Naughty Miss


Sarah tried her hardest not to look suspicious or shifty as she checked into the hotel. It was a nice hotel, four stars, all the staff well turned out why should she stick out? She was a well groomed woman in her mid twenties booking in and grabbing her suitcase and heading up to her room, why would anyone think she was suspicious? But still she nervously watched who was watching her, kept her bag tight to her side as she side stepped the concierge and took one final look around the lobby as she slipped into the elevator. That she was anxious there could be no doubt.

The banal music in the lift somewhat calmed Sarah's thundering heart and she tried to force herself to control her breathing and tried to shove all the questions and doubts as to what she was doing from her head. It was difficult, what she was doing was risky for sure but that was the thrill, that was the excitement and she had been in a state of nervous anticipation about today for the past week. The lift 'pinged' and came to a stop and an old couple entered the lift and smiled at Sarah, she tried to smile back but felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment and quickly sought out the floor of the lift with her brown eyes. It stopped again at the next floor and she hurried out and away down the corridor, searching for room number 531, hauling her suitcase behind her. Suddenly she was breathing hard again and could feel sweat form on her neck as she found the door and fumbled in her pockets for the doors key card to open it. For an instant she believed the door wasn't going to open, that she would have to face the journey back and that she would give herself away but then the door's entrance light turned green and she pushed the stiff handle and heaved herself and her bag inside. Where she leaned back against the inside of the door and closed her eyes and tried to collect her thoughts before going through with this.


Sarah Price taught English at Secondary school, was 27 years old, lived a quiet life in her little cottage and in general seemed to bother or impact nobody. She was a good looking woman, her long, straight, brown hair very distinctive while her slim figure meant that she took a back seat to nobody in the looks department. But around work she came across as very timid and shy when it came to boyfriends and some of her friends really wondered when she was going to wake up to the fact of how damned good looking she was. But she seemed happy in her job, taking holidays to the coast and living what appeared to be a quiet, peaceful life. But that wasn't quite true. Sarah was in fact something of a sex addict , it was just that she went to good measures to hide the fact, it had only recently been the case that she had realised this despite spending many a night reading erotic novels and watching soft porn. That had all sparked a growing interest and curiosity and when she had plucked up the courage to surf some dirty sites on the internet it was like a whole new world opening up to her.

There were so many sites at first, everything seemed to be catered for; friends, partners, kink and fetish........ That took her eye and as she clicked on the link she started down a road that was to lead to this encounter in the hotel room. The site was called Informed Consent and was a Bondage and Domination type site with a personals section that covered the whole of the UK. That night went past in a flash, seriously when she managed to tear her eyes from the screen it was a full four and a half hours since she had logged on and she had been entranced by the world that seemed on offer. Just the thought of submitting to a stranger for kinky sex had her wet between her legs and while she at first managed to dismiss it as a fantastical dream it was soon taking up her every waking thought until she decided she had to do it.

But she was by no means foolish in how she went about this task. She read countless profiles and forum post as to how best to set up her own profile and when it was done it was accompanied by an arty picture she had taken herself that neatly had her face in dark shadow while displaying her naked pert tits and her clean shaven pussy. She gave herself the name "NAUGHTY MISS" and described herself thus in her profile:

"Twentysomething singleton seeks younger lover to submit sexually to. New to the scene and very interested in bondage. Play naught y with me!"

It was short but to the point and when she checked her inbox the next day it was inundated, she wasted hours reading all her replies but none leapt out at her and, in truth, maybe that was as far as she was willing to take the fantasy.

