tagBDSMNaughty Maid Ch. 2

Naughty Maid Ch. 2


I had no idea of what to expect as I felt my new 'Master' untying me from the bench. I was too afraid to ask what He might have planned as I felt Him pulling me up to stand before Him. "You are to keep your eyes lowered, slut! You are being punished and do not have permission to look at Me. If you disobey, you will be punished." I quickly lowered my head and looked at the floor as I said, "Yes, Master." I put my hands at my sides as He paced slowly around me. "What are you?" He asked, as He stood behind me. I wasn't sure what the answer was but I jumped when I felt Him bring something down hard on my ass! "I asked you a question and I expect an answer!" Tears stung my eyes as I felt the burn from the pain setting into my lower back! "I don't know what You want to hear Master!" I said, trying to appease Him. I was shocked when I felt Him grab a handful of my hair and yank me over!

I put my hands up to His to try to keep Him from pulling my hair so hard but again got a smack from the riding crop in His hand! "Hands at your sides! You are not to stop Me from punishing you, slave!" Each instruction was accentuated with more strikes over my lower back, hips and ass. "Yes, Master! I'm sorry Master!" It was a struggle to hold my hands at my sides and to stay in one place as the pain burned. "Now, what are you?" He asked again, still holding me down by the hair.

"I'm a slut! A slave! A bad girl!" I yelped, praying that one of them was the right answer! "That's better. Don't take so long to answer your Master when He asks a simple question." I could feel my entire body trembling as I said, "Yes, Master." I felt Him let go of my hair to run His hands lightly over the angry, red welts that covered my lower body. "This doesn't look like you are a very quick learner, slut." He said as He walked away from me but again giving instructions. "Stay."

I said nothing as I looked at the floor under me, my hands were on my knees as I panted, trying to catch my breath from the whipping. He came back to where I was bent over and stood behind me. "Spread your legs, slut. Reach back and open your cunt for Me." I could feel a wave of shock and shame fly through me but I knew better than to hesitate or refuse! I put my feet apart and then reached my hands back to each side of my ass, pulling my cheeks and pussy open. "Wider, spread it wider for Me. You are to obey and please Me in whatever I ask." I was speechless as I put my hands close to my cunt lips and spread myself open for Him. I said nothing as I felt His hand slip between my legs to inspect me but I whimpered when I felt Him putting His thumb in my tight asshole! I started to let go of my ass as I tried to move away and He instantly had me by the hair again! "I did not give you permission to move, slut! Keep your hands in place!" He said as I felt Him start to use a whip over my back! I could feel my feet start to dance around as I tried desperately to keep my hands in place!

I was sobbing and begging Him for mercy as He continued to flog me! I didn't think He would ever stop as I felt my back begin to burn from the lashes. "Stay!" He said again when He finally stopped and again walked around behind me. "Good girl! You managed to obey for once." All I could do was cry as I waited, not knowing what He else He would do to me. Again I felt His hand enter my exposed cunt, soaking His fingers with my wetness, before He shoved His fingers into my ass! I did not dare to move as I stood there, feeling Him invade my body.

"Your ass is too tight, slut. Hold yourself open as I stretch it out for My cock." I felt my entire body stiffen as I realized that He was going to fuck my ass! "NO! Please, please don't!" I was begging Him as He continued to push His fingers in and out, pulling them from side to side roughly. "You are not to move, slut. Hold yourself open for Me." I gasped and held my breath as I felt the tip of His cock pressing against my ass. He removed His fingers and quickly slid His hard cock in their place! I was too afraid to move my hands as I felt Him thrust forward, pulling my hips back until I was impaled on Him! I let out a scream as He began to use my hips to fuck Him. He must have been highly excited from the setting as He only thrust a few times before I felt Him reach up to grab my shoulders, burying Himself in my ass as He came deep within me.

I didn't think my legs could hold me up as I felt Him quickly pull out. I cried and told myself it was over but it wasn't! I felt Him quickly shove a butt plug in place, with no warning! I felt the slender tip at first and then He pushed it deeper until I felt my asshole stretch over the wide base before it went into place! "Down on all fours." He said as He walked in front of me. I quickly dropped down onto my hands and knees, weak and shaking as He commanded me to crawl after Him. I only lifted my head enough to keep His shoes in sight as I obediently followed after Him. He had me crawl over to a blanket that was on the floor before instructing me to kneel before Him. He slipped a heavy leather collar around my neck and locked it into place. The collar had several metal rings on it and I was told to put my hands out to Him. I watched as He put leather cuffs around each wrist before going behind me and putting the same thing on my ankles.

"On your belly, slave." He said as He went to get ropes. I laid down flat on the blanket under me, still feeling the painful ache from the fucking and the movement of the large plug moving deep within me as I waited. "Hands behind your back." He said, as He came to kneel down beside me. He quickly tied my hands tightly behind my back and then my upper arms were pulled closely together as I whimpered in pain. "You need to be silent." He said sternly, as He told me to open my mouth, forcing a small, red ball gag in my mouth! He pulled it tightly behind my head and fastened it. I weakly laid my head down to the side and already felt the drool start to run from my mouth. He tied a rope to my right ankle and pulled my leg up behind me. The rope ran through one of the metal rings in my collar and then to my left ankle. He pulled the rope up until my feet were up behind me. If I moved one leg, it would pull the other up higher!

