tagSci-Fi & FantasyNaughty Fairies Ch. 02

Naughty Fairies Ch. 02


(Silly as a sausage? If you're looking for something serious you're in the wrong place).


Before they could all fly off together. One of the fairies started to chant and attracted the attention of the other fairies.

"I want more, I want more, I want more, give me more, so I can be sure these two horny people make me feel good," chanted the horny fairy.

Her wish came true. The other fairies stopped in their tracks and turned to watch Free and Ian continue their fun.

"Be he hairy, be he horny, give him the tongue to make her super horny," chanted this same horny fairy.

Before Free took her lips to suck Ian's cock, Free knew she had to have more of Ian's tongue. Yes she just wanted more; the need for more seemed to unnaturally fill her mind. For so long she'd wanted her pussy worshipped as the goddess's honey pot. In a moment of utter bliss Free realised Ian was going to devour her succulent beckoning pussy as she desired.

Suddenly, there was a funny noise; what was it? Was Free hearing clapping? It was very faint. Free looked around but couldn't see anyone or anything. It must be just her imagination playing tricks on her.

Free didn't see the fairy dancing and clapping as she saw her spell taking hold. Oh goody, she thought, more fun. Addicted as she was; they all were, she sought more orgasmic energy to fill her enchanted mind. What would Ian do with his tongue now that she'd changed it to create more delightful orgasmic mayhem?

Hidden behind the books on the shelf the horny fairies were delighted with Ian's decision to experiment with Free's delightfully exquisite pussy. They were so naughty weren't they? These fairies addicted as they were, just thought they'd help them both by reducing their inhibitions, so they could have unbridled fun with each others bodies. They couldn't help it if they were addicted to the orgasmic energy could they?

Holding her breathe, Free quivered in anticipation knowing that Ian's tongue was about to find the home it had been searching for, and enticingly lick her steamy hot and eager pussy. And then she felt it; his gorgeous tongue, it was the longest, silkest but hardest tongue in the world surely. Those naughty fairies had cast a spell and his tongue had grown to three times its normal length. It was so naughty!

Free felt the colossal enthusiastic moist tongue slide delicately along her exposed and pouting pussy lips. And as his powerful tongue caressed her swollen and inviting succulent pussy lips, Free could feel her pussy juices starting to flood out of her liked an exploding faucet.

Oh wow I really love that gushing feeling she thought to herself. I want to feel him slide that powerful seductively hot tongue of his up inside my pussy tunnel. It's still kind of funny though, she thought to herself, why was she so turned on when she was normally so uptight in these situations? Free just didn't appreciate that those very horny naughty fairies had made sure her inhibitions drifted away, to expose her true inner sexual self.

Free had always been concerned and worried about why she never got wet enough, and now she was gushing like a mountain spring from her passionately saturated pussy. Free had never felt herself so horny and wet before, it was so engrossingly delightful. As Ian continued to stroke her yearning pussy lips she squirmed and moaned uncontrollably, because she loved the intense feeling of her moist pussy being licked and teased by Ian horny and enormously talented tongue.

Her steamy pussy was begging for more. Free wanted that gorgeously talented tongue to give her the powerful pleasure she longed for. This wild hairy man who was in her bed was just an utter delight to enjoy to its fullest. How in the hell had he ever ended up with a tongue that was like a god's gift to a woman's pussy?

Free felt Ian running his enormous vibrating tongue closer and closer to her clit. It was a teasingly tense and tantalizing torture of delightful desire. Then it happened, her whole body shuddered when she felt his powerful tongue brutally force itself around her clit. It was like a powerful python. Climbing and circling its prey. How had he managed to vibrate his tongue like that Free pondered?

It was against her clit. His tongue was pulsating against her clit in a way that she had never expected or experienced before. Fantastic, she was unable to cope with; it was just too much unexpected pleasurable gratification. She was moaning so loudly it was almost like she was howling in pleasure.

"Mmmmmm, oh that's delightful, yes flick it, swirl it around, oh that's so lovely, do it, yes do it. Oh yeh, more and more," cried Free.

Her passion had the better of her. Because the erotic sensation was really too much to cope with for her body, her whole arse was trembling in unrestrained joyful shudders; it was quivering like never before. Her body was responding as it never had before. Free could feel her arse opening and closing in delight spasms of lust and it was in perfect harmony with the Ian's pulsating tongue's grip on her clit.

At the same time as her butt was shaking, her pussy juices were pouring out, and creating a huge love puddle on her bed. Somehow Free knew that her pussy perfume would drive Ian mind wild, it was a powerful force to keep him energised as he was driving her into higher blissful ecstasy.

And then the trembling in her whole groin started, she could feel a shudder of ecstasy running up and down her back and into her arse and pussy. Her pussy palpitations of pleasure rose higher and higher. Free was crying out in unrestrained lust.