She didn't log on for a whole week after that first, initial check. She felt bad that all those people (men mostly but a couple from women too) had sent her a message and she had just ignored and deleted them. But soon curiosity got the better of her and when she checked in again there were as many messages, all from people who either fitted what she was looking for or trying to convince her that she was looking was them. This time she didn't delete them all, leaving a few that caught her eye and made her read them more than once but her mother phoned as she was perusing them again and it set off a wave of guilt that made her quickly delete them and turn off the computer almost without thinking. But later that night, having spoke at length to her mum and had a long soak in a warm bath she decided to log back in and this time there was just the one message. Even as she clicked to open it she felt differently about it. The message read:

"Hi Naughty Miss, short message, heh, I like that. I'm everything you're looking for, check my profile and if you like what you see drop me a line back. We should get together babe.x"

His user name was rather mundanely Mark1985 and with a heightened sense of anticipation she watched as his profile downloaded on her screen. It truly was everything that she had told herself she was looking for: the picture was a head shot that showed a grinning, dark haired young man, while that 1985 looked to be the year of his birth as he listed his age as 21, his little blurb was short and concise but at least it wasn't as perverted or sick as nearly all the ones she had seen before. And best (or worst!) of all he lived in the nearby city, just 20 miles up the road from the town Sarah lived in. She sat staring at his screen for at least twenty minutes, her tongue nervously licking at her lips as she changed her mind constantly as to whether to send him a message or not. In the end she just did it, saying hi and how she'd love to chat and pressed the send button before she could talk herself out of doing it. She couldn't get to sleep for ages that night and in the end had to frig herself before she claimed what little rest she could.

In the morning, before she headed off to school she checked her in-box and found the reply she had dreamed of and dreaded and from there everything moved at a frightening pace. They sent e-mails, messaged, texted and spoke on the phone before they agreed a meet in a bar in the city. Sarah was by that time pretty certain that Mark would give her what she wanted and dressed real slutty for the meet. It proved the right decision and after just half an hour together they had moved out of the bar and into a nearby back alley where they had the most fantastic sex. It was rough, nasty and everything that Sarah had dreamed it to be, the young man hooking up the hem of her mini-skirt and jerking aside her panties to fuck her hard against the grimy wall of the alley while speaking all kinds of filth. When it was over they parted uneasily with promises to speak again and see where it led. Neither looked like they believed it, they had got the no-strings fun they were after but as each hour passed Sarah could not stop thinking about Mark and what they had done, then two days after she had received an e-mail that had led her to the hotel room in such a nervous state of excitement.


Back to the present, and Sarah eventually found the strength in her legs to stand straight and walk over to the double bed and sit on it's edge. She crossed her legs after she had laid down the case and as she did so her long trench coat rode up her legs to reveal sheer black stockings. She reached into her coat pocket and carefully took out a folded up piece of paper. It was the e-mail Mark had sent her just three days previously, his first communication since their amazing date. It read.

"Sarah, thank you for Friday night it was amazing. I realise from all you said that you wanted to experience it once and to have no come back. But I want to see you again, I want to take this further, you label yourself a submissive on your profile and meeting you I know that you are one. I wondered if you would like to explore that side of your submissiveness with me. If you do then book a room at the Marriot Hotel and let me know what time and date you booked. Be sure that this is what you want to do before you do it because it will be kinky I promise you."

It was signed Master Mark and had sent Sarah into a flurry of thoughts immediately but in the end she had done it, wanting that thrill again, wanting the uncontrollable excitement. She did as he instructed and when she sent him the date she had booked the room for she received the following response, that again sent her into a spin.

"Good, I'll take your obedience to my instructions as a positive sign Sarah but as I indicated I wanted more than just sex from our encounter. I want you to experience the feeling of complete helplessness at being tied up as I take you. To that end you will bring with you whatever items you need to do the following when you arrive at the hotel. Clothing wise you will wear and bring only a long trench coat and black stocking and your heels. Upon arriving you will leave the door just off the jamb so I can enter silently. You will purchase ankle and wrist cuffs (here he had supplied a link to a fetish wear site that sold these easy release ones and more toys) and affix them to each corner of the bed, when you take your coat off you will hang it in the wardrobe and prior to attaching the cuffs to yourself you will ensure that you have a vibrator inside your pussy, be wearing a gag and a blindfold on. Then you will lie spread eagle awaiting me. I promise you Sarah it will be a night to remember."