"I am going to leave you tied like this until I feel you have learned your lesson. You need to learn to follow instructions, such as Mine not to enter this room." I had very little room to struggle as I lay there, reminded that I had brought this upon myself and had agreed to allow Him to punish me! "I want you to concentrate on the bondage and the pain as you think about how naughty you were.," He said as He gently patted my upturned ass before standing back up.

"Oh, I also want you to think of what I want to do to you when I untie you. I haven't even started on your tits! I haven't used any nipple clamps or clothespins on you yet. I am going to enjoy your body to My full pleasure and it will please Me to hear you beg." He said laughing. All I could do was wiggle and whimper as I heard Him walk away, turning off the light before I heard the door close, leaving me to my fearful thoughts! I had lost tract of time and I had no idea how long He would leave me there. I tried to move my legs to relieve the pain starting to make my knees ache but the more I tried, the harder the ropes pulled at my collar!

I finally just lay still, with no light or sound, there was nothing to keep my mind from running over what had already happened. Nor was there anything to stop the visions of what might lay in store for me! It seemed the harder I tried to swallow, the more my mouth drooled and I could feel the wetness on my face when I laid my head down. A virtual symphony of pain was playing in my body as I could still feel the ache and burn in my asshole, the plug reminding me of His cock every time I moved. I could not relax my legs as that would cause the collar to tighten on my throat and I felt my muscles begin to ache. But I was also aware of the wetness and ache in my clit as I moved against the ropes! I loved bondage, and in spite of why I was there, I began to enjoy it!

I began to arch my hips in a vain attempt to try to cum, humping up and down but there was no release. The harder I tried, the hotter and more frustrated I became until I was covered in sweat from straining. I was almost frantic at that point and I was startled to hear Him laughing somewhere in the room! "So, it seems my little cunt slave is enjoying herself!" I didn't know where He was and I was ashamed to know that He had been watching me. "Too bad the bondage makes you wet but keeps you from touching yourself." He said, mocking me. "Let Me help you." I wasn't sure what He meant by that until I felt Him next to me, slipping something between my legs. I felt an intruder begin to move into my open pussy and something slipping over my aching clit! "This is a marvelous toy! It will move in your cunt and vibrate over your little clit until you BEG me to turn it off! Let me tie it into place and then we can get started." He used more of the rope, tying it between my legs, over both toys now shoved deep within me!

I felt a gentle hum as He turned on the control, then He turned it up higher as I tried to ignore it. I felt the dildo in my cunt start to move around, wiggling and turning in me as the vibration increased on my clit! In spite of myself, I arched up my hips, feeling a much needed climax building! In my strain, my legs tried to straighten out and again pulled on my throat! My whole body shook violently as a massive climax overtook me! I was literally sobbing as I fought the restraints, which added to the cum! I thought my clit would explode as the waves washed over me but I had cum for Him. My clit was ultra sensitive and I began to try to get away from the vibe as it was now painful! "Now the real fun begins! I bet you want Me to turn that off…..I bet that almost hurts." He said laughing...and it was true! The ropes held them in place as the vibrations and motions continued. "You wanted to cum…..keep cumming slave!" I was trying desperately to get away from the vibe but it was tied tightly in me as He increased the vibration! "God, I LOVE the way you struggle! You are making My cock hard just watching and listening to you!" There was an evil sound in His laugh as He turned it up again!

My clit was on fire as the movement deep within me reminded me of the butt plug, separated by a thin wall of skin! Only strange noises, whimpers and grunts escaped around the gag and the sound of my voice was drowned out by His laughter as I come over and over. My legs stiffened, pulling my head back as I felt a very painful climax start! The intensity of the vibration forced my clit to respond but it hurt this time! I was trying to scream as I sobbed, feeling my legs start to choke me as I fought! There was no way to beg Him, no way to stop what He was doing and no way to stop the laughter coming from Him as I reminded myself to put my legs back up! "This is no fun! I want to hear you beg!" He said as He unfastened the gag and removed it. "Please! Please turn it off! Don't make me cum again! I can't take it! Pleeeeaaasseeee Master!!" The words were out as soon as He got the ball past my teeth!

A hearty chuckle came from Him, "I think you have the begging part of the lesson learned, slut!" Mercifully, He did turn it off. I tried to thank him over and over but I think I was almost incoherent at that point. There was absolutely no strength left in me as I felt Him start to undo my legs from the rope before untying my upper arms. All I wanted to do was touch Him in appreciation for His mercy as He released me. I felt Him remove the ropes that held the vibe in my cunt before telling me to relax as He took out the butt plug. I was so exhausted that I allowed my asshole to relax and the plug easily slipped out. Finally, he untied my hands as He knelt beside me and I instinctively turned to Him. I was amazed and pleased when I felt gentle hands pulling me up, cradling me in His arms. I burst into fresh tears as He stroked my hair, rocking back and forth as He comforted me. Words cannot describe my feelings as I clung to Him, weeping, as He told me what a good girl I was. He offered me a drink of water before helping me up and leading me over to a small bed in the corner.

"I think that is enough for today.," He said softly as He laid me down. "Tomorrow is another day and your training will continue early, so I suggest you rest." I was limp and had no strength to answer Him. I said nothing as I felt Him put a chain from the bed to my collar, putting a pad lock in place before leaving me. Sleep settled over me quickly as I tried to come to terms with the fact that it had only been one evening and the rest of the weekend lay before me, but I would think of that tomorrow...

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