Naughty Elf


"Nothing is wrong," he said, reluctantly pulling his hips and throbbing erection away from her hand so he could step to the side and grab the sack of toys. "I just... since we have this, I have a very particular fantasy..."

Clementine's baby blues lit up and Fleet rummaged around in the back, only take a few moments to find the little box he wanted.

"What is it?" she asked, still kneeling on his plush carpet, her face alight with curiosity.

Despite having just orgasmed, her nipples were still tightly budded, which Fleet was glad to see. He had just the thing he wanted to decorate them with.

"Jewelry," he said, opening the box and holding it out for her to see. Very specific jewelry.

The two loops for her nipples were silver, connected by a thin gold chain that intersected with another thin gold chain which had a delicate wire creation at its end, a little silver bell hanging from where they attached.

Another blush heated her face as he picked it up, causing the bell to jingle very lightly. Her mouth made a cute little 'o' as she realized where all the parts were supposed to go.

A few minutes later, as Fleet finally slid his cock between her pouting lips, her nipples were tightly budded and turning a darker pink in the confines of the loops, the chain dangling between them down to her pussy where the clip had her pussy lips spread open and every one of her movements made the little bell jingle and swing, tapping against her swollen clit. Without his shifter hearing, he would never have been able to hear the bell above his own groans and her muffled moaned, which would have been a disappointment. He loved hearing its tiny tinkle, knowing that each time he did the little silver charm was tapping against her clit, and causing the vibrating moans which stimulated his cock as he slid himself back and forth in her mouth.

As horny as he was, as pent-up as his lust for her had been, he was already having trouble holding on to his self control and he was very glad he hadn't just gone straight for her pussy. He honestly wasn't sure he would have been able to take more than a few strokes before embarrassing himself.

Since Clementine was now distracted by her new jewelry, he was actually managing to hold off the tingling in his balls and enjoy the wet heat of her mouth, the caress of her tongue along the underside of his cock, as she sucked him. Her hands pressed against his thighs as he thrust deeper between her lips, his hands using her silken white curls to move her mouth along his length, keeping her from the fast pace she obviously wanted to set.

Staring down at her, he memorized the picture she made, eyes glazed with growing arousal, her pink nipples growing pinker by the second, cheeks hollowing as she sucked him, her lips swollen and tightly sealed around his cock. Fuck she was fucking gorgeous.

Despite his intention to draw the blow job out for as long as possible, his own bodily urges and his deer's lust were overtaking him and he found himself moving faster, thrusting into her mouth with abandon. When she pressed forward, taking the tip of him into her throat, he threw back his head, shouting out with surprised ecstasy, and his fingers tightened on her scalp, holding her in place as his balls emptied in hot pulses of pleasure. Clementine's throat worked, drinking him down, her hands sliding around to the backs of his thighs to keep him close, like she couldn't possibly get enough of him.

"You are amazing," he said when she finally slid his softening cock from her mouth.

"You're not so bad yourself," she teased. He helped her to her feet and her eyes nearly crossed as the tugging on her nipples and pussy lips, along with the bell swinging against her clit sent her arousal up another notch. Fleet could smell her sweet musk, making his cock start to harden again already as his reindeer's mating instinct kicked right back in, no matter that he'd just cum harder than he ever had in his entire life.

"Let's go upstairs," he said, holding out his hand for her to take. He wanted her in his bed. His private space. Her scent spread across his sheets and his scent all over her.

Grasping his hand, she took one step and then gasped. The little sound of the bell told him exactly what had just happened and he grinned widely, holding tight to her hand when she tried to pull it away.

"Can I take off the jewelry?" she asked, a little hesitantly.

"No." He scooped up the sack. "Come on, sweetheart. We've got more toys to play with."


She was going to die.

Was it possible for someone to become so aroused they died? Because she really felt like she was well on the way there.

Every step was pure erotic torment as her breasts jiggled and the chain connecting all her 'jewelry' stimulated her most sensitive bits. The loops tugged at her nipples, the labia jewelry felt like it tightened on her swollen folds, and the damned little bell kept knocking on her clit. With her pussy lips parted, it swung freely against the sensitive bud, making her knees shake and her sadistic reindeer lover grin widely.