She sat and looked at the big, mahogany hotel door, she had closed it deliberately and now she knew she was at the point of no return. If she got up and opened that door, then left it open as Mark had suggested then there would be no going back for her and she would do everything to the letter as per his directions. She sat there for a few minutes, biting her lip and tossing matters around in her head, she knew she would do it, why else would she have come here otherwise. But still, it was a big risk, sure she had taken a huge risk that first meeting (and look how well that had gone) but this was way beyond that and if she did it she would be so exposed. Just as she debated it the telephone rang, its shrill noise startling her and it took her a moment to regain her senses and lift the old-fashioned receiver.

"Hello?" her voice that of a timid little girl, not a confident young woman.

"Sarah, it's me, Mark. Are you ready? If not you have exactly ten minutes to get things prepared exactly as I instructed, understand?"

"Y-Yes, I'll be ready..."

"Good. Oh, and Sarah, one last thing I forgot to mention. I want you to take your lipstick and write the words "Master Mark's Slut" across your stomach before you fix the last of the cuffs. Do not disappoint me."

Before she could answer the line went dead and she was left to make her mind up. She decided in an instant and quickly scuttered over to the door to open it and leave it just open so that no-one would notice it being not closed but without close inspection it looked shut. Sarah then unbuttoned her long coat and hung it in the wardrobe before opening her case and taking all her items out and placing them on the bed. She didn't waste time contemplating them, knowing that if she hesitated now it could stop her and right then she was being swept away with her desire and horniness. The cuffs clipped easily around each corner and she lay on the bed to ensure they were positioned so she could fit all her limbs in them. She could and with that done she took up her lipstick and wrote the three demanded words on herself, realising as she wrote them in thick, red letters that this would be her submission to her young lover. With that done and the lipstick tossed aside for now she slipped her ankles into the soft, leather cuffs and drew them nearly tight around them, then she took the orange ball gag she had bought and popped it in her mouth and the strap around her head and clipped it in place before resting the blindfold atop her forehead. She then took her dildo, set it to vibrate and slipped it in her wet cunt. She placed her left hand in its cuff and used her right to draw it tight then, trembling she lowered the blindfold, plunging herself into complete darkness before finally reaching out her right hand and placing it in the cuff and drawing it in so that it held her but she could still undo it if needed. With that done she lay there in her own tremulous world and waited in silence her whole body tingling in anticipation.


She never even heard him enter the room. Her first realisation that he was there was when she felt two hands play across her bare breasts. In fact she did not even know that it was him, her body tingled at his touch and the thought of what she was doing. His hand explored up her body and she felt a kiss on her cheek before realising he was continuing to reach past that up her right arm, touching the cuffs and in an instant pulling it tight. He checked the others but she already knew that was the only one she had left in a condition to escape from. It made her so wet so turned on, so excited and she waited for his first words to her. But she was in for a huge shock as it was not a male voice that broke the oppressive silence, rather a young females.

"Now the bitch is secure Mark, stick the headphones on her so we can get this party started!"

Sarah was stunned and as she tried to wriggle in her bed she only semi-realised that the voice was familiar but then she was plunged into complete anarchy as a large pair of headphones were placed over her head playing heavy metal music, making her totally unable to hear anything that happened in the room.


Sarah must have endured that godforsaken racket for at least five minutes, all the while trying desperately to get something loose, before there was any movement but when there was she rather wished there hadn't been.

Her blindfold was peeled back to rest on her forehead, pushing her hair up and when she had blinked her eyes a couple of times to clear them she found herself looking up at the sweetly smiling face of Becky Holt. Becky gave her a cute little wave then the darkness descended again as the blindfold was returned. But the break had had it's desired effect as Sarah now did not struggle rather she lay there and contemplated what on earth had happened. Of course, that's whose voice she had heard.

