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Naughty Little Secrets


Tara tugged down her wide-brimmed wool hat, and even pulled up the collar on her coat to hide face as best she could, just to be certain that no one would recognize her as she made her way into one of the nondescript side doors that led into the dark mysterious world of Club K.

Not open to the general public, the private club meant for the enjoyment of all forms of kink, was a word-of-mouth kind of place only. A big strapping Dom she'd met the year before at a swingers party had told her if she was looking for anonymity, then this was the place. Fully aware that if anyone ever discovered her penchant for kink she'd not only be fired, but possibly find her face plastered all over the news, too. Since no one liked to discover that their quiet local librarian enjoyed nothing more than being taken hard by strange men she didn't even know.

Glad to be off for ten days for the winter holidays, she smiled to herself, wondering, with her nearly insatiable appetite for kinky sex, if she'd be spending nearly all of it here. Of course no one at the library would ever guess that prim, proper mild mannered Miss Jones, liked to frequent a place where almost anything could happen to her, where strangers could act out their wildest fantasies on her body, without the fear of reprisal. And the illicitness of it, combined with the danger, only heightened its appeal. Of course, over the years she had a few regular boyfriends, but soon began to realize she'd only really ever enjoyed herself in bed when things got rough, and out of control.

Preparing herself for what was to come, she took a steadying breath before stepping inside. And once she'd walked down the darkened hallway and stepped into the clean bare-bones room, she quickly took off her outerwear, glad that the room was nice and warm, since it was a cold bracing wind out there walking the few blocks from the subway. After quickly doffing the rest of her clothes, she turned out the light, and lay down on the bed, spreading her long blonde hair over the pillow, just in case anyone wanted to grab a fistful as they took her. Her heart racing with anticipation, anxious to discover who might walk through the door, and what they'd want from her, but even more, what they planned to do to her, had her almost hyperventilating. She was just so eager for it to happen, she could almost taste it. And her clean-shaven pussy, dripping wet and pulsing with need, absolutely ached for it. "Mmm," she moaned, fingering her swollen clit, already painfully aroused at just the thought of being taken, even abused by, whoever wanted to use her.

Lost in her lusty thoughts, deep into pleasuring herself, her heart nearly stopped when someone lightly knocked on the door. Taking a moment to catch her breath, knowing they'd already been pre-screened at the front desk, she pushed the button to unlock the door, and said, "Come in."

Although it was too dark to make out his face, when the man walked around the partition that concealed the bed, she could tell he was built big, like a weight lifter. "Hi," he said, stepping inside. "I take it you want the lights left off?"

"Yes," she answered into the dark.

Then he asked, "Do you still have your clothes on?"

When she said, "No," he smiled.

"Good, then I'll get out of mine and we can get to it."

And as she waited, her heart pounding almost out of control, she listened closely to the familiar sounds of shoes hitting the floor one after the other, then the hiss of a zipper and the muffled noise of clothes being discarded, her anxious pussy getting wetter by the second. Then a moment later, she felt his weight pressing down on the bed, and then the touch of his hand on her arm, making her skin tingle with anticipation. "I always like to ask what a woman wants, if that's okay."

She didn't even have to think, before answering, "Anything," because it was true. She'd come to realize that there was nothing she wouldn't do, and almost nothing she didn't enjoy having done to her. Well, except for maybe the one guy into breath play who'd almost killed her, when he'd choked her out the moment he'd walked in the door. And she honestly wasn't too crazy about the guy who only wanted to piss all over her, either. Which was why, in addition to the security measures in the club, she also kept both her phone and a personal safety alarm handy. And the thing was so loud it would sure as hell scare off anyone trying to hurt her, or do anything she didn't want, before they got too far.

Breaking into her thoughts, he said, "Don't worry, I brought condoms." Hearing the wrapper tear as he slipped it on, she was always relieved to hear the sound of that, too. Although into risky sex, she wasn't stupid enough to also risk her life by going bareback with a complete stranger.

And as risky as this was, she knew if things didn't go her way, she could always scream her head off, or push the panic button on the nightstand, and a bouncer would be in the room in no time flat - which was another benefit of being a member - knowing that her safety wasn't only resting in her own hands, but there was help at hand if she needed it.

