tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaughty Miss Ch. 02

Naughty Miss Ch. 02


Six months have passed since the events outlined in "Naughty Miss".


Sarah Price had spent the time since her encounter with Becky and her cohorts mostly brooding about it. Fortunately she had her job to take her mind of those events which saw her dominated and humiliated by her most loathsome pupil ever, Becky Holt, and the sexual ordeal she had endured at their hands. Initially she had seethed about it, especially when she had to go into school with her ultra short haircut (Sarah had been forced by Becky to cut her own hair) that, while she had smartened it up, she still abhorred. But when the weeks passed and no obvious method of revenge offered itself to the teachers mind she actually began to fantasise and masturbate to the thoughts of that afternoon and night and her treatment at their hands. And so as Sarah's life went back to normality, her dalliances with internet dating definitely behind her she was able to move on with her life and while she could never forget that day she was able to forget about any thoughts of vengeance. Life really was too short for such thoughts.

This until Sarah overheard a conversation between two of her teaching colleagues while at the morning recess in the teachers lounge.

"Did you read about Becky Holt in the newspaper yesterday? I just knew that young woman would come to no good. Arrested for prostitution and attempting to resist the arrest? It doesn't surprise me!"

A couple of discrete questions later and Sarah was spending the evening looking at the mentioned newspaper article in the library with a hundred thoughts racing around her head. All of them bad, she knew she should just stay clear of Becky and that no good could come of trying to contact her but something deep within the pretty teacher's psyche was playing with her and suggesting possible outcomes that appealed to her sexual fantasies. Plus she was sure that this time she could show Becky who was in charge and gain a measure of retribution for her treatment at the bitch's hands in their last encounter. Yes, she thought, it would give her some much needed closure on that 'incident'.


Sarah knew it was a mistake to be driving towards the towns red light district, her target the very street that Becky had been arrested on a couple of weeks earlier. She knew it was a dumb thing to do. Dumb and possibly dangerous, this wasn't a nice part of town at all, most unsavoury. She knew if she was spotted hanging around down here it would not be healthy for her career either, but knowing all these things and being able to deny her mind was proving beyond her.

She found the street alright and set about trying to cruise down it as inconspicuously as possible (which only made her stand out even more) and she didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed that there was no sign of Becky, there were other girls standing there, obviously at 'work' but none that resembled Sarah's erstwhile pupil and tormentor. She didn't have the nerve to stop so just kept going and made her way back to go down the street again but again there was no sign. She headed home and the sensible side of her mind took over convincing herself that taking that risk once was enough and that she could never find Becky like that. And she managed to stay convinced of that all the way up to eleven o'clock the next night (Friday), when having spent a fitful evening watching banal reality TV shows Sarah decided she should give the street one more cruise in the hope she could find Becky and do what she needed to do.

Even as she drove Sarah told herself it was a fools errand, Becky was hardly likely to go back to the same spot she had been arrested was she? So at least her sensible side could take solace that this risk was unlikely to get any worse than yet another wasted journey with her heart hammering at her rib cage in excitement and fear.

But no sooner had Sarah turned her car into that 'Hooker's Alley' when who should be standing at the side of the road but Becky and she was leaning out hoping this driver would come to a stop at her. Sarah unconsciously took her foot off the accelerator and slowed right down to peer at Becky in the gloomy light afforded from the overhead street light. Becky looked as striking as ever, her jet black hair longer than when last Sarah had seen it while she was clad in what could only be described as whores clothes -- a black bustier that showed lots of cleavage, a black leather miniskirt, fish net tights and black knee high boots. She was also furiously chewing gum as Sarah drew her car to a halt right next to Becky and wound down the window. Her heart was beating like a drum, what on earth was she doing?

"Hey mister, you looking for...a...good...time..."

Becky's disinterested, mocking voice died on her lips once she had leaned on the window and seen who was in the car. She sneered at her former teacher and made to push herself away from the car.

"Wait! Becky, get in!" shouted Sarah with an element of pleading that she had not intended to show.

Becky stopped and spun around, spitting at her feet as she snarled at Sarah.

