Naughty Girl


"Well I didn't realize that this was happening," Said Brian, "after all they have just gone off on a Second Honeymoon to Hawaii."

"That's because I heard Mom telling him when she brought the idea up," she told him that if he agreed to take her to Hawaii, she promised him it would be just like their first Honeymoon, but I feel so sorry for Daddy, as I'm sure things will go back as before when they return."

"Well said Brian changing the subject, "let's get up now and get some shopping for dinner tonight or would you prefer if I took you out to dinner to a nice restaurant"

"Oh! Yes please Uncle that would be great, said Sue, "but I don't think I have brought anything suitable to wear for a posh restaurant."

"Well I would say you could borrow one of your cousin's dresses they left behind but you are a lot more endowed in the breast department, so I don't think any of their dresses would fit you so how about I take you out now and buy you something suitable to wear tonight, we could call it a belated extra birthday present."

"Thank you so much," said Sue giving him a big hug and such a passionate kiss that his cock started to stir. He pulled away and jumped out of bed.

"That's enough of that for now, get out of bed and get dressed or otherwise we will end up starting something that we would have to finish and then we wouldn't have time to go shopping for that dress."

"Ok! Uncle does that mean then, tonight you will make love to me and fuck me with that big cock of yours, and make me into a proper woman" said Sue seductively.

"It certainly does Sweetheart and now that you have awaked passions in me that I had almost forgotten about you are going to get the all my frustrations and sexual desires of the past 6 years fucked into you in one night are you sure you want this?"

"Of course my darling Uncle you can do what you want with my body, although I am technically still an innocent virgin, I am not totally naïve after all the things I've discussed with my friends and the blue movies we've watched, nothing you can do or say to me will shock me" Sue said.

"Is that so?" Brian replied, "So if I said that before the night is out this big cock of mine would be buried in your arse filling it full of my spunk, does that not shock you or scare you."

"No Uncle it doesn't, because no matter what you do to me, I know that you would never deliberately hurt me in any way, but as a matter of fact I might have something to surprise you with, that you wouldn't expect?" she said confidently.

Later after Sue had chosen a very nice strapless evening dress from one of the better shops in town, Brian said, "That is a very beautiful dress you have chosen but I was thinking that you really need to wear some nice lingerie underneath it do you possess anything suitable in your underwear drawer."

"You must be joking uncle," said Sue, "Mom is so straitlaced that she only buys what she calls 'Sensible Underwear' even for herself The only half decent underwear I've got is what friends have bought for me."

"Well what say we go to 'Victoria Secret' so I can buy you some, I'm told that is the best shop in town for lingerie." said Brian.

"I can't let you buy me anything more Uncle," replied Sue, "this dress cost you a lot already."

"Nonsense," said Brian, "I can spend my money on what I want, besides the underwear isn't only for your benefit you know, I am going to get a great deal of pleasure in watching you model it for me."

When they reached the shop, Brian said, "Look they have got a sale on, I was going to give you a $150 to treat yourself, but here's $250 to get what you want, and I'll be having a coffee across the road while you choose a selection of sexy underwear, then it will be a nice surprise when you wear it for me."

"Thanks Uncle you are the best, see you soon," Sue said giving him a big hug.

While Sue was shopping Brian made a call to Andre's the most exclusive French restaurant in town which was renowned for having many celebrities among it's clientele, normally you had to book 3 weeks in advance to get a table but fortunately Brian was a close friend of the owner Pierre.

After reaching home loaded down with bags, having stopped off at a classy shoe shop to complete her outfit, Sue was really excited about going out to the exclusive Andre's where they even had a combo and a small dance floor.

"Oh! Uncle I'm so excited about going out to Andre's all my friends will be so envious of me, it will be just like going out on a proper date except the few boys I have been out with it's usually to the movies and McDonalds afterwards if I'm lucky"

"Well in that case Sweetheart," he replied, "I will treat you as a real date and not my niece and you must call me Brian, ok"?

