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Naughty List


Jessica decided the sexy lingerie was a bust. The red satin panties and corset lasted mere seconds -- she had quite literally had the clothes tore from her body. Maybe that act alone made it worth buying them. What was left of the rags Jessica saw lying on the floor while she was on all fours on the bed. Only the stocking with garters and the her shoes made it through the onslaught.

"Shoes and socks always a sensible buy." she thought. Although 4-inch lipstick red "fuck me" heels with fishnets were hardly sensible. "Unless you need to have the sense fucked out of you." She glanced at the shadow sitting in the chair. She was nude and in full display the nipples of her heavy tits scraping against the course sheets of this economy hotel. Everything made about this made Jessica hot. She had never been in this position before, certainly not with the lights on, and definitely not with a group watching her. Jessica marveled at how good she looked in the mirror.

From behind she felt two strong hands on her hips pull her back until her sex was parted by a thick warm tongue. Jessica squealed with surprise and pleasure then pushed her thick ass back. The young man continued to work his tongue in-and-out of her fresh shaved pussy -- there was a first time for everything. She had heard that the kids preferred it that way. It had been a pain to get it completely smooth and had made wearing underwear an issue since yesterday. His face was rough with 5 o'clock shadow as his tongue lapped over her still raw pussy making the whole act electric. Jessica was definitely beginning to see the appeal and it was certainly worth the effort. He began to suck her clit and Jessica felt herself spray sex across his face.

She could feel the heat of a blush light up her body. Embarrassed Jessica spoke, "I am so sorry."

The man did not stop devouring her. Instead his intensity only increased. Jessica felt a fire within her as she froze in place. She heard herself moan like a bitch in heat. She started to cum. Jessica looked up wickedly at the two other men standing to the side of the bed. "I thought you say you could give me more than I could handle. While one of you is doing a lovely job, what do you two have for me? If you don't want to join in..." Her voice was not her own. It was heavy and lewd and so ready to be used -- she was no grandma with cookies tonight.

Two men raced to pulled their clothes off.

"You do not seem like a three-on-one kind of woman but if you insist," the stranger the color of warm chocolate full of muscles spoke, "But what slut does -- especially the older more respectable types." He slid his semi-erect cock into her mouth using a hand full of her long grey curls as leverage.

Jessica reached out and wrapped her hands around his balls. She sucked him in to his root and began to twist and squeeze. His balls rolled in her fingers telling her that he was almost in the same place she was. "Not so fast." She thought. It was too late she felt his salt hit the back of her throat in thick jets. She greedily started to gulp down the treat. The still hard, slick candy cane in her hand. "Naughty boy. Everyone has not had a chance yet." She licked her cum covered lips -- then she began to suck on just head her teeth trapping the big mushroomed head's hood with her teeth. Her tongue found the slit in the dick.

"Fuck! Go easy on the head!" He screamed. But she made no attempt to stop and soon his senses steamrolled by the over simulation. He whimpered at the agonizing ecstasy. His arms outstretched reaching for some unknown ring far above his head. He realized this woman was now totally in charge. The thought, "The bitch's tongue is magical." sloshed though his head.

She looked at him in the eyes. Then popping the cock out of her mouth Jessica said, "This will not do, someone is still left out." Still holding the cock in one hand, "Boys, we are going to have to change places some. "You with the big dick," she motioned to the lanky rail thin man, "You will be here." She placed her hand on her pussy. "Hard worker, you will be fucking this." Jessica shook her ass against the man's face. Suddenly aware his presence again she felt a warm bliss as his tongue rimmed the outside of her asshole. "Please." She said.

The obliging gentleman slid his tongue in her and she almost melted away. She only managed to stay on this side of ecstasy.

"You since you already came. You will stay right here. You're so salty sweet but untrustworthy just cumming like that." Her breath was ragged as she was already on the verge of orgasm again.

The skinny young man pulled her from the bed. Refusing to let go of it, Jessica drug the cock in her hand with her. "I tend to like older women. Yet, somehow I feel I have been waiting my whole life to get a piece of you. Where ever, however, if it means I have to share or not I aim to have a piece of you."

Jessica tittered like a school girl in a porn.

The figure in the chair shifted uncomfortably but did not get up to join the party nor leave the room.

"You stay right there." Jessica thought, "I will deal with you later."

Jessica soon found herself straddling a large cock while her "prisoner" had managed to find his composure enough reassert some control. Grabbing both sides of her head he had begun to use her mouth exactly as she wished. The lanky man's mouth was working her nips -- so hard she had begun to wonder how much more she could stand. She did not have to think on it long.

A well-lubed finger slid into her ass and Jessica's head started to swim with the new sensation. As the second entered her, she started to pick up speed milking the big spike that was turning insides to water which splashed her and her lovers. All the while being force feed the thickness of another.

"That's right. You made a deal for me not to leave you after all your fucking around. I will not be a laughing stock and I am not going to end up like your first wife." She looked out of the corners of her eyes to make sure the man in the chair was still watching. "You need to have your pristine reputation intact? Then you are going to watch me enjoy being the whore of these delicious men."

However, her anger and thoughts of retribution vanished as her third lover pushed deeply into her sole remaining opening. She winced. "I did not think he would be quite so big." She attempted to adjust but she was trapped. Simultaneously, growling, purring, and whimpering Jessica was filled as the stiff members found a home deep within her.