Leaning over her, he said, "I'm not much into kissing or anything, so I'm just going to fuck you, okay?"

"Yes..." she whispered back, her heart nearly beating right out of her chest at the thought of it. He had no way of knowing, but when she came here, she actually preferred it that way. Just to be taken rough and hard, without any small talk or phony gestures of affection.

Then she felt his big hands parting her thighs, and the feel of his big thick fingers trailing over her pussy, sent the most delicious quiver all through her. Pushing a finger inside her, he chuckled, "Well, you're wet enough, that's for sure."

And a moment later, he had his cock poised at her opening, and just as he started to push in, he got hold of both her ankles and lifted them in the air, spreading her open as wide as she could go. And as he pushed inside her, she bit down on her lip, instantly transported to that deliriously happy place she always went whenever she was having raw, dirty, illicit sex with a nameless stranger. The shocking feel of his thick cock nearly splitting her pussy in two, had her flinching and trying not to scream as he stretched her tender flesh to point of pain, but still amazingly, it felt so damn good, she could barely stand it. And she couldn't think of a single other thing that beat the feeling of being fucked like this, hard and dirty, hidden by the cloak of darkness. Absolutely no emotion involved, just straight up being filled by a big hard cock intent on annihilating her cunt. And it seemed it was all she'd ever craved, to be taken like this so outrageously raw and hard, which she discovered the first time she'd tried it, coming harder than she'd ever come. And then she knew she could never go back to trying to pretending she was into vanilla sex, not with the indescribable way this made her feel.

As he mercilessly pounded her, sensing he was almost ready to come with the way he was grunting and really beginning to slam her cunt, she threw back her head desperately panting as she began to crest, breaking into a full body shudder, as her pussy feverishly convulsed. Just being taken the way she was, was all she'd ever needed to get off. No one had to kiss her or shower her with flowery words, all she needed was raw hot, insanely rough sex, and she'd bet she could come harder than most other women ever could.

Then she felt his big hands squeezing tight around her ankles as he began to groan, thrusting into her so insanely hard, her head actually hit the head board, and then suddenly he was crying out, "Oh, fuck, yeah!" And she could actually feel his release as his cock just kept pulsing inside her for what felt like forever. Clamping her inner muscles tight around him, she swore she could detect every last beat of his pulse as he nearly overflowed the condom with how hard he came. Finally releasing her legs, gently placing them on the bed, rolling down beside her, he muttered, "God, that was, good. Thanks. I needed that, like you can't even imagine."

"And thank you," she replied with a smile, knowing she'd needed it every bit as badly, her pussy slightly burning from being used so roughly, just felt so good, as it always did.

And then with a light pat on her arm, he was off the bed, getting dressed and was gone.

Blinking into the darkness, she decided it had been kind of nice with him. And he'd seemed to enjoy it, too. Which always made it feel a little more rewarding when both parties got what they needed out of it.

Then it wasn't much longer, before someone else was rapping on the door. And after pushing the button to let him in, she heard a man with what sounded like an English accent, timidly call out, "Hello? Is there anyone here?"

"Yes," she said, from inside the screened off area from the bed, "I'm in here."

Wandering in, sounding a little disoriented, he said, "Oh, it is dark in here, isn't it?" Then he seemed to hesitate. "Um... I should probably mention this is my first time doing something like this. So, if you could just bear with me, I'll do my best not to embarrass myself."

Smiling to herself, she waited. And then waited some more. And when he didn't move, and didn't sound like he was about to, she told him, "Well, since I'm already naked, you might want to take off your clothes. It usually works better that way."

Stammering nervously, he muttered, "Oh, right. I see. Yes, of course. I just wasn't sure what the procedure was. I'll get on that straight away."

She'd been with a few newbies before, and some of them were kind of funny, like this guy. Who she imagined would be afraid of his own shadow. So, she figured this ought to be interesting.

Finally, he said. "Okay. My clothes are off now. So... do I just tell you what I'd like? Is that how this works?"

Still smiling, she said, "Sure, why don't you just go ahead, and tell me what you're into."

