tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaughty Miss Ch. 03

Naughty Miss Ch. 03


Sarah Price woke up the next morning and for a few moments the previous evening's events seemed like a very vivid, very real, bad dream. And then her hand reached up to her head and felt nothing but her pate, her regrown, silky brown tresses gone again. And then she felt the ache in her jaw, her pussy and her asshole from their over use by Becky and her two clients. Oh last night was no bad dream it had been as real as real could get but that didn't mean it wasn't a total NIGHTMARE.


Sarah had initially wanted to call in sick, to take the day off to recover, to think about her next move. But young Becky's demands of the previous evening came back to her.

"You will go to work tomorrow, I'll be watching to make sure you do."

And Sarah was unlikely ever to deny her former pupil ever again, last night had been a total submission to Becky, shaving her own head bald a sign of her total compliance to the young prostitute. So, reluctantly Sarah went though her normal morning routine of showering and breakfast and getting dressed ready for her day's work teaching at her Bristol High School. She did make one concession though, wearing a woollen beret pulled right down to her ears to hide her newly bald head. But as Sarah approached the front gates to Summerdale School, where she taught, who was leaning against the railing but Becky! She was cockily chewing gum and her face broke into a cruel smile as she saw Sarah recognise her and her stride falter.

"Alright Miss Price! Fancy seeing you here."

Then lower under her breath, in a threatening hiss

"Get over here you fucking cunt."

Sarah moved in front of Becky and pleaded with her not to make a scene here. Becky smiled again and cheerfully removed Sarah's headgear.

"Ok Baldie, just for you but if you ever wear a hat to school again I'll make you regret it. Now run along Miss Price. We wouldn't want you being late would we?"

That morning was a nightmare for Sarah, her entrance to the Staff Room caused enough of a stir that conversations broke off as everyone, it seemed, was hypnotised by the teachers bald head. She dodged most of the questions and hurried to her class where the general sense of disbelief was joined by more than a little mockery from her older pupils as she tried to concentrate of English Literature. All day long Sarah burned with total humiliation, which also meant she was extremely aroused by the end of the day. But if she had any plans of doing anything about that they were swiftly forgotten when she discovered Becky again at the school gates when it came time for her to head home.

Turns out Becky had plans for the two of them that night, a bit of shopping.........


The Store was called "DIRTY DICK'S". It was a seedy adult video / toy store and it more than lived up to its name. Becky and Sarah had got on the bus after school and a few hundred metre walk in this less salubrious area of the city had taken them here. Sarah had that awful / wonderful sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach again. Becky led them on, literally pulling her older ex-teacher into the shop doorway.

Inside it was pretty quiet, there were a couple of guys looking at DVD's and one that seemed to be scanning the magazine racks with intense interest. Behind the counter a large black man was reading a newspaper but looked up as they entered, he didn't get many pretty girls coming in here, that was for sure, even if the older one was bald.

Sarah finally found her voice, she shook Becky's hand off her elbow and hissed at her under her breath.

"What are we here for Becky?"

Becky just smiled at her.

"I told you I've got a bit of shopping I want done. Maybe get a new strap on, some lube, maybe even a few magazines, lets browse."

Sarah was as uncomfortable as hell in that place, the men were openly staring at them and wherever she diverted her gaze to was covered with lewd pictures of nude men and women. Becky, meantime, seemed perfectly at home here, she casually picked up various items off the shelves and looked at them before putting them back. She told Sarah to follow her and before they knew it they were at the dildo section and Becky was picking up and appraising various plastic cocks.

"What do you think of this one Miss Price? Think you could handle it?"

Becky was holding up a really thick, ten-inch black, veined vibrator for Sarah to get a close inspection. Sarah shied away from the thing stuck in her face but even as she did she couldn't help wonder if she could take such a monster and get a little bit wet at the thought. Becky put it down and moved on towards the section with strap-on dildos and started making a big production of putting them up against her crotch and aiming them at Sarah, much to the interest of a new customer that had just come in to the store. She finally tossed the one in her hand to Sarah.

"Here bitch, see if you can get your lips around it, if it fits then we'll take it."