"No, no, no -- there is no escape for you." said the thin man with the enormous cock. His large hands wrapped around her waist. "You said to use make you perform like a slut and that was going to happen -- filled full of cock for that old cuck in the corner to watch. It is a bit odd with the guy in the corner but you should get your monies worth." He pushed his hips up sliding even deeper in her.

"Yes, use me," was the thought that raced through Jessica's mind.

She started to circle his prick grinding. Two hands from behind found her fat breasts and used them to finish driving home into her ass. Her eyes rolled back into her head and the room became dark except for a small sliver of light that appear over the horizon of eyeballs. She immediately started to cum as the two pricks that skewered her picked up their pace and started to match rhythms.

"Did I say stop sucking?" The second man demand. She choked on him as he moved to match the pace of the other men. He wrapped his one hand underneath her chin on her throat while keeping is left hand tied up in her hair. Using this technique he positioned her mouth to be so that it was simply a tunnel to be fucked.

"Perfect." Jessica thought as he started to squeeze her throat making it hard to breathe and even harder to think. Her state was such she was barely able to tell that she had started to cum again until she was at the height of her orgasm and unable to control herself. The men were not far behind her. First, the lanky man came deep with her spasming cunt. Followed by the one using her mouth again. Jessica started to suck harder trying to pull every bit of cum out of him, he was delicious. After minutes of this the man just stood shaking as his finally spent member fell from her mouth and he collapsed to the floor.

"Damn." He managed. Dragging himself up, he smeared his cock across her face. "Fuck that old broad is fucking amazing."

Jessica felt herself lifted up. The last man -- the obliging one -- was still in her churning her guts. Free to cried out finally, she did, "Fuck me. Use me." was all she could say with the energy she had left. From behind he picked her up using her legs as handles. She knew she was splayed out for anyone to see but she did not care. It was too good. She hoped everyone, especially her husband, got a good look. Now sitting on his lap with him as deep in her as he could be her vision began to come back and she saw the large cock that had just filled her pussy dangling in front of her.

"Take it." The second man pushed into her mouth. Greedily she swallowed it. "That's right clean it up real good. Taste your cunt." He growled. "Damn I do love the way plump girls ride. And you are delightful."

Jessica already weak from the abuse felt her defense crumble at the compliment. Another orgasm pushed its way through her and she lost track of the prick she had just been serving. "That is the one I wanted to see." came the voice of a man from behind her. He pushed Jessica forward. Her knees spread out like a frog on a lily pad as the strangers hands pushed her face into the mattress. Her arms spread out wide were useless -- had she wanted to struggle -- as he pounded her relentlessly through this final O -- only stopping as his white hot jism filled her up. As he slid off of her she could feel her asshole pulse squeezing his nectar out of her backside until it trickled onto her pussy. Their two heats felt scalding on her bare skin.

She turned her head to the side and her mouth opened.

A hand stroked her hair softly, "Good girl." A third cock pushed pass her lips. Musky and dank she could taste where it had been, the pleasure it had given her.

He had used her properly. She could see the other men dressing and each picking up their envelope from the dresser. He kissed her on the top of her head.

The man noticed the other men as well, "Hell, I do not think any of us would take the money if you had not been so insistent. I certainly would not. But I get you want to keep it strictly business." He sighed. "Pity. I would have eaten you out all night you taste like cookies. In case you ever want a one on one -- I will leave my number on the dresser. Next time it is on me. Just leave the gimp at home."

Nearly unconscious Jessica heard the door to the room open and close. "How did that work for you? And that's just a start." After a short while, she staggered to her feet and over to her husband. He was a heavy set man bound in a latex binding tape strapped to a wooden chair with a leather harness mask with a gag. "Did you figure out the answer to my joke?" She jerked his beard and removed the plug. "What does Mrs. Claus do on Christmas Eve?"

"What?" He stammered.

"She goes to town and blows a few bucks." Jessica stuck her tongue down his throat forcing all the salty goodness and musk of the night into his mouth. Quickly, she popped the gag back in place as he sputtered and then slapped him roughly. To get his attention, she sunk her hand into his crotch and squeezing his balls until tears rolled down his chubby red cheeks. "No one makes a fool of me." Still his dick stood a rigid attention but precum already rolled down the shaft. Jessica licked her hand and cooed, "Still you are so sweet. I cannot tell if that is just who you are or all the cookies?"

She turned her back to him and shook her ass as she headed for a shower.

"If it is still up when I get back maybe I will untie you and let you service me. Perhaps next time you'll stay off your wife's 'Naughty List' -- Santy Claus. Unless you want to make this a tradition."

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by sandymonroe12/30/17

What a funny yet sexy story! I liked it!

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by cvillerook12/09/17

One single star...

From anonymous reader... I am crushed, however, will I recover?

Oh, as I promised to keep count this is the 45th comment.

You guys keep this up and they will think we are dating.

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Gosh, what waste of time reading this stupid crap!.....1* for this nonsense garbage

Time wasted reading this nonsense, ugly and low garbage story.
1* for this crap.

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by cvillerook12/08/17


My only problem with your story ending is I am sure Santa has connections. Cause in the words of Ray Stevens' song Santa Claus Is Watching You, "Santa is with the CIA!"

May I suggest my last Christmasmore...

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by tazz31712/08/17


and also a description, TK U MLJ LV NV

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