"What do you want cunt? You come here to see what I've come to? Is that it? Want some petty revenge for what I did to you at the hotel? Well why don't you take your well to do, pampered teacher's ass out of here before you really get hurt! GO ON! FUCK OFF!"

Miss Price really hadn't thought this through very well and in her confusion blurted out.

"Becky! Wait! Look, I'll pay you, get in!"

At the mention of Sarah paying her Becky stopped in her tracks and looked at her in a completely different manner and in a few short seconds she was in the car and sat in the passenger seat looking mockingly at her former teacher.

There was an awkward silence. Sarah really didn't know exactly what she was doing. Becky turned to her former teacher and demanded some answers.

"So what do you want Miss Price? Because my time is money you know? You want an hour with me? Going to cost you fifty in the car or for a hundred we can go back to my flat and we can have a bit of privacy."

Sarah was out of her depth here and they both knew it, still privacy did appeal to her and she told Becky as much and with a nod and quick instruction for directions they were headed in the car to Becky's flat. It was not a salubrious location, the flat was just around the corner from the street Becky had been working and was up one flight of stairs to a run down, graffiti clad door that Becky shoved open and ushered her former teacher into its stale aroma. Becky directed Sarah into a small bedroom off the corridor and finally closed the door behind her and turned on a muted, dim bedside light and sat on a dilapidated mattress.

"Becky, I think......"

Sarah's second thoughts about this were at last finding voice but she was cut off once again by the teenage prostitute.

"Look Miss Price (the name was spoken with the utmost contempt) , you hired me for the hour so pay up now, cash in my hand and we can get started with whatever you want."

It was blunt and to the point and seemed to snap Sarah out of her fog of confusion. She reached for her handbag and handed over the hundred pounds and suddenly her kinky side of her brain kicked into action.

"OK, so you'll do what I want for an hour will you? Well I suppose it's worth paying for that because it's more than I ever got from you as a pupil!"

Becky sneered at her for that comment as she tucked the money into a small purse after counting it.

"Ok Becky, you were right I do want a bit of payback for what you did to me, with Mark's help, in that hotel room, so first off I want you to get over here and bend over my knee, I think I'm going to give you the spanking I think you've deserved for a very long time!"

She scowled at the pretty young teacher even more but did not protest, she wanted to keep that cash. Plus Becky was a conniving little bitch and was already trying to think of some spin she could put on this situation to turn it to her own advantage. So she reluctantly approached Sarah (who was now sitting on the edge of the bed) and she deliberately hiked her short black skirt up around her waist (clearly showing that she was wearing no panties and had adopted a no bush rule since starting being a whore) and placed herself right over Sarah's knees. Sarah could not help but admire the smooth round ass cheeks she was staring down at, they looked good enough to eat. Now Sarah had an idea what she wanted from this confrontation she set to work and starting with gentle spanks and getting progressively harder she began to spank her former unruly pupil.


Slap! Slap!



She gave her thirty spanks that had turned the teenagers arse cheeks bright red before she took a break and pushed Becky off her knees and back to her feet. Becky had not made a noise while being spanked, she was a hard bitch and not likely to show any signs of submission of fear to anyone unless in extreme circumstances. That didn't stop her rubbing her sore backside and asking sarcastically.

"Is that all you wanted? Bit of a waste of time wasn't it?"

God she was just so cheeky and brazen. She was daring Sarah to go further. Sarah lost her cool for a moment and stood and went to back hand slap Becky but somehow managed to pull up short before the blow landed. Becky did not even flinch and just curled her lips into that ugly sneer of hers.

"Well Miss are we done here?"

There was a battle of wills going on between these two women who disliked each other and Sarah was damned if she was going to let Becky get off so cheaply. If she had been thinking straight she would have got the hell out of there but then again if she had been thinking straight in the first place she wouldn't have been anywhere near Becky Holt. With a sparkle in her eye Sarah tried an even more dominant voice.

"Shut up you arrogant little whore! And that's all you are Becky -- a whore. You want to earn your money, fine, get undressed and kneel on the carpet there, let me see that body you're selling, see if it's worth anything at all!"