"Um... I've never actually taken a woman from behind before, so if you wouldn't mind getting up on your hands and knees, I think that would be brilliant."

Trying not to laugh as she did what he asked, she said, "Okay, I'm ready, as long as you've got your condom on."

Then she actually heard him smack his head with his hand as he said, "Oh, right. How silly. Of course. I'll get on that right now. Stay just as you are. Be right there." Then finally, after he'd found his wallet, fiddled with the package and struggled to get the thing on, she could feel him on the bed, his hand sliding over her bare ass as he murmured, "Ooh, so nice and smooth, aren't you? Bet you're a pretty one, too."

Not really into small talk, especially when all she wanted to do was get off, she told him, "Okay, whenever you're ready."

Then before she'd even finished saying that, she felt his hand land a smack on her ass hard enough to jar her damn teeth. And then of all of a sudden out of nowhere he was yelling at her. "Look what you're making me do. Don't you realize it's you who's naughty, Mummy, and not me? And now I'm going to fuck you to teach you a lesson. Are you happy now that you're making me do this?" And then she felt him fingering between her legs, until he finally managed to locate her pussy and then he was pushing right in, already hollering again, as he began to ride her. "And how do you like that, Mummy? Now who's the dirty little slut being fucked by her little boy, hmmm?"

Listening to him rant, she knew lots of people used this place for roll play and to act out fantasies, but this guy sounded like he might have some pretty deep seeded mommy issues that a quick illicit fuck sure as hell wasn't going to be able to fix. Trying to get a glimpse of him over her shoulder, the room was so dark, Tara could barely make out that he might be tall and slender. And then his hand was landing another brutal blow on her ass. Wincing, she thought, Jesus, what the fuck? No stranger to spankings, she could tell this guy was really into it. And god, with the way he was hauling off and slapping her, her ass was already stinging like a bitch. Now she just hoped he wasn't into punching, too.

Then he was off on another tangent. "You like your boy's willy up your dirty little muff, eh, Mummy? You like me doing these dirty naughty things to you? Feeling me fuck your sloppy little pussy? Tell me, Mummy, or I swear I'll smack you again even harder."

Deciding to spare her poor ass another assault, Tara blurted out, "Yes. Yes, I like it when you fuck me, okay?" Geesh, this guy was too much, even in a place like this.

But hearing her say that only seemed to incite him more, as he reached around and pinched her nipples, really fucking hard, he murmured over her back, "Oooh, so you do like it when I fuck you, do you? Now tell me who's a dirty, filthy, little slut then, if you like being on your knees having your boy fuck you like a dog. Twisting both her nipples even harder then, he warned, "Tell me, Mummy, or I swear I'll tear these tits right off you!"

Wincing from the assault on her tits, Tara tried to remember what that thing was about it being the quiet ones you had to watch out for. This guy, who probably wore tweed fucking underwear, had to be one of the most surprising hook ups she'd ever had. So timid and polite at first, she couldn't believe the shit going on in his head, or coming out of his mouth, for that matter, as he went bat shit on her ass and tits, apparently angry enough at his mother, for whatever the hell she'd done to him, to resort to something like this.

Finally she felt him beginning to tense as he clutched her hips hard enough that she knew he'd leave marks, before he picked up his pace and began riding her like a fucking jockey to the finish line. And then back to his old self, he apologized and said quietly, "Oh, sorry. But I believe I'm about to cum."

Rolling her eyes, she wondered if she could find out who this joker was, and request he not hook up with her again, because, fuck her tits and her ass were stinging like bastards.

And by the time he got dressed, apologized all over the place for his behavior and finally left, she couldn't have been happier to hear him leave. Not that she wasn't into a little spanking, because, normally she was. But a guy like him was just such a loose cannon, she couldn't tell what he was capable of, and she'd actually worried that he might have been getting out of control. And she hated the thought of having to call the bouncers, especially over a guy who clearly just had some pretty strange mommy issues he was trying to work through, in his own weird way.

After she'd taken a moment in the bathroom to freshen up, she heard another knock at the door, and just hoped this would be as easy as the first guy had been, since her poor red ass and boobs weren't really ready for another onslaught, at least not just yet.