Sarah held it and looked blankly at her ex-pupil. That was pretty dumb as Becky took it back from her and pretty much forced it into Sarah's shocked mouth.

"Are you fucking stupid cunt? I said try it out, see if you can suck the fucking thing?"

Becky was so vehement that Sarah just slid it into her mouth and sucked it, it fitted --just. But she was so humiliated having sucked a plastic dildo in a sex shop while various men watched her and she just wanted to get out of there. Becky had more shopping to do yet, though. She wandered the aisles until she got to lubricants and picked up a couple of tubes before coming back to Sarah who was still holding onto the chosen strap-on.

"Here give me that. What I want you to do is head over to the magazines and get a couple. Make sure they are real nasty ones, I want ones featuring white girls and black guys, at least two, three if you like the look of others."

Sarah had learned her lesson on dithering and made off towards the magazine racks with her young Mistresses commands still in the air. She was more than a little distressed to find two guys standing at the magazine racks perusing them when she arrived. She ended up standing between them, the guy on her right was an older man, wearing a tatty brown raincoat and was almost a stereotype of a dirty old man. He leered at her and the porno magazine he was looking at in his hand. Sarah shuddered and turned away. To he left was a tall black guy looking at some of the types of title Becky had told her to get. He seemed to be lifting each one up, scanning the cover then moving on to the next one. Sarah hoped he'd hurry up. Then Becky appeared at the end of the magazine aisle.

"Sarah, what's taking you? I want to get home at try this strap on out!"

It was not spoken quietly by the mischievous teen. Sarah looked at the black guy and he gave her the biggest shit-eating smile she had ever seen.

"Er, excuse me."

She reached up but depressingly her hand came up a little short of the row she wanted.

"Here, honey, let me help you, which one you wanting?"

Sarah gulped, this was so embarrassing but at the same time such a turn on.

"Er, that one, please."

He smiled again and lifted the one up she had pointed to.

"What, "Blacks on Blondes"?" the cover showed a naked blonde girl on her knees surrounded by six black cocks.

"Um, yes please. And, er, could you pass that one next to it too please?"

"What? 'Chocolate Loving Sluts?' Girl you must dig the interracial porn! Maybe you and I could hook up some time? Know what I mean?"

Sarah took the magazines and nodded and headed away after Becky as quickly as she could. The two of them arrived at the counter where the big, fat black shop assistant was waiting. He scanned the items as Sarah gave them to him and as he went to tell them the bill Becky landed her next shocking move.

"Say Kris (name off his badge) any discount for head?"

Without even looking up her said "ten percent". Sarah looked on bewildered and again Becky had to fill her in.

"You heard the man Miss Price, you get round there behind the counter and suck him off and we get a discount. Well? What are you waiting for? Get going?"

Sarah was behind the counter and on her knees before she knew what was happening. She had never sucked black cock before, but she was surely going to now. He had a very fat and slimy cock when he released it from his zipper and Sarah very obediently took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Becky was very quickly converting her to little more than a cock hound, and it was not proving to be that difficult, Sarah had had it inside her all her days. While she orally serviced the shop assistant Becky stood looking at some of the other toys and looking at the magazines Sarah had chosen.

It was a humiliating, tawdry blow job. Given to a guy Sarah had never exchanged a word to on the say so of a violent, domineering ex-pupil yet why was Sarah soaking in her panties? Why did this turn her on so much? He came quickly, filling her mouth with his sour, thick seed, squeezing the dregs onto her lips before she wiped her face and got to her feet again. She unsteadily made her way back to the other side of the counter and stood beside Becky. Kris told her the damage.

"That's fifty pounds with the discount."

Becky smirked wickedly.

"Tell you what, forget the discount, the dumb bitch is paying so you can have that as a freebie. Come on Miss Price pay the man and get a move on, I want to see if that strap on will see some ass to mouth action tonight."


Becky's domination of Sarah continued for the next month or so, most evenings and weekends using the teacher for her own amusement. Over that time Sarah accepted her position and became even more obedient to Becky, even though outwardly she tried to fight it. Plus her hair started to grow back and Becky seemed happy enough to allow it --for now.