"Ohhhh, ohhh, yesssss, oh baby, baby, baby, don't stop, that's so greattt," Free moaned.

And Free could feel that Ian was never going to stop his unrelenting vibrating tongue attack on her inviting swollen clit. The delightful inner bliss of pleasure this was delivering in her mind was overwhelming and thrilling. She felt the frenzy of her raptures about to explode.

Free breathed in and held her breath. She felt her whole body expanding outwards as the pleasure washed over her. It was like she had fallen into an ocean of radiating softness of pure pleasure. As she floated on its waves, she felt herself swept along, unrestrained and joyful.

The pleasure of her orgasm overtook her mind and body. Free and Ian connected by Free's overwhelming pleasure, the tide of her lust filled her ocean which was carrying her onward. They were joined as one, as the unrelenting excitement of the never ending orgasm; it never seemed likely to end. She could feel Ian adapt to her ecstatic orgasm by holding his tongue in a steel like grip against her clit, as he continued to vibrate his tongue against her clit.

"Oh, oh, it's too much but I need more, oh yes, more and more" Free cried out.

It was rapturous agony and elation as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over and through her. She must have blacked out, because when she came to Ian was gently and lovingly licking and kissing her neck and face. Talking sweetly to her as he tenderly caressed her beautiful body.

The fairies were all bright red now. The energy from all that orgasmic action had been too much for them. They had all run around hitting into each other as Free's orgasms had come in waves. The bliss had entered their minds and driven them to run around indiscriminately crashing into whatever was near them.

They were addicted to the source of their enchanting elation. How could they stop wanting to experience the energetic effects of orgasms. They might all be sore and feeling sorry for themselves, but could they ever stop their antics? Now as they watched Free and Ian caress and cuddle one another, they had time to pant and recover from all that lust encrusted energy.

It wasn't fair, they were fairies weren't they, why shouldn't it be fair for them? They wanted to draw off the energy off the human's orgasm. But now they felt like it was all Free's fault; how were they to know she would go off into a rolling multiple orgasm, and that the blissfulness would send them all silly!

Those naughty fairies got exactly what they deserved. So thankfully it was all over now, wasn't it?

Free whispered in Ian's ear, and he nodded his head. Free lay back on her bed and spread her legs. Her anticipation of what was to come was beyond her deepest desire, she was almost in a trance waiting for the engrossing blissful assault she had demanded Ian to begin.

Ian eagerly moved up to between the top of her open legs. Ian was in raptures that his special talent was finally finding some appreciation in a gorgeous and appreciative woman.

The fairies were looking at each other, Surely not, not again, they wouldn't be at it again, would they? It was unbelievable. Were these two insatiable?

Free felt his thrilling silken tongue forcing itself inside her inviting sweltering pussy. Then she felt the onslaught of his massively silky tongue slide its was inside her welcoming dynamic pussy. Ian had curled his powerful gigantic tongue so that he could use it like a soft steel cock. Free could feel his enormous vibrating tongue sliding in and out of her overwhelmed pussy passage.

The pleasure it engendered inside Free was beyond her expectation and desire, as that monstrous talented tongue was sliding in and out of her elated pussy. At the same time, she could feel it flick and rub against her G spot in a way that was beyond her sensual expectations.

It was so quick. Unexpectedly quick, and maybe it was her relaxed state that allowed her to orgasm again so quickly.

This time her orgasm came like a massive crash of gratifying joy. It was upon her so quickly, the bliss exploded in her mind in such a way that she never expected. It wasn't like an ocean this time, it was like a fireball. Her body was almost rigid as the vibrating joy rippled through her. Ripple after ripple of ecstasy surged and burnt through her mind and body.

Free hoped Ian wouldn't stop, and then the eruption of the fireball within her pussy created a flood of juices. It was what signaled to Ian that he was about to drink the honey of Free's womanhood.

As she orgasmed again Free could feel more and more love juices pouring out of her. It was pouring and gushing out, like her body had for the first time finally liberated itself to express the gratification it felt for the orgasms that had set it free to orgasmicly gush in bliss. Free felt Ian sucking and gulping as she finally slipped into unconsciousness again from another blissful orgasm.

This time when she finally found herself coming back to consciousness she could feel Ian powerful hairy body wrapped around her, enveloping her in a lover's embraces. It was an embrace that she would come to know even better as time went by.

Just give myself a few minutes to relax she thought to herself; I just want Ian to use his enormous tongue on my arse next she thought to herself.

The fairies heard her wish! No, no, no, they screamed, please no more! We can't take any more. They lay in a pile of matted sweat and redness, as their bruised and battered bodies lay prone from the blindness of their lust addiction. How could they survive if Free kept up her quest for more and more orgasms?

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