tagIncest/TabooNaughty Grandpa Ch. 2

Naughty Grandpa Ch. 2


In the morning while I am getting her ready to go to school, Laryssa seems a little preoccupied, even unfriendly, and says nothing about the events of the night. And if she doesn't want to discuss it, then neither do I! But when her friend Sophie and her mother, Mrs Collins, comes to pick her up, my granddaughter gives me a big hug and a wet kiss on the cheek and tells me she loves me. So, everything is all right between us after all.

That evening, after dinner, Laryssa has her ballet class. I drop her off and return home to clear up the dishes. She wanted me to stay and watch, but I didn't think that her dance teacher would look kindly on a 'dirty old man' leering at her nubile young charges. Laryssa kept her leotards on under her clothes after I collected her and brought her home. We watch television for a short while, while she has a cool drink; then I say to her that it is bedtime.

She gets up from her seat and tries to pull me to my feet. "Give me a shoulder carry, Grandpa," she begs, "like you used to when I was a little girl… Pleeeeze!"

"Oh, all right then, but you're getting a bit big for that kind of thing. Especially for an old fella like me!" I grumble, pretending to be annoyed. But I am secretly pleased, of course! And my pleasure grows exponentially when my granddaughter chides me and tells me I am not at all old. Plus, the clasp of her warm, smooth thighs against the sides of my neck is a bonus!

I used to lift weights and have stayed very fit all my life, so carrying Laryssa is no problem. When we get to her room, I dump my granddaughter rather unceremoniously onto her bed and turn to leave. "No, stay with me for a minute!' she wheedles. Weakly, I give in to her demands. I am ordered to: "Sit on the floor over there while I get my things ready for the morning."

I do as I am told, looking on with interest as she assembles clean panties and socks and makes sure there are no marks on her uniform shirt that would make her have to wear a clean one. My daughter made Laryssa responsible for washing and ironing her own school clothes, so she makes sure they are looked after a lot better than some other girls of her age.

Then she starts to undress. I am transfixed and utterly enchanted at the matter of fact way she takes her clothing off with me watching. But, when she gets down to her leotards, Laryssa flaps her hand in the direction of the door and says, "Time for you to go now."

"Oooooer!" I whine in a theatrical show of disappointment, which is very real inside, and start to scramble to my feet.

Laryssa puts her hand on my head and pushes me to the floor again. "Oh, I suppose you can stay, but Naughty Grandpa mustn't stare!"

She turns her back to me and strips off her leotards, taking her panties off at the same time. My granddaughter's slim bare back and firm rounded little dancer's bum are utterly captivating!

My whole insides lurch when I catch a glimpse of the small bare curves of her breasts. Unreasoning desires to reach out with my hands and touch her flood through me. How I wish I could pull her to me and turn her around to face me, to run my hands over that softness and to sniff at her wonderful girl-scent! But she dons her pyjamas in a flash and the chance, if she ever intended there to be one, is lost.

Laryssa turns around and announces, "There! All done!" and then turns and scrambles into her bed. Reluctantly, I make my creaky way to my feet. My 'little girl' makes me feel very old and very young, both at the same time. Laryssa already has her arms extended for a hug and a kiss, but her eyes are fixed on the area below my belt. The bulge in my pants does not disappoint her.

"Will you come and see me again later on tonight?" she asks me ingenuously as I turn off the light and pull her door partly closed.

"Do you really want me to?" I ask, praying for only one answer.


"Ok, I will."

I try to tell myself that I have no intention of doing so, but deep down inside I know that I will not be able to resist.

2.30am arrives and I cannot hold off any longer. But this time I make sure that my shorts are securely buttoned. Laryssa wakes up and stretches sleepily as I enter her room, preceded by my already swelling erection. Tonight she has not pushed her covers off. Disappointment is a cold stone in the pit of my belly. She holds her arms out to me, "Kiss, kiss."

This time I kiss her full on the lips; warm soft innocence almost breaks my heart.

She pulls her duvet to one side and moves across the bed to make room for me to half-lay beside her. Her eyes are large, black-centred violet pools in the dim light. "Can you rub my tummy, Grandpa. I've got that funny feeling in there again."