It was a Friday morning and Sarah was staring out the window while her class worked away. She wondered what Becky had in store for her that weekend. Her panties were wet already. Then the door opened and the school helper came in with a note for her and Sarah, a little surprised, took it and read it. It would appear the weekend was starting early.


Sarah read the note four times, each time having to fight off the urge to reach down to her crotch and rub herself through her skirt. Becky had never been so daring as to bring her dominance to school before and the thought of the thrill of this aroused Sarah more so than normal. It also worried her greatly. Still, she literally ran up the stairs at the lunch bell to her rendezvous.

Becky had chosen wisely. This was the least used of the toilets in the school, especially at lunchtime. When Sarah entered it was clearly deserted except for the last cubicle in the line, whose door was closed. Sarah gave a nervous cough as she approached it then when nothing else happened she tentatively knocked on it. She held her breath as the bolt inside clattered open and the door swung in and there stood Becky, clad in her old school uniform, looking every inch the naughty schoolgirl she had been. Even her long hair was done up in pigtails and rather than the harsh young prostitute she was she actually looked like a cute young woman. She beckoned Sarah to join her in the cubicle. Once she was in and the door locked behind her she wasted little time.

"Clothes off Miss, we've only got an hour of fun."

Sarah stripped nude immediately the thought of being naked in her work like this and her fate in Becky's hands an immediate turn on. Becky's finger found Sarah's pussy and felt the slipperiness before withdrawing. Becky then put her hands on Sarah's shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees on the cold wet tiles.

"I hope you are hungry bitch, because here's your school dinner!" she said as she lifted her short skirt to reveal her pussy, unshaven for two weeks now.

Despite her submission to her former pupil, Sarah had not eaten her out very much at all, but to being doing it here, in school was quite the shock. Sarah leaned forward and began to lick Becky's wet pussy lips before eagerly getting her tongue inside the folds and really giving her head. But no sooner had she started when the door to the toilets opened and she could hear two girls in the room at the sinks laughing and giggling, as schoolgirls are wont to do. Sarah froze but one glance up at Becky convinced her she was expected to continue giving head no matter who was out there. Really there was only an inch thick door and bolt between her and her job, the fear was thrilling.

When the girls outside finally left Becky really started grinding her crotch on Sarah's face and within moments she was cumming, spurting and spraying Sarah with her hot love juices.

"Leave them there Miss Price, you can wash up later. That wasn't the main reason I came here today - this is."

She held out a thick, black permanent marker pen to the naked teacher. Sarah took it tentatively already worried about what she might be about to be asked to do.

"Take it! And I want you to write on the wall -- MISS PRICE IS LLOYD WOODS BITCH. OK?"

Sarah just looked at Becky blankly, Lloyd was in her English class and was not a kid she particularly knew too much about. He was 18, coloured and not really the brightest. He was a big lad, well built but not all that attractive, pretty ugly actually. She knew he was from a rough background though and was a little bit intimidated if not scared by him and could well imagine he was fairly abusive.

"Becky, I can't write that."

Becky reached around her and grabbed Sarah's right nipple and both pinched it and twisted it hard, Sarah yelped then hissed her discomforted.

"YOU. DON'T. SAY. CAN'T. TO.ME. You fucking write it bitch or I'll write it myself then write it all over your body and kick you out of here after I've flushed your clothes down the toilet!!"

She sounded, and was, deadly serious. Both of them knew Becky was capable of doing that so Sarah lifted the pen up and wrote the message.

"Bigger, I want it in big letters bitch!" Becky instructed her.

Sarah wrote the message, her stomach filled with an icy feeling as she finished. She had just written this lewd graffiti on the toilet stall wall about herself. If that was discovered it would be another sacking offence. She was living dangerously now, that was for sure.

Becky smirked at the finished message.

"Good.Now go and write it on the walls of the other cubicles in here."

And with that instruction Becky undid the bolt, opened the door and pushed Sarah into the toilet room.

This was bad, if anyone came into the toilets right then they would discover Miss Price totally naked, with drying juices on her face and a large marker pen in her hand. She turned to knock on the door again but heard Becky snicker as she locked it again.

