tagBDSMNaughty Kate Ch. 01

Naughty Kate Ch. 01


Authors Note: I wrote this for a girl I met on a dating website, with the intention for her to write a small part of it. I don't have any intention to post her response, so you'll just have to make up your own version. All characters are over 18, and they exist in a universe without sexually transmitted diseases, or any real negative consequences to sex. Enjoy.

Kate fidgeted in her seat, she had never worn a skirt this short to school before and her decision to also wear her new black g string meant that she could constantly feel the hard plastic of her chair against her soft, white thighs. She snaked a hand down from her desk and tried to pull her skirt down to cover her legs a little more, but it was a futile effort as there was no more material there. She glanced around to see if anyone had noticed how high the short plaid garment had risen, she had blushed when she realised she had been flashing so much leg after she sat down that you could almost see the waist of her panties, but the rest of her class seemed to be engrossed in the work in front of them. She looked towards the front of the class and was shocked when she noticed Mr McDermott was staring straight between her legs. Kate blushed again when she realised that her legs were parted slightly and wondered if her teacher could see her panties, she felt herself starting to dampen as she imagined what he might think if he saw the flimsy scrap of lace that was covering the pussy she had shaved the night before.

Kate snapped her legs closed as she realised what she was doing and saw Mr McDermott's gaze rise to meet her's. Kate held it for as long as she could before she slowly started to let her knees drift apart again, she could see a gleam in her teacher's eye that sent a shiver down her spine to discharge between her leg's and she was suddenly worried that she was sitting to far back in class for him to get an adequate view. She picked up her pen and started to idly draw in the margins of her paper while her other hand drifted down and inched the front of her skirt up until it was bunched around her waist, there was no way he could avoid seeing her panties now. Kate smiled to herself when she saw Mr McDermott nod slightly at her, then he inclined his head meaningfully at the book in front of him and looked around the class. Kate looked around again, quickly, before bending her head over her book and continuing to work out the problems in front of her, though her gaze kept drifting back to her teacher to see if he was still paying her any attention. She let her free hand drift back down to her lap and her finger traced small figure eight patterns on the front of her panties while she did her work and shivered when she felt how wet her panties had become, Kate looked back to the front of the room and was gratified to see that Mr McDermott seemed to be focused on the path of her finger.

Kate jumped and tugged her skirt back down when she felt a tap on her shoulder, surely the girl behind her couldn't have seen what she was doing. The tap came again, then Kate felt something being pushed into her lower back. Kate reached her hand behind her and withdrew it when she felt a piece of paper being dropped into it. She unfolded the note and read the scrawled message inside.

'Hey Babe, my older brother bought me some beers and my parents aren't home tonight. Wanna party? J' Underneath the message was a crude drawing of a girl, on her knees, sucking someone's dick. She turned to see her boyfriend, Jason, sitting a few rows behind her, he seemed to be doing his work but he looked up as soon as she turned. Kate wondered if he had seen her flashing their teacher, but he just raised an eyebrow and she nodded excitedly, the last time they had got drunk and she had given him head she had rubbed herself to an intense orgasm before he had cum on her face, she had felt so slutty and it was the first time she had orgasmed with someone else, even if he hadn't put his cock in her. She looked back towards the front of the class and gave a naughty grin to Mr McDermott as she spread her lags again and lifted the front of her skirt for him to see, she wondered if he could guess at what she was thinking, of the naughty things she was planning this evening when she got out of school. Kate pulled her skirt down again as the bell rang to dismiss the class and started to pack her things away as her classmates began to chatter amongst themselves. She stood up and glanced behind her to make sure Jason was looking, then bent over at the waist to and took a long time putting her books into her bag, she could feel her skirt edge up and the hint of a breeze on her bare cheeks.

"Kate, I'll see you after class." She stood up quickly when Mr McDermott's voice cut through the noise of the classroom, his annoucement had killed the conversation in the room and Kate looked about as the classroom quickly emptied. As Jason left, he looked back at her and mouthed the words 'lunch time', before winking and disappearing into the corridor. Kate looked about the room that was empty but for her and her teacher and wondered if she had gone too far, she had spent most of the lesson flashing her panties that were now so wet she was sure he would be able to see the outline of her pussylips through the thin material.