Then, after she pushed the button, listening closely she realized she heard two voices, of a man and woman. And once she called out, "Hi, come on in," they both went silent. Tara waited a moment, and then asked, "Hello? You still there?"

Then she heard the male say, "Uh, yeah, we are. Is it supposed to be this dark in here?"

Tara smiled and said, "Yes, it is. You're probably pretty good at having sex at home in the dark, and this way, while you're here, no one knows who we are right?"

"Oh, yeah, right. Well, I should probably tell you that my wife and I have never done anything like this before, but when we asked at the front desk, they said you'd be probably okay with, you know, kind of helping us out."

"Of course. And what is you'd like to do?"

"Uh, the thing is, my wife's always had this fantasy of strapping on a dildo and fucking another chick, and I've always wanted to fuck her ass. So, she agreed to let me fuck her from behind, if I agreed to let her fuck you with the strap on? So, you think you'd be okay with that, and it wouldn't be too weird for you?"

With a shrug, Tara said, "Sure." Nothing she hadn't done before, although never with a married couple, but she'd enjoyed her fair share of three-ways, so imagined this should be fun. Then she told them about the little bathroom and said they could prepare themselves in there, and she'd be waiting for them on the bed. And a few minutes later, she heard them nervously laughing and giggling again as they approached her in the dark. "I hope you brought plenty of lube," she told them, interrupting their fun.

"Oh, yeah," the husband said, sobering. "And I already looked into what I have to do to take her ass, so I plan to go nice and slow with her, trying her out with my finger first, and making sure we're both really slick before I try fucking her like that. And she's already lubed up the strap-on for you, too."

"Good. Then I guess we're ready to get started," Tara said.

Then Tara could feel the woman sitting down on the side of the bed beside her and then she was leaning in and quietly whispering, "Um, before we do anything, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Tara said, "what is it?"

"Um, I was wondering if it'll hurt."

Smiling, Tara asked, "You mean having anal for the first time?"

"Yes, that," the wife whispered back.

"Well, I'm not going to lie, it does sting at first and your husband's right, the slower he takes it, the better. But it can also feel really good once you get past that, especially if he's working your clit, too, or if you're also using a vibrator on your vagina. Or, if you wanted to be a little more adventurous, like I've done before, you could get tag-teamed and have one guy penetrating your ass while another guy rides your pussy. And let me tell you that really feels hot, and so good, feeling that full as you come."

The other woman laughed. "Well, I don't think my husband would ever go for that. As it is, he wasn't exactly crazy about the idea of me taking you with a strap-on. So, I don't see me ever getting tag-teamed, but if we try it again at home, I might look into getting a vibrator. Thanks for helping us out with this, by the way. It's not exactly something we could ask any of our friends to help us with, if you know what I mean."

Tara smiled and whispered into her ear, "I do. Which is why we're in the dark. Then when we leave, no will ever know what we've been up to."

The woman agreed, "You're right. And whoever you are, I think you're a very nice lady. So, I guess we should, um..."

"Get to it?" Tara asked.

The other woman laughed again and said, "Yeah, guess we should."

Then Tara told them she was getting on her knees and that the woman should follow suit, and then her husband could also come at her from behind. So, once she was in place, she felt the other woman's hand on her pussy, and she told her, "Just guide the dildo into me, like you would with your husband's cock. And don't worry about hurting me, I've done this before, so I'll be okay."

And then she felt the hard plastic dick pushing in, and thrusting her hips back, she helped her guide it inside her, and ooh it felt so good. And for a while, she just let her take her time and experience what it felt like to actually fuck another woman, and as her breathing became more choppy as she really got into fucking her with the dildo, beginning to clutch her hips, Tara imagined it was getting her off, because it was sure as hell starting to get her off. Then she heard her gasp, and imagined her husband was probably sliding a finger in her ass, preparing her for his cock. And before long, the three of them were moving together, like a kinky little train of naked bodies, breathing hard, flesh pounding flesh, all preparing to get off on the fucking they were getting or giving, or in the wife's case both.

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