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Naughty Girl


"What do you think?" Miranda asked cutely, holding up a set of pink lingerie for her boyfriend to see.

"I think it won't be on you for very long, baby," Tom replied. He had a grin on his face that suggested he was fantasizing.

"I'm gonna go try it on, K?" she said happily as she walked toward the dressing room. The set was a hot pink push up bra with black lace poking out the edges, with matching panties that lacked a certain patch of important fabric. There was a little gold heart medallion dangling between the bra cups, and a smaller one centered on the front waistband of the panties. Tom thought the gold went perfect with Miranda's sandy-blonde hair, which she wore straight, reaching a little lower than her collarbone.

Tom was taller than Miranda by about four inches, standing a solid six foot one. He had broad shoulders and a tight chest. His hair was naturally jet black, about four inches long, and shaggy. He had a closely trimmed goatee that added an element of age to his face. Miranda liked it, so he never shaved it off.

The lingerie store was busy today, with two customers to every clerk. Tom browsed the store inattentively for a while, trying to stay out of the way. He played on his phone for a moment, but soon grew bored of waiting. He decided to check on Miranda. He went to the dressing room he had seen her go into and opened the door.

In a flash he saw Miranda open her eyes, gasp, and pull her hand out from between her legs. She jumped out of the chair and tried to close the door, but he forced his way in and shut the door behind him.

"You were masturbating!" Tom said in a whispered yell, "what the hell?!"

She looked ashamed, but not from what she'd been doing. Rather, she looked ashamed that she had been caught. "I thought I looked really sexy in this. I started thinking about tonight when I would wear it for you. It turned me on so much that I just..." she trailed off as she began taking off the bra to get back into her own clothes.

The truth was, Tom thought it was a very arousing thought too, and yes, she did look very sexy. "No," he said, putting up his hand to stop her. He redid the bra. "Keep going. I want to watch."

Her eyes widened suddenly, and she became self-conscious and defiant. "What?" She managed to sputter.

"You heard me. If you're so horny, keep rubbing your pussy. I feel like watching you play with yourself." He motioned toward the chair in the corner as he leaned against the wall.

"I'm not doing that!" she said with a whiney inflection. She wanted to keep going, she just didn't want to do what he said. The idea of being watched actually turned her on a lot.

"Yes you are," Tom shot back manipulatively. "Because if you don't, you aren't getting those panties, and you aren't getting anything when we get home tonight."

She crossed her arms and pouted. When that didn't faze Tom, she gave in. She blushed brightly, lowered her head, and walked over to the chair to sit down. Tom remained standing to remind her who was in charge.

She sat down, opened her legs slowly, and started to move her hand down. Then she stopped and pleaded one last time, "do I really have to?"

"Do it," he said forcefully, greatly looking forward to it.

She spread the crotchless panties to reveal her glistening pink pussy. She blushed a little brighter when Tom licked his lips at the sight. With two fingers she spread her pussy lips and began to rub in little circles. She moved slowly at first, paying careful attention to her clit, and then went faster, making reckless circles around her around her lips. She inhaled sharply as her pleasure intensified.

Tom looked at her like a hungry wolf, his pants bulging more every second. Miranda's eyes were closed now, her head thrown back in pleasure. She let out a little whimper, trying desperately not to alert the store clerk. Her fingers danced across her clit and tickled her pink in just the right places. She picked up the speed again, trying to gain every ounce of pleasure she could.

She kept going for a while, then she slowed and moved further down her pussy. She slowly inserted one finger into her wet cunt and moved it in and out.

Tom was fully erect in his pants now and absent-mindedly rubbed himself through his clothes. He was almost ready to let her stop, but he wanted her to a little further first.

She slipped another finger into herself and let out a small moan. Her other hand found her breast and started to play with it. She angled her arm so she could go deeper inside. Curving her fingers up, she found her G-spot and focused on it. She looked like she was about to come. But she was a naughty girl, and didn't deserve to come yet.

"That's enough," Tom said, breaking her concentration. She looked at him with fire in her eyes, wild and untamed. All of her bashfulness was gone now. "Come over here, Tom said, firm voice laced with seduction. She stood and strode across the small room, hips swaying as she moved. He grabbed her hand and pulled it partially upwards. Then he looked her in the eyes and licked right up her fingers. She

gasped as he licked and sucked her fingers until all her pussy juice was gone.

Then he grabbed her by the back of her neck, and pulled her in for a kiss. He sent his tongue flitting out to touch her lips. She smiled into the kiss, then sent her tongue out to meet his. He wrapped his

arms loosely around her waist; he hand immediately went to his package and began to rub. She unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. She let out a little moan in her mouth upon feeling how hard he was. Her tongue slid over his in circles while he flicked his around her lips, then stopped and gave her tongue full licks.

She took his shaft in her hand and began to rub as they kissed. Now Tom moaned into Miranda's mouth. She stroked up and down his dick while their tongues danced. For a while, they broke the kiss and their tongues played together in the open air. Then Miranda pulled away and knelt down in front of Tom.