"Kate, I couldn't help noticing that you were having some difficulties with your uniform during the lesson. You are aware that this school has a very strict dress code, aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Mr McDermott, but this was the only clean skirt I could find. I know it's probably too short, but everyone wears skirts that are shorter than the dress code." Kate tugged at the hem of her skirt as she made her plea, grinning to herself as she noticed Mr McDermott's eye's flicker down to take in the expanse of creamy white skin between her stockings and skirt. She hoped that her plan to get a better grade worked, she couldn't see any flaws in it. She would suck her teacher's cock, she liked doing that, and he would give her better marks. She had briefly considered that he might resist her, but she figured that every guy probably wanted his dick sucked and couldn't see any reason why a teacher might be different.

"I wonder, Sir," Kate said in her best sexy voice, "if you might show me a little leniency?" She folded her arms and pushed them together to make her cleavage more prominent and batted her eye's at her teacher, Jason said she was irresitable when she did that. She felt a brief pang of guilt, she supposed that she was kinda cheating on him, but she had heard that he had totally made out with Barbara Gordon at Stephanie Brown's pool party, so she figured that it evened out.

"No, Kate, I'm afraid that the school rules are in place for a reason. They may be bent from time to time, but they won't be broken especially in such a flagrant manner. Take this and report to Professor King's study, right now." Kate's arm's dropped to her side and her jaw dropped open in shock, she couldn't believe it! he had spent the whole lesson absolutely leering at her and now she was going to be sent to the headmaster. She reached out and took the folded piece of paper that Mr McDermott was extending to her, then went back to her desk and collected her bag before leaving the room with a stunned expression on her face. She looked at the paper in her hands and unfolded it, there was nothing sealing it closed, then read the short message that had been written on it.

'Headmaster, as you can see, Kate is dressed like a cheap slut. You should probably inspect her panties as well. McD'

Kate squeezed her thighs together as she felt a rush between her legs, she always loved it when Jason talked dirty to her and seeing a written remark from a teacher referring to her in such a derogatory way made her imagine having to take home a report card that detailed what a naughty girl she was gave her an enormous thrill. She read through the note again and bit her lip in anticipation, he's suggested that the headmaster inspect her panties. She glanced around the corridor to make sure she was alone then lifted the front of her skirt and peered down, the lace was clearly soaked through and she cursed herself for not bringing a spare pair. Still, if the two teachers conferred later and discovered that she'd changed them might get her into more trouble. She smoothed her skirt down and checked again to make sure she was alone, then made her way to the headmaster's study.

When she got there, she stopped and looked at Ms Lewis, Professor King's young secretary. The twenty something blonde was always dressed as if she was trying for a professional, office look. She always failed, though, her skirts were shorter than even the one Kate was wearing now, her blouses were usually sleeveless and so sheer that you could see the lace on her bra. Today she was wearing a two tone, half cup affair, Kate wasn't sure what the second colour was, but she could clearly see the black edging beneath the swell of her breasts. She cleared her throat to get the secretaries attention.

"Excuse me, Ms Lewis, but Mr McDermott sent me to see the headmaster." Kate swallowed as Ms Lewis looked up from her typing and levelled an even look at her, the older women might dress like she was in a porno but she held the headmaster's ear and a certain authority in the school. Ms Lewis picked up the handset on her phone and pressed a button before speaking.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Professor, but it seems that young Miss Kate has been sent to see you...Yes, Sir." Ms Lewis grinned at Kate as she put down the phone, Kate hated the way she called all the students 'Miss' this, or 'Master' that, but the rest of the teachers would just say something about how that was the way teachers used to refer to their students in the good old days and that maybe it was time for a little more nostalgia, so most of the student body had let the issue die out and simply complained about it amongst themselves.

"You can go in, he's expecting you." Ms Lewis smirked at her before she went back to her typing. Kate waited a moment, but when it became clear that the secretary had nothing else to say to her she went to the door and opened it. She stepped inside and closed the door behind her, then put her bag on the floor just by the doorframe.

"Mr McDermott sent you to see me?"