Without hesitating, I slip my hand beneath the duvet. It is like putting my hand into a furnace! Quickly I find Laryssa's silky skin. She has pulled her pyjama top high up on her chest. She flinches at the coolness of my fingers, then relaxes and lets me fondle her, gazing at my face all the while.

I trace the outlines of her ribs, go higher, and find a swelling globe topped by a tiny nipple.

"That's not my tummy, Grandpa!" Laryssa chuckles. "You are being extra naughty again!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Oooh no! It feels nice!"

I coax the little nubbin erect, then find the other and do the same. My hand swoops slowly down her length, over her navel to the waistband of her bottoms. Silence, ragged breathing, insistent adult caresses on an exquisitely smooth teenage body, involuntary, unknowing, innocent lifting movements of Laryssa's abdomen and, finally, expert fingers undo the protecting button.

My fingers crawl tantalisingly down her belly towards her naked, podgy mound and then the delicate upper groove of her sex.

"Grandpa," she breathes, "Grandpa, can I look at your willie again?"

I manage to croak, "Ummmm, yes, if you really want to."

"Yes, Grandpa, I do."

I am reluctant to shift my hand from her tummy. "Do you want to undo the buttons, or shall I?"

"I'll do it!" She sounds really eager.

Laryssa's fingers awkwardly undo the first button. She is biting her tongue in concentration. The way my cock is tangled in my shorts, she will have to put her hand inside and get me out! She will not be able to avoid touching me! I can use that as an excuse to part her sweet little thighs and run my fingers over her little sex…her cunt! My heart is crashing in my chest like a steam hammer. My mind races. I play mental movies of her small hand running up and down my cock and milking great spouts of white, creamy sperm from it to land all over her soft belly!

Laryssa begins to fumble with the next button…

'Ring, Ring! Ring! Ring!'

Dammit to fucking hell and back! It's the telephone downstairs! It must be Fran and Rob. Don't they know what fucking time it is? All of this is in my mind of course. I wouldn't say such things out loud in front of my little girl! Reluctantly, I pull away from her and go down to the kitchen to pick up the 'phone.

It is indeed my daughter, Fran, "Hello, Dad, just calling to see if everything is ok." She sounds as though she's been drinking.

I strain to keep testiness and disappointment out of my voice, "Hi honey. Yes, of course everything's all right. Why are you calling at this time of night?"

"Time of night? What time is it?"

"It's after 3.00am."

"3.00am! Oh, I'm sorry. I told Rob we should add the four hours, not take it off! But he said I didn't know what I was talking about. We've just had a lovely dinner and a bottle of wine. You know how stubborn Rob can be when he's had a drink!"

"That's ok honey. I don't think the 'phone woke Laryssa."

"Yeah, she sleeps like the dead!"

"Are you two having a good time?"

"Oh yes! It's just like having a second honeymoon. And the Islands are so beautiful!"

"That's good honey. Now, just enjoy yourselves and don't you worry, Laryssa and I are getting along fine. I'll tell her you called and give her your love."

"Thanks Dad. I love you too. Sorry to wake you up."

"I needed to go to the bathroom anyway. Love you too honey. And say 'hello' to Rob."

"Ok Dad. See you on Tuesday."

"See you hon. Bye!"


"No, wait a second!"


"Laryssa is here, she must have woken up."

My, oh so alluring, tousle-haired darling appears in the kitchen doorway just as I am about to put the handset back in its cradle. "Come here, Sweetheart," I wave her over, "And say 'Hello' to your Mom."

Laryssa stands right up close to me, putting an arm around my back and pressing her tummy against my hip. Her touch of her palm burns the bare flesh at my waist. My erection, which largely subsided while I talked to Fran, rears to attention again. I stroke the back of her neck under her hair while Laryssa talks to her mother. Surreptitiously, I slide my fingers over her collarbone, pushing her top aside at the front in a vain attempt to get a view of one gorgeous young breast.

"Hi, Mommy, are you and Daddy having a good time…?

"Yes we are…. Grandpa is being extra nice to me and we're having lots of fun...

"No, of course he isn't spoiling me… No, he hasn't!"

Laryssa holds the 'phone away from her ear and says, "Mommy says you're not allowed to buy me lots of chocolate!"

I pull a face and then wink.