"Of course Uncle, I will pretend that you are my 'Sugar Daddy' and that you are 'Wining and Dining' me before taking me back to your house to ravish my innocent virgin teenage body," she said laughing.

"Get upstairs you naughty girl and get bathed and changed, before I ravish you now," Brian said also laughing.

"Promises, Promises" she said skipping out of his way as he made a playful grab at her and made her way upstairs to get ready.

When Sue came down she looked the vision of loveliness in her black strapless dress with a thin gold belt and a pair of gold shoes with 4in. heels. The dress seemed to be held up just by the firmness of her magnificent breasts.

"You look absolutely gorgeous Sweetheart, and which of all the lingerie you bought did you decide to wear underneath that beautiful dress?" Asked Brian.

"Well if you meant what you said, and you treat me as a real date and not a niece, you might get to find out later Uncle." said Sue very cheekily.

"Of course I meant it," Brian replied, "but don't forget you must call me Brian if you want it to be like a proper date."

"Ok Uncle, when we are out in public you are my handsome distinguished boyfriend Brian, and I am your, how shall we say, rich mans plaything who loves to be spoilt by you, but when we are alone you are just my Uncle who I love and who is going to teach me all about making love."

When they walked into Andre's with Sue on his arm he could see most of the guys looking at him in envy and he knew that most of them were thinking what a lucky guy to have such a gorgeous woman, not girl by his side.

They were directed by the Maïtre d' to a quiet table in an alcove that Pierre had reserved for them and by the table was a bottle of Premiere Champagne in an ice bucket.

The waiter poured them their champagne and left them alone to study the menus, Sue leaned across, and whispered, "This is so exciting I have never had champagne before, what's it like."

"Why don't you try it and see," said Brian, but if you like it, you are only allowed to have 2 glasses, we don't want it to go your head and have a repeat of last night do we?"

"No of course not, I don't have to get drunk for you to take all my clothes off tonight do I my Darling Brian"? She said seductively.

Brian just smiled as his friend Pierre the restaurant owner arrived to see if they were being properly attended to, and to offer his recommendations from the menu.

Brian just introduced Sue to him as a special lady friend. Pierre smiled knowingly and said, "You are a very lucky man my friend to have such a charming and beautiful woman as your companion."

Pierre stayed a few minutes chatting and flirting with Sue in a charming Gallic way which she loved, because it made her feel so grown up and sophisticated.

After they had finished their delicious meal they were sitting listening to the combo who was playing a selection of Latin American music Sue who was feeling quite adventuress after the champagne said, "Can we please have a dance Darling?"

Brian who was a pretty good dancer said, "Of course we can but is this music not a little too quick for you?"

"You seemed to have forgotten all those expensive ballroom dancing lessons my mother made me take, although I hated them at the time I think they are going to come in handy now," she said grasping his hand as she led him to the dance floor just as the combo struck up a Tango.

Whether it was the lessons or the champagne or probably a combination of both Sue danced with the grace and abandonment of a professional, most of the other diner's eyes were on her as she moved and spun around her dress flying up to reveal her long legs accentuated more so by her high heels.

It was a very exotic and sensual performance increasing in fervor as the music reached its climax and when it was over it brought rapturous applause from most of the other diners.

"You were fantastic Sweetheart" said Brian, "but I think we should be heading home now have you had a good time tonight."

"The whole day has been fantastic Brian," Sue said. And then whispering in his ear she said, "But the night is not over yet is it Uncle because I think that the champagne as gone to my pussy not my head as you thought it might?"

"Well we had better get you home and attend to your poor pussy don't you think," Brian whispered back.

To be continued

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I stopped reading about 3/4 of the way through the first page

Although I found the premise to be "interesting", the actual story telling is awful. A sentence shouldn't routinely take up and entire paragraph, it's just too long. Learn more about punctuation and sentencemore...

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