and then at my cock. She took a deep breath, and then lowered her head to my manhood. As directed, she used nothing but her mouth on me, licking and kissing my cock before sucking my dick into her wet mouth.

In stark contrast to our normal coupling, this was a tentative blowjob. She went through the motions, sucking up and down, but it was a half-hearted attempt. Later she told me she was scared to death of doing it in front of the voyeur, while on the other she realized we had not choice. We were caught, red-handed, and now we had to pay the piper.

Jennifer blew me for at least 10 minutes, and to be honest, I had trouble maintaining my erection. The thought that the man in the van was watching every second of our coupling was disconcerting. My dick went flaccid when my cell phone rang.

"Is there something wrong, Jon?" said the deep voice. "Neither of you two seems to be into this."

It was the man in the van.

"We're a bit nervous," was my reply.

"Well, I'm getting a little impatient. You two normally are going at it hot and heavy, so let's see some of that kind of hot action. Okay?"

"Okay," was all I could say. I kissed Jennifer and told her the man was a little unhappy with our performance, and that it might be a good idea to forget about him and think about us. I smiled at her and told her it would be all right, and then put my hand on the back of her head and lowered it to my dick.

Jennifer sucked with a little more authority, and I started to rock into her moist mouth. Normally she'd jerk me off a little into her mouth, but not under the man's rules. So this was a mouthing of my cock and nothing more. Jennifer alternated soft, slow sucks with a fast and furious bobbing of her head, and soon I was at full attention. Figuring it would be good time to finish I began stroking my cock as she lifted her mouth off my dick. I looked at her pretty face and it brought forth a wealth of emotion. She smiled at me, tentatively, as if giving me the go-ahead.

It took a few pulls and jerks but soon I felt the cum boiling, and I turned her face slightly to the right. I took dead aim and fired spurt after spurt at her creamy cheeks, rubbing it into her face once the spurting stopped.

We both lay back in our seats, spent, for a couple minutes before the phone rang once again.

"You can tell her to clean up her face, that was quite a performance," said the man. "Excellent in fact!"

I took a deep breath. "Then we are off the hook?"

"No," was his firm reply. "That was a great performance, but here's the deal. You tell me every time you are going to meet. I might want to watch. Then again, I might not want to watch. You'll never know. You make sure I know where and when you will be meeting, and I'll make sure that your lovely little schoolteacher wife never knows she has a philandering husband. Got it?"

I got it. And we followed those terms. The van was not always there when we'd meet, but every so often we'd get a special request over the phone. Usually he wanted Jennifer to blow me, sometimes he wanted her to jerk me off, and other times it was I who did the oral loving while the man watched.

Once we had to get out of the car and do it in the stairwell for the man, who stood just feet away and offered advice. Another time he had Jennifer bend over the front of the car while I slapped her lovely ass. But that's a story for another day.

After a while we got used to it, being the man's voyeuristic plaything. If you are ever shopping at the Mall, you might want to keep an eye out for us. Heck, I think we are beginning to like having an audience.

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