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Naughty Email to Husband


My darling I've only been gone a few days and yet I miss you so much already. Everyday that I have been gone is an eternity and I can't wait till we are one again. I regret taking this training trip. I know it's the only way for me to advance so I really had no choice. I just wish they could have made it closer to home.

It feels like when we were first dating, you in England and me in the States. Letters, chats on the Internet and phone calls were all we had. It brings back the harsh lonely memories; all those days spent longing for things we couldn't have. A cuddle on the couch, making love until the sun rose, and stolen kisses when we took walks in the forest.

Tonight I didn't do much after we got off the phone. I kept thinking about how sad your voice sounded when we said goodbye. I made dinner and watched TV. I was so bored and missed you so much. It's not the same without you to snuggle up with and talk about the show or go sit in the garden while you smoke your pipe. I finally decided to take a hot bubble bath. You know how that always relaxes me and I thought it would help me sleep.

I'm having a hard time getting to sleep without you next to me. There is such comfort rolling over in the middle of the night and pressing myself against your warm body. You always seem to know even in your sleep when I need you to put your arm over me and hold me. Now it's just a cold empty bed. I've put a pillow on your side to try and make it feel more normal, but it's just a pillow. Nothing could replace your warm body and our legs entwined together as we drift off to sleep.

I ran the water as hot as I could and added my special citrus bubble bath that you bought me. They say the citrus should energize you, yet it seems to calm me more than anything. I wish the tub in the hotel were deeper and that I had brought my bath pillow with me. I undressed and got in the tub sinking down in the hot soapy water. It was like sliding into silk and felt really nice against my cold skin. I turned on the CD player and had some soft guitar music in the room and a cold glass of wine.

As I sipped the wine I started to think about our last night together. Your body spooned against mine in the bed. Your arm wrapped around me with my back to your front. I do love lying like that. As we talked your hand smoothed the skin on my stomach and moved up and cupped my breast.

I could tell what you intended to happen by how hard your cock got. It pressed in between my legs as it grew harder. The feeling of you hard and pressed against me is enough to make my heart stand still to this day. It sends me wild with need and I ache so bad to have you slide inside of my hot wet pussy.

I'm sure you knew from the moaning I did as you played with my nipple, pulling and tugging, just how much I needed you. If there was any doubt it was erased when you slid your hand down my stomach and parted my legs. That moment is always incredible when you cup my pussy in your hand. When you slid your finger between my pussy lips and across my clit I couldn't help but gasp. I could feel my juices on your fingers as you rubbed and played. You always tell me how much it surprises you how wet I get. I can't seem to help it, the thought of you playing with me and knowing at some point you'll burry your cock deep inside of me is enough to make me get so incredibly wet.

I loved the way you teased me, nearly sliding into my cunt but not quite going in, just teasing along the outside bit and rubbing back up over my clit in one slow stroke. It drives me wild. When you tugged lightly on my pussy lips and then on my clit I nearly went over the edge.

I never quite expected you to bend me forward the way you did. When you pushed my leg forward and slammed your cock into my pussy I nearly screamed. It was so hot and hard and I could feel how tight I was around you and I couldn't stop myself from cumming. It just kept going on and on as you held my shoulder and thrust yourself in and out of my pussy. My body was exploding in sensation and I knew I continued to get wetter and wetter as I came. All I could do was just wait in anticipation for you to come and when you did it was wonderful. The hot wet liquid started to shoot out and you withdrew and shot it all over my pussy and backside.

Sitting in the bath and thinking about that had made me so hot honey. My nipples were hard pebbles poking above the water. I couldn't resist taking my breasts in my hands and massaging the citrus bubbles into them, or playing with my nipples. I tugged at them and squeezed them. I slid my hands over my stomach and down my thighs, the water and bubbles helping to caress me.

I parted my knees and held them wide apart. I massaged my thighs working my way back up. Finally I slid a hand and cupped my pussy just like you did, doing everything you did that night. I tugged on my pussy lips and teased my clit. I ran my fingers down in between my lips and nearly slid a finger in.

Even in the water baby I was so incredibly wet. I got up out of the water then and dried off and went to lie down on the bed. I reached over to the bedside table and pulled out the vibrator we bought a while back. I knelt on the bed and with one hand played with my breasts and nipples. The other hand I started working my fingers in and out of my pussy watching myself in the mirror.

My shaven pussy was wet from all the juices I was rubbing on it. I could imagine you standing to the side of the bed watching me play with myself and how turned on and hard you would be. I wished I had brought the video camera along and taped it for you.

I reached down and grabbed the vibrator and ran it over my clit and in between my lips to make it wet. Turning it on I started working it in and out of my pussy till I was nearly bouncing on it. I couldn't believe how loud I was moaning and how fast I was riding up and down on that fake cock. It was thick and pulsing deep inside of my pussy and I started to cum so I shoved it in deep and turned it on high. Collapsing on the bed I left it inside for a bit but turned it off.

Smiling to myself I thought I would get up and send this to you in an email and let you know exactly what I was getting up to tonight. Maybe it will help you sleep better. And if not sleep then maybe it will give you some ideas as to what we can get up to when I get home at the end of the week.

Goodnight my darling. I'll talk to you soon.


your wife

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