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Naughty Little Minx


I wouldn't dare pull some of these stunts with my Master now, but all of this happened before I learned my place. From my Master's point of view...

On a particularly stormy night, Minx and I are stranded inside our apartment. We are the only two in the apartment building that are home. Under these conditions, no one is bound to be here for hours.

My Minx had been noticeably absent for sometime. Wondering where she slipped off to, I decide to go looking for my naughty little Minx, as I refer to her. I enter our bedroom only to find that I have apparently walked in on the middle of something.

"And what, may I ask, are you doing in here with the door closed?" Her feeble attempt to block the doorway with a pile of clothes proves to be no challenge for me. I kick them aside.

"Um..." She stumbles for her words with uncertainty. "Well, I thought I would..." She continues to stutter while kneeling and facing away from me. She turns sharply to meet my gaze, and then quickly turns away. She is obviously trying to hide whatever she is crouched over.

"My Minx, I asked you what you were doing." I start walking toward her as her guard tenses. No response. I walk until I am standing directly behind her. I enjoy seeing her in this state; her chest growing with each heavy, panted breath, and her body trembling slightly for fear of what is to come upon discovery. I start becoming erect, for I ache to know what is causing her to hide from me like this.

"What are you hiding?" She does not give a verbal response, only a pleading look that begs me to ignore all of this and walk away. However, I swear I see a look of wild excitement in her eyes that she has been caught. Not wanting to wait for an answer any longer, I tug at her shoulder until her firm grip on the object is loosened. She reveals what she has been trying to hide this entire time.

"What do you think you are doing with my paddle?"

"Well, I thought I would clean while you were in the other room. This drawer can get so messy, and..." She's cute when she tries to lie. She's even cuter when I have her bent over and shrieking.

I lean over and grab it from her as her eyes follow it up to where I am standing. I chuckle in a sinister way as she looks up at me, knowing what is to come.

"Now, I know you weren't trying to lie to me, because you know very well what happens when you lie." She gulps. How I love torturing her like this. I want to intimidate her further.

"Young lady, you need to start giving me a straight answer, and I know when you are lying. Do I need to use my friend here to coax a truthful answer out of you?"

"No, I was just moving it so I could clean out the drawer..." she stammers on. Tired of hearing her inane excuses, I decide to prompt her for answers in a more aggressive manner.

"Get up." I start speaking in a firmer voice. My change in tone and behavior slightly alarms her as she is taken aback for a moment with my sternness.

Perhaps she does not believe I am serious, because she does not move. "I said to get up." My tone of voice is starting to illicit a response from her. She squirms a little. "Do not make me pick you up."

I am getting tired of fooling around with her. This little routine she's pulling needs to be put to an abrupt end. I stare at her, not showing any sign that I will give into my demand.

"You're only making this worse for yourself. Don't make me repeat myself again." She's having second thoughts about her inactivity, but sometimes she can be too strong-willed for her own good. That's okay though, I love being the one to bring her back down again in these instances. She still does not budge. I snatch her up off of the ground as she whines that she was about to get up, but didn't have enough time.

"No, wait, I can explain," she pleads. I start walking her over to the bed. She breaks her spell of silence with pleads to let her go. I laugh to myself because she thinks she can get out of this.

"You're not talking your way out of this one. We are the only ones here, and there is no way I'm stopping because you think I'm making too much noise." At the sound of this, she bites her lip and wrinkles her brow, perhaps so I will have some sense of pity for her. I don't. The only thing I feel is an overwhelming desire to correct her behavior.

"You don't understand..." She doesn't get to finish her sentence because I have already grabbed her by her hair and shoved her face into our bed. I only hear the first part of her scream as a loud clap of thunder fills our room. I can only laugh thinking that this clap of thunder is going to be followed by another loud clap of my own. I can only hear muffled shrieking as I fumble around the front of her pants to get them unbuttoned. She flails about, trying to make my task harder. I lay my upper body across hers.

"If you don't let me do this easily, not only will you regret this while I'm spanking you with my paddle here, but you will regret it later when I fuck you and pound against your newly reddened ass." Each one of my harsh words resonates in her ears as she tenses with what is to come. I attempt to unbutton her pants again. She struggles slightly.

"Okay, you've sealed your fate." Upon hearing this, she stops, knowing it won't get any better for her. I successfully get her pants off, then immediately follow by ripping her delicate lace thong away. I can see that she is panting, and hear the occasional moan of anxiety over what is to come, which is now heard more clearly through the blankets. I grin.

"Spread your legs." She does this slowly, but not without groaning first. I kick gently at her heels to indicate I want them spread more. Finally in the position I want her in, bent over the bed, I can start what I've been threatening her with. I pick up the paddle from where I have laid it. She shoots me a worried glance. I can't help but be aroused and am eager to have her give into my every whim. She tries to get up. I shove her back down and am forced to secure her arms with a rope to ensure she won't try to escape while I'm punishing her.

There's no way she's getting out of it this time. Now that I can control her entire body, I pick up my paddle again. I run it over her pale, round ass. It's cold from being idle, and she flinches slightly. Knowing she has no idea when I'll decide to strike her with it drives my desire for her further. After feeling she has been tortured enough for this moment, I swiftly lift the paddle and let it drop to her ass. She jumps and screams, her knees giving in as she tries to fall to the floor. The ropes catch her arms, and she is forced to stay bent over.

Her ass gets redder with each swat, and with her screams, even I find myself glad the neighbors aren't home to hear her. She wiggles about, but finds that I smack harder when she is struggling to get out of it. I've lost track of how many times the paddle has kissed her ass, but by the color of her ass and the volume of her cries, I'd have to guess it was in the upper teens. She turns around mid-swing only to reveal glossy eyes and a red face. She apologizes profusely, but I have got to make sure she has learned her lesson. After all, this is my paddle, and she needs to remember to not try to hide my things. This is not the first time it's happened, but after this, it should certainly be the last.

After a dozen or so more smacks to her very red ass, she is barely able to stand, and I feel a certain sense of accomplishment in the job I have done. She lets out a long moan when I have stopped. I can see her glistening pussy calling to me. I lean over to her in the same position as before, making sure to put some weight on that sore ass of hers. "It's not over yet," I growl.

In between her groans and gasps, I see her questioning look. Having not lost my erection over the course of these events, I thrust inside of her and pull her ass towards me. She lets out a loud shriek, but also moans in pleasure at the same time. I feel her on the verge of cumming, and continue slamming into her. She cums with such ferocity, and cries out in pleasure. This sends me over the edge as I forcefully cum inside of her.

I pull out of her and give her one last, hard smack with my hand to serve as a reminder. She whimpers, and promises she won't be hiding my things anymore. I smile in delight at the job I've done.

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