tagIncest/TabooNaughty Grandpa Ch. 3

Naughty Grandpa Ch. 3


Chapter 3

Again, Laryssa is uncommunicative at the breakfast table. Is it tiredness? Or is she just not a 'morning person'? But, just as happened yesterday, when it is time for Mrs Collins to arrive, Laryssa gives me a big, big hug and tells me that she can't wait for school to finish so that she can be with me. My day is spent tidying the house, walking the dog, and shopping for and preparing our evening meal. When I am straightening Laryssa's bedroom I pick up her pyjama bottoms and deeply inhale her heady female scent. Then, with trembling fingers I fold the garment neatly away, only just resisting the urge to wrap the cloth around my cock and masturbate into it.

As the time for Laryssa to arrive home draws near I am like a cat on hot bricks. And when she finally bursts in at a run and jumps up into my arms to greet me I am simultaneously filled with joy and filled with dread that tonight I may be tempted beyond my ability to resist. For some incredible, unfathomable reason, this fresh almost-woman and I have developed a mutual, powerful sexual attraction. I know why I have begun such feelings for her; it is her youth and freshness, and innocence mixed with intriguing awareness. And then there is her physical beauty. But, what does Laryssa see in me? To most adults I am just late middle aged, but to her eyes, I must seem incredibly ancient!

We have our meal early. My daughter Fran has established a routine that I am told not to break. She knows that left to my own devices we would not eat until nearly 8.00pm. It is an almost surreal time; a mixture of youthful conversation about school friends and events and intimate adult interaction, gazing deeply into each other's eyes and offering choice titbits from our plates. Normally, I would have a glass of beer or wine with my food, but tonight I stay utterly sober. After we have eaten, I send Laryssa off to her room to do her homework while I clear the dinner things away. At first she is a bit mumpy, but then realises that we have to do the right thing to please her mother, and her school.

I am sat on the sofa idly watching TV when Laryssa rejoins me. I have no interest in the programme. Nothing at all could distract my interest from her! She is not wearing her glasses and her violet eyes have a huge, unfocussed look to them. She climbs over the back of the sofa and then into my lap, leaning her back against my chest and with her legs spread each side of my thighs. My breath catches in my throat. All she has on is a pale blue sleeveless vest with white lace trim, with no bra underneath, and a matching pair of panties.

"What are you watching, Grandpa?" she asks me, wriggling her luscious little bottom against my rapidly growing erection.

I reach for the remote control and hit the 'Off' button. "Nothing important, Pumpkin, especially now you're here," I answer, nuzzling a kiss into the crook of her neck. Laryssa smells very exotic. I think she has stolen some of her mother's perfume! For an instant I think to ask her why she is dressed, or rather undressed this way, but then remember that it's not a great idea to ask any female about such things, especially a grown 18-year-old like her! Instead, I take a deep breath and admire the slender, entrancing body laid out so invitingly in my lap. My eyes are drawn irresistibly to the protruding mounds of her titties. The vest is quite tight and it shows off her distended nipples to perfection. My eyes feast on her chest then swoop down to the fork of her spread thighs where the fabric of her panties so delightfully outlines the plump, pouting curves of her mound and vaginal crease. My cock reaches full hardness beneath her. Surely Laryssa must be able to feel it?

My Granddaughter takes hold of both of my hands and places them on her midriff. She holds them there for a few moments...to make sure I don't remove them? And then she takes her own hands away. As she does so, she writhes her ass-crack against my hard shaft again. Yes, she can feel it all right!

"Have you got that funny feeling in your tummy again?" I whisper hoarsely.

Laryssa nods her head and murmurs faintly, "Yes, but it feels sharper tonight...I like it though..."

Thus encouraged I slip the fingers of both my hands beneath the edge of her vest and caress slowly up Laryssa's chest until I find swelling curves and nipples that harden instantly at my touch. I gently tweak stroke her lovely teats and feel them swell even more. Laryssa is breathing hard. Her eyes are closed. Her tip of her tongue protrudes slightly between her lips. She is making minute fucking motions with her pelvis, rubbing her ass-crack on my cock.

I whisper in her ear, "Naughty Grandpa wants to touch your cunt...is that ok?"