Both were taken aback by Sarah's change in attitude but both knew it was just an act, however, Becky did, reluctantly do what she was told and undressed completely before her old teacher. What a hot body the young slut had, her stomach was wash board flat and her breasts young and pert with nice, big nipples. Once she was standing there naked Sarah was really quite taken with how sexy the minx actually was, so taken that she did not pick up on the fact Becky was not going to kneel for her. Their eyes met, Becky's challenging Sarah to go further and it was the elders that broke contact first. Her rational mind finally taking over and convincing her this was not the way. She turned from Becky, suddenly unable to look at her and picked up her purse ready to leave. Her voice cracked as she turned away.

"Get dressed Becky, get dressed, keep the money, I-I don't want to do this, I..."

She turned to leave but was stopped at the door by Becky's hand on her arm, Becky spun her around and pushed Sarah against the back of the door, leaning in real close so that her naked body pressed against Sarah's and their faces were inches apart.

"Know what I think Miss Price? I think that though you might have squealed and cried and complained about how I treated you in that hotel room, secretly you loved every minute of it. I'm right aren't I?"

Sarah shook her head and tried to reach for the door knob again but Becky batted her hand away then used her own hand to press hard against the crotch of the trousers Sarah was wearing.

"You're wet aren't you Miss? Not because you spanked me but because you are attracted to me, aren't you? And you want to submit to me don't you? You want me to treat you like a piece of fucking shit, don't you? You got off on it, didn't you? Well tell me I'm wrong?"

Becky just kept banging on and on in the same vein and with every word she spoke Sarah believed she was right more and more, she wanted to deny it but couldn't find the words and as the teenage whore continued to badger her the teacher's mind just gave in and she found herself nodding agreement and almost crying as she finally faced the stark truth that it hadn't been revenge she was seeking but a replay of her complete and utter domination at the hands of Becky.

Becky smiled her cruel smile and grabbed Sarah's chin in her hand and squeezed it, slightly distorting Sarah's pretty face.

"Yeah, I thought so bitch. Well I'll tell you what I'm busy tonight but be here, at this flat tomorrow at seven and I'll give you a re-run, if you're not too scared that is."

And with that Becky moved back and opened the door and physically pushed Sarah out onto the dim landing and before Becky slammed the door shut she had one last instruction for her former teacher.

"You be here bitch and you make sure you are wearing school uniform, it's time I really took YOU to school!"


Sarah was NOT going to do this. No way. No chance. However she had felt last night there was no way she was going to allow herself to submit to that little bitch Becky. I mean, Jesus! Thinking back to what Becky did to her in that set up in the hotel room months ago. She had made her lick former pupils feet, suck the cocks of others, been fucked in the pussy and ass, made to lick out a former female pupil and all the while Becky had dominated her as she orchestrated proceedings. Then she had made Sarah cut her own hair off before leaving her to hitch home in a tiny shirt and micro mini skirt, so no, there was no way she was going to do this tonight. No. She had just been curious last night, wanted to get closure and felt she had got it. It was over, curiosity sated. But if that was the case why was Sarah standing looking at her reflection in her bedroom's full length mirror and seeing that she was dressed in knee length white socks, a puffed out black skirt and white blouse and why was she busy trying to tie that tie around her collar?

Oh she was going tonight, no matter how hard the sensible side of her brain tried to talk her out of it, she was going all right.

She was literally shaking when, twenty minutes later, she got into her car, dressed exactly as Becky had instructed her. The drive was a blur to her and before she even knew it she had arrived outside Becky's flat. She had felt compelled by some dark desire to come here, like this, to so openly show her submission to that horrible girl, there must be something wrong with her she thought, but knowing it didn't mean she was strong enough to fight against it. Even now, minutes before entering the proverbial lion's den she could feel the warm dampness at her crotch -- she was aroused at what she was about to subject herself to.