Becky Holt? Becky was an 18 year old Sarah had taught English to last year, she had left school that past Summer but for the previous nine months or so the two of them had conducted almost a feud against each other. Becky was a tall, raven haired girl, with a cherubic face and a mouth from the gutter. She swore and cursed freely and really had something of an attitude problem, especially by the time she landed in Sarah's class. She also had quite the reputation around the school as a cock hungry slut, that most of the guys had a chance with. Sarah hadn't been especially aware of that at the time, it was more her cocky attitude and arrogance that had annoyed her at first and after a week or so of silently suffering her insolence and cheek, Sarah had decided to make a stand and given her detention and reported her. That was hardly a new experience for Becky but there had been just something about this young female teacher that she had especially taken an active dislike to and thereafter it had become a war of attrition in the classroom as to who would come out on top. Of course, there was never any real doubt that the teacher would, she held most of the aces and despite Becky's campaign (lewd graffiti as to Miss Price's private life, jokes passed around class and various tricks played in the classroom) it was Sarah that came out on top with a series of low grades, detentions and poor reports. And then just a couple of months ago Becky had finished school and, blissfully, exited Sarah's academic life.

And now here was Sarah, by her own hand tied up, gagged, blindfolded and the word "SLUT" written on her stomach, seemingly at Becky's mercy. The thought sent shivers down Sarah's spine and she waited in horrified expectation what had she let herself in for?

Then the blindfold and the headphones were removed and Sarah got a further surprise, for this time it was revealed that not only was Becky there but also in attendance were five other of her former classmates. They all hung around together, three more girls and three boys and with Becky right at the foot of the bed peering down at Sarah, they were circled round her. Of Mark there was no sign, unable to plea or make any noise whatsoever she was only able to lay there and listen to the demented ranting of her former pupil.

"Well Miss Price you really are a Naughty Miss aren't you? That's right Mark showed me the profile online, what a slut you sounded. I wonder what your bosses at the school would think of what you get up to in your spare time? What's that? Where's Mark? Well all you need to know is that me and him go way back and when I see one of my old boyfriends screwing in a alleyway I like to find out what slut he's with now and he didn't take much 'persuasion' to help set all this up."

Sarah's heart sunk at this explanation, that had been the one thing she had clung to as a possible salvation and to find that her young lover had so easily bought off by this little bitch of an ex-girlfriend made her want to retch. Becky had moved up to the left side of Sarah now and began to play her thin fingers across Sarah's stomach as if trying to decide which way to go with them next.

"I really don't like you Miss. You really were a 'pain' in the butt to me. But we've got ourselves and interesting situation here don't we? I mean if it were to come out that you were the type of person who advertised for casual sex on those types of websites and that picture of you on there was to get out it wouldn't be good for your career, would it? I can't see the school board or all the parents wanting you to continue then. And then if it were to come out after those pictures that certain former pupils – like Steve here, or Mike, or Drew (Becky pointed at each of the beaming ex-pupils) claimed to be fucking you while they were still at the school, and lets face it after the advert and picture are released who do you think everyone would believe? How would that look, very bad I'd have thought, eh girls?"

At this the other two girls tittered and laughed and agreed with their friend, who was obviously the ringleader. They made more noise as Becky's index finger started going in wider circuits of Sarah's stomach and began to rub against her breasts and the top of her pussy mound. Sarah closed her eyes trying to block all this out as her carefully planned life descended around her very ears.

"So the question remains Miss (said so sarcastically). What are you willing to do to keep from all that happening? How are you going to keep us all silent? I'm going to put the headphones and blindfold back on you for five minutes so you can consider that, and when I remove them and your gag the first words from you better be "I'm willing to do anything for you Mistress Becky" or that whole nightmare scenario will happen, I can assure you!"

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