tagSci-Fi & FantasyNaughty Fairies Ch. 01

Naughty Fairies Ch. 01


Magic does happen and often when we least expect it to happen. Yes when our desires have hold of our minds, and we want so much to be fulfilled, life sometimes has a way of answering our prayers; but often not as we expected.

So Ian was certainly in for a magic surprise today and one he just never expected. Like most men he was feeling really horny, but it wasn't just that feeling that dominated his thoughts today, he was really feeling in need of a sensual interlude. But that could never happen because he was just a normal kinda guy, where everyone expected him to be a 'rough and tumble' man. Why did everyone expect him to be like that because he didn't really want to be that kind of man?

So later as he floated into her room many of his friends would have been extremely surprised by what was happening. And as he floated into a room with a woman who was lying on her bed feeling very alone, and full of unfulfilled desire, fate was smiling on them both.

Free couldn't hear him as he gently landed on her bed next to her but she felt his weight shift the mattress. But what was happening? Life was really confusing and tricky, and now something had landed on her bed. She needed to feel a deeper connection with a special people she felt desire for but how could she do that when there was no-one to take care of her burning desires? Those feelings filled her mind and dragged her self image into a distortion that made her hard to relate to, but that was about to change.

Magic was around her that day. The fairies had heard her earlier wish, that she could find someone she could have some fun with. The fairies had laughed as they planned her fun filled time. Was she in for a surprise, and they loved watching the surprise play out between the people they were helping; partly because they were control freaks but also because they got off on hot fun?

Everyone knew that Ian was way too shy to approach girls. He spent most of his days helping is friends and fapping to the porn he loved so much. Poor man just didn't know how great the real things in life were; inside him his heart shined brightly for the fairies to see what a really lovely man he was. So when the fairies saw him walking along the street just near Free's house they knew that he'd do just exactly right for Free; an almost perfect match was magic in itself. A shy one they thought, he'll lap up a gorgeous woman's desires, and be nice and compliant with Free's exotic wishes.

The fairies were delighted that Ian was so hairy and he smelt good too; something that was bound to drive Free wild. So when they cast their spell on him, and floated him up to Free's bed, they then sat there waiting and watching for the hot action to start. They also knew that if these two shy people couldn't move forward quickly enough then they would be positioned well to give them a few extra suitable shoves.

To say Ian was surprised would be a very significant understatement, as Ian suddenly realised he was awake and yet somehow he seemed to be somewhere other than his own bed but it was definitely a bed. So had he been dreaming? Where was he? Hadn't he been walking quietly along the street minding his own business? So how had he ended up here? And where was here anyway?

Fate was smiling on him. For as he put out his hand to feel where he was it just happened to land on Free's right breast. Wow that certainly felt good, exactly like a soft flesh, but was it, he would need to explore a bit more to find out - so he ran his hands all over her breast.

Free just wasn't expecting a large hairy hand to grope her. What the hell, she thought? It did feel go but shouldn't she find out what was happening in her own bed to her right now? Then she thought, it wasn't a rough touch, more an exploration of her breast, like someone was trying to figure out if it really was a breast.

So, quietly, she said, "what do you think of my boob, is it as good as you expected, and just who are you, and more importantly what are you doing in my bed? Truthfully the fairies weren't impressed with her response; it was far too timid! Okay a lustier spell was needed for both these people - and they cast a stronger spell and away they went to find a better spot to watch the action. This special spell of lust worked quickly to consume the minds of Ian and Free.

Ian response was therefore a reflection of a mind consumed by lust for Free. "Does it matter who I am, and your breast is heavenly and I want to run my hands all over your beautiful body, " explained Ian. Ian felt this sudden very urgent need to touch this woman all over her perfectly soft and silky skin. He could smell her sweet perfume and this just contributed to reinforce his desire for Free in his already lust filled mind.

Free felt the lust surge through her taking away her need to know more, for now she just wanted to be consumed by this very polite and gentle man. Her hair fetish had also taken it's toll on her response to his delicate caressing of her flesh. She definitely needed to have this hairy man who had suddenly appeared in her bed just at the right time. If it was fate who cares, her consuming lust meant she was convinced her luck had changed and her body was already feeling so much better; as it felt alive with desire!

Ian continued to touch Free's body and to explore its silky feel. He glided his hands all over her breasts, caressing her nipples and sliding across and up very delicately. Every now and then he flicked her nipples with his finger tip. He then started to feel the need to tickle her tummy so he ran his hand down and delicately used his fingers to run across her tummy, feeling her start to squirm and move away from his touch as it became tantalizingly exquisite; but too much sensation for her normally sensually deprived body.

His large hairy hands traveled across her belly and up to her chest again, and this time both his hands caressed both her breasts, and surprisingly this time he ran the back of his very hairy hand over her sensitive nipple. Her hair fetish was being propagated and her desire was growing; the fairies could feel her lust growing as it joined to strengthen their spell. Free could feel the dancing hairs from his hand gently glide across the soft flesh of her breast and temptingly tickle her nipples. Little shots of electricity shot out across her nipples and made her breasts tingle with desire for more attention.

She moaned in satiated bliss as both her nipples hardened and her breasts began to ache in a way she always loved to feel. Oh wow, her whole body was feeling consumed by desire and she could feel herself starting to get very wet in her pussy. It felt so good to be the total attention of a hairy man who was consumed in his lust for her! "I want more," she moaned.