Which meant she was determined to bear it. How could she not when it made him look at her with such heat in his eyes, his cock already hardening?

His gorgeous, gorgeous cock which she desperately wanted inside of her. Having him in her mouth had been glorious; his thick length pulsing against his tongue, his hot, sweet cream pouring down her throat. Now she wanted him in her pussy. She ached to be filled, stretched, plundered.

By the time they reached the bedroom, she was a hot mass of need.

"Fuck you're so hot," he whispered, pulling her into his arms for a hot kiss. Clementine cried out in pleasure and just a touch of pain as his chest hair abraded her oversensitive nipples, the press of his body against hers causing the chains to tug and pull at her already aching bits. His tongue thrust into her mouth, conquering her with a kiss, as his hardening cock rubbed across her belly.

"Please," she begged when he finally released her lips, which felt as swollen as the rest of her. "I need you inside me, Fleet."

His dark eyes flashed and for a moment she thought he would, but then he shook his head, his shaggy hair flying. "No, sweetheart, I want to play with you first... after all, you've been very naughty tonight."

Clementine whimpered as her pussy pulsed in response, her bottom already tingling. She knew very well that he had the paddle she'd been using on herself earlier packed away in the sack currently laying at their feet.

"Bend over the bed, Clementine."

Propped up on her elbows to keep her swollen nipples from brushing against his dark green comforter, Clementine was panting for breath as she tilted her ass up. She still couldn't quite believe her fantasy was about to come true!

More than one fantasy really. She'd known Fleet was an alpha reindeer, but she hadn't realized just how wetly submissive he would make her feel. It was like he knew all the right buttons to push.

Hands cupped her buttocks and she moaned as he kneaded her soft flesh, readying her cheeks for a spanking. One finger stroked down her crease in the center, coming to rest over the crinkled rose of her anus and Clementine gasped at the intimate, arousing sensation.

"Ever had anything in this pretty little hole?" Fleet asked, rubbing the pad of his finger over the opening in question, stimulating nerve endings she hadn't known existed.

"Noooo..." Clementine answered, gasping again as his finger pressed inward, the pressure feeling intensely erotic.

"Well then I have just the toy for tonight... but just so you know, one day I'm going to pop this pretty cherry."

A shiver of pleasure went through her for multiple reasons. Her body was reacting to his seductive tone and the way his finger felt rubbing and pressing on that spot as well as knowing he'd picked out a toy for her asshole. She also couldn't help but thrill to his assertion that there would be more of this in the future. Clementine was doing her best not to have any expectations, but that didn't mean she was without WANTS and she definitely wanted more of Fleet. She wanted as much of him as she could have.

Rustling sounded behind her and then Fleet was leaning over her, holding out what she almost thought was a Christmas decoration at first.

"See? A pretty little ornament for your pretty little virgin bottom." The satisfaction in his voice was impossible to miss, as was the amusement.

Clementine felt her own lips twitching. The plug had been shaped and painted like a teardrop ornament with green, red, and gold stripes and spangles across its surface. The base had a pretty red gem glinting, which would be the only part showing once it was inside of her. It wasn't very large, but she still felt a little nervous as one of Fleet's thick fingers, slick with lube, prodded her virgin entrance.

"Oh!" she gasped out, her hands clenching into fists as the tiny opening stretched.

It didn't hurt, but it wasn't quite comfortable... and yet it kind of felt good. The slight burn of being opened was erotically charged, and the arousal still throbbing in her body helped to transmute the slight sting to a pleasurable sensation. Fleet's finger pushed deeper and she moaned again at the strange, wicked feeling of him burrowing into her darkest hole, where no man had ever touched her before. His finger pumped, twisted, and she whimpered at the new sensations, her hole clenching around him, her pussy on fire with need and squeezing emptily with envy.

"That's it... relax and open up for me, Clementine... your ass is so tight I can feel you cutting off the blood to my finger.... it's so hot... I can't wait to get my cock in here one day..."

She gasped and moaned again as he suddenly bent and scraped his teeth over her ass - not quite biting, but almost. Clementine hadn't felt anything quite like it before, but her ass tingled where his teeth nipped, and she spasmed around his finger.