She doesn't answer me, so I take her lack of response as a 'yes'"

My fingers trail down Laryssa's warm body again. When I reach the top edge of her panties her hands appear and push them down for me at the front. Her plump mound is revealed, with its crown of soft, fine crinkled hairs leading the way to the inviting cleft at its centre. I slip one index finger each side below the fabric into the warm joins between inner thighs and swelling pubis. Her hand appears in between mine. Her fingers delve into her slit. I join her with the fingers of one hand while I hold her legs apart with the other.

Together, we plunder her slippery wetness. Laryssa slides a slim index finger into her hole while I find and caress gently her little clit. She moans under her breath and shakes like a leaf, clenching her buttocks rhythmically on my stiff shaft. If we keep this up much longer, she will cum soon...I will cum soon!

We are both poised on the brink with nerves screaming in anticipation of release. Laryssa is holding her breath and realise that I am doing exactly the same. The anguished silence stretches almost to breaking point.

Suddenly, Laryssa laughs and says, 'Look at Boney, Grandpa, doesn't he look silly?"

Startled out of my lustful reverie, I stare at the dog. The fucking animal is sat on the floor on its haunches in front of us, his tongue lolling out of the corner of his mouth and his tail wagging like crazy! Aghast at the thought that the little shit might try to join in, I hurriedly shift the protesting Laryssa out of my lap and pick Boney up. He wriggles and snarls, and tries to bite me as I carry him to the French doors to throw him out into the garden to cool off. As I am shutting the door, he spins quickly and tries to dive back inside, but I catch him with my foot under his belly and 'kick' him to the far side of the patio.

Laryssa still has her hand in her panties when I turn back to her. Her face is very flushed. "Grandpa...do you like playing at doggies?"

My heart starts crashing harder in my chest. I know very well what Laryssa means, but I have to go along with the charade, "What's that, honey?"

"Like this..." She gets off the sofa and onto the floor on her hands and knees, 'wagging her tail' in my direction.

I drop to my knees beside her. My legs are trembling so violently; I shall fall over anyway! I wait close to her flank. My unspoken 'what now' lets Laryssa know that she is in charge. It is up to her to let me know how far she wants this thing to go.

She pushes her shoulder against mine and asks, "Truly, haven't you ever played doggies like this before?"

I answered her truthfully, "No, not ever...have you?"

"Only with Sophie, and our friend Corinne."

If it is at all possible, my cock surges to an additional level of hardness at the thought of the three young women and what they got up to. "How do you play?" I ask her breathlessly.

"Well, first of all, we pretend we're just meeting in the street...you've seen how dogs do that haven't you?"

Jeepers! They smell at each other's private parts!

"But, we've got a problem, Grandpa..."

"What's that?"

"I've never seen a doggie with trousers on before."

I don't need any further prompting. With trembling fingers I undo the clasp at my waist and lower my zip. I push my chinos down and kick them off. My cock sticks out below me like a thick iron bar, still inside my boxers.

Laryssa smiles at me brilliantly, "That's a lot better!" Then she bangs her hip against mine.

Time to start the game!

I move around in front of my granddaughter so that we are nose to nose. If I had a tail, it would be wagging furiously now! Boney is throwing himself against the glass door in a frenzy to get back indoors!

We circle each other. Every time I get near to Laryssa's snatch she shies just like a real bitch on heat would. Then she stops still and, shaking with anticipation allows me to approach her. Her panties are soaking wet and almost transparent. As I move in to scent her, I feel her duck her head below my belly to sniff at my crotch. I know that the front of my boxers is stained wet with my flowing pre-cum and she will be able to smell it.

The instant I get up close and the tip of my nose touches her engorged pussy lips though her panties, Laryssa skitters away across the room and kneels face on to me. She is panting, flush-faced, and the nipples on her deliciously dangling breasts point hard through the material of her vest.

I clear my throat and suggest to her; "I've never seen dogs with underwear on before have you?"

She hisses, "Oooooh! That's so wicked Grandpa! And that's just what Sophie said just before she pulled my panties down the first time!"

A kaleidoscope of visions of their lush teenage bodies spins in my mind as I half-listen to my granddaughter saying, "And then she pulled Corinne's down as well. And then Corinne and I pinned Sophie down and stripped all her clothes off."

Laryssa crawls across the carpet to me and nuzzles her lips against my ear, "After that Corinne and I took our tops and bras off as well. Would you like to know what Sophie did next, Grandpa?"

I am so sexually excited, I can only just get the "Yes!" out.