"Better hurry up Miss Price, get writing because I'll check them all."

So Sarah spent the next few minutes frantically locking herself in one cubicle after another and writing the same perverted message on the walls of each until they were all done and she scampered back to Becky's cubicle still with no one else coming in. Becky thought it hilarious when the worried teacher made it back.

"Good, now between now and next week I want every toilet cubicle in school to have the same message I want everyone in here to see it. Understand? You fail and I will make you pay severely."

"B-But Becky, I can't...."

Sarah cut off at the look on Becky's face. Becky very deliberately held up Sarah's panties in her hand and dropped them in the toilet then flushed it. The message was clear, disobey and the rest would follow.

"JUST. FUCKING. DO.IT. OK? And from now on you don't wear panties to work, that should remind you what you're here for. And another thing, your English class with Lloyd in it? I want you to start picking on him a bit more. Make sure he gets some nice difficult questions that make him come across like the idiot he is, but embarrass him while you're doing it. And don't think I won't know if you don't -- I know everything you do Miss."

Sarah was lost for words and just nodded dumbly.

"Right! Now it's time to get my juices off your face but first, I'm bursting for a piss, get down on your knees and stick your head by the bowl, I'll aim for your mouth see how accurate I am!"

This was so gross. Sarah hated Becky's enjoyment of toilet play and watersports and didn't realise that it was Sarah's dislike for it that drove her to do it as often as she did. But the teacher knew she had disobeyed her young Mistress enough today so slumped to her knees and opened her mouth by the side of the bowl. Resting her chin on it. Becky hiked her short skirt up again around her waist and pushed her pelvis forward, standing over her she was evidently going to take her piss standing up!

Sarah closed her eyes as a stream of yellow piss sprayed out and splattered against her face, although Becky was attempting to target her mouth it was all rather scattershot and Sarah's face was heavily coated by the time she had stopped to a drip.

"Head in the bowl bitch, let's clean you up nice and proper."

Sarah stretched further over and placed her head right into the bowl, the water yellow inches below her as Becky flushed. When it was all over and Becky allowed Sarah to stand up her face was indeed cleaned of the piss and Becky's juice and for the first time she was actually glad she had a skinhead for a haircut at the moment, with her long hair it would have been a right mess and she had class in less than ten minutes. Becky handed her her clothes back and gave a final reminder.

"Remember Miss Price, no panties from now on and I want every toilet in this school having that message on them by the end of the week. Every toilet, boys and girls!"

As Sarah hurried away when the bell rang to signal the end of lunch, she had to ignore her damp clothing and her lateness because she had much bigger concerns right then.......


Although the plan was frankly bizarre and dangerous, Sarah did exactly as Becky told her for the rest of the week. Through sheer luck and good fortune she was never discovered daubing the obscenity about herself all over school. And within a few days she realised that a lot of the kids were staring at her differently and conversations seemed to be drying up when she entered classroom -- the kids were discussing what was written on the walls of the toilets and it embarrassed the hell out of the pretty young teacher.

Worse still was Lloyd. Sarah had paid him little attention in her class beforehand, he was just another pupil who didn't really want to be there. Now he was a brooding, hulking reminder of her secret life. And it seemed like he was looking at her funny now, no doubt he had seen at least some of the graffiti by then and while he couldn't have guessed it was Miss Price herself writing that about him, he was more than a little intrigued.

Although she didn't want to, Sarah also began to pay more attention to Lloyd in class. She began asking him the more difficult style questions Becky had told her to and he rarely was capable of answering them, much to his obvious annoyance. The whole situation was getting more and more uncomfortable for Sarah and also very obviously combustible.

Another week passed and Sarah was totally paranoid now, everyone in school must be speaking about that graffiti, asking if there was anything in it, was it Lloyd that was doing it? Or just laughing at her. As she made her way out of the school gates that night she spotted Becky sitting on the wall opposite waiting on her. Becky winked and jumped off as Sarah came out. Without saying anything and in full view of the school the teenage reached under Sarah's skirt and felt her pussy.

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