As soon as his finger was moving easily in her tight channel, her moans growing steadily louder at the perversely arousing sensation of being penetrated in the wrong hole, he pulled it out and replaced it with the tip of the plug.

"Breathe, sweetheart," he said coaxingly as he pushed the plug gently forward. It was narrower than his finger at its tip, but felt a lot bigger as it moved inward; the rubber was cooler than his flesh and not as giving either. Clementine moaned as her sphincter stretched some more, stinging slightly, and Fleet worked the plug back and forth, pushing it a little deeper and opening her a little more with each thrust.

It felt so much bigger than it had looked, and she cried out as the thickest part moved past her guarded muscle, which quickly closed tightly around the neck, holding the plug inside of her. She felt so unexpectedly full... stretched... and yet empty at the same time.

"Oh... Fleet..." A tremor went down her spine as she sighed out his name.


Sweet Christmas Morning, she was trying to kill him!

In his head, his reindeer was in the throes of ecstasy just hearing her saying him that way and he wasn't far behind the beast.

Ours! Claim her! Mate her!

Fleet pushed the impulse away. Strangely enough, declaring his intentions to Clementine while she was bent over in front of him after he'd just plugged her bottom which was now up in the air waiting to be spanked just didn't seem romantic enough. Not that his deer understood romance, but Fleet wasn't going to fuck this up.

However, he was going to fuck her... as soon as he turned her pretty, creamy bottom pink for being such a naughty elf.

Hefting the paddle in his hand, he tried not to drool as he stared down at her rounded rump, offered up to him along with her pouting pussy lips glistening pink and the reddened swollen nub of her clit. It would be so easy to just mount her right now, take her hard, and then bite down on her shoulder and claim her forever.

"Fleet?" Clementine peeked over her shoulder at him, her white curls shifting with the movement. "Are you going to spank me? I've been such a naughty elf tonight you know..."

The obvious lust on her face and her little moans as her movements made the chains pull at her nipples and pussy lips turned what could have been a cheesy, amusing line into one of the hottest things he'd ever heard.

Mount later, mate... when he had her permission, but put leather to that delectable ass now.

"You really have been a very naught elf, Clementine," he said with a smile, lifting the paddle into the air.


It landed with a short, sharp sound of leather against flesh and Clementine gasped and then immediately moaned, shivering with the sensations.


The paddle was large enough to cover each cheek as it landed, and Fleet was privy to the delightful sight of her creamy skin beginning to brighten.



He wielded the paddle with enough force to make each blow sting, maybe even spark a tear or two in her gorgeous blue eyes, but not enough to make her cry out with any real pain. Instead, he added to the heat in her body, enjoying the way her bottom wagged up and down, begging for more in between each swat while her cheeks wobbled and clenched around the winking red jewel of her plug.

While he'd wanted to spank her to more of a Christmas red, he only managed to get her to a strawberry cream pink before he couldn't take it anymore.

Clementine squealed as he suddenly slid the prongs from her pussy lips. Her swollen flesh pouted even more invitingly as some of the constricted blood flow began to surge back in. Picking her up, he tossed her onto the bed, crawling up her body as she giggled and spread her legs, loosening and pulling the little loops from her nipples while she squirmed beneath him.

Soft hands pressed against his chest, rubbing his muscles as he lined up his cock with the hot, wet opening to her pussy, and then just happened to glanced down and he stopped.

She looked back up at him, confused. "What? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing," he responded softly. "Everything is perfect. You're perfect."

"You just... the way you're looking at me... like I'm special..."

"You ARE special, you're my mate," he said honestly, goaded by both his reindeer and her surprise that he seemed to be emotionally invested in what was about to happen.

Her mouth dropped open in surprise. "I am?"

"Yes." He was sure of it. His reindeer was too. They both wanted her as theirs. "But I won't claim you until you're ready-"

"I'm ready now!"

It was Fleet's turn to be shocked. "You are?"

"I've been struggling against my feelings for you for weeks, because I thought you didn't notice me. I want you Fleet, I want all of you."