"Well, she got in behind me and smelled at my bare kitty...and then she licked it! Oooooh! It felt soooo groovy! I 'wagged my tail' and stuck my bottom high in the air and she licked my kitty again, this time for much longer. Corinne really freaked out, but I felt like I was melting inside!

"Then she got up on my back like Boney tried to do with Mommy one day and she pushed her kitty against my bottom while she held me by the waist...here, like this..."

Before I can stop her, Laryssa scuttles around behind me and mounts me from the rear, thrusting her pelvis rapidly against my backside. She has nothing to penetrate me with; nevertheless, my teenage granddaughter is 'fucking' me!

"Is that nice Grandpa?" she pants.

It is the most incredibly weird sensation in the world. Is it nice? Deep down, I am not sure. Is it erotic? You bet it is!

Laryssa gets off me and nuzzles up beside me again. She has a wild, excited gleam in her eyes.

"We play doggies all the time with no clothes on. Corinne found out she likes her kitty being licked after Sophie held her while I did it to her. Sophie loves it, of course. Now we take turns at being the girl dog. And, because we don't have willies, when we get on top we use our fingers instead.

"At the slumber party the other night, we sneaked to Sophie's room when all the others were asleep in the lounge. Afterwards, Sophie was wondering what it would be like if we had a real 'doggie' there..."

Laryssa winds up close to me seductively with a faint smile on her lips; "I almost told her that I've got a great big, hairy, softy one at home, but I changed my mind."

Lust pours through me. My heart pounds in my chest. I nuzzle my cheek to hers and murmur gruffly in her ear, "There is one part of me that certainly isn't soft!"

"Oooooooh! What's that, Grandpa?" Laryssa asks. But in reality, she knows, because she is trying to peer down under my belly at my crotch. "Show me, Grandpa, I want to see!"

For a second, guilt pricks my conscience. But only for a second! I undo my boxers and push them down.

"Ooooh! Grandpa! You're a big, big doggie!" She rubs her hip against mine, "Please take my panties down too!"

I quickly strip off my shirt and tee-shirt while I move in behind Laryssa's raised ass. I tower over her like a colossus! I lean over and lick the back of her neck at the same time as I push her vest up to expose her lovely pink-tipped cones. She lets me take the garment right off her.

I kiss all the way down her spine and slide my tongue into the cleft of her cheeks as I push her panties down. She goes rigid and gasps with shock when I wriggle the tip of my tongue against the earthy tightness of her cute butt hole. Then, when I find her plump lower lips and start to explore their sloppy wetness, Laryssa arches her back and groans her pleasure.

Laryssa's legs shake and she takes in hoarse, panting draughts of air. She is on the verge of cumming, but I am not ready to let her do that yet. When I cease my attentions to her pussy, she moans with despair. I lean over her and gently bite the back of her neck.

"What does your tummy feel like now?" I ask her.

"It's on fire!"

I push my pelvis forward. The head of my cock presses into the warm fork of her thighs!

"Naughty, naughty doggie!" she murmurs hotly and pushes back against me. "Are you going to be really, really naughty now, Grandpa?"

I find the entrance to Laryssa's velvet tunnel with a fingertip. She is very tight, but more than ready! With my free hand, I guide my great, pre-cum slimy crown to her enticing slit. I remove my finger from her hole and rub my cock-head up and down between her virgin folds. Laryssa gives out a deep, throaty moan of delight.

I find her opening and push into it. Laryssa giggles and tries to shy away. I growl deeply as a male dog would and grasp the whole back of her neck firmly in my jaws. She stills, trembling with anxiety and anticipation. I find her again and press in.

I am so huge relative to her tight aperture it seems impossible that I will be able to force my way inside. I push carefully and withdraw. Laryssa spreads her legs wider to make my task easier. I push again. Slowly, inexorably, the bulging mushroom begins its invasion, millimetre by millimetre, stretching her virgin sex to the absolute limit with its awesome presence.

Laryssa lets out a sharp cry of pain and the whole head of my cock disappears inside. I have split her hymen! My granddaughter is no longer intact.

Holding my cock steady inside her, I lower my face to hers and kiss the salt tears from Laryssa's eyelashes. "I'm sorry Sweetheart. Did I really hurt you?"

"It was wicked at first, but now it's not nearly as painful."

I stay with her, kissing her eyes, her cheek, her shoulders, her neck. And murmur endearments and encouragement as I move cautiously deeper and deeper into her hot, snug depths until I can penetrate no further. A third of my cock is still uncovered.