"Yes, Sir. He gave me a note." Kate walked to the desk and passed the paper to her headmaster and shifted her weight between her feet nervously while he read it. After a short time he tossed the note on his desk and looked at Kate, she felt herself flush as she knew that he was looking at her tiny skirt and silently agreeing with Mr McDermott that she was a slut.

"Lift up your skirt, now." Kate didn't hesitate, his tone brokered no disobedience, her hands dropped to the hem of her skirt and tugged it up to reveal her skimpy g string. She felt heat rising in both her cheeks and her pussy as Professor King stood up and walked around her. She fixed her gaze on an imaginary spot on the wall of the study as the headmaster spent a long time behind her, was he admiring her ass or thinking that only a whore would wear such a thing. She heard him sigh behind her, then he spoke.

"Young lady, I know that you are aware of the schools dress code, and I'm sure that you have read it carefully to be aware that regulation panties are white cotton only. Not only is your skirt scandolously short, your panties are virtually non existent. Do you really think this manner of dress is really appropriate for a student here?"

"No, Sir."

"Do you have any valid excuse to warrant dressing like a common whore?"

"No, Sir."

"Do you typically wear such provocative underwear?"

"Sometimes, Sir, but this is the first time I've worn the to school, I promise, Sir."

"Take them off."

"Sir?" Kate turned her head in surprise, but quickly grabbed the waist of her panties and pulled them to her feet. She stepped out of them and looked to Professor King.

"Walk over to my desk and place your hands and elbows on the top." Kate walked forward and bent forward over the desk, she laid her forearms on the desk's surface and stared straight ahead. She felt the headmaster walk up behind her and nudge her feet apart with one of his, she felt her pussy twitch as she realised that he must have a wonderful view of her dripping snatch. Kate's ass felt cool as the headmaster lifted her skirt and flipped it over her back to reveal her firm cheeks, then she saw his hand drop something between her arms. Kate looked down at her sopping g string and squeeled as she felt Professor King's hand fall onto her upturned bum.

"Your panties are the reason that you're being punished, so it's only proper that you should see them to remind you of why you are in this prediciment. After each spank, you will apologise and promise to do better."


"I'm sorry headmaster, I'll be a good girl."


"I'm sorry headmaster, I'll be a good girl."

SMACK!! Kate tried to count, but lost track after twenty seven, after that she just squirmed and stared at her panties on the desk while she kept swearing she'd be good. She flexed the muscles in her ass and tried to ignore how each smack seemed to reverberate in her pussy and every time she spoke the words seemed to make her wetter. Eventually, the headmaster stopped even though Kate kept repeating her mantra. She let the words trailed off as she felt the heat radiate from her backside and imagined she could feel a trickle of moisture running down the inside of her thighs. She moaned as she felt the professor's hand on her back again and pressed her body against his touch, surely he could see how much need she was in, her pussy was leaking juice and she was panting like a bitch in heat. She felt disappointed when she felt him tuck her skirt into it's own waistband before withdrawing behind his desk where she could see him again and withdraw a thin cane from beneath his desk.

"The next time you decide to make such a vulgar display of yourself, instead of a spanking you'll have six strokes of the cane. Now, there's twenty minutes left in this period, in the corner with your hands on your head. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir." Kate went straight to the nearest corner and laced her fingers behind her head, she desperately wanted to rub her hands over and soothe her bottom but the threat of the cane kept them from straying. She stared at the wall, then turned her head slightly to see the headmaster out of the corner of her eye. She saw him use the cane to pick up her panties, then he dropped them in his wastepaper basket. Kate saw him lay his cane on the desk then pick up a pen and return to the paperwork he must have been doing when she walked in. Her buttocks felt like they were slightly sunburned, but she felt far more distracted by the way her pussy seemed to occasionally twitch. She tried to clear her mind, think about homework, anything but her mind kept coming back to the insistent need between her thighs. Briefly she thought of Jason, then she tried to push him out of her mind as she thought about how easily his fingers would slide into her. Her mind kept going on a rollercoaster, imagining first Jason, then Mr McDermott and finally Professor King pushing into her back and pressing her tits into the wall while they grabbed her hips and fucked her senseless, until finally the bell rang. She kept her hands on her head as she looked over to Professor King, who held up a piece of paper.