Ian leant over her and started to blow gently on her face. His breath kissed the skin on her face making her tingle. She moved her face to match the softest parts of her face for his intimate breath. He blew on her closed eye lids in a sensual manner that felt so consuming. It felt so wonderful for Free that her hairy man was consumed by his delicate caresses of hot breath on her intimately stimulated eye lids.

It focused her thoughts on how much she really wanted to be caressed and loved by him. For him to prove his desire for her body he had certainly made the effort to pay the attention she so desperately sought from a man. To not rush in, to not grab her pussy roughly, but to give her the whole body the gentle touches and caress the reflected how much he worshipped her body.

With all this attention she started to glow and moan in pleasure filled ecstasy. He gently kissed her nose. Using his lips he delicately caressed the flesh surrounding her nose and cheeks. Then ran his lips, kissing her inch by inch across her cheeks and finally down to her succulent lips.

Wow what a kiss, as they were joined together as one, it seemed to last forever as they floated together on the bed, locked together by their lips. Okay, the fairies were really happy now, this was moving in a very positive direction for them, but being really fussy they wanted a bit more action and quickly. Today had been a really boring day for the fairies and they definitely felt the need for some love action immediately.

Free reached out for him and ran her hand up Ian's very hairy leg. "Wow that's beautiful, I love the feel of your hair" she said. Ian felt his confidence grow, she did really like him hairy, that feeling of mutual lust she created by her words propelled him to wiggle his body closer to hers. She let her finger feel the hairs on his legs, twirling them together, feeling the softness and warmth of his hairy body. Her hand found it's way up to the top of Ian's leg and, then to his extremely large hairy balls and cock. Ian started to moan with the anticipation of what might happen next when she enclosed her hand around his cock.

Her own lust filled mind drove her on, giving her the confidence to gently pull and tug at the long hairs around his balls. She loved that hair and feeling it resist as she tugged gently on them.

Ian was finding all this attention on his balls was having a big impact on his cock; which had been hard for some time and was throbbing almost in searing pain now. But there was something else; beyond the pain. He could feel it, there was something missing for him, something that he loved to do. Yes that was it, he wanted to have his senses engulfed by her body, and to know her aroma; to smell the affect he was creating within her. So he slowly twisted himself around and ran his nose up her leg, to the top of her legs and onto the outside of her pussy lips.

Free was so turned on, and so when Ian's face pushed against her pussy, she was delighted. Ian with his face in her pussy welcomed the smell, her aroma, Ian could feel it envelope his mind; it was so heavenly. He'd surely never smelt anything so lovely in his life; for it was so perfect. He inhaled more of her sexual perfume, feeling his cock growing harder and his mind acknowledged that she was ready for them to become one in passion.

But his fetish had control of him. He couldn't resist, he wanted to inhale the delights of her passion more deeply, to immerse himself in that perfect aroma of her lust that captured his senses. He gently reached out with both his hands and delicately spread her flesh apart so that he could taste her as well as smell her. That taste, oh that taste, it rushed upon him, made him eager to sample more of her delightful pussy. He wanted to see if it tasted good, as wonderfully good he believed it would, all over her pussy.

He wanted to prove to Free that he was dedicated to satisfying her. Free felt him gently part her pussy lips, and begin to run his tongue carefully and tenderly across her pussy lips. She knew his teasingly terrific tongue was on a quest to satisfy her need for orgasmic release. She relaxed and surrendered to his velvet tongue gliding across her pussy in a caressing and circular motion.

She grabbed his head carefully and pulled him, insistently towards her, so that his face, lips and tongue, were more deeply buried inside her pussy. "Please suck on my clit, I really need attention on it," begged Free. As a man dedicated to fulfilling her need for orgasmic release, Ian moved his face a little higher up her pussy to where he knew her clit would be hiding from him.

Free felt his lips move up towards her clit, she felt him carefully use his tongue to circle around the outside hood of her clit. Then he parted her flesh carefully with his tongue, and applied his lips to her clit. Free moaned in appreciation."Oh yes, yes, that's it, exactly like that," she cried out. "Please, oh please, that just feels so wonderful, keep doing that," she instructed.

With all the attention Ian was giving her clit Free knew it wouldn't be long before she reached her orgasm. It had been months since she even thought about being able to have an orgasm. Usually when she played with herself, it relaxed her so, but normally she couldn't quite get there. But tonight was so very different. It was just so fantastic to know her orgasm was on its way; she could feel it on its way to her. This gorgeous hairy man was about to make her cum.

Ian wasn't quite sure why, but he knew that just one little extra bit of tender attention would probably mean she would cum for him. So he moved his fingers around to her tummy and with his fingers he carefully tickled her tummy.

Free just wasn't expecting that he would tickle her while he was sucking on her clit. It was an overload of delightfully welcome sensations, and into blissful pleasure she rode, unexpectedly her orgasm filling her body and mind. She let herself go, and welcomed the orgasm that consumed her. For the first time in a long time, her toes curled up and she went as taunt as her body responded to being gripped by the overwhelming pleasure that coursed through it. Free drifted on the pleasure inside her mind, even as her body went rigid. And then she let go and relaxed, her orgasm was over, and she felt totally satisfied.

Sitting hidden away from sight, the fairies were delighted with the results of the action. They felt their own needs fulfilled in the process. As expected they felt their spell slowly drift apart. The two people were now joined together by their own powerful feelings for each other. Their work done for the day, they flew off together towards home, eager to share a chance to discuss the actions they had just observed; knowing full well that Free was about to show Ian just how grateful she was for all the loving attention he had paid her body.

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