And then I kneel upright. I grasp Laryssa's hips in my hands and take her body resolutely, but carefully so as not to hurt her. I plunge steadily in and out. Virginal blood stains my rampant shaft. Laryssa arches her back again and thrusts back to meet my every move. She makes grunting animalistic noises. Her breasts swing back and forth beneath her. Her eyes are closed. Her breath rasps in her throat. A string of drool drips from her wide-gaping mouth. We fuck for five, seven, ten minutes.

Laryssa does not cum, but eventually I do. My body empties great gobs of sperm into hers. And she accepts it, moaning and gasping, and trembling from the overwhelming sensations of coitus.

We collapse to the floor together with me half on top of her. My cock is still buried in her channel. I kiss Laryssa lovingly and stroke her exquisite form until my shaft slowly softens and slips out. A blood tinged stream trickles from between her red, swollen, pussy lips and stains the carpet. Still muttering endearments, I find a wad of tissues in my chinos pocket and clean the messy residues of sexual intercourse from her. I shall have to deal with the carpet some other time.

Laryssa wriggles and turns so that she is laid on her back. Her eyes are shining like beacons. She reaches up and tweaks my nose, "Grandpa is a very naughty boy indeed!" she says playfully.

I stick out my tongue and lick the tip of her nose, "And so are you, you lovely little baggage!"

She pulls me down to her and gives me a big hug, then squeaks "Got to go to the toilet!" Pulling her panties up, she scrambles to her feet in a flash and runs from the room holding her crotch.

Remorse sets in as I dress myself while Laryssa is out of the room. But it's too late now. I have fucked my granddaughter and taken her virginity. I am the lowest of the low! But my mood lifts again when, smiling radiantly, she returns to the lounge and walks up to me to throw her arms around my waist and press up to my front.

"How're you doing?" I ask her, stroking her curls.

"I feel ok...but my cunt is very sore!"

"I'm sorry..."

"Silly Grandpa! I wanted to do it just as much as you did! It's our secret now, forever! I like being naughty with you!"

I pick her up in my arms and hug her to me. I find her surprisingly light for one her age, but then again, she might be making me feel stronger! "Sexy little minx! And I like being naughty with you too! But for now, we'd better get you to bed...it's getting late and there's school tomorrow!"

"Now I don't like you any more!" Laryssa wails soulfully. But she gives me a big kiss, smack on the lips just the same.

I carry Laryssa to her room as usual. When I turn to leave to let her undress, she says, "No, stay!"

This time she doesn't bother to hide herself away, stripping naked and then holding her arms out and pirouetting slowly to let me admire her totally.

"You are so beautiful!" I manage to gurgle. Good heavens! My cock is stirring in my pants again!

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off for bed, Grandpa?"


I haven't stripped off in front of a female of her age in the last thirty years, but despite my discomfiture, my cock definitely hardens. I am blushing, even at my advanced years! But, I do as she asks. Laryssa looks my naked body up and down gravely, especially my steadily thickening shaft and my hairy balls. "I think you are beautiful too..." she murmurs. Then she indicates my manhood; "Can I touch it?"

Dumbly, I nod my assent.

Tentative fingers clasp my flesh. Even such minor stimulation causes my shaft to stiffen rapidly until once more I have a full-blown erection. Laryssa's eyes are like saucers. "Wow!" she breathes, "Did you put all that inside me?"

"Not all of it," I manage to gasp. I want her again, badly.

'How much then?"

I show her how much of my length had taken her.

"Wow!" she said again. "But that's still a lot! And it's so fat too. No wonder I'm so sore!"

"Are you really sore...I mean is it really painful?"

"A bit, but it's wearing off already...see?"

Laryssa pushes a leg to one side. Her sex looks slightly less inflamed for sure. My cock jerks in her fingers, making her start with surprise.

"I can't see properly" I tell her. "Lay down on your bed and open your legs wide."

Obediently, she lies down and spreads her legs. I bend over and look at her pussy lips closely. They are puffy and look slightly bruised, but that is normal for what I have put her through. And she isn't bleeding at all.

Laryssa has reached out and taken hold of my cock again, "Do you want to put your willie in my cunt again?" she asks me, "it'll hurt, but I don't mind if you really want to."

I smile and shake my head, "No, Sweetheart, but if you'll let me, I'd like to kiss your cunt better."

She says gravely, "That would be very nice! Are you going to lick my bottom again as well?"

"You didn't like me doing that did you?"

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