As his emotions surged, his hips thrust forward, and they both cried out as he filled her. The plug in her bottom wasn't large but he could see from the expression on her face that she was definitely feeling the effects of being so crowded in her lower regions. Her blue eyes were huge, her lips parted as she gasped, her body arching up to meet his, and her pussy clenched around him, making him groan at the exquisite torrent of sensations.

Wrapped up inside of her, around her, her cinnamon scent filling his sheets and his scent rubbing all over her body, Fleet felt like everything in the world was perfect. He was home.

The he began to thrust, and home became heaven.


Forget too much arousal killing her, it was too much sexual pleasure that was going to do her in.

Clementine cried out, her nails digging into Fleet's shoulders as he moved atop her, inside her. The plug in her ass moved with every thrust as well, making her feel as though he was claiming her whole body already. With every thrust, his wiry chest hair rubbed against her nipples, his body slapping against her sensitive pussy lips and engorged clit, and her ecstasy was rising higher and higher, without actually peaking.

"Oh yes! Oh Fleet!"

Mate? She was his mate???

She'd never been so happy in her life.

Fleet ground down atop her, like he was trying to rub his body all over her, stimulating all her sensitive nerve endings and making her writhe underneath him before he suddenly lifted and started thrusting again, his movements faster and harder than before. Clementine's back bowed, her nails raking against his skin as she let out a wild cry.

With her legs wrapped around his waist, his hands cupping her ass and lifting her lower body in the air to give him the perfect angle to fuck her, her pussy was wide open to his assault. The nub of her clit throbbed with growing euphoria, her inner muscles working to drag him deeper into her body. The wet sound of their bodies coming together filled her ears, punctuated by his hoarse, panting breaths and low groans of pleasure. It felt like he was trying to burrow into her, to bury himself so deeply it would be impossible to tell where one of them ended and the other began. It was fucking, it was raw passion, and it was making love all rolled into one.

She sobbed out with both emotion and the hot thrill of being in his arms, of being wrapped around him.


As her orgasm burst over her, she suddenly felt a sharp bite pain where her shoulder met her neck, but instead of interrupting her orgasm it was like a clap of thunder before the storm. Hot bliss ravaged her, moving like an avalanche through her body. She burned hot and cold as her body exulted with inexpressible erotic rapture; clenching and spasming around Fleet's hard cock .

His teeth slid away from her skin, tongue licking over the damaged area, which somehow felt just as sensitive as her pussy and made her scream again as her climax tipped over for a second time.


Shouting his own release, Fleet pummeled her body with several last, rough thrusts as she clung to him, tears sliding from the corners of her eyes at the intensity of the sensation assaulting her. She felt him expand inside of her, throbbing against her own pulsing walls, as his hot cum emptied into her body.

Slowly, still rocking in very small thrusts that sent little quivers of after shock pleasure through her, Fleet's hands on her gentled, lowering her to the bed as he let his muscles relax. The heavy weight of his body on top of hers felt good and she snuggled her face into his shoulder.

Fingers moved over the bite on her own shoulder, which - strangely - was already mostly healed, and she shuddered at the hot pleasure that zipped through her. Seemed like she had a new erogenous zone.

"Mine." Finn's deep voice rumbled with satisfaction, and Clementine grinned.

Seemed like she was getting what she really wanted for Christmas after all.


One Month Later

"You damned reindeer, get away from my ice flowers!" Clementine shrieked from the back door.

Straightening up his position - where he had been marking his territory AGAIN - the reindeer tossed his head, doing an admirable job of pretending he hadn't been peeing on the boundary line of their yard for the third time that month. Putting her hands on her hips, Clementine scowled at him. Fleet swore up and down he couldn't entirely control every thing his other half did, but he seemed so amused at her exasperation that she wasn't sure he was telling the truth.

But if he kept peeing on the flowers she'd planted, they were going to end up dying, and she really would be mad at him.

Seeing she wasn't forgiving, the reindeer trotted towards her, doing an admirable job of looking both abashed and contrite. He really was a magnificent creature, she thought as he came closer. Her lips twisted as he thrust his face at her, and stroked his nose.

"Stop peeing on my flowers, Fleet," she said sternly. As sternly as she could. The damn man knew she was a sucker for his animal. She never got tired of seeing him shift. "Or I'm going to get out the paddle and use it on you next time we're playing with toys."

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