tagBDSMNaughty Genie Ch. 01

Naughty Genie Ch. 01


It's a mystery to the universe why genies (djinni, whatever) get caught in bottles, compasses, and lamps. Maybe it's some kind of magpie reflex; they just cannot help it. Whatever, I'm just glad they've got it. Who couldn't use three nearly limitless wishes? I know I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the hell out of it that's for certain.

My name is Ambrose, and if you're laughing right now you understand half my problem. I never thought I was terrible looking, but I sure was socially awkward. I was tall, lanky, skinny as a rail really. Girls might as well have been the Holy Grail for all it mattered. I tried to swim and exercise, and live my life with the general philosophy that it wasn't terrible to try and better yourself. I always tried to dress my best, but I think it was some rather nerdy hobbies that kept me out of various girls' pants. As it turns out good things come to those who wait.

I was perusing a pawn shop looking for something historical; it's one of my things. I like anything older than the 21st Century. There wasn't much to do in the small hot sub-desert town I lived in. We had one pizza shop, a Wal-Mart, two gas stations, and one really nice comic book store. They were building some kind of video game retailer next to it. And now you know why I like to swim.

The cool dimness of the pawnshop was welcome. The day outside hadn't even reached noon and it was already unbearable. I passed some girls in really tight shorts and tank tops on the way here, as if I wasn't uncomfortable enough with the heat. I spent thirty minutes scanning the rows of crap and bric-a-brac . Then I saw it: A little wooden box. It looked as though it had once been lacquered and varnished. It was easy to tell that brass had once been inlayed, but it now stood woefully unadorned.

I opened it, inside as a little scene with a girl and a unicorn. It was an old music box most likely. I shut the lid. If I could get it for cheap maybe I could flip it on eBay or something. If not I'm sure it would come in handy as a gift for my mom or sister. The box was pretty rough but the mechanics of it looked intact.

I walked up to the counter and put It on the smudged glass top. "How much?" I asked.

"Fifty." He replied.

"Does it run?"

"Don't know."



The man grunted an affirmative and I paid him the price. I guess I could have played it there, but a twenty-two-year-old guy winding music boxes in the street would have looked really stupid. So I headed home. I worked at the south-end gas station outside of town, and twenty bucks wasn't a really big hit, but I felt buyer's remorse almost instantaneously. Still, I walked back to my apartment. It was a shabby place, but well kept. It had working air, running water in hot and cold, and it was cheap.

I put the music box down on my scratched up coffee table and hit the sofa with a thump. I flicked through a few channels. There was nothing good on so I took another look at the music box. Not much had changed from the last time I inspected it. I weighed it in both my hands, looking for the winding mechanism. It was actually a little tree in the back of the scene. It turned and I heard the metal snick of the tiny gears winding. When I stopped it began to play. It was a really nice melody, and it all worked, but that wasn't the cool part.

In a flurry of rose petals and light a dusky-skinned maiden appeared. She had long curly black hair and almond-shaped green eyes. Her face was hidden by a purple veil and other than some thin gold chains around the voluptuous curves of her body she was totally naked.

"Master, thank you for freeing me, now may I grant you your wish—"

"No freaking way, are you genie!" I said before she could finish.

"Err... yes... and I am allowed to grant you any of your heart's desires, but only three." She held up an immaculate finger, "But you cannot wish for more wishes, you cannot bring back the dead, and you cannot wish anyone else dead."

I was speechless. Three wishes! Once the excitement wore off I realized what a paltry sum that was. This Aladdin stuff was a crock of crap. That wouldn't do at all. The genie seemed to be getting impatient. "What is your first wish." She said.

"Hang on, lady, I'm thinking." She tapped her foot at this. I stood and puzzled out a cheat for her rules, "So I can't wish for any more wishes?"

"No, you only get three."

"Look, if you want you can crash here, genie lady." I said, "I've got to think this over."

"At least it's not the box." She muttered and threw herself in my ratty armchair. It would take me the better part of the day to think of a good wish that would get me whatever I wanted. I approached her, "I wish to always have three wishes."

"What?" She said shocked, "You can't do that, no extra wishes."

"They're not extra, I always get three. That's not breaking the rules." I said triumphantly.

She puzzled over it, her brow screwing up in concentration. Finally after a minute of thought she whispered, "Son of a bitch." Then with a wave of her hand she said, "Your wish is granted. Years of me granting wishes to people, some the best lawyers ever, and you're the one who figures out an infinite loops of wishes." She gave me a look, "I'm getting fucked aren't I?"

"Probably." I said with a shrug. My mind was already brimming with wishes, and she'd given me the first one. "I wish that any wish I make could never be misconstrued in any way." I said really quickly. She huffed and didn't even bother waving her hand. The power was mad within me now. "I wish for you to be my personal slave, obedient and loyal."

"Yes, master." She muttered.

"I wish for a 16 inch penis that's an inch and a half thick." She waved her hand. Let's face it folks its all downhill from here. In the span of several minutes I wished for an inexhaustible libido that I was in control of, I wished that I'd never be able to run out of semen, and that I came like a fire hose every time. More wishes came to mind, but I demanded my new slave to bend over the chair. She had a tight petite ass, "Bigger." I demanded.

"What?" She said perplexed.

Make your ass bigger. We'd dropped the wish part when it came to her, since she was my slave now she had to follow my orders. Her tanned ass swelled to about forty eight inches when all was said and done, and I rammed my monster cock into her pussy. She screamed and I kept ramming.

Her body rocked as I grunted and came almost instantly, "Enjoying this, slave?" I yelled cumming. She groaned as semen ran down her legs like water.

"Yes, master!" She shouted. I filled her womb over and over. She was actually enjoying it about four hours in. She made herself so tight it drove me crazy. By that time cum was dripping from her frame.

"Fuck your slave!" She cried as I unleashed another load on her big ass. We stopped somewhere around seven in the evening. I wasn't tired, but I was hungry. Plus, I needed to space out these wishes or I'd risk making my life pointless and uninteresting. Still, I knew what I wanted.

"Sali," That was her name. I'd asked it sometime around four. "How many genies do you know?"

She stopped licking the spunk off my cock long enough to say that she knew of thirty three female genies.

"I wish them here, or at least their vessels." She deep-throated me and suddenly thirty three containers of various shapes and sizes. I pushed Sali off and she exposed her cunt dripping with seed to me. "In a minute, slave." I said, "I want my harem first." One by one I subjugated the female genies. They could take on any shape or number of themselves that they wished, but what the hell... If you could do it wouldn't you?

I demanded that they make me a palace on the moon. Hell, we're going for broke here anyway. Soon I had thirty three genies addicted to me. This is only the first chapter of my story, too. A magical harem of women at my command, I liked that. I didn't want to rule the world, that would have been boring. Sex, sex never gets boring.

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