Standing at the door waiting to ring the bell Sarah had one last surge of doubt in her mind and actually managed to turn from it and move one step towards the steps back down when the door opened and there stood Becky, waiting and suddenly all opportunity to back out was lost. Becky knew that she had come and could see that she was dressed as a schoolgirl, and in truth standing there Sarah felt like a naughty schoolgirl. There was no doubt the power now lay entirely with her former pupil.

"Miss Price, I knew you would come. But where do you think you're going? You weren't going to chicken out were you? What's the matter, are you scared of me?"

"Becky, look I, there's been a mistake, I..."

Sarah's pathetic protestations were cut off by a vicious slap from Becky to her left cheek. Before Sarah could react Becky had grabbed a hold of Sarah's light brown hair and began hauling her into the flat.


Once they were in the flat Becky threw Sarah to the floor and towered over her, her boot menacingly hovering between Sarah's legs.

"Listen up. Stop kidding yourself, you didn't need to seek me out last night -- you wanted to! And you didn't have to come back here today, did you? But you wanted to? Look at you, you're dressed like a fucking stupid schoolgirl. Is that how you normally dress? No, you're like that because I wanted it, because you want me to treat you like the piece of shit whore you are. And you love it. Don't you? Come on tell me you love being treated like a piece of shit whore!"

Sarah lay on the filthy floor, propping herself up on her elbows and looked up at Becky and knew that as distasteful as it was to face that what she said was true, she was totally getting off on this situation- so what the hell.

"I-I'm, a w-whore."

Becky's foot pressed on Sarah's skirt at her crotch and pushed down on her pussy below.

"NO. That's not what I said. Tell me you're a fucking piece of shit whore."

"I-I'm a f-fucking, p-piece of s-shit whore."

"And you want me to humiliate you, don't you whore?"

"Yes, Becky, please humiliate me. Make me feel like I felt in that hotel room, please."

The foot pressed down slightly harder.

"That's Miss Holt from now on slut, and you'd better not forget it!"

Becky lifted her shoe from Sarah's crotch and nimbly moved around Sarah and then held that self same shoe above Sarah's trembling face.

"Glad you realise it slut, now I want you to show me how submissive you are to me, lick the sole of my boot!"

What a disgusting prospect for the pretty teacher, to lick the dirty sole of Becky's battered looking 'hooking' boot. I mean, god knows how many times the teenage whore had walked up and down the pavements wearing those boots , waiting to turn a trick with a client, using them to stub out her half smoked cigarette butts and what ever else detritus or crud was under them. But Sarah wanted to be dominated by Becky, wanted to feel helpless once again wanted to feel like a pathetic wretch in the claws of a monster. How humiliating. Sarah could not look at Becky as she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and began to tentatively lick at the worn sole above her. Becky cackled in amusement.

"Oh this is going to be the best night ever!"

Once she had started Sarah could not stop herself, no matter how much her brain railed against what she was doing. Her tongue covered every inch of that boot and then the other one when Becky presented it to her while telling her all the things she might have walked in. If Sarah's position of submission had ever been in doubt it was not now, now both knew that Sarah would just about do anything she was told.

Becky took a firm grip of her former teacher's tresses and hauled her to her feet before physically dragging her into the living room of that miserable flat, she easily bent Sarah over the side of a dirty armchair and yanked up her skirt to reveal Sarah's white cotton panties, these Becky ripped off, tugging Sarah every which way in the process. Becky's firm hand on the back of Sarah's head keeping her in place.

"Thought you could spank me the other night did you? Well I'll show you how naughty bitches like you should be punished Miss!"

With Sarah's pert bottom cheeks perfectly exposed she was the ideal target for the thin cane that Becky picked up and slashed viciously down with, creating a red line right across Sarah's bottom and a satisfying yelp from the submissive teacher.

Sarah felt the sharp sting of the cane resonate through her bottom and into her whole body and actually shivered physically at the feeling that went through her. Not just pain, this was something more, something that aroused and excited her and convinced her that she was doing what was right here, tonight, by submitting herself totally to Becky. Although the thought may have been abhorrent to her mind she was reacting as if this was right.


Another forceful blow from the cane marked Sarah's backside, another angry red line appeared on her creamy skin.

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