"Yes, of course I'll do all my homework…

"Yes, I went to ballet, but Grandpa wouldn't stay…

"Ooooh Mommy, don't be such a Grinch! Of course I'll be a good girl!

"Ok…give Daddy a kiss from me…

"Ok…bye, bye Mommy…"

Laryssa puts the handset down and snuggles up to my front; my hot hard cock jams up against her from her belly to her lower chest. She pulls back for a moment as if she is shocked at feeling it, but then flattens against me again. I stroke her dark curls as she rests her soft cheek on my chest and asks me almost inaudibly, "Grandpa, were you trying to see down my top just now?"

I start guiltily, then realise that there is no future in trying to tell fibs to this one, she is too sharp. "Yes, Sweetie, I was."

"Why? I don't have proper titties to look at…not like grown up women have."

"I don't know about that!" I murmur huskily. "Your 'titties' as you call them are still very small, but from the very tiny bit I have seem of them they are very beautiful!"

"Do you really think so, Grandpa?"

"I don't 'think so', Sweetheart, I know!"

Laryssa moves a hand between us, undoes one and then two buttons, and pulls her top open. The back of her hand briefly brushes across my cock. The pair of us gaze transfixed at her small, perfect breast. Its nipple is distended, a swollen, dark pink crown on her pale rounded flesh. Is it sexual arousal that has caused this swelling? If I pulled down the front of my boxers, I could press the head of my tool on that inviting pink lump!

Laryssa covers herself again. "Grandpa, are we going back to bed now?"

I want to pick up where we left off, so very badly, but I say, "No, we'd better not. Grandpa was being very, very naughty just now. Besides, you have to get up for school in the morning."

"Ooooaah! I can stay at home. I don't want to go to school! I want to stay here with you! Please, Grandpa…you can rub my tummy again if you like."

It is all very tempting. But, if I did go into her room with her, I will end up doing much more than rubbing Laryssa's tummy! For once, reason prevails: "We can't do that Sweetie. Mrs Collins will be picking you up as usual, and the school would start asking questions if you didn't go."

Laryssa is pretty upset that I won't give in to her, but agrees that I should go back to my own room…on condition that I give her a 'baby carry' back to her room. I cannot help but touch the underside one perfect orb with the side of my hand as I cradle her upper body.

When I lay her on her bed, Laryssa's pyjamas tops and bottoms part company again. The sight of her naked, girl-tummy and sweet navel makes my cock surge harder and I almost tip over the edge once more. I am just about to cover her up when she says coyly, "Grandpa, you didn't let me see your willie! Pleeeze, you promised!"

I am utterly undone, "Are you sure?"


"You mustn't tell anyone!"

"I know…I promise…"

My heart starts pounding even more fiercely in my chest. With trembling fingers I undo the two remaining buttons on my boxers and let my throbbing cock emerge into the dim light of her bedside lamp.

Laryssa stares with saucer eyes at my angry looking, purple-veined shaft and its livid crown. "Oooooh!" she breathes.

My rampant manhood sticks out rigidly below my belly, just inches from her fascinated gaze and her innocent, soft pink lips. All I have to do is move slightly and I could touch them with my burning hot flesh! Instead, I just let her look. Laryssa makes no comment.

An overwhelming need to see her swells inside me. My right hand hovers over her waist for a few seconds then swoops to swiftly undo the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and push the fabric down, down, down, down until her virgin sex comes into my view. Laryssa lifts her bottom from the bed to help me push the garment down further, down to around her knees. Her legs fall apart naturally, completely exposing the perfect flower nestling between her thighs. My heart is almost bursting. With a strangled moan I bend over and kiss the soft warm flesh midway between navel and pubis and then her mouth.

"I can't stay, Sweetheart." I mutter gently, "Or I might do something really bad!" Then I turn and leave her.

When I pause in the doorway to look back, Laryssa still lies with her legs akimbo as if she is offering her body to me. It is all I can do to stop myself from going back and throwing myself on top of her. Her eyes glitter in the lamplight. Is she weeping? "I won't tell anybody, not anyone, Granddad…I promise!"

"I know, darling, I know…" is all I can manage to say. Then I tear myself away and head for my own room with my rampant cock bobbing up and down out of my shorts ahead of me. I don't masturbate that night. Strangely enough, I feel that to do so would somehow be disloyal.

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