"Kate, you are to write a one page essay which is to be on my desk before first period tomorrow. You can go now, as you leave ask Ms Lewis for some new panties, I understand she keeps some that may be more appropriate for you, and tell her to come in here so she can clean my cane. Good day." Kate grabbed the piece of paper she was to write her essay on and looked briefly at the title before picking up her bag and sticking the paper into a pocket. She said goodbye and slipped out, closing the door behind her. She looked at Ms Lewis and swallowed, this was going to be humiliating.

"Ms Lewis, Professor King said I was to ask you for new panties?" Kate hated how hesitant she sounded, but she suddenly felt nervous in her tiny skirt and no panties, what if the secretary said no? Kate didn't think she would be able to get through the day without flashing as it was, she definitely wanted to be flashing panties instead of pussy.

"Well now, panties for someone who wants to be a 'good girl' maybe? Let's see what we can find." Kate blushed when she heard the emphasis Ms Lewis put on good girl, how loudly had she been while the headmaster had spanked her? She watched with a puzzled expression as Ms Lewis opened a drawer and started to go through it, why would she keep so much underwear at school? She had more in her desk drawer than Kate had in her dresser at home. She ceased her contemplation as she looked at the flimsy piece of fabric that was offered her, it was pink with white frills all over it, it would certainly cover more than her previous ones had but they certainly weren't the schools regulation. She slipped the garment up her legs and straightened her skirt, making a brief attempt to pull it down and cover more leg before abandoning the idea. She picked up her bag again and looked at Ms Lewis.

"Professor King said you were to go in there, he need's his cane cleaned" Kate's eyebrow rose slightly as Ms Lewis appeared to get flustered before the secretary thanked her and bustled into the office, Kate heard the click of the lock as she shut the door behind her and wondered what exactly they were going to do in there. She felt a pang of jealousy as she walked down the hall to the nearest bathroom, if Professor King was horny enough to fuck his secretary after spanking her, why didn't he just take his cock out and plunge straight into her waiting pussy while she had been bent over her desk? Kate slipped into the bathroom and turned so she could see her bum reflected in the mirror. She pulled down her panties and gasped, for as long as she had been there she was sure that she was going to be bright red, but her cheeks were just a glowing shade of pink that almost matched her new panties. She rubbed her hands over her cheeks and shivered at her touch. She quickly checked to make sure the bathroom was deserted, then retreated into a stall where she plunged a hand under her skirt and started to desperately finger her pussy. It took her barely minutes before she orgasmed and she leaned against a wall as she got her breathing under control. Kate walked out and looked at her wild eyed reflection, before splashing water on her face and cleaning herself up. When she felt more composed she left the bathroom and went to the quad so she could eat her lunch quickly. On her way there, a door opened and she was pulled into an empty classroom. She looked at the other end of the arm that was gripping her and relaxed when she recognised Jason.

"So, you looking forward to tonight, Babe?" Kate moaned as he pulled her into an embrace and started to nibble on her neck while his hands started to squeeze her boobs.

"Umm, no, oh god, I've got an essay due for tomorrow, stop it, please, and I'll be in loads of trouble if it's not in on time." She tried to push his hands away, but one snaked up under her skirt and she started to find it difficult to concentrate, she couldn't believe she was so horny again after cumming in the bathroom.

"You mean that you bent over and showed me your ass at the end of class, getting me all horny and worked up, and you're just going to leave me be?" She could hear a question in his voice, but knew he had already decided to answer it as she felt him pushing her to her knees. Kate opened his fly grabbed the base of his cock, she kissed her way up the length of it before sliding her mouth over the head. She moaned slightly as she slid her lips down and started to jack her hand up and down at the base of his cock. Kate's head bobbed back and forth as she listened to a litany of vulgarity coming from her boyfriends mouth while he called her a filthy whore who was a cheap cumbucket, before he grabbed her head, holding it still while he groaned and came in her mouth. Kate kept pumping her hand as she moved her head back and caught another rope of jism across her face, adding to the cum that was dribbling out her mouth and down her chin. She looked up at Jason, who was paying her no attention as he looked at the ceiling. She felt him pull his cock away from her and watched it disappear back into his jeans before he looked down at her and smiled.

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