"Good girl," Tom jeered.

"You're pretty hard," she marveled at his dick, now its full eight inches. She kissed his head while she stroked up and down his length. Then she started licking. She gave long, full licks along his shaft while one hand came up to cup his balls and rub lightly. His breathing was shallow and quick, labored in the intensity of his pleasure. Then she looked him in the eyes, flashed a devilish grin, and without breaking eye contact, she pulled the head of his dick into her mouth and began to suck.

He drew in a sharp breath and put his hands on the wall for support. He looked to his right and saw a beautiful image in the full length mirror: her mouth on his dick while one hand stroked and the other gently kneaded his sack. It was the most heavenly feeling one can attain without orgasm.

She kept it up for a long time – until her jaw started to hurt. Then she back off a little, licking instead. A dominant feeling rose in Tom and he moved his hands to the back of her head. He pulled her toward him, forcing her to deep throat him. She gagged as his dick hit the back of her throat, but did not attempt to back off.

He pulled out of her mouth right before he hit the point of no return.

"Well done," he said. "Now get up." She did as instructed and stood in front of him. "Bend over with your hands on the chair." She took three steps away from him, put her hands in the seat of the chair and locked her knees.

"Put your ass higher," he said sternly. She angled it upwards. "Higher," he said again. She strained to bring it any higher, completely exposing her sexton him through her panties.

"You know, if the lady out front wouldn't hear," he began, stroking her butt with his whole hand, "I'd spank that ass 'til it was pinker than those cute panties. You deserve it don't you?"

She gasped and shuddered. The idea of being spanked like a little girl was turning her on beyond belief.

"DON'T YOU?" he said forcefully. This time he reached one hand between her legs and slapped her pussy. She gasped, trembled, and had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming her reply through an earth-splitting orgasm brought on by the surprise brutality. It hurt where he slapped her, but it hurt so good in the moment that she couldn't hold back the release that came. She bucked her hips and the muscles in her cunt got twice as tight.

Tom firmly grasped her hips, straightened her out, and brought his dick up to the hole in her panties to touch her pussy lips, coating himself in her honey. Without hesitating, he plunged all the way in her, pulling her hips violently toward his.

She screamed in pain and pleasure; mostly pleasure. It was a short, quiet scream, but it was enough to make Tom uneasy. He reached forward and grabbed her hair. "Shut up, bitch!" he whispered forcefully, "do you want to get us in trouble?" He slapped her cheek.

"No," she managed to say. Everything he did was perfect. Every word, every touch, and every look he gave only turned her on more. She wanted him to come already; not because she wanted it to end, but because she loved the way it felt.

He adjusted his grip on her hair, not gathering a little to cause pain like he did before, this time grabbing a large fistful to allow control. He pulled her head up and back while his other hand pulled on her hips. He started thrusting, deep and slow.

"Can you be quiet this time?" he asked in her ear as if she were a child being scolded.

"Yes," she whispered. His condescending tone only heightened his dominant role.

"Be sure that you are," he said, giving her hair a little jerk before letting it go. He picked up the pace, thrusting deep and hard. Both of them had to work to suppress the moans that tried desperately to express their pleasure.

Tom looked to his right again and saw the mirror. The pendants on Miranda's panties and between her tits were swaying in time with his thrusting. Using one hand, Tom reached forward and popped the hook and eye on Miranda's bra, allowing it to drop around her wrists. Now when he looked in the mirror, he saw her amazing breasts flopping back and forth.

It was such an arousing sight that he couldn't help but grab one of the C-cup beauties and start gently pinching and twisting her little brown nipple. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. He played with her breast while he thrusted – squeezing, fondling, and groping as if she was only there to be his plaything.

"You like that, don't you?" Tom asked.

"Yes," she whispered, tits still swaying in time.

"You like it rough, huh?" he pressed, giving a hard pound on the final word before going back to his regular rhythm.

"Yes!" she whispered urgently.

"You want me to come, don't you?" he asked rhetorically, cock getting harder, muscles tightening.

"Oh, yes! Please come! Come in me! I want it so bad, please!" she begged, unable to contain it any longer.

"Dirty girl," he said with a grin. His pace increased, his muscles tensed and one final time he slammed into her as far as he could go. The cum exploded out of his cock, reaching deep inside her to a place only it could reach, filling her with his hot semen. He shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure gripped him, made more intense by Miranda's bucking hips as pleasure racked her body as much as it did his.

For several seconds they rocked together in ecstasy, then the pleasure subsided and he pulled out, leaving her to collapse in a heap, leaking semen onto the floor through the hole in her panties. Her breasts heaved with her long breaths, her pretty nipples rock hard from being so turned on. Tom zipped up his pants and walked over to Miranda. He knelt down and kissed her. "Does my naughty girl feel better?"

She smiled up at him sarcastically. "Yes. Thank you."

"Good. We'll get around to that spanking at home," he said with a wink. He stood up and left the changing room without another word, leaving her wide-eyed and nearly naked on the